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Political News

Meeting At Marietta
A meeting of the directors and agents of the Ohio Company, took place July 2d, on the banks of the Muskingum, near the confluence of that river witht the Ohio - Present Generals Parsonts, Putnam and Vernon, Directors. Col. May, agent for 36 shares - Major Sargeant, for 166, Col. Crary, 102 - Major Curtis, 112 - Col. Meigs, 99 - Capt. Barlow, 25, Col. Sproat, 43 - Major White, 20 - General Putnam, 66 shares - 669 shares being represented.

At the above meeting, it was Resolved, That the city near the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers be called Marietta, That the reserved publick(sic) in the city, including the buildings at the Block-Houses, be called Campus Martius. - The elevated square No. 11, Quadranaou - No. 19, Capitolium, and the square No. 61, Cecelia - and that the great road through the covert way to Quadranaou, be called Sacra via.

Upon information from Col. May, that Mr. Joseph May of Boston, had presented a bell to the Ohio Company, for the first publick (sic) building to be erected in the territory of the company, and such building being ordered by the agents.

Resolved, That the thanks of the company be presented to Mr. may, and that the directors be requested to take measures for transporting it from Boston to the city of Marietta. [Massachusetts Centered, Page 19, October 1, 1788 - Transcribed by AFOFG]

State of Ohio
Washington County, SS.
Commissioner’s Office at Marietta, October 7th, 1811.
This may certify that it appears from the accounts and documents in my possession -
Col. Nathaniel Cushing as collector for 1804 – stands charged with the sum of Dollars 929.14 that he has discharged in sundry payments 800.00 leaving a balance of 129.14.
From this balance the Col. Is entitled to his collecting fees and defalcations on account of bad debts which will probably reduce the balance below one hundred dollars.
Edwin Putnam, Cerk (sic) to Commissioners.
*Sir in the certificate I gave you this day, I ment (sic) that the collection fees, of Col. Cushing and bad debts would probably reduce the balance against him, more than 100 dollars, that is leave him in in debt to the County about 30 dollars. Edwin Putnam.
Washington County, Mr. S. Fairlamb Printer. [Ohio Gazette, Oct. 14, 1811 – TR by TK]

Take Notice
The subscriber having been appointed by the honorable Court of Common Pleas in Washington County, Ohio, a Trustee, to receive an assignment of all the property, real and personal of Col. Abner Lord, late of Marietta, Ohio, an insolvent debtor; also to accredit and adjust the demands against said insolvent, and to collect all debts , & c. due to him – hereby gives notice to all persons indebted to said Lord, by Bond, Note, Book account, & c. that they must immediately discharge the same, to the subscriber and unless this requisition is compiled with suits for the collection of the same, will be forthwith indiscriminately commenced. The subscriber will attend for the purpose of allowing claims against said insolvent at his office in Marietta on the third Mondays of February and March, on the first Mondays of April and May, and on the second Mondays of June and July, of the present year, from the hour of 9 A.M., to 5 P. M. on each day; and all claims which shall not be presented on or before said second Monday of July will be barred from an allowance: at which time a dividend will be struck upon the first division of proceeds agreeable to law.
Edwin Putnam Trustee, & c. Marietta, Feb. 26, 1811  [Source Western Spectator, May 11, 1811 – Transcribed by TK]

Free Soil Convention At Beverly, Ohio
A Free Soil Convention was held, pursuant to notice, at Beverly, O. June 20th, 1849, for the purpose of selecting a suitable person to represent the counties of Washington and Morgan in the Senate of Ohio.
Lemon Fouts was appointed President; James S. Gage, J.C. McCoy, Vice Presidents; Joseph Wood, Jr., W. M, Corner, Secretaries. The following resolutions were passed.
Resolved, That we recognize the necessity of preserving an independent organization as a party, bound to effect important reforms in all State and National Legislatures, especially on the subjects of Slavery and War.
Resolved, That we adopt the principles of what is known as the “Buffalo Platform,” and also those of the “Ohio State Platform.”
Resolved, That we hail with pride and satisfaction the election of S. P. Chase to the United States Senate.
The Convention then proceeded to ballot for Senator, and it was found that Lemon Fouts had received a majority of the votes given. It was then resolved that he should receive the nomination by an unanimous vote.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this Convention be published in the Free Soil papers of this State, and in the National Era.
Joseph Wood, Jr. - W. M. Corner, Secretaries
[National Era, July 5, 1849 – TR by TK]

