Van Wert County, Ohio
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Divorce Records

HAMMIN/HAMMOND: Delila Jane vs Levi; cross petition filed; defendant guilty of extreme cruelty; custody of Lewis, Delila Jane, Mary Ellen, Alverada Frances and Flora Bell to petitioner; alimony-&100 within 1 year; defendant shall have the privilege of seeing said children all reasonable times; November 4 1873; p. 445

GESNER: Christopher vs Austena; willfully absent more than 3 years; November 5, 1873; p. 449

WEAVER:  Sarah vs Oliver; facts set forth in said petition are true; maiden name of Elsey restored; November 7, 1873; p. 458

STEVENS:  William vs Ann M.; allegations in daid petition to be true; Janurary 12 1874; p. 475

LASURE:  Henry vs Margaret; dismissed; Janurary 15, 1874; p. 481

HUMMEL:  Simon vs Rhoda; dismissed; Janurary 31, 1874; p.481

KLETT:  Christina vs Barnhart; extreme cruelty; Feburary 10,1874; p. 501

DEAN:  Elizabeth vs G.M.; adultery; custody of 2 children to petitioner; Feburary 14, 1874; p. 517

GAY:  Hiram vs Lovina; adultery; custody of Nolon to petitioner; May 13, 1874 p. 525

GREEN:  Robert vs Susan; adultery; May 13 1874; p. 525

KELLEY:  John A. vs Sarah E.; willfully absent more than 3 years; May 13, 1874; p. 526

ELLIOTT: Clarinda vs Thomas J.; adultery and gross neglect of duty; maiden name of THORN restored; custody of Martha (14 months) to petitioner; May 13, 1874 p. 526

SCHREFFLER: Sarah J. vs Henry D.; willfully absent more than 3 years; maiden name of PURDY restored; May 14. 1874; p. 527

JEFFERSON: Sylvannus vs Minna J.; plaintiff dismissed suit and withdrew papers in this case; May 13, 1874; p. 528

[Source: Van Wert Co. Ohio, Common Pleas Court Journal, Divorces, Tuesday, Sept 20, 1870- Tuesday, July 14, 1874; Submitted by T. Rigney]


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