Van Wert County, Ohio
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Sick List News

Mrs. George P. Brewer, of Woodland avenue, suffered a dislocation of her shoulder in a fall on a flight of stairs at her home Wednesday afternoon. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 9, 1930]

Mrs. Lee Cassell, of North Market street, has been made a patient of the Van Wert County Hospital. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 6, 1930]

Miss Fern Conley is quite ill at her home on West Crawford street. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 7, 1930]

Amos Harmon, an employee of the Glenmore Equity Exchange Grain Company, was the victim of a singular accident, Wednesday afternoon, at the company's plant. A shipment of coal had just been received at the company's yards when Harmon started to walk across the top of the coal. The dump fans of the car were unloosed and Mr. Harmon was carried through the coal to the bottom of the car. A corps of men about the elevator dug him from the coal and fortunately he escaped with numerous bruises and cuts about the face and body [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Oct. 18, 1928]

Van Wert has a mild case of small pox, the first known here for 11 years, according to C. R. Keyeer, health officer. The victim, Ross Hill, colored is a waiter in the dining car service of the Pennsylvania railroad and was put off his train in Van Wert when it was discovered that he was suffering from the disease. [Lima News, Jan 5, 1920]

Adam Hirn has given up his proposed trip to Decatur, Ind., to be operated on for cancer. [The Daily Herald (Delphos, Ohio) 30 Jul 1900, p. 4]

Lawrence LaRue, of South avenue, mashed the end of the middle finger of his right hand Wednesday while attaching a trailer to an automobile. [Van Wert Daily Bulletin, Jan 2, 1930]

Roy Loop, an employee of the Stoops Packing Company, was struck by an automobile this morning at the intersection of Main and Cherry streets, while on his way to work. Mr. Loop was badly bruised and shocked but it is not thought that his injuries are of a serious nature. Following medical treatment he was removed to his home on North Cherry street. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 6, 1930]

There is improvement in the condition of Mrs. D. R. Owens, who is ill at her home on South Walnut street. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 7, 1930]

There is a slight improvement in the condition of John Shearer, of near Convoy, who was severely injured in an automobile accident some time ago. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 7, 1930]

William B. Shepherd, who resides with his daughter, Mrs. C. L. Ireland, of North Jefferson street, fell at the family home Wednesday and suffered a fracture of the bones of his right hip. He is a patient at the Van Wert County Hospital. [Van Wert Daily Bulletin, Jan 2, 1930]

J. A. Tomlinson, who has been quite sick the several weeks at his home in Ridge township, is improving quite nicely. [Van Wert Times Bulletin, Jan. 6, 1930]

John Williamson, an employee at the Van Wert coal yard, was at Celina last week and on his return home, Saturday evening, tried to take his own life by a pistol shot. The attempt was not successful and the man still lingers in great agony. Slanderous tongues had been assailing his wife's character, it is said without cause, and this added to the influence of liquor it is thought suggested to Williamson the idea of killing his wife and then taking his own life. He found his wife away from home on his return and so turned the murderous revolver on himself. [Source: "Minster Home Light," (Minster, OH), Oct. 13, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]


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