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War of 1812 Soldiers

Rolls of Washington County Companies in the War of 1812

Muster-roll of a company of volunteers under the command of John Sharp , captain of a company,
under the act of Congress of the 6th of February, 1812, and afterward under the command of Col. Lewis Cass:

Commissioned Officers

Captain - John Sharp
Lieutenant - William Sawyer
Ensign - Jacob Trowbridge

Non-Commissioned Officers

First Sergeant - John H. Simon
Second Sergeant - Thomas Green
Third Sergeant - Chester Wilcox
Fourth Sergeant - Otis Record

First Corporal - Peter F. Schenck
Second Corporal - William Crane
Third Corporal - David Miskimens
Fourth Corporal - James Elwell
Musician - Christian B. Smith

William Anderson Philip Langdon
Benjamin Badgely Abraham Lyon
Benjamin Beers James Mall
Alvin Benedict Samuel McMullen
John Black Samuel Murphy
Brazilla Browning Jacob Nechilow
Joseph Clark
Samuel Nixon
James T. Downing Samuel Null
William Duncan John T. Roberson
Harris Ellis Joseph Rogers
Joseph Fox John Shingler
Lewis Frazy John Skinner
James Gary Jabez Tuttle
Ezra Kelly John Ward
Joseph Knox

Muster-roll of a company of militia commanded by Capt. James Flagg; ordered into the service of the United States on the 20th day of October, 1812, by the authority of his Excellency, R. J, Meigs, Governor of the State of Ohio, and commanded by Samuel Connel, major commandant.

Commencement of service October 20, 1812, expiration of service January 11, 1813.

Commissioned Officers

Captain - James Flagg
Lieutenant - Benedict Hutchison
Ensign - Nathaniel Olney

Non-Commissioned Officers

First Sergeant - Dora Ford
Second Sergeant - John Greenman
Third Sergeant - David Trobridge
Fourth Sergeant - Peletiah White

First Corporal - Jacob Larne
Second Corporal - Charles Thomas
Third Corporal - Joseph Whilton
Fourth Corporal - John Haskel

Daniel Alpha James Ewing
George Abbot Stanton Fordice
James Adams James Goodwin
James Anderson John Gosset
John Baker George Harris
John Barret Curtis Hinman
Nathan Briton
James Hutchins
Seth D. Burbank James Hutchison
Jonah Burchet John Imgles
Philip Cady John Kid
Simeon Chapman James Knight
George Castle Elisha Mallery
William Cline Nehemia Morris
Daniel Coleman Gilbert Otis
Henry Coverstone
Daniel Penny
George Daugherty Richard D. Priest
Thomas Dennis Pardon Starkes
Daniel Dunahue James B. Walker
Asa Emerson James Whitton

A list of names, with rank, in Capt. Alexander Hill's company, Nineteenth United States Infantry, War of 1812:

Commissioned Officers

Captain - Alexander Hill
First Lieutenant - Charles L. Cass
Second Lieutenant - John Carrel
Third Lieutenant - Alexander Patterson
Ensign - Nathan Reeves

Non-Commissioned Officers

First Sergeant - John Elliott
Second Sergeant - Stephen Worthington
Third Sergeant - Allen Lowry
Fourth Sergeant - Elijah Adams
Fifth Sergeant - Ambrose A. Ford

First Corporal - Manna Root
Second Corporal - John Franks
Third Corporal - William Wallace
Fourth Corporal - Daniel Moore
Fifth Corporal - Cyrus Baily
Sixth Corporal - John L. Gordon

Musician - Christian B. Smith
Musician - William Spurgon

James Armstrong Ira L. Foster Stephen Mowry
William Arnold James Garner George Osborn
Abraham Badgly John Gates Benjamin Paine
Adam Bair Matthias Gates Benjamin Patrick
James Barr Jesse Graham Hira Pettee
John Bowman Thomas Grey John Potts
James Brooks Joseph Heaton James Pritchett
Jacob Brosins Elisha Heitt William Reynolds
Ebenezer Buckly John Hill John Ridingour
Nichola Bumgarner James Hillyard Gabriel Root
Shirley Callogg David Johnston John Silvers
Lewis Clapper John Johnston
John D. Smith
Thomas Clark W. M. Lockhart John W. Smith
Samuel Cooper John Loveland Benjamin Snyder
John Cox
Ephraim Lucas William Snyder
Israel Cross John Lyons Jesse Spalding
Nathan Cross William Lyons Christian Standsburg
Henry Crown John McCombs John Stanley
Jehu Dealy John McMullen Oliver Stockings
Joseph Dean Andrew Millburn William A. Strong
Noah Demster Jacob Monteith Philip Swagert
William Elliott Samuel Morfoot John Swift
John Fishback William Morgan John Taylor
Joseph Fisher Nehemiah Morse

Nicholas Teel

Ephraim Frost John Saltingstall

Daniel Trumble

Pay-roll of a company of Ohio militia, commanded by Capt. John Thorniley, of the First Regiment of Ohio militia, in the service of the United States, stationed at Fort Stephenson by order of Gen. John S. Gano, commencing January 6, 1814, and expiring March 13, 1814, including seven days for returning home 140 miles, both days inclusive:

Commissioned Officers
Captain - John Thorniley
Lieutenant - David Merideth
Ensign - Elisha Chapman

