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 The Belpre Guards


 At the beginning of the War of the Rebellion, President Lincoln called for seventy-five thousand men as it was thought at the time, April, 1861, that this would be a sufficient number to put down the rebellion. At the earnest solicitation of Governor Dennison of Ohio, General Geo. B. McClellan was sent with his army into West Virginia, then Old Virginia, and ordered to push on towards the mountains and drive the rebel army back beyond that barrier, for Governor Dennison saw if this was not done early in the war that the Ohio River was likely to become the border line between the contending forces. 

 Under these conditions McClellan began his campaign into Virginia early in the Spring of 1861. It was the first military movement of the war. He had not more than got started on his campaign before the urgent need of more troops was upon him. His line of communications was poorly guarded, and beyond the Ohio River in Ohio the railroads were at the mercy of raiding parties from Virginia. 

 Governor Dennison thereupon called for Ohio troops to volunteer their services for this important duty and many companies volunteered. Accordingly on June 23rd, 1861, the Adjutant General of Ohio issued the order for the movement of Ohio militia and ten companies were placed along the B. & 0. which was at that time known as the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. Four of these companies were from Washington County as follows: 

 Co. D First Regt. Ohio Volunteer Militia, Capt Wm. B. Mason, The Fireman Zouaves, Captain S. F. Shaw, both companies from Marietta, the Harmar Company, Captain Joseph B. Daniels, and the Belpre Guards, Captain Frank H. Loring of Belpre, this county.
They served on this guard duty for about three months as above stated and deserve to be honored and remembered, because they did faithful and important service and their names are not included in the Ohio Roster of troops for the reason that none but those who were sworn into the U. S. service are included in that publication and we take pleasure in giving the names of Captain Loring's Company here, as included in History of Washington County, from which this list is copied.


Commissioned Officers
 Captain: F. H. Loring;
Lieutenant: James King.


 Non-Commissioned Officers

 Orderly Sergeant
A. P. Sherman. 

J. L. O'Neal, John Mitchell, C. W. Stone, John Drain.

A. H. Browning, P. W. Simpson, E. M. O'Neal, A. D. Stone.


H. G. Allen,

 L. C. Allen,

 James R. Barrows,

 George Ballard,

 Daniel Breckenridge,

 William Baker,

 W. W. Bodkin,

 William Berry,

 Samuel Barkley,

 Jacob Clark,

 A. F. Downer,

 Moses Dugan,

 George Dunlevy,

 J. G. Ellenwood,

 Councee Flowers,

 George Flowers,

 S. R. Forbes,

 George Gage,

 Alexander Galbraith,

 George Hutchinson,

 John Haddow,

 George A. Howe,

 John Hutchinson,

 D. B. Horton,

 C. B. Kirkpatrick,

 Fremont Kirkpatrick,

 Henry Kirkpatrick,

 Corwin H. Loring,

 George Lysle,

 George M. Conaughey,

 Joseph Marsh,

 Joseph Miller,

 James Mendenhall,

 James McGaffey,

 J. F. Newport,

 J. R. Newport,

 M. Noland,

 Joseph Noland,

 F. Odenaham,

 E. R. O'Neal,

 William Powell,

 James Powell,

 Josiah Rutherford,

 Jacob Rutherford,

 B. B. Stone,

 Frank Stone,

 George G. Stone,

 William F. Shee,

 Joseph Sterlin,

 William F. Sayre,

 Henry Schram,

 Harrison Smith,

 John A. Shipe,

 S. C. H. Smith,

 Milton Stone,

 F. B. Simpson,

 Martin Sharp,

 John Thompson,

 William White,

 Noah Welch.


[Source: "A History of Belpre, Washington County, Ohio", by C. E. Dickinson, 1920, Transcribed by C. Anthony]

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