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Washington County, Ohio
Medal of Honor Recipients

Freeman C. Thompson - Civil War
Medal of Honor
Born in Monroe County, OH; credited to Marietta, OH
Rank and Organization: Corporal, Company F, 116th Ohio Infantry.
Place and Date: At Petersburg, Va., 2 April 1865.
Date Of Issue: 12 May 1865.
Citation: Was twice knocked from the parapet of Fort Gregg by blows from the enemy muskets but at the third attempt fought his way into the works.
[Source: Congressional Medal of Honor Society]

Carl G. Thoete - World War 1
Distinguished Service Cross Award
* Carl G. Thoete, sergeant, first class, Company D, 1st Engineers. Although twice wounded early in the attack at Cantigny, France, May 28, 1918, he went over the top with his section and courageously directed its operations for five hours under steady fire, refused medical treatment, and led a second advance until killed by a machine-gun bullet. Emergency address: Mrs. G. A. Ott, sister, 815 De La Vine Street, Santa Barbara, Callf. Residence at enlistment: East Norwood, Ohio.
[Source: Congressional Medal of Honor Issued by the War Department Since April 6, 1917, Transcribed by C. Anthony] Note: * Indicates Posthumous Award

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