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Marriage Licenses

These are generally licenses listed in newspapers rather than transcribed from courthouse records.

The following marriage licenses were issued by the Probate Judge during the month of August (1876):

Pearl B. Ferris and Mollie Stephens
Wm. H. Findley and Anna L. Boyles
William Kennedy and Elizabeth Eaton
Kinzy Crabtree and Sarah Woodruff
Charles F. Wilkins and Josephene Buxton
Gilbert a. Bell and Rosanna L. Caryl
George Cunningham and Sarah Dolan
Harvey Blue and Mary A Jerew
John C. Keith and Margaret J. Golden
Joseph Davis and Rozella DeHaven
Jesse Bean and Maria Stewart
John Myers and Elizabeth J. Parrott
Byron Andrews and Mary Wells
William Dutton and Delilah Godfrey
William A. Need and Jennie Wiser
[Union County Journal, Sep 8, 1876 - Sub by L. Dietz]

Judge Coats issued the following marriage licenses during the month of October (1876):

Edward B. Hines and Arena Smith
William R. McDowell and Mary J. Robinson
Ray G. Morse jr. and Flora M. Paris
Ira Paver and Della Bowersmith
Theo. D. Wald and Matilda C. Smith
Chas. H. Carter and Lydia S. Cartmell
Joseph Foret and Martha E. Robison
James B. Galloway and Emma J. Mitchell
Norris Bowersmith and Mollie Spears
Geo. W. Hall and Annie B. Dasher
Calvin E. Clevinger and Lucinda A. Govey
Johns Figley and Margaret L. Robb
Patrick Welsh and Kate Dorsey
Frederick J. Jager and Francis L. Partridge
Fulton S. Robinson and Ara A. Lary
John C. Elliott and Mary E. Safford
Lewis J. Smith and Ella Johnson
David Gibson and Annie Carder
Benj. Moore and Eva Butler
Simon D. Boyd and Elsie J. Mitchell
[Union County Journal, Nov 10, 1876 - Sub by L. Dietz]

May 1908:
Benjamin Dixon, 23, laborer, and Miss Augusta Drumm, 18, both of Marysville. Rev. Vernon Emery.
Chester Fields, 24, farmer, and Miss Ethel Kale, school teacher, both of Jackson township, Rev. B. F. McKinnon.
George E Hinderer, 25, farmer, and Miss Mable Stewart, 18, both of Jerome township.
John W Bergandine, 57, farmer, and Mrs. Savannah Dunbar, 61, both of Allen township.
Raymond I Warring, 37, farmer, Delaware county, and Miss Maude L. Larcomb, 25, Richwood.
[The Marysville Republican, May 21, 1908]

June 1908
Edmund Turner, 36, artist, and Miss Maude Estelle Woodward, both of Marysville. Rev. H. C. Colburn.
Leonard Kilbury, 31, machinist, and Miss Anna M. Hibbard, 32, both of Marysville. W. A. Garrad J. P.
[The Marysville Republican, Thursday, June 4, 1908]

Theodore Harrison, 25, mechanic, Richwood, and Lucille Snapp, 20, Richwood, Rev. C. C. Kennedy. [The Richwood Gazette, Jan. 2, 1930]



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