Ohio Genealogy Trails
Washington County,Ohio
Wills and Probate Records

ABORN, Lowry
Of Providence, R. I. Will made 1-10-1830, Probated 3-22-1830 (In Rhode Island). Mentions: wif, Sarah; Children: Mary Barrows Greeno, wife of Ronedad Greeno; William Henry Aborn; Ann Louise Spencer, wife of Christopher V. Spencer; Lowry Washington Aborn; Sarah Tucker Aborn; Charles Bowler Aborn; James Anthony Aborn. Witnesses: Benjamin Aborn, Thomas F. Carpenter, Philip Crapo.
Book 9, Page 357

ADDIS, Thomas
Of Adams Township. Will made 4-10-1852. Mentions Jonathan, Jesse and Rebecca Addis; Eliza Ann and Sonnie Gassell; Betsy and Joseph Simons.
Book 9, Page 192

Of Union Township. Will made 2-8-1815, Probated 3-15-1815. Mentions: wife, Margaretta; Sons-James and John. Wit: Benjamin F. Stone, Elijah Warren, Rewett Varnum. Executors: Banjamin F. Stone, James Alexander.
Book 1, Page 280

Of Union Township. Will made 8-11-1829, Probated October 1829. Mentions: Step-Mother, Margaretta, brother, John. Witnesses: Lyman Stacy, William Stacy, Benjamin F. Stone.
Book 4, Page 387

ALGER, Preserved
Will made 4-27-1821, Probated July 1821. Mentions: wife, Cynthia Catherine; daughter, Cynthia. Witnesses: Amos P. Harvey, Leonard Foster.
Book 2, Page 214

ALLEN, Magdalene
Will made 3-14-1831, Probated May 1831. Mentions: sons, Jackson and Andrew Allen; granddaughter, Claris, First child of Polly Allard; daughters Polly Allard wife of Reuben Allard, Betty Bartlett, wife of William Bartlett and Louisa; also another son David Allen.
Book 4, Page 440

Will made Jan. 13, 1824, Probated Jan 1824. Mentions: sons, William, Robert, Hugh, Jr., and Andrew Allison; daughters, Polly, wife of Frederick Davis, Betsey, wife of Morgan Wood, Sally, wife of John Morris; Grandchildren, Eliza, Sally and Betsey, children of daughter Alice (or Agnes) late wife of Elijah Davis; Sally, Polly and Asubah, children of daughter Hannah, late wife of Daniel Owen. Witnesses: Sardine Stone, Charles and Hester Allison.
Note: Hugh Allison was a Revolutionary Soldier who moved to Lowell, Ohio in 1798. He was born in Virginia in 1747, son of Robert Allison, who was born in Ireland and died in Virginia in 1800, aged 104 years. Lt. Hugh Allison married Sally Scott (1757-10-18-1823). Lt. Allison died August 18, 1824.

AMES, Cyrus
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 9-8-1847, Probated October 1847. Mentions: sons, Cyrus, Jr., &CH Charles R.; daughters, Abigail, wife of Charles H; Brough, Susan Ames and her children William and Azuba; Daughter-in-law, Mary, wife of Charles R. Ames, Sarah, wife of Cyrus Ames, Jr. Witnesses; William Pitt Putnam, William W. Rathbone.
Book 8, Page 50

ANDERS, Joseph Of Harmar City, Ohio. Will made June 1852. No mention of heirs. WItnesses: Douglas Putnam, F. F. & M. A. Wiliams.
Book 9, Page 187

Will made 7-30-1823, Probated November 1823. Mentions: wife, Electra; brothers, Philander, Jared and Gideon (deceased). Gideon's share to go to his children; newphe Alanson Devereaux. Witness: Samuel and Anne Beach.
Book 2, Page 444

Will made 1827. Mentions: wife, Betsy; Children, Hannah M. Samuel, Richard, Polly and Hetty Andrews. Note: All children minors.
Book 4, Page 208

Of Fearing Township. Will made 3-14-1850, Probated March 1850. Mentions: children, Hannah Waite, William, Samuel, Ann, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maria, wife of Asa Perkins, Margaret, wife of Joseph Hall, Elizabeth, wife of William Kelly; Others whose relationship is not stated. Bedford Croy and Edith Morris. Witness: John Collins, Charles Yeo.
Book 8, Page 380

AYLES, David
Of Aurelius Township. Will made 3-23-1836, Probated April 1850. Wife, Susan; children, Betsey Pugh, Elias Ayles, Hannah Low, Louisa Eitts, Palm or Paton Ayers. Witness: James Palmer, Thomas Flanders, Jr.
Book 8, Page 401

