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Washington County, Ohio
Newspaper Stories of Fires, Train Wrecks and other Calamities

Four Dead and Others Are Dying
Fearful Deastruction Wrought by Premature Explosion of Glycering in Ohio
Marietta, O. May 31. - At Whipple, just east of this city, tonight. In shooting a well on the Kelly farm, there was a premature explosion of fifty quarts of glycerine. Four were killed, four are dying and three others are crippled for life.
Killed: William Watson, H. E. Selton, Frank Spears, Thomas Daniels.
Fatally Injured - James P. Spears, Herman Spears, Dawson Staller, William Carter.
Seriously Injured - John Staller, William Daniels, Henry Staller.
The remains of two of those that were killed had to be picked up in pieces, and those that were fatally injured are mangled in a horrible manner.
[Age-Herald (Birmingham, AL), Page 2, June 1, 1900 - Transcribed by TK]

Put Bolt in Rails Just to See Pennsylvania Flyer Smash It, She Says.

Marietta, O., June 16,--Alice Kyle, a schoolgirl and daughter of a farmer residing between Macksburg and Elba, has confessed to having caused the wreck of the Pennsylvania flyer near the latter town Thursday night, in which two passenger coaches were overturned and the engine, tender and mail car hurled down an embankment. The girl, who is twelve years of age, says that she wedged a rail bolt between the ends of the rails just to see the train smash it, as it had smashed nails and pennies at other times for her. The girl will not be arrested, as the railroad officials are satisfied that it was a childish prank and had no intent.  [Source: Plain Dealer, June 17, 1906 - Transcribed by C. Anthony]

Escape In Night Clothes
Guests Flee For Lives When Flames Make Prey of Hotel and Business Block.

Macksburg, O., Oct. 13--Several persons were badly hurt and property valued at $40,000 destroyed in a fire that early today razed the Hotel Longfellow and the Schneider business block adjoining. A number of the hotel guests barely escaped with their lives, climbing down fire escapes or jumping into trees in their night clothing. William Schimp, night clerk, who could not reach a fire escape, swung into a tree and was badly burned before being rescued. Celia Nichols, a dining room girl, fell three stories from a fire escape and was badly injured.  [Source: Plain-Dealer, October 14, 1910, Transcribed by C. Anthony]

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