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4th Street Old Franklin  Franklin Extinct Moved to Woodhill
Apgar Family   Deerfield Abandoned  
Armstrong Keller, Carson, James Hill Harlan Inactive  
Baker Barrett, Ditmar, Zoar Hamilton Inactive  
Baker's Orchard Sanford Farm Union Inactive  
Banta Farm   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Baptist Church Tapscott Franklin Inactive  
Barkalow   Franklin Abandoned  
Barkley Family   Washington Abandoned  
Bassinger Basinger, Collins, Long Harlan Inactive  
Besler   Union Abandoned  
Bethany Baptist Huffman Washington Abandoned  
Bethany Christian Church Bethany United Church of Christ Turtlecreek Active  
Bethel Baptist Fort Ancient Hilltop Turtlecreek Inactive  
Bethel Graveyard Presbyterian, Murdock, Murdoch Hamilton Active  
Bigger   Turtlecreek Inactive  
Brannock Murray Farm Wayne Abandoned  
Brininger Brinninger Franklin Inactive  
Bunnel/Bunnell Farm Schnorf Farm, Snuff Family Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Butterworth Farm Foster Farm Hamilton Inactive  
Caborne   Harlan Abandoned  
Caesar's Creek Caesar's Creek Friends, Quaker Meeting House Wayne Inactive  
Camargo Mount near Camargo, Gibbs Hamilton Inactive  
Carlisle (Old Presbyterian) New Jersey Presbyterian Franklin Active  
Carnahan West Mary Harlan Inactive  
Carrington Corrington, Coddington, Honerlaw Deerfield Inactive  
Catholic (St. Malachy Parish)   Salem Inactive  
Christian Church (New Light) Old Farm, Warrick, Rhodes, Lewis Farm, Warwick, Westfield Baptist Clearcreek Abandoned  
Clear Creek Graveyard near Ridgeville Old School Baptist Church Clearcreek Inactive  
Clearcreek Chapel Null Clearcreek Inactive  
Cline Family Kasemeyer, Fox Deerfield Inactive  
Coddington Carrington, Corrington, Honerlaw Deerfield Inactive  
Coffeen   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Collins Basinger, Bassinger, Long Harlan Inactive  
Collins Ingle, Long,  I. W. Long Harlan Inactive  
Corwin Miami Wayne Active  
Cozaddale-Murdoch Ford Hamilton Abandoned  
Craig   Harlan Abandoned  
Crosson   Harlan Active  
Danberry Old South Lebanon, South Lebanon Union Extinct All stones moved to Deerfield
Dearth Farm   Clearcreek Abandoned  
Deerfield Union Township Union Active  
Dicks Creek   Franklin Inactive  
Dill Graveyard Dogstreet, J. D. Hoff, Union Methodist Deerfield Inactive  
Dodds Stone Schoolhouse Clearcreek Inactive  
Duttrow Family Dutterow Clearcreek Inactive  
Dyche Harkrader Turtlecreek Abandoned  
East Shaker North Family, Shakers of Union Village Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Edwardsville   Harlan Active  
Emerson Jones Paxton, Stele Farm Harlan Inactive  
Emley Emily Washington Abandoned  
Engle Pleasant Grove Harlan Inactive  
Ertel Hildebrant Farm, Patterson Hamilton Inactive  
Everett Irons Farm   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Eyer First Salem Reformed, German Reformed Clearcreek Abandoned  
Fellowship Church   Union Active  
First Free Will Baptist Church   Wayne Extinct  
Ford Cozaddale-Murdoch Hamilton Abandoned  
Fort Ancient Hilltop Bethel Baptist Turtlecreek Inactive  
Foster Farm Butterworth Farm Hamilton Inactive  
Fox   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Franklin Woodhill, Woodland Hill, Wood Hill  Franklin Active  
Friends Cemetery Harveysburg, Quaker Orthodox Massie Inactive

57 West Clark Street, Harveysburg

Friends (Hicksite & Orthodox) Miami Monthly Meeting of Friends, Waynesville Friends Wayne Inactive  
Friends (Quaker) Quaker Orthodox Clearcreek Abandoned  
Friends (Universalist) Universalist, Quaker Universalist Clearcreek Inactive  
Gainesville   Hamilton Abandoned  
Gibbs Camargo, Mount near Camargo Hamilton Inactive  
Gilbert Unity Deerfield Inactive  
Grace Memorial Gardens   Franklin Active  
Graham Ridgeville Methodist Church Clearcreek Inactive  
Greenwood Cemetery   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Harkrader Dyche Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Harlan   Harlan Abandoned  