BAKER, Samuel
Of Waterford, Ohio-Physician. Will made 9-30-1805, Probated December 1805. Wife, Rhoda; children, Isaac, Seth, Samuel, Rhoda and Sally. Witness: Joseph Frye; Rebecca Culver, Anthony McCandlish, Robert Oliver. Executors: wife, Rhoda and William Gray.
Book 1, Page 58

Will made 11-19-1822, probated May 1833. Wife mentioned but not names; children, David, Elizabeth, Austin and Levi, Jr. Witness: James Whitney, Timothy Cone, David Barker.
Book 5, Page 2

BARSTOW, Isaac Of Newport, Ohio. Will made 1826, probated 1827. Wife, Frances; children , Cynthia and Adaline. Note: mentions his land in Mobile, Alabama.
Book 4, Page 95

BEEBE, William Will made 1832. Mentions: Mary Blizzard, wife of Brooks Blizzard, she was formerly the wife of William Beebe, deceased.
Book 50, Page 5

BELL, Frederick
Will made 4-12-1834, probated Oct. 1834. Children, Nathan (oldest son), William, Margaret, Maryon, Elizabeth and Jane (?). Witness: Robert and Matthew Henry.
Book 5, Page 143

BELL, James
Of Salem Township. Will made 7-18-1850, Probated 2-28-1853. Wife, Margaret; children, James, Jr., Katharine, Margaret (Jackson, Alison (Carlin), Betsey (Hall). Witness: R. Crawford, Wiliam P. Skinner.
Book 9, Page 357

Will made 8-4-1824, probated October 1824. Wife, Charlotte and child unborn; nephew, George Benedict. Witness: Joseph Barker, John Stone, William H. Browning.
Book 3, Page 156

BENT, Daniel Will made 1-11-1828, probated May 1828. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Lewis, Lucy, Nahum, Dorcas D., and Susan Oaks. Witness: George Dona, Susan Oaks.
Book 4, Page 130

Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 6-23-1849, Probated April 1850. Sisters, Lucretia Root and Sally Polly; Others, relationship not mentioned, Sarah Maria Hubbard, Diantha Jane and Lucy Dorcas Rosecrans, Lydia Goss. Witness: Benjamin F. Stone, Alva S. Hubbard.
Book 8, Page 404

BINEGAR, Jonathan
Will made 7-15-1850, Probated Oct. 1850. Children, John W. and Margaret Ann (Fleming). Witness: Richard Scott, John L. Smith.
Book 8, Page 512

BIRD, Clarence Of Troy, N. Y. Will made 12-1-1825, Probated Dec. 1828. Heirs, David Buel, Jr. of Troy, N. Y. and William Bird of Black Rock. Witness; D. Buell, Ed E. Coe, Henry F. Baynes.
Book 4, Page 320

BIRD, John
Of Troy, N. Y. Counsellor-at-Law. Will made 4-20-1805, probated May 1845 in Harding County, Ohio. Wife, not named; Son, Clarence, also mentions a second son under 14 years of age living at Burlington, Vermont. Other named in will, Col. Albert Pawling, Ebenezer Wilson, Benjamin Smith, John Hampden. Witness: Moses Hale, Stephen Barnes, Isiay Marble.
Book 7, Page 357

BIRD, Seth
Of Litchfield, Conn. WIll made 11-27-1804, Codicil 2-8-1805, Probated March 1846. Children, Minerva, wife of James Stoddard, Sarah, John Herman. Codicil: To Angelina Sperry, who has lived with me since infancy. Witness: William Rea, Rhonda Farnam, Uriel Holmes, Jr.
Book 7, Page 354

BOSTON, Michael
Will made 12-25-1844, probated April 1845. Wife, Rachel; Children, Katharine, Mary, Lovina, Rachel Elenor, John, Michael. Witness: Richard Scott, Isaac Thomas.
Book 7, Page 142

BOSWORTH, Deborah T. Wells
Administration dated Dec. 1853. Husband, Daniel P.; Children, Henry Martin, Daniel P. Jr., Frank Huntington and George Wells Bosworth.
Book 9, Page 494
Note: Deborah Bosworth was heir to lands in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, inherited from her father and mother the late Martin and Deborah Wells.