Non-Commissioned Officers
First Sergeant - St. Clair Kelly
Second Sergeant - Thomas Addy
Third Sergeant - Daniel McCleain
Fourth Sergeant - Lemeul Cooper
First Corporal - Solomon Tise
Second Corporal - William Smith
Third Corporal - William Henkens
Fourth Corporal - Daniel Alpha
Drummer - William Magee
Fifer - David Cox

Jerid Andrew Mathew Davidson Joseph T. Milford
John Archer David Edwards Thomas Newal
Henry Baner Luke Emerson James Oglesbay
Perry G. Banthan Ephraim Frost Presseley Petty
Samuel Barkey Jeremiah Fugate John Ramsey
Henry Bauer Abner Furgusen Thomas Ramsey
John Bell John Gose William Ramsey
Joel Bennet George Harris James Riley
Jonah Birchet Norman Hart Nicholas Row
William Bird Thomas Hartley John Saltingstall
Jesse Brown Kertis Henman Jonathan Sills
Hezekiah Chapman Benjamin Hepsen
John Skinner
Simon Chapman ThomasHill John Smith
William Clark William Jolly Francis Stanley
George Cline
William Kidd Solomon Tipton
Abraham Connet John Kisley Zephaniah Tisen
John Connet Benjamin Lamb Alexander Vaughn
Robert Corbit John Lynn Jacob Vulgermot
John Craig Thomas Marshall William Walker
Samuel Crouch Andrew McCleain Richard Willis
Jonathan Darling  

Muster-roll of a company of dragoons (of the State of Ohio) commanded by Capt. James Devol, called into the service of the United States on the 20th day of October. 1812, by the authority of his Excellency. Return J. Meigs, Governor of the State of Ohio.

Commissioned Officers
Captain - Charles Devol
First Lieutenant - Josiah Scott
Second Lieutenant - Washington Olney

Non-Commissioned Officers
First Sergeant - James White
Fourth Sergeant - William White
First Corporal - John Clark
Second Corporal - Pardon Cook
Third Corporal - Samuel Reed

Solomon Brown
Thomas Browning
Movus Finch
Gilbert Olney
Argalus Pixley
John Quigley
Joseph Shuttlesworth
Joshua Tucker
Samuel Whipple
Paulus E. Wood

"We do acknowledge to have received of Return J. Meigs, Jr., Esq., the sums annexed to our names respectively, in full for our pay for a tour of duty in Capt. Timothy Buel's company of Ohio mounted militia, under the command of his Excellency, the Governor of Ohio, called into the service of the United States on the first of August, 1813, upon the requisition of Major General Harrison, commanding the Eighth Military District."

Commissioned Officers
Captain - Timothy Buell
First Lieutenant - Peltah White
Second Lieutenant - Sylvanus Olney

Non-Commissioned Officers
Ensign - James Liggett

First Sergeant - Nathaniel Hamilton
Second Sergeant - George Nixon
Third Sergeant - Jabez Palmer
Fourth Sergeant - Salmon D. Buell

First Corporal - Samuel Nott
Second Corporal - Edward Corner
Third Corporal - John Darrough
Fourth Corporal - Nicholas Chapman

Timothy Blackmor William _____ Benjamin F. Palmer
William Brevelt Henry Havens John Perry
John C. Clark Zebulon Jennings John R. Porter
Daniel Coleman Titus Kimball Horace Quigley
Elisha Coleman R. Lawrence, Jr. Dennis Raur
John Corns Robert Liggett James Ray
Z. Cuddington John Longhery John Scott
Henry Delong William Longhery Clark Springer
Richard Demont Robert Magee Nathaniel Smith
Thomas Dennis John McConnell John Taylor
Thomas Dunbar Alexander McCoy Jonathan Whitney
BenjaminEllis Jacob Miller
Jonathan Wilson
Stephen Gates Samuel Miller Police E. Wood
Timothy Gates, Jr. Jacob Multon  

Captain Buell was out in May, 1813, with a company, heretofore mentioned, but the rolls of the company have not been preserved, and canot be found at Washington.

Pay-roll of a company of Ohio militia, commanded by Lieut. John Devault, of Colonel James Stuart's regiment, late in the service of the United States, from the 26th of July, 1813, commencement of service, to the 16th of August, 1813, on expiration of service, or of this settlement:

Commissioned Officers
Captain - Timothy Buell
First Lieutenant - Peltah White
Second Lieutenant - Sylvanus Olney

Non-Commissioned Officers
Second Sergeant - Isaac House
Third Sergeant - Thomas Devault
Second Corporal - Gilbert Hurley
Third Corporal - Morris Baker

John Collender
Jacob Dunkle
William Dyer
David Hays
William Hurley
William Kerr
Oliver Kyle
Joseph Ohaner
Benjamin Roebuck
George Roebuck
Daniel Sharrot
Joseph Windle

Pay-roll of a detachment of Ohio militia, commanded by Lieut. John Devault, of Colonel McDonald's regiment, late in the service of the United States, from the 31st of January, 1815, commencement of service, to the 10th of April. 1815, expiration of service, or of this settlement.

Commissioned Officers
Lieutenant - John Devault
Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergeant -Levi Bevington
Corporal - James Playwell

Henry Aye
George Chadd
Ephraim Duty
William Harrison
John Harter
Philip Hobaugh
Benjamin Long
Robert Mitchell
Samuel Moore
Benjamin Neely
George Rhodes
John Sanders
Richard Shacles
David Thompson
Ezra Travis
Caleb Wright
Morris Yates

Source: A History of Marietta and Washington County and Representative Citizens, by Martin R. Andrews, MA, 1902, Transcribed by C. Anthony

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