The cane voted for at the Artillery Fair, resulted, says the Marietta Register, in a majority of 54 for Gen. Warner, on a total vote of 332. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

John T. Matthews, lately of the Collector's office, at Marietta, left for Columbus Wednesday of last week to fill the post of book keeper in the State Auditor's office. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

At their regular meeting, January 2d, the Directors of the Infirmary of this county re-elected Wm. Willis, the present Superintendent of the Infirmary at a salary of $600 per annum. [Source: January 15, 1880, The Athens Messenger; Tr. by TK]

City Council Meeting
Lively Debate in the City Council OVER THE RIGHT of Street Commissioner to discharge THE TENDER OF THE BRIDGE
Application Submitted To Hold A Street Fair.
The City Council met in regular session last evening with all members at their desks. On motion of Mr. Plummer the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

The following building permits were asked for and obtained for the constituents of the Councilmen:
Co. B armory on Gilman, near Maple.
David Burke, Sixth street.
Wm. Saner, Ninth street.
Marietta Brewery, corner of Wayne and Seventh.
A petition to pave Wooster street between Seventh and Eighth, and signed by several citizens and city officials, was read by the Clerk. A motion to refer it to the paving committee prevailed.

The second estimate prepared by the city engineer with respect to work done for the city in the third sewer district, was presented and allowed. The full amount was $808.76.

Mr. Lorentz, of the sewer committee, said that after giving the matter careful consideration, both the members and himself had concluded that connection with the Maple street sewer was not required to carry off the extra water which gathered near their residences. The committee therefore reported unfavorably and their decision was accepted.
A chance for a display of oratory was afforded by the discussion which was precipitated over the feasibility of allowing the bill of the W. B. O'Neil & Co. for the work of drawing plans for the new first station on the West Side. The original bill was $70, but was finally cut down to half that amount by the fire committee, to which it was referred.
The question was warmly debated for some time but the decision was that the $35 be paid O'Neil & Co., Kerns and Savage voting in the negative.

Janitor Thomas Hancock reported that $100 had been collected as hall rents for the month of April. The report was accepted and placed on file.
Mr. Plummer, of the railroad committee, stated that an investigation of the bids which were entered for a street car route to be known as No. 4, convinced the members that the bid submitted by the Cleveland parties which failed to arrive exactly at noon, was not legally eligible. No communication has been made with the representatives. The franchise giving the right of way could not be given until a suitable article was prepared and the matter was left in abeyance.
Mr. Curtis, of the Finance committee, reported that the committee, as previously instructed, had borrowed $1500 of the First National bank to use that sum to purchase the site for the West Side fire department.

A resolution authorizing the loan was passed.
Mr. Savage, of the Street committee, asked for and obtained one week's further time in regards to the opening of Seventh street.
The City Clehk read the bids which were opened Monday noon for the sale of the pavement bonds on various streets.
The bid of Feder, Holzman & Co., of Cincinnati in the sum of $11,458.20 with accrued interest was accepted for all bonds with the exception of those issued for Monroe street.

The C. & M. R. R. asked for the right to lay a track from their lines at the intersections of Butler and Second streets to the Leidecker's Tool Company's shops.
Mr. Strain moved that the ordinance be referred to the Railroad committee with instructions to report at the next meeting.
Mr. Savage vigorously declaimed against giving the franchise and thought it was not to the best interest of Marietta to do so.
Mr. Strain's motion prevailed.
Mr. Toller moved that the City Solicitor be instructed to secure a deed from Mr. Brabham for the fire department site, and also examine the title of the property. The motion carried with Lorenz, Strain and Savage voting negatively.