Of Marietta, Ohio. Will made 7-9-1828, Probated April 1830. Daughter, Mary Babcock; Grandchildren, George Claghorn and Sarah Babcock Bosworth, and Sarah Bosworth Fearing. Witness: John P. Mayberry, David Barber.
Book 4, Page 322
Note: Joseph Bosworth married Mary Winslow, daughter of William Winslow of Wareham, Mass, June 11, 1766. They settled in Marietta, Ohio with their daughter Mary, who married Joseph Babcock. Joseph Bosworth was a Revolutionary Soldier, the son of Deacon Jos. Bosworth and his 2nd wife Sarah Cobb. He was born Halifax, Mass 11-15-1765, died Marietta, Ohio May 6, 1830. Ref: Bosworth Genealogy by Mary B. Clark, Part 5, pg. 638.

Will made July 23, 1823, probated Nov. 1823. Wife, mentioned but not named; Children, Charles, Daniel Perkins (a minor), Sala, Jr., John William, Amanda, Clarissa, Deborah, Selina. Witness: Thomas Broadhurst, Alfred Mayhew.
Book 2, Page 440
Note: Sala Bosworth died October 12, 1823, aged 58 years, buried Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio; Deborah T. his wife * errata - this should be wife of D. P. Bosworth, born Feb. 10, 181_, died 1845; Charles S. Bosworth, died May 14, 1843; Sala Bosworth, Sr., A Revolutionary soldier (Massachusetts in the Revolution, Vol 2, Pg 382) born Halifax, Mass, March 11, 1764, Married Rebecca Perkins Feb. 21, 1788 at Plymouth, Mass; died March 27, 1847, buried McConnellsville, Ohio.

BOWEN, William
Of Providence County, Providence, R. I., Will made 12-20-1831, Probated October 1835. Children, Elizabeth (Amory), Sarah (Skinner), Harriett (Morris), Maria, wife of John Whipple; Grandson, Wm. C. Bowen. A bequest to Thomas Burgess of Providence, relationship not stated. Exr's: Henry Bowen, Wm. Halroyd, James M. Halyrod.
Book 5, Page 250

Of New York City. Will made 12-26-1799, Probated 1841 (or 1845). Wife, Mary; Children, John M., Rebecca, Harriet; Father-in-law, John R. Meyer, Brother-in-law *errata, this should be son-in-law, James C. Duane. Witness: John S. Henry, Abraham Skinner, Thomas Doyle.
Book 7, Page 245

Will made 1-24-1820, Probated May 1823. Wife, Louise; Children, Samuel Adams, Robert, Jr. Otis L., Sally, Sophia. (Sally was the wife of _____Pier.
Book 2, Page 387
Note: Robert Bradford was a Major in the Revolutionary War; born 1750 Plymouth, Mass; married 1st to Keziah Little; buried at Belpre, Ohio. He was a direct descendant of Governor Bradford. Ref: Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio.

BRIGGS, Zadock
Of Adam, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 4-26-1822, Probated 11-25-1823. Wife, Sally; Children, Henry, Anselfm, Zora, Marcus, Franklin, Sally; Polly. Witness: Sardine Stone, William Davis.
Book 2, Page 430

BRITTON, James Of Fearing Township. Will made 12-15-1832, Probated February 1833. Wife, Sarah; Children, Nathan, Levi, John and Jane.
Book 5, Page 3

BROUGH, Bridgett
(Late Bridget Cross of Marietta) Will made 4-1-1822, Probated July 1822. Husband, John; Daughter, Mary, wife of John Baker of Dutchess County, N. Y. Witness: F. A. Jett, Thomas Jett, Fannok Bryan.
Book 2, Page 254
Note: Mary Brough wife of John V. Brough, a native of Great Britain, died Sept. 7, 1807, aged 48 years. She was the mother of Governor Brough, and was buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. Children of John Brough were John, Charles H., William P., Mary Ann and Jane (wife of Hugh Ferry.) Bridget Brough, second wife of John Brough died 4-26-1820.

BROWN, James
Of Providence, R. I. Will made Nov. 20, 1856, Probated June 1837. Sister, Sarah Herreshoffe and her children; Newphe, John Brown Francis of Warwick, Kent County, R. I.; Nieces, Sarah B. Ruggles, Anna Rosa Mason who were the children of his deceased sister Alice Mason. Witness: Thomas P., Moses Brown and Robert H. Ives.
Book 5, Page 580

BROWN, Nicholas
Of Providence, R. I. Will made 5-3-1828, Probated November 1842. Wife, Mary B.; Children, Ann Brown Francis, wife of John B. Francis, Esq., John Carter Brown, Nicholas Brown; Newphes, Moses B and Robert Hale Ives; Granddaugthers, Abby Francis and Ann Brown, children of John Brown Francis, Esq. and Ann Brown Francis (his deceased daughter.) Grandson, Nicholas Brown, son of Nicholas Brown, my oldest son, now living in the city of New York; Sister-in-law, Amy Brown Steele; Sister, Mrs. Hope Ives; to Friend, Partner and Brother-in-law, Thomas P. Ives, Esq., To Mrs. Sarah Balles and her son Nicholas Brown Balles (relationship not stated.) Witness T. B Fenner, S. R. Rathbond, D. W. Vaughn.
Book 6, Page 382
Note: Nicholas Brown was the Founder of Brown University or as it was once known Rhode Island College.