Harveysburg AME Church

Harveysburg African American (Colored), Slave Cemetery Massie Inactive

50 Springs Picnic Area, Caesar Creek State Park

Harveysburg Hicksite Old Quaker Massie Abandoned Wilson Street
Harveysburg United Brethren   Massie Inactive  
Hatfield LeFever Farm Graveyard Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Hays   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Heritage Hills Memory Gardens   Clearcreek Active  
Hicksite (Quaker)   Clearcreek Inactive  
Hildebrant Farm Ertel, Patterson Hamilton Inactive  
Hill Landaker, Shawhan Salem Inactive  
Hillside   Franklin Extinct  
Hill-Wagner Hills Graveyard, Ramsey, Jones, Paxton, Wagoner Hamilton Inactive  
Hobgden Farm Dearth, Hodgen Farm Franklin Abandoned  
Hoff Union Methodist, Dogstreet, Dill Graveyard Deerfield Inactive  
Hopewell Preparative Meeting Old Quaker, Roachester Quaker Salem Inactive  
Hopkinsville   Hamilton Active  
Howard   Harlan Abandoned  
Huffman Bethany Baptist Washington Abandoned  
Hutchinson   Turtlecreek Inactive  
Infirmary   Turtlecreek Extinct  
Ingle Engals, Ingles, Long,  I. W. Long Harlan Inactive  
Jack   Salem Inactive On  Big Tree Plantation
Jeffrey Stolles Farm, Minst Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Jesse Drake   Wayne Abandoned  
Jonah's Run Baptist**   Massie** Inactive  
Jones Paxton, Stele Farm Harlan Inactive  
Juterbock Farm Juterboch, Juterbrook Hamilton Abandoned  
Keltner Muddy Creek Deerfield Inactive  
Kirby Turtlecreek Township Turtlecreek Active  
Landaker Shawhan, Hill Salem Inactive  
Lebanon Cemetery   Turtlecreek Active  
Lebanon Pioneer Old Baptist, Old Methodist Turtlecreek Inactive  
Leon Irons   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Lewis Farm Christian Church (New Light), Old Farm, Warrick, Rhodes, Warwick, Westfield Baptist Clearcreek Abandoned  
Long Basinger, Bassinger, Collins Harlan Inactive  
Lukens   Massie Extinct [Moved to Henpeck/ Wellman]
Lytle Methodist Church Raysville Methodist Church Wayne Inactive  
Maineville   Hamilton Active  
Mason Rose Hill Deerfield Active  
Melampy Farm Malampy, Unnamed (School) Deerfield Abandoned  
Miami Cemetery Corwin Wayne Active  
Miami Valley Memory Gardens Miami Valley Memorial Gardens Clearcreek Active  
Miller Farm   Clearcreek Abandoned  
Minst Stolle Farm, Jeffrey Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Morningstar   Franklin Inactive  
Mount Holly   Wayne Inactive  
Mount near Camargo Camargo, Gibbs Hamilton Inactive  
Mounts Cemetery Barrett Hamilton Inactive  
Muddy Creek Keltner Deerfield Inactive  
Murdoch/Murdock Presbyterian, Murdock, Bethel Graveyard Hamilton Active  
New Hope   Harlan Inactive  
New Jersey Presbyterian Carlisle (Old Presbyterian) Franklin Active  
New Woodville West Woodville, Woodville Harlan Active  
Nisbet Farm Crosson Hamilton Inactive  
Null Clearcreek Chapel Clearcreek Inactive  
Old Bethany   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Old Compton Farm   Wayne Abandoned  
Old Farm Christian Church (New Light), Lewis Farm, Warrick, Rhodes, Warwick, Westfield Baptist Clearcreek Abandoned  
Old Franklin 4th Street Franklin Extinct [Moved to Woodhill]
Old Quaker Harveysburg Hicksite Massie Abandoned  
Old Quaker Roachester Quaker, Hopewell Preparative Meeting Salem Inactive  
Old Rossburg Rossburg, Gheils Harlan Inactive  
