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Mound Cemetery 

mound cemetery
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Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio is home to the Great Mound or Conus, built by the Mound Builders, and is reportedly home to the largest number of American Revolutionary War officers buried in one location. The Great Mound was preserved by the original pioneers and city founders of the Ohio Company of Associates.   General Rufus Putnam, who led the settlers there and founded the city of Marietta, donated the plot of land surrounding the large Indian mound in January 1801.  The first burial took place in October of that same year -- that of Revolutionary War veteran Robert Taylor.

Officers of the American Revolutionary War buried in Mound Cemetery include General Rufus Putnam, General Benjamin Tupper, Commodore Abraham Whipple, Colonel William Stacy, and many others.

General Lafayette of France, who fought with the Americans during the Revolution, visted Marietta during 1825, and described these Marietta settlers and former soldiers: "I knew them well. I saw them fighting the battles of their country…They were the bravest of the brave. Better men never lived."

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Date of Death

Death Date



Sala Bosworth October 12, 1823 1823    
Mary Brough September 7, 1807 1807    
Daniel H. Buell June 13, 1812 1812    
Theodosia Hall Buell October 12, 1843 1843    
Major Timothy Buell
War of 1812
Major John Clark
War of 1812
August 6, 1851 1851    
Harry Cogswell
War of 1812
Rev. Pardon Cook April 7, 1880 April 9, 1880    
Dr. John Cotton 1847 1847    
George Crawford April 14, 1849 1849    
 Jason Curtis
War of 1812
Stephen Daniels
War of 1812
Dudley Dodge October 19, 1832 1832    
Nathaniel Dodge
Revolutionary War
May 13, 1838 1838

Revolutionary War Soldier
A Patriot of the Revolution

Nathaniel Dodge, Jr. November 20, 1821 1821    
Rebecca Dodge October 20, 1833 1833    
William Dodge November 14, 1825 1825    
Caleb Emerson March 14, 1853 1853    
Mary Dana Emerson March 21, 1871 1871    
Captain Ira Ellis November 27, 1851 1851    
Ephraim Foster
Revolutionary War
1824 1824    
Milton Foster February 11, 1852 1852    
Sophia Foster March 22, 1843 1843    
John Green 1759 1832

Current Stone reads: "Ward's Mass. Regt. Rev. War"
Revolutionary War Soldier
A soldier from his youth, first in the cause
That freed our country from a tyrant's laws,
And then through manhood to his latest breath,
In the best cause which triupmhs over death.

Bathsheba Greene Sept. 28, 1843 1843    
Eunice Clarke Greene November 14, 1842 1842    
Mary A. Greene February 15, 1858 1858    
Richard Green December 1805 1805    
Sarah Greene January 18, 1820 1820    
Willis Hall
War of 1812
Major William Hart
War of 1812

Colonel Jesse Hildebrand


Civil War and Mexican War Soldier
Insignia of Broken Sword Left in Full Relief

Dr. Samuel Prescott Hildreth 1750 6 Aug 1823

Born in 1750 in Townsend, Mass
died in Belpre O. August 6, 1823 aged 73 years

Major Alexander Hill
War of 1812

War of 1812 Soldier
Recruited a company of infantry in Washington County for the U.S. Service and was personally in command of the company when actively engaged in repelling the night attack on the British at Fort Erie in August 1814.


Lieutenant Joseph Lincoln


Here Are interred the remains of Joseph Lincoln
A native of Gloucester, Mass.
Who departed this life Sept. 21st, 1807
In the 47th year of his age.

Pvt. Andrew McCallister
Revolutionary War

Sep. 6, 1741

Jan. 23, 1816

PVT, Bedel's NH Regt. Revolutionary War

Dr. Nathan McIntosh 1763 1823    

Return Jonathan Meigs
Revolutionary War Soldier

Nov. 1765

March 29, 1825

Here lies The body of His Excellency
Return Jonathan Meigs,
Who was born at Middletown, Conn., Nov. 1765.
And died at Marietta, March 29, 1825.
For many years his time and talents were Devoted to the services of his country. He successfully filled the distinguished places Of Judge of the Territory Northwest of the Ohio, Judge of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio,
Senator in the Congress of the United States, Governor of the State of Ohio, and Postmaster General of the United States.
To the honored and revered memory of An ardent Patriot,
A practical Statesman, An enlightened Scholar, A dutiful Son,
An indulgant Father, An affectionate Husband,
This monument is erected by his mourning widow, Sophia Meigs.

Captain Josiah (or Joshua?) Monroe
Revolutionary War
  1801   Moved to Mound Cemetery in 1869

Colonel Ichabod Nye
Revolutionary War Soldier


November 27, 1840

He was the head of one of the first families which came from New England to Marietta where he continued to reside until his death, November 27, 1840. At which time he had been longer resident at the head of a family than any other person in Ohio.

Captain Stanton Prentiss
Revolutionary War

A Patriot of the Revolution


General Rufus Putnam
Revolutionary War Soldier

April 9, 1738

May 4, 1824

A Revolutionary Officer And the leader of the Colony which made the First settlement in the Territory of the Northwest. Born April 9, 1738 Died May 4, 1824

Joseph L. Reckard, Sen.
War of 1812

Captain Nathan Saltanstall
Revolutionary War Soldier

1727 1807

In memory of Capt. Nathan Saltanstall
Was first Commandant of Fort Trumble. During the Revolution He commanded the Warren Frigate and ship Putnam; but was not Commodore of the flett burned at Penobscot.

Col. Robert Taylor    

In Memory of Col. Robert Taylor who Departed this life Sep 30th 1801 in the 65 year of his age, being the first interment at this burial ground

Jasher Taylor
War of 1812

11 Aug 1789
Ashfield, Mass

13 Aug 1877
Marietta, OH


Centennial Souvenir of Marietta, Ohio: Settled April Seventh, 1788 ... By Mrs. L. A. Alderman

Colonel John Thorniley
War of 1812
  17 Aug 1844

A Native of Cheshire, England Died Aug 17, 1844; aged 65 years

Dr. Jabez True   5 Sept 1823, age 63

A native of hampstead, NJ who Departed this Life Sept 5 1823 in his 63rd Year

Robert Wells
War of 1812

Centennial Souvenir of Marietta, Ohio: Settled April Seventh, 1788 ... By Mrs. L. A. Alderman

Commodore Abraham Whipple
Revolutionary War Soldier

26 Sep 1733

27 May 1819

Sacred to the memory of Commodore Abraham Whipple whose name, skill and courage will ever remain the pride and boast of his country. In the late Revolution he was the First on the sea to hurl defiance at Proud Britain, gallantyly leading the way to arrest from the Mistress of the ocean, her scepter, And there to wave the Star-Spangled Banner. He also conducted to the sea the first square-rigged vessel ever built on the Ohio  Opening to commerce Resources beyond calculation.


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