BROWNING, William R.
Of Belpre Township. Will made 6-3-1850, Probated June 1851. Wife, name not mentioned; Children, Sophis, Joseph W., William (this son was to receive land in Mercer County, Ohio) Nephew, Archer Browning; Grandson, William B. Knapp; Cousin, James Smith of Philadelphia. Witness; Josiah Henderson, George W. Henderson.
Book 8, Page 857

Will made 4-30-1793, Probated March 1836. To a friend, James Patterson of Marietta, Ohio. Exr's: S. Barnes, N. Hunkley, Wm. Burndon.
Book 5, Page 290
Note: He was a sergeant in Capt. Haskell's Co., U. S. Army.

Of New York City. Will made 4-30-1841, Probated March 1847. Wife, Anna, Children, John L., Phineas H., Mary Ann (Wood), Jane L. (Buckley); Grandchildren; Mary Ann and Walter R. Wood, Edward M. and Ann M. children of my deceased son Effingham L. Buckley. Witness; John C. Merritt of New York City, Wm. H. Powell, Thomas G. Stevens.
Book 7, Page 468
Note: Authenticated copy of above will sent to Marietta, Ohio in March 1847.

BUELL, Daniel H.
Will made 10-12-1843, Probarted Nov. 1, 1843. Wife, Theodosia; Mother, Siba (or Liba) Buell; Children, Mary Elizabeth, Susan (Ward), Edward Wyllys, William Hall, Henry Joseph, Charles Ferdinand Buell, Witness; Charles Shipman, Weston Thomas.
Book 7, Page 13
Note: Siba (or Liba) Buell was the daughter of Daniel Hand of East Guilford, Conn, and the wife of General Joseph Buell. She died at Marietta, Ohio aged 63 years. Phoebe, consort of Daniel H. Buell died 1-2-1829 aged 39 yrs. Daniel H. Buell, Esq., died 10-12-1843, aged 53 years. Theodosia, daughter of William and Eunice (Fotte) Hall, was the second wife of Daniel H. Buell. She was born in Cochester, Conn, died at Marietta 1-27-1875, buried Mound Cemetery. General Joseph Buell, father of Daniel H. Buell was born Killingsworth, Conn. 2-16-1763, died at Marietta, June 13, 1812. He came to Marietta (Fort Harmar) May 6, 1786-A State senator 1803-5, buried Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.
Ebenezer Buell, native of Killingsworth, Conn, born 1726, died 1802, He was either an uncle or grandfather of Daniel H. Buell.

BUELL, Timothy
Will made 11-27-1830, Probated March 1837. Mentions a wife (his third). Also, mentions there were children by each of these wifes, but only one is mentioned, William P. Buell. Witness John R. Gilmore, Eleanor Chambers Parker.
Book 5, Page 358
Note: Sally Buell, wife of Timothy, died 8-2-1811, aged 32 years. Timothy Buel died 2-6-1837, aged 66 years; Roswell, son of Captain Timothy Buell died 6-29, 1814, aged 19 years.

Of East Haddom, Colchester County, also live in New London, Conn. Will made 8-4-1819, Probated May 1817. Wife, Mary; Children, Benj. R. Geishom, Roger; Grandchildren, John A, Augustus W., Elza L, Caroline and Aureila Burlkey. Witness; James Otis, John Ishom, Ralph Ishom.
Book 9, Page 268

Administration, May 10, 1852. Talbert Bullard of Indianapolis mentioned as the guardian of infant children, Frank C. and Henry T. Bullard.

