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Sick List News

These are listed in loose alpha order

Magnetic Springs: Flora Adair, who has been teaching in Indiana, returned home Saturday to care for Mrs. Bell who fell and dislocated her shoulder. [The Marysville Republican, Thursday, June 4, 1908]

Marysville: Fred Blumenschein, a young farmer, fell from the top of a barn, striking upon his head. He cannot recover. [Newark Advocate, Jul 1, 1901]

Mrs. James Hoover, of York township, suffered another stroke of paralysis last Sunday, her left side being affected this time. She had a stroke about three years ago, disabling her right side and she is consequently helpless now. [Richwood Gazette 18 Jan 1940; "50 Years Ago" (16 Jan 1890)]

World War 1 - Severely Wounded:  Private William McAlester, Marysville, Ohio [The Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, North Dakota) 10 Jun 1918, p.2]

Marion Murphy has been suffering from a siege of the mumps. [The Marysville Republican, Thursday, June 4, 1908]

E. A. Schambs was called to Oklahoma City, Saturday by the serious illness of his father, M. P. Schambs. Mr. Schambs is past eighty years old and is suffering from heart trouble. [Richwood Gazette 18 Jan 1940; "25 Years Ago" (14 Jan 1915)]

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stephenson were found in their home about 9 o'clock last Sunday morning, nearly dead from the effects of breathing coal gas. Both were unconscious, but prompt work by a physician saved their lives. [Richwood Gazette 11 Jan 1940; "50 Years Ago" (9 Jan 1890)]

Stricken With Paralysis
J. V. Stewart a veteran soldier, and one of Marysville's best known citizens suffered a stroke of paralysis at his home Tuesday morning while he was building the fire to cook breakfast. His entire left side is affected, although his ***** is not injured. Dr. ? ? Henderson is the attending physician. [The Marysville Republican, Thursday, June 4, 1908]

Robert Wilber is ill at the house of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wilber with typhoid fever. He has been sick for some time and last week suffered a relapse. Miss Alice Pearse, a trained nurse is caring for him. [The Marysville Republican, Thursday, June 4, 1908]

David Wurtsbaugh, of Richwood, who is an inmate of the Union county home, had all the toes on his left foot amputated at Marysville last week. Mr. Wurtsbaugh is 72 years old. He froze his foot on Thanksgiving day. Gangrene set in and amputation was the only means of saving the foot. Last winter the toes on his right foot were amputated when he froze them and is now toeless. [The Richwood Gazette, Jan. 2, 1930]



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