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The Centenarians of Washington County, Ohio.
From the Marietta Register.

Some months ago the Register asked for the facts in regard to people in Washington county who had reached the age of 90 and upward. Several responses were received from friends to whom the most cordial thanks are now returned; but matters have so pressed that use has not hertofore been made of the items. _______ life to three score and ten and upward. Some of the items were gathered in June, now five months ago, and it is not impossible that the name of a chance one may be printed, since dead, and whose death has not been reported to the Register. It may be remarked that as persons in middle life have a disposition to count the number of their years as less than they really are, so the tendency is to exaggerate when they arrive at the old age which is "honorable."


Four persons in Washington county claim to be a century old or more.

Robert Collins, who lives with Wm. Athey, in Fearing, claims to be 108, born in England, in 1762. He is quite feeble, but still walks around, and reads, with the naked eye, the Bible, the Marietta Register, and the Cincinnati Gazette. Of course, he is a Republican, and he never fails to vote. He has been in this county over thirty years, and we can not learn that he has any relatives living.

Mrs. Catherine Beagle, of Independence, 103, and born in Pennsylvania, in 1767. Helpless.

Mrs. Hannah Miller, of Newport, 102, born in Virginia, in 1768. She has been the mother of fourteen children. She was "as lively as a cricket," at our last account.

Charles Herriman, of Grandview, 100, born in Virginia, in 1770. His wife is still living, a native of Virginia, in her 91st year.


Name Age Residence Birthplace
Susan Cole 95 Marietta Virginia
Watty Grant 95 Marietta New York
Walter Kidwell 94 Fairfield Maryland
Felix Magee 94 Salem Ireland
Elias Wolcott 93 Watertown Mass.
William White 92 Belpre Pennsylvania
Ebenezer Battelle 92 Newport Mass.
Mary Battelle 92 Newport Rhode Island
Catherine Highland 92 Marietta Ireland
Jane Curry 91 Watertown Scotland
John Gregory 91 Liberty Virginia
Philip Biddison 91 Barlow Maryland
Colonel August Stone 90 Harmar Mass.
Catherine Merriman 90 Grandview Virginia
Rhoda Bayless 90 Independence N. Y.
Joseph Hays 90 Grandview Penn.
Susan Davis 90 Decatur Virginia
John Minder 90 Grandview Germany
William Stacy 90 Adams Mass.
Richard Greene 90 Newport R. Island
John Dunn 90 Warren Ireland
Nancy Beere 90 Waterford Conn.
David Shields 90 Watertown N. J.
Sarah Green 90 Watertown Conn.
Samuel Brown 90 Palmer Mass.

--Wm. Stacy came to Marietta November 22, 1789, consequently he has been with us eighty-one years.
Philip Biddison, who lives near Vincent, has been in this county about forty years, and a resident of Ohio since 1808.
Wm. White, of Belpre, is a native of Northampton county, Pennsylvania, and was a Lieutenant in the war of 1812.
John Gregory, of Liberty, went from Pennsylvania to Virginia when a child, and came to Ohio in 1839; was a Democrat till 1860, since then a Republican.
Elias Wolcott, of Watertown, is a native of Berkshire county, Massechusetts; came to this county in October, 1798, and settled on the farm, where he now resides, seventy-two years ago last month.
Samuel Brown, of Palmer, is so near ninety that we have crowded him into that list. He was born in Rowe, Hampshire county, Mass., May 13, 1781, consequently is only six months and three days less than ninety. He was among the first settlers of Athens county, when a boy about sixty years ago he settled in this county, and built what was known as "Brown's Mills," on Wolf creek, in the present township of Palmer. The postoffice of the same name--Brown's Mills--was named from him, although long since moved some distance from its original location. The old gentleman lives with his daughter, Mrs. Amy Pierrot, and frequently walks a mile or more down to his old mill, viewing the scene of his early labors with satisfaction.
[Source: November 12, 1870, The Cincinnati Daily Gazette]

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