Old School Baptist Church Clear Creek Graveyard near Ridgeville Clearcreek Inactive  
Old South Lebanon Danberry, South Lebanon Union Extinct [All stones moved to Deerfield]
Olive Branch   Washington Inactive  
Osborn Osborne Harlan Inactive  
Otterbein South Shaker Otterbein Shaker, South Shaker Turtlecreek Active  
Patterson Ertel, Hildebrant Farm Hamilton Inactive  
Pleasant Grove Engle Harlan Inactive  
Presbyterian   Turtlecreek Extinct  
Quaker Meeting House Caesar's Creek, Caesar's Creek Friends Wayne Inactive  
Quaker Orthodox Friends (Quaker) Clearcreek Abandoned  
Raysville Methodist Church Lytle Methodist Church Wayne Inactive  
Red Lion Zoar Methodist Clearcreek Inactive  
Rehoboth** Rehoboth Church, Hobart Wayne** Inactive  
Ridgeville Methodist Church Graham Clearcreek Inactive  
Roachester Methodist, Roachester Methodist Salem Inactive  
Roachester Quaker Old Quaker, Hopewell Preparative Meeting Salem Inactive  
Rose Hill Mason Deerfield Active  
Rosella Roselle Harlan Abandoned  
Runyan/Runyon Runyon Harlan Inactive  
Saint Mary   Franklin Active [Catholic Section of Woodhill]
Salem (German) Reformed Church Second Salem Reformed Church Clearcreek Inactive  
Salem Township Miranda Farm, Morrow, Morrow IOOF Salem Active  
Sargent   Union Abandoned  
Seeders Church Underwood Massie Abandoned  
Seyforth Hill Graveyard, Rosebud Acres Hamilton Inactive  
Shawhan Landaker, Hill Salem Inactive  
Smith   Harlan Incorporated Oldest part of Edwardsville
Snuff Family Schnorf Farm, Bunnel Farm Turtlecreek Abandoned  
South Lebanon Danberry, Old South Lebanon Union Extinct All stones moved to Deerfield
Spring Hill Hurrell, Murrell, Wilkerson Washington Abandoned  
Springboro Cemetery   Clearcreek Active  
Spurling   Harlan Inactive  
St Mary's   Franklin Active Catholic Section of Woodhill
St. John   Salem Abandoned  
Stewart Farm   Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Stolle Farm Jeffrey, Minst Turtlecreek Abandoned  
Stone Schoolhouse Dodds Clearcreek Inactive  
Stump Stiles Harlan Inactive  
Templin Farm   Harlan Abandoned  
Tigar Tiger Harlan Abandoned  
Turtle Creek Friends Turtle Creek Turtlecreek Inactive  
Turtlecreek Township Kirby Turtlecreek Active  
Union Church Union Washington Inactive  
Union Methodist Church J. D. Hoff, Dogstreet Dill Graveyard Deerfield Inactive  
Union Township Deerfield Union Active  
Unity Church Gilbert Deerfield Inactive  
Universalist Friends (Universalist) Quaker Universalist Clearcreek Inactive  
Warwick Christian Church (New Light), Lewis Farm, Old Farm, Rhodes, Warrick,  Westfield Baptist Clearcreek Abandoned  
Wellman Henpeck, Massie Township Cemetery Massie Inactive

8626 Oregonia Road
People buried here were moved from Lukens Cemetery, First Freewill Cemetery, and Zuroweste Cemetery #2 - all extinct

Wesley Chapel Cemetery Wesley Harlan Inactive  
West Mary Carnahan Harlan Inactive  
West Woodville New Woodville, Woodville Harlan Active  
Whitacre Farm Whitaker Salem Abandoned  
Wilkerson Hurrell, Murrell, Spring Hill Washington Abandoned  
Woodhill Woodland Hill, Wood Hill, Franklin Franklin Active 4th Street Cemetery and the adjacent "Hillside Cemetery both moved here
Woodville West Woodville, New Woodville Harlan Active  
Zoar Plum Run, Woodville Hamilton Inactive  
Zuroweste #1   Wayne Extinct  
Zuroweste #2   Wayne Extinct  


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