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List of Letters
Remaining in the Post-Office at Marietta, Ohio, on the 1st April, 1809; which if not taken out by the last of June, will be sent to the General Post Office.

Preserved Alger, James Athey, John Allison. Johnston Bell 2, Daniel Bent, Robert Baird, Bell & Thomas, Jonathan Benjamin, Amos Bartlett, William Brown or Thomas Cussins, Joseph Barker, Joseph Ballard, John Brough, Zalmond Bedient. George Castle, George Church, Samuel Cooke, William Cross, Patty Calkings, John Chambers, Nathaniel Clark. Sarah Dunkel, Jesse Downs, John Dye, Eleanor Durkee, Isaac Davis, George I. Davidson. Hector R. Ethridge, 2, Asa Emerson, Luke Emerson. Hugh Flaningin, John Fox, Widow Fouly, Andrew Fisher.  John Griffith, 2, John Gilbert or Benj. Gilbert, Eliza Green, Mary Gregory, Duty Green. Rotheus Hayward, Peter Hewe, John Hill. Jonathan P. Jordan, Udney H. Jacob, 2, Samuel Jellison, Wm. N. Jeffers. Jesse Knowles. Abraham Lenox, William Lynch, Solomon Langdon. Peter Mills, Isaac Miles, John McClure, 2. Wm. McConnell, James McFarland, 2. William Marshall, Samuel Moore, Hamilton Morrison, John Mitchell, Joseph F. Miller. Hannah Newel, Simeon Nott, Wm. Nixon. Thadeus Elijah Ponds, Oliver Pierson, 2. Isaac Porin, David Paine, Mathew Pettet. Henry Roberts, James Ryther, Benjamin Raisor, William Ross, Daniel Rardin, David Ralston, Mary Ralston, William Roach, 2. Abraham Risher, Abel M. Sarjent, 3. John Sharp, Joshua Shipman, 2. James Stone, Abner Suburn, Preserved Seamans, Joseph Stevens, James Smith, Benja. Smith, Abraham Stevens, Peter Shekle, George Templeton, George Talsapauch, Robert Triplett, Margaret Twigs, Moses Varnum, Joseph Wiggins, Mary Watterman, Elias Wolcott, Isaac Williams, Adam Woodruff.
Griffin Greene, P. Master
[Ohio Gazette, Apr. 10, 1809 – TR by TK]

A List of Letters
Remaining in the post-office at Marietta, Ohio, which if not taken out by the last of June, will be sent to the general post-office as dead letters, March 3rd, 1810.
     B. George Bell, Jesse Baldwin, John Brough, Hannah Rurley.
     C. Joel Church, Stanley Carter, James Carrell Johnson Cook, Joel Cowdrey.
     D. Frederick Davis, William Davis, William Dana, Danl. Donehue, Thomas Durkee.
    L.(sic) Lydia Fulton.
   G. John or Benjamin Gilbert, Asa GH. oodwin, William Green
    H. Nimrod Hoge, Richard Herbet, Robert Heckle.
     K. Frederick Kredelback.
     L. Robert Lataam
     M. John McLaughlin, Joseph Merris, John McKee, John McBride, Jacob Miller, Thomas Morris, John Munroe, Shubel Noble, David Oliver 2.
     P. Nathan Page
     R. Samul P. Robbins 2. John Randal
     S. Asa Squires.
     T. Charles Tells
     W. William Wells. James Wright
Griffin Green, Post Master  [Ohio Gazette (Marietta, OH), May 21, 1810, Page 3 - Tr. by TK]

The Grange store at Marietta was closed under an execution on Tuesday of last week. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

The recent Fair held at Marietta for the benefit of the local Battery cleared $190 and the organization is now out of debt. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

The Beverly Dispatch says: We have lately learned, and from reliable sources, that upon its (the railroad) proposed Olive Green route, a rich vein of coal, from eight to ten feet in thickness exists. It is thirty feet under ground, underlying a bed of rock. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

S. Cook, Respectfully informs the public that he has commenced the Sadling Business in Marietta, at his shop adjoining the dwelling house of Genl. Joseph Buell, where he expects to be able in a short time to accomodate those who may favor him with their custom, with every article in his business.  [Ohio Gazette (Marietta, OH), May 21, 1810, Page 3 - Transcribed by AFOFG]

Watertown: Our new mail carrier started his duties last Saturday. [Marietta Daily Leader, October 16, 1900 - Tr. By TK]

Watertown: It is reported that we are to have our town canvassed to see how many gas fires can be sold, and if enough to justify the expense of piping it here can be secured it will be done, We hope the report is true. [Marietta Daily Leader, October 16, 1900 - Tr. By TK]

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