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The Marietta Reading Club

The Marietta Reading Club 

     Tuesday evening, Oct. 4, 1864, several ladies and gentlemen met at the residence of Miss Maria M. Woodbridge, Putnam street, when was adopted a constitution, forming "The Marietta and Harmar Reading Club." The orst record is in a asubstantial and handsom book - now somewhat worn - wherein are accounts of the proceedinfs for nineteen years. The use of the second book began Oct. 2, 1883, a book of like style and size as the first, and still in service. This constitution, it be be remarked, was with a few changes, that of "The Kaleidoscope," a reading club in Marietta, which had previously existed and expired.

     The suggestor and chief promoter of the present club, which has had a remarkable success for thirty years, was Mr. Charles H. Goddard, who was on of its most active and enthusiastic members for more than a decade. During this time, the Club had no more able and incisive debater than was Mr. Goddard. O fine taste in general literature and well up in the thought of the age, of discriminating faculties and of a nervous sanguine temperment, he was an antagonist that could have held sway in a far wide field.

     The record gives the names of thirty persons as Founders of the Club, and adopting a Constitution, which has been amended from time to time, as needs seemed to demand, maintaining the original purpose of reading and discussion and social entertainment.

Original Membership

The original thirty members are here names, mostly given with initials in the record, but are written more fully, to distinguish the individuals:

*Prof. Evan W. Evans, died 1874.

Mrs. Helen C. Evans

*President I. W. Andrews, D. D. LL., died 1888.

Mrs. Marianne S. Andrews

*Prof. George R. Rosseter, LL. D., died 1882.

*Prof. John Kendrick, LL. D., died 1889.

Mrs. George M. Woodbridge.

+Miss Maria M. Woodbrifge.

Dr. H. B. Shipman.

*Mrs. Ellen L. Nye, died 1886.

Rev. John Boyd, D. D.

Charles H. Goddard

Miss Nancy J. Porterfield

Miss Kate J. Kendrick.

Miss Sarah R. Emerson.

*Rev. Erastus Adkins, D. D., died 1890.

Miss Lucy Benedict.

*Benj. P. Putnam

Mrs. Lydia E. Putnam

*Chas. B. Wells, died 1885

*Mrs. Cornelia A. Wells, died 1889.

Mrs. Col. Craig.

Mrs. Sarah N. Lovell.

+Judge Martin D. Follett

*Wm. H. Buell, died 1891.

*Prof. E. B. Andrews, LL. D., died 1880.

Chas. T. Butler.

+Mrs. Frances G. Slack

*Rev. Thomas Wickes, died 1870.

Rev. Wm. A. Bosworth.


+Present member


[The Marietta Reading Club, 1864-1894 By Register Office, 1894 - Transcribed By AFOFG]

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