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A heinous attempt was made Wednesday night of last week, to burn the residence of Judge Ewart, of Marietta. About midnight Mrs. Ewart was awakened by the crackling of flames and gave the alarm, and after desperate efforts the fire was extinguished. The villains had unscrewed the handles to the pumps so they could not be used; has saturated the kindling in the cellar, the walls, joists and floors with carbon oil, and after firing the pile of kindling had decamped. Had Mrs. Ewart not awakened when she did the whole family must have perished. This is the fourth attempt made during the past year to burn Judge Ewart's house. The fire burned up through the floors into the parlor and dining-room, destroying the carpets, furniture and flooring.--One of the city's police, Benjamin Weeks, has been arrested charged with the offence, and consigned to jail. Intense excitement existed in Marietta. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

Farmer Murdered In Cold Blood by Negro as Result of Quarrel at Dance
Marietta, O. Oct. 12.  Earl S Waderker, a farmer, was shot and killed by Edward Brock, a negro, as the result of a quarrel and fight at a dance.  Waderker and Herman Williams started a fight at a dance at Barnett Ridge, and the former got the better of it.  Brock took up the argument later and, securing a shotgun, followed Waderker to his home, called him to the door and shot him without wrning.  Brock waded the Ohio river and escaped into Kentucky. [The Winchester News, Oct 12, 1908]

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