BUNDY, Benjamin
Will made 3-20-1853, Probated 3-28-1853. Wife, Rachael; Children, Thomas, Jr. and others not mentioned. Witness; Joseph Penrose, Evan Smith.
Book 9, Page 376

BURCH, Ephriam
Administration made in 1826. Children, Mahala, Mary, John and Thersey (?).
BURLINGAME, Christopher
Will made 6-15-1841, Probated October 1841. Daughter, Charlotte H., wife of John Bennett Burlingame; Friend, Douglas Putnam, the money received from his pension as soldier in Revolutionary War. Witness: Seth Hart, Clifton Hodley.
Book 6, Page 249
Note: Christopher Burlingame, a Revolutionary soldier was born in Providence, R. E. in 1753, died 7-12-1841, married Susanna Putnam in 1787. Their children were, Susannah, Persis Maria, Martha, Elizabeth, Lucy Sarah, Edwin, Rufus P., John Bennet, Chrostopher, Jr., and William. Ref: Year Book of Ohio Society, 1897 also Official Poster of Revolutionary Soldier buried in Ohio.

Will made Nov. 11, 1837, probated October 1840. Husband, Christopher; Father General Rufus Putnam; Son, John B. Burlingame. Witness; Wm. R. Browning, Sophia Browning.
Book 6, Page 116

Administration of Estate, March 1825. Heirs, William, Susanna, Ephiriam Burnsides; Nancy (his widow); Betsey and Susannan children of John Burnsides, deceased, Charlotte DeBolt and William DeBolt her husband.
BURRIS, John Of Grandview Township. Will made 12-29-1848, Probated July 1850. Wife, Eleanor; Children, Benjamin, Van, Swearingen, Stancile, Martin, John, David, Martha, William, Nancy Elizabeth and my youngest daughter Lovina, my present wife's child. Witness; John Green, Jr., James B. Davis.
Book 8, Page 548

ADWELL, Alice Will made 10-18-1847, Probated 1848. Sister, Margaret Farniey; Brothers, James and Peter (deceased) and Peter's children Mary Ann (Mathews), Margaret.(Locker), John Cadwell.
Book 8, Page 101

NOTE: Jarnea Cadwell, born Billings, Lancashire, England, died August 16, 1848 aged. 65 years. Lucy his wife, died 2-24-1838 aged 39yrs; Alice (second wife) died 5-5-1848, aged 59 yrs.

(Only one date given, cannot ascertain whether it is the date the will was made or when it was probated.) Dec 25., 1837, probably the date of probation as John Cadwell died Dec 14, 1837, aged 57 years. Brother, James;. Sister, Alice Cadwell and Margaretta Fearnley (wife of Peter); children of my deceased brother Peter, Mary Ann, John and Margaretta. Exr: Brother-in-law, Peter Fearnley. Witness: Arius Nye and Arius Spencer.
Book 5, Page 451

CADWELL, Richard
Will made 10-14-1834, Probated March 1835. Brothers, John and James; Sisters, Alice, Margaret (Fearnley)- wife of Peter; Children of Peter Fearnley (my deceased brother), Mary Ann, John and Margaretta. Exr; Milton Foster.and Wm. A. Whittlesey.
Book5, Page 217

CALDER, Alexander
Of Warren Township. Will made Dec. 17 1848, Probated March 1849. Children, John, Alexander, William, David, Van Buren, Wallace, Philip, Margaret (Swan), Eliza (Slater), Phoebe (Hilton.) Witness: J.J. Hollister, H.H.Cole.
Book 8, Page 249

Of Grandview Township, Will made 6-24-1849, probated October 1849. Daughter, Mariah and her hsuband Edward Shapley. Witness: William Little, Wm. H. Young.
Book 8, Page 344

CARTER, Benjamin Bowen
(Only one date given) probably that of probation of will. October 1840. Sisters, Rebecca C (Jencks), Huldah M. (Carter), Elizabeth A. (Danforth) all of Providence R.I. Wit: Nich and J.C.Brown.
Book 6, Page 112

CARTER, Huldah Maria
Of Providence, R.I. Will made 12-15-1840, Probated 11-29-1842 in Rhode Island, and the authenticated copy to Marietta, Ohio in July 1850. Sister, Elizabeth Ann, wife of Walter R, Danfcrth, Rebecca C Jencks (deceased; Brother, Crawford Carter; Nephews, Andrew Jackson Danforth, Frances and Amos Toops Jencks; Niece, Sophia Barnes Danforth. Witness: A.S. Glaffing, Andrew Waterman, Frederick H. Clarke.
Book 8, Page 444

CASE, Mary
Will made 12-1-1839, Probated April 1846. Children; Polly (Cone ), Hannah Wells ), William M., Zenas, Shadrick, Timothy, Augustus; Granddaughter Eliza Alcock. Witness: Asher Allen, Richard Hussey.
Book 2, Page 174

CASE, Zenas
Of Marietta, Ohio.Will made 4-19-1811, Probated April 1811. Wife, Mary; Children Augustus, William M., Zenas, Shadrack, Timothy, Polly (Cole); Granddaughters, Elizabeth Alcock and Hannah Case. Exr; Augustus Case and wife Mary.
Book 1, Page 193
Note: Mary Case died Dec 5, 1819, aged 75 years.

