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Post Offices

Post Offices

Alden (1890-1898)
Archers Fork (1874-1949)
Armenia (1887/1915)
Aurelius (1851-1860)
Barber (1852-1859)
Barlow (1829-1829)
Barlow (1837-Date)
Bartlett (1834-Date)
Bate (1882-1891)
Beckett (1893-1936)
Becketts (1888-1893)
Belpre (1805-Date)
Bents (1830-1837)
Bevan (1897-1932)
Beverly (1838-Date)
Big Bottom (1834-1838)
Bonn (1844/1901)
Briggs (1875-1902)
Browns Mill (1895-1903)
Browns Mills (1819-1895)
Carroll (1830-1837)
Carter (1899-1904)
Cats Creek Mills (1813-1817)
Caywood (1871-1922)
Center Belpre (1893-1959)
Centre Belpre (1837-1893)
Churchtown (1875-1907)
Coal Run (1837-1895)
Coal Run (1905-1997)
Coal Run Rur. Sta. ( 1997-Date)
Coalrun (1895-1905)
Constitution (1842-1978)
Corner (1890-1902)
Cornerville (1890-1891)
Cow Run (1869-1895)
Cow Run (1909-1916)
Cowrun (1895-1909)
Cutler (1863-Date)
Dale (1897-1903)
Dalzell (1872-1919)
Dart (1905-1984)
Dawes (1882-1911)
Decaturville (1851/1904)
Dell (1886-1919)
Deucher (1885-1950)
Devola Br. (?-Date)
Devols Dam (1881/1890)
Dunbar (1857-1917)
Dunham (1857-1902)
Dye (1883-1902)
Elba (1871-1984)
Equity (1888-1902)
Fay (1887-1936)
Fearing (1828-1878)
Fifteen (1872/1918)
Fillmore (1851-1905)
Fleming (1866-DPO)
Fleming Rur. Sta. (?-Date)
Flints Mill (1893-1914)
Flints Mills (1833/1893)
Gasville (1888-1908)
Glass (1891/1918)
Gracey (1882-1916)
Grand View (1833-1894)
Grandview (1894-1964)
Gravel Bank (1891/1914)
Gray (1873-1889)
Graysville Rur. Sta. (?-Date)
Halfway (NeverDate)
Harmar (1841-1890)
Heslop (1880-1923)
Hills (1869-1897)
Hills (1898-1907)
Hohman (1890-1913)
Hope (1894-1899)
Lawrence (1833-1843)
Lawrence (1846-1912)
Layman (1856/1908)

Leith (1891-1942)
Liberty Hill (1855-1865)
Limburg (1891-1894)
Little Hockhocking (1824-1879)
Little Hocking (1879-Date)
Lowell (1837-Date)
Lower Lawrence (1846-1867)
Lower Newport (1842-1852)
Lower Newport (1855-1904)
Lower Salem (1828-Date)
Luke Chute (1880-1901)
Lundville (1879-1899)
Macksburg (1893-Date)
Macksburgh (1873-1893)
Marietta (1794-Date)
Maxon (1901-1901)
McIntosh (1836-1837)
McRea (1893-1895)
Mildred (1898-1902)
Mossrun (1857-1917)
Murphy (1882-1917)
Muskingum (1881-1911)
Netop (1897-1906)
New Matamoras (1851-1876)
New Matamoras (1876-Date)
Newell Run (1893-1914)
Newells Run (1866-1893)
Newport (1815-Date)
North Union (1851-1858)
Olds (1855-1863)
Olga (1888-1899)
Ormiston (1890-1901)
Ostend (1842-1864)
Parker (1882-1883)
Patten Mills (1892-1906)
Pattens Mill (1866-1892)
Point Harmar (1813-1841)
Pool (1897-1903)
Prosperity (1898/1902)
Qualey (1891-1918)
Rainbow (1888/1903)
Regniers Mills (1820-1873)
Relief (1889/1924)
Reno (1887-1907)
Reno (1908-Date)
Rinards Mills (1846-1846)
Rino (1887/Date)
Rockland (1873-1955)
Rood (1882-1890)
Saltpeter (1851-1859)
Saltpetre (1872-1914)
Schley (1899-1946)
Shay (1899/1950)
Sitka (1890-1905)
Sitka (1907-1916)
Stanleyville (1878-1933)
Steelrun (1878-1918)
Swifts (1888-1936)
Toulmin's (1819-1819)
Tunnel (1855-1901)
Veto (1850-1902)
Vincent (1857-Date)
Virgin (1888-1902)
Wade (1864-1956)
Ward (1882-1907)
Wards Station (1874-1882)
Warfield (1882-1885)
Warner (1871-Date)
Waterford (1811-Date)
Watertown (1826-1993)
Wesley (1829-1880)
West (1881/1902)
Whipple (1871-Date)
Wingett Run (1873-Date)
Wolf Creek (1888-1895)
Wolfcreek (1895-1903)
Yankeeburg (1891-1902)
Yankeeburgh (1886-1891)

