War of 1812
Soldier's Records


A. C. W. Fanning
Aug. 18.-At Cincinnati, Ohio, Brevet Colonel A. C. W. Fanning, 2d Regiment United States Artillery, aged 58. He was universally esteemed for his bravery, his extensive experience, and his many excellent qualities. Colonel Fanning entered the army in 1812, shared the danger and the glory of the battles of Plattsburgh, Fort Erie, and New Orleans, served honorably through all the Seminole wars, and was present at Onithlacoochee and Fort Mellon - two of the fiercest combats in which our soldiery have been engaged. He was a native of Massachusetts. [Source: "American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge" Vol. 18- 1845 - by Jared Sparks and George P. Sanger]


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