Of Laurenceton, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 9-7-1823, Probated 10-21-1823. Wife, Anna, Children, James G. and others names not mentioned. Witness: Samuel Dye, Nathan Davis, Jr.
Book 2, Page 422
Note: Names of the other children obtained from a petition: Thomas, Eleanor, Mary, Joseph, Hezekiah, Joshua, Sarah Anne, Hiram and Grier.

Will made 12-10-1851, Probated 6-16 1852. Daughters, Mary Jane (Preston), Caroline- M. (Smith), Eleanor B. (Chambers.) Witness: Isaac Kinkead, Edwin F. Preston, Ellen B. Chambers.
Book 9, Page 174

CHAMBERS, William, Jr.
Of Lawrence Township, Will made 8-13-1838, Probated June 1838. Mentions an only son Cornelius and a borther John, who is named as the guardian of his son Cornelius.
Book 5, Page 502

CHAMPLIN, Christopher Grant
Of the Town and County of N Newport, R.I. Will made 6-14-1839, Probated 6-22-1840. Wife, Martha Redwood Champlin; Sister-Margaret Mason,; Uncle, George Champlin; Nephews, George Champlin Mason, Jr and Benj. Augustus Mason, Christopher Grant Perry., Nieces, Elizabeth Champlin Perry; Gr-Niece, Elizabeth Mason Perry, daughter of Ebenezex Champlin Perry; nephews, Oliver Hazard Perry, Christopher Raymond Perry, Christopher Champlin Chadwick, son of Ebenezer Chadwick of Boston, Mass, John Coffin Jones, son of the late John Coffin Jones of Boston; Friend, Thomas Kornsby. Exr's, Samuel Baker, Sonnie B. Vernon, Benj. French.
Book 6, Page 102
Note: As far as we can ascertain, Christopher Champlin was an uncle of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who is buried at Nassau, R.I.

Of Fearing Township. Will made 10-11-1842, Probated June 1855. Brother, Simeon and his wife Phoebe. Witness: John Collins, Thos. F. Stanley.
Book 9, Page 447

Of Fearing Township. Will made 9-9-1839, Probated April 1840. Wife, Elizabeth; Daughters, Nancy S. Elizabeth A., Louisa M., Julia F.; Son Oren S. Witness; Thos F. Stanley, John D. Amlin.
Book 6, Page 40

Of Wesley Township. Will made 3-15-1850, Probated 4-4-1850. Wife, not named; son Peter and other children not mentioned.
Book 8, Page 405
NOTE: Cyrus Cheadle's father was Asa Cheadle, a Revolutionary soldier, born 12-29-1762, Ashford, Conn. Asa Cheadle married first to Sally Cray, 2nd to Nancy Hersey and 3rd to Sarah Devine (or Divens). Children by the first marriage were Cyrus, Joseph, Sally, Martha, Asa, Trypheus and Tryphena (twins), by the second marriage Olive, Parmelia, Martin, Clarissa, Eliza, John, Asa, Jr., Louise and Pinney. He died in Windson Township, Morgan Countv, Ohio Sept 13, 1836.

CHILD (or Childs), John
Of Warren County, Bristol, R.I. Will made 10-25-1809, Probated December 1826, Codicil 11-27-1813. Wife, Eosevilla,; Children, John T., Samuel, (to have land in Ohio), Nathan, Abigail M. (Lewis), Eosa A. (Gardner). Witness: Seth Snell, James Maxwell, Solomon Townsend. Book 3, Page 499

Will made 5-9-1849, Probated October 1852. Wife, Lorana; Children, Huldah Melissa (Clark), Esther Ann, Clarinda Jane (Maxwell), Mary (Curtis), Susanna (Chamberlin); Grandson, William F. Curtis; To the heirs of Timothy T. Clark, son of Edward W.T. Clark. Witness: Darwin E. Gordine, T.O. Learned.
Book 9, Page 238.
Note: Major John Clark of Quincy, Mass died 8-6-1851 aged 84 years. Buried Mound Cemetery. Marietta, 0hio. Lorana his wife, daughter of Enoch and Esther Shepherd, died November 28, 1858, aged 84 years.