[Source: Used with permission from Jim Forte at www://postalhistory.com]


Marietta Post Office History

The earliest means of communication afforded the settlers of Marietta were messengers and expresses to the east. The first mail route which extended across the Alleghenys was in 1786, but this ran only to Pittsburg. In 1794 there was a route established from Pittsburg to Limetown (now Maysville,) Kentucky, and to Fort Washington (now Cincinnati) by the way of Washington, Pennsylvania, and Wheeling.

It was after the establishment of this route and in consequence of it that the first post office was established at Marietta. In May, 1794, the Postmaster General, Timothy Pickering, wrote to General Putnam, and in his letter stated: "Marietta will be a station for the boats to stop at as they pass, and doubtless it will be convenient to have a post office there. Herewith I send a packet to you to be put into the hands of the person you judge most suitable for postmaster."

In accordance General Putnam selected as the first postmaster of Marietta Return J. Meigs, Jr., who twelve years later became Postmaster General of the United States for nine years. It was thus that in 1794, a post office was organized, and, with the exception of the Masonic lodge, is the oldest institution in Marietta.

The people of Marietta at that time were dependent upon the route already described for their mail. The mail was carried to Pittsburg, thence to Wheeling by land and from thence to Cincinnati by river. This gave the people of Marietta a mail every two or three weeks from their friends in New England, as it required about six days to go from Wheeling to Cincinnati and from twelve to fourteen days to return.

In 1794 was established the first mail route in the present limits of Ohio. It extended from Marietta to Zanesville. The post left Marietta every Thursday at 1 o'clock P. M. and was scheduled to arrive at Zanesville the following Monday at 8 P. M. Returning the mail was to leave Zanesville at 6 A. M. every Tuesday and arrive at Marietta at 6 P. M. on Wednesday. This afforded one mail each way once a week. The first contractor was Daniel Converse. This route was discontinued in 1804, but was the only one in the state in 1880. In 1802 was established a route from Marietta to Chillicothe.

The following has been the succession of postmasters in Marietta from 1794 to the present:

1794 May 1795 OctoberReturn J. Meigs, Jr.
1795 October 1801 Josiah Munro
1801 1802David Putnam
1802 1804 Griffin Greene
18041806Philip Greene
18061815 Griffin Greene, Jr.
1815 1818 Samuel Holt
18181825 January Henry P. Wilcox
1825 January 1825 AugustDavid Morris
1825 August1829Daniel H. Buell
18291841 A. V. D. Joline
1841 1850A. L. Guitteau
1850 1853 F. A. Wheeler
18531857 Nathaniel Bishop
1857 1861A. W. McCormack
18611870Sala Bosworth
18701878W. B. Mason
18781886 S. L. Grosvener
1886 1890E. S. Nye
18901894E. R. Alderman
18941898Henry Roeser
1898 M. M. Rose

Source: History of Marietta, 1903 - Transcribed by C. Anthony

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