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Bill of Sale of the Marietta Register

Bill of Sale of the Marietta Register from R.M. Stimson to E.R. Alderman

Marietta, Ohio, May, 7, 1872.
R. M. Stimson agrees to sell the Marietta Register office to E. R. Alderman for ten thousand dollars cash, together with all its printing materials and the good will.
The possession is to be given on Monday, May 20, 1872.

All accounts of the business of the office to that date, are to remain the property of the seller of the office; and the earning accounts on advertising or subscription, as they may be collected in the office, are to be proportionately rendered to the said Stimson by the said Alderman, free of charge in collecting, Stimson to account for payments that may have been made in advance of May 20, 1872.

Taxes for the current year to be paid by Alderman; and two policies of insurance for $ , till the latter part of December, 1872, to go with the office, also two files (unbound) of the Register from June, 1862, and the books pertaining specifically to the art of printing.

R. M. Stimson agrees not to go into the printing or publishing business in Marietta, without the written consent of E. R. Alderman.

E. R. Alderman herewith pays R. M. Stinson ten dollars as earnest of this contract.
Witness J. W. Strinjiss R. M. Stimson
E. R. Alderman

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