Mr. F. C. Huffman, representing and Street Fair and Carnival Co., obtained permission to address Council and spoke briefly of the advantages to be derived from such a form of amusement. The fair would contain many features open to the public and would be desirable to the business men, as many people would be attracted to the city by cheap excursions.
Mr. Kerns motion to refer to the Street committee was sustained.

Mr. Savage stated that an investigation of the matter, he was of the opinion that City Commissioner Best had the authority to discharge the former bridge tender Thompson. A lengthy discussion ensued, but the affair was finally decided by the city Solicitor, who expressed the opinion that the care of the bridge was within Mr. Best's jurisdiction and that no resolution to this effect was needed.

The City Engineer was instructed to give the sideway grade to W. B. Bolton who lives at the corner of Warren and Ninth streets, and also to prepare an estimate of the cost of reducing Quarry street at the intersection of Banks and Sycamore streets.

The bill amounting to nearly $62. claimed by Mr. K. L. Dye for feeding refugees and prisoners at the city hall was referred to the Finance committee for adjustment.

Two cases of defective sewers reported by Messrs, Lorentz and Toller, were referred to the sewer committee.

Mr. Curtis called attention to the dangerous conditions of the west end approach of the Putnam street bridge. The matter was referred to the Paving committee for investigation.

The following bills were allowed and council adjourned.

Crescent Supply Co.- $12.27
Bert Blair.- 2.50
W. P. Mason.- 42.00
L. T. Cisler.- 7.00
Ashbury Dye.- 50.00
Joe O'Neal.- 50.00
Earl Davis,- 50.00
Wm. Griggs.- 21.00
B. J. Laurie.- 49.29
Mrs. A. Gibson.- 10.00
Wm. Callahan- 50.00
Geo. Bell- 50.00
Fred Mirabe- 50.00
John Wilking- 11.00
Tunring Putnam street draw- 5.70
River Gas Co.- 123.13
Marietta Electric Co. - .25
National Carbon Co.- 90.86
Samuel Fletcher.- 1.00
A. F. Braddock.- 12.00
Chas Ruple.- 5.00
P. B. Peters.- 25.00
Butts & McCormick.- 6.50
Albert Rogers.- 50.00
Scott Davis.- 4.00
John Bennett.- 1.50
George Dye.- 1.50
W. F. Smith.- 8.00
Chas. Ray.- 50.00
Wm. Abbeck. - 12.25
Frank Racer. - 34.50
Geo Gephart - 50.00
Chas. Brown - 40.00
U. S. Carbon Co. - 7.75
Thos. Hancock.- 4.10
National Supply Co. - .80
Fort Wayne Electric Co - 63.53
B. S. Sprague.- 3.05
August Weber.- 9.59
F. H. Ebinger - 1.30
Eureka Fire Hose Co.- 1.95
W. Brabham. - 15.00
Marietta Milling Co. - 30
Irving Kinnard. - 2.00
J. Gedel - 15.75
Crescent Supply Co - 65
Jas. Grefeth - 45.00
Robt. Davis - 45.00
Edward Bacus - 1.50
Chas. Brown - 1.50

Chas. Wagner.- 21.00
Tom Highland - 30.00
Wm. Loffland - 9.00
John Wilking - 13.50
Peter Backus -17.25
L. Rose - 10.50
Hen Leonhart - 14.25
Ed Backes - 12.75
Geo. Wellbrook - 15.75
Wm Danker - 14.25
John Dow - 9.75
Geo. Bickert - 3.00
Pat Laurie - 18.00
R. Hunter - 15.75
Henry Hawkins - 4.50
David Carpenter - 1.50
John Burchett - 1.50
Chas. Hayes - 4.50
John Bodemar - 3.00
Ed Steed - 3.00
Geo. Parker - 4.50
Wm. Foss - 3.00
James Harris - 3.00
Wm. Laurie - 4.50
[Source: Marietta Daily Leader, Vol. VII No 104, MARIETTA, OHIO, WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1901 - Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Terri Wright]

Harley V. Speelman Nominated
Washington, Jan. 26 – Harley V. Speelman, of Marrieta, Ohio was nominated by President Harding to be register of the treasury. Mr. Speelman is assistant register. [Daily Register Gazette, Jan. 20, 1922 – TR by TK]

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