CLAY. Daniel
Of Salem Township. Will made 3-24-1823, Probated March 1824. Children, Jonathan, Deborah (Wharf). Exr;-Daniel Sanford.
Book 3, Page 125
NOTE: Daniel Clay, Revolutionary Soldier, enlisted, Rockingham, N.H. . Other children not named in will were, Sarah, Eunice, Daniel, Timothy.

CLINE, Philip
Of Liberty Township. Will made Sept 16, 1852, Probated December 1852. Wife, name not mentioned; Son George. Witness: John A Vancoy, Andrew Cline.
Book 9, Page 323

COBB, Samuel
Of Boston, Mass, Will made 5-20-1829, Probated August 1842. Wife, Sarah; To Sarah Augusta Scott (now living in family); to Mrs. Elizabeth Scott and her daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, Helen (Scott) Stone, Harriett, Mary Anne and Susan; To late nieces Catharine Packard, wife of Silas Packard and to her daughters Eliza and Harriett; To Louisa Packard (relationship not mentioned); To Lucy Cross (nee. Base) wife of Nathaniel C. Cross and daughter of his late niece Calhoun Packard; To M. Augusta Selden, wife of Dudley Selden of New York, daughter of my late niece Bethiah Packard; To Louisa Binsse, wife, of Donation Binsse of New York, also a daughter of my late niece. Bethiah Packard; To my nephew William Witherle of Castine, his brothers Hoshua and John H., and his sister Betsey; To sister-in-law Betsey Inches, and to Susan Inches (relationship of latter not mentioned,) Brother-in-law, Henderson Inches; To Elizabeth Paine of Troy, N.Y., widow of Amasa Paine; To the daughter of my late uncle Eleazer Cobb of Brewster, Barnstable County, Mass, land inherited from'my late father Samuel Cobb; To Benjamin Cobb White, and my niece Susan J. White, wife of William White; To Sarah. J. Warner, wife of William Warner; To Joshua Withcirle of Boston, and his children Joshua, William, John, Abigail, Pebecca, Elizabeth and Anne Witherle. Witness; William, John H., and Betsy Witherle, Richard Robins, Harry J. Sargeant and. Leumel Shaw.
Book 6, Page 340

COLE, Thomas
Of Provident, R.I. Will made 6-30-1828, Probated March 1846. Wife, Sarah; Sons of my deceased sister, Flora Bowley; children of my sister Susan Comly (seven living.); To Tjomas Coles Hpooen, son of Thomas Coles Hoppen; to brother-in-law Samuel Comley, husband of Susan Comley; To Thomas Coles Peckhorn; To Sarah Coles Stanton; To wife's nieces, Sarah Ann Walker and Elizabeth Lyman; to Benjamin Gardner; to Barnard Eddy's four daughters; to Mrs. Mary Walker (my late wife's sister-in-law.); to Thomas C. Stanton.
Book 7, Page 299
Note: Sarah Coles died pior to June 6, 1841.

COLWELL, William Of Watertown, Mass, Will made 3-3-1849, Probated 3-26-1852. Wife unnamed in will. Witness; Henry Walburn, Christiana Mahoney.
Book 9, Page 105

CONKLIN, Richard
Late of New York died September 1832, Administration of his estate made in 1836. Wife, Mary; children, Mary, Cornelia B., George W.H., Alanson H., Antoinette, William H. Conklin.
Book 5, Page 377

COOK, Joseph
Of Belpre, Will made 9-2-1820, Probated October 1824. Wife, Rhoda; Sons, Bennett (to have land in Wood County, Va.), Joseph, John, Barker (to have land in Wood County, Va., near Delser Mills), Tillinghast, Pardon; daughters, Phoebe Hewitt, Nancy James, Sally Johnson, Bathsheba Foley, Prudence Spencer, Elizabeth Darling. Witness: Joseph Cook, Levi Benedict, Samuel Barkley, Thomas Burroughs.
Book 3, Page 155

COOK, Samuel
Will made 4-18-1831, Probated October 1832. Wife, Rebecca; children William, Rebecca and Mary, now Mary Noble. Ewr's; wife and James Noble.
Book 4, Page 602

COOK, Silas Will
(only one date given, probably that of probation, April 1851.) Wife; Sally; Sons: Charles George, Milton; grandson, Silas, son of Milton N. Cook of Butler County, Pennsylvania.
Book 8, Page 547
NOTE: Monument in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio states Sally, wife of Silas Cook died September 25, 1870, age 79 years.

COOPER, Hannah
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 1-17-1799, Probated 10-22-1801. Grandchildren; Abner, Samuel, Frederick and Charles Cooper, and their younger brother Jacob; 'Witness; Daniel Ellenwood, Samuel Meek, D. Loring.
Book 1, Page 45

COOPER, Joseph
Of Waterford Township. Will made 9-17-1829, Probated April, 1830. Wife, Mary; children, John, William and Joseph, Jr., daughters; Jane and Harriett. Witness; Robert Leget, Olive Shutes, John Laughrey.
Book 4, Page 324

Will made 6-10-1841, Probated April 1843. Wife; Mary; sister, Rachel, wife of Joshua Morris; To Matilda, wife of John Monroe, and to Isaac and Amos, children of Matilda and John Monroe; to Mary Neptune; to Elizabeth Pickering, Jr; To nieces Matilda and Alice Morris, Lydia Heald and Mary Emmons. Witness; Job L. King, Jacob L. Myers.
Book 6, Page 438

CORR, Benjamin
Of Aurelius Township. Will made 5-21-1845, Probated October 1848. Children, Benjamin and John S. (Corp) Margaret (Corp) McFarland; daughter-in-law Elizabeth wife of John S. Corp; To Benjamin Corp Ogle, son of James and Jane Ogle; to Benjamin Corp Preston. Witness; John Ogle, Francis and Samuel Hale.
Book 8, Page 178

COVEY, Kingsbury
Will made 6-20-1840, Probated August 1840. Wife, Mary; Sons, William, Bennett, Kingsbury. Witness; Chas Atkinson, George Templeton, Andrew Kitt.
Book 6, Page 84

Of Wesley Township. Will made 2-4-1852, probated 4-6-1852. Wife, Hannah; Children, Amy, Ezra, Manson, Calvin, Ezra, John, Lucinda (Stembrook), Ida (Harris). Witness; Thompson Walker, Smith and Ezekiel Patton.
Book 9, Page 108

Will made 3-?8-1844, Probated April 1849. Wife, Catherina; Children, Hannah Jane, Margaret, John L., Eliza (Broan), Mary Ann (Cline.) Witness; J.L. and Henry Deterly.
Book 8, Page 273
NOTE; Monument Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio, George Crawford, died 4-14-1849 aged 67 years, Catherine his wife, died 12-17-1862, age 77 years, Hannah J. daughter died 7-9-1847, aged 34 years.

Of Salem Township. Will made 7-13-1843, Probated August 1843. Wife and- children mentioned but not named; brothers; Robert and Johh.
Book 6, Page 464
Note: Robert Crawford died 8-5-1859, aged 63 yrs, Lucy R. his wife died 8-11-1813 aged 52 yrs.

CROFT, Deborah
Of Fearing Township. Will made 7-4-1830, Probated September 1838. Children of my brother Richard Smith, Jacob, Isaac and Richard; daughters, Esther Light, Phoebe Ferris, Sophia Smith; Niece Elizabeth; daughter of my brother Maurice Smith; Deborah Smith, daughter of James Smith, and granddaughter of my brother Richard; George, son of Ebenezer R. Robinson; Jemima, daughter of William Talbert; Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham and Deborah Daniels; Esther L., wife of Ebenezer R. Robinson. Witness: Henry Smith, Stephen Smith, Elizabeth Lynch.
Book 5, Page 508
Note: Deborah Craft died 9-1-1835.

Only one date given, probably that of probation of will, November 1819. Wife, Bridget; Father, Peter Cross, deceased a resident of Mansfield Conn; son, Lucius (land lying in Mansfield, Conn.) Witness: Obehiah Lincoln, Lewis. Anderson, Daniel H. Buell.
Book 2, Page 156
NOTE: Wade Cross died 8-14-1819, aged 41 years, a native of Mansfield, Conn.

Will made 11-27-1835, Probated Sept, 1836. Wife, Nancy; children, Isaac, eldest son by first marriage, Isiah, second son by first marriage, William, eldest son by second marriage, John. second son by second marriage, Asa, son by present wife, daughters, Hannah (Henline) by first marriage, Elizabeth (Carlin) by second marriage, Lucretia (Dain) by third marriage, Nancy, youngest; To servant boy Jesse Hessington.
Book 5, Page 318

CURTIS, Jason R.
Administration 1835. Wife, Mary; children William F, Adeliza, Charles C, Sarah J., James O., Mary, Lucy G..

Administration 1830. Children; Hiram. Thomas Weston, Harriett Weston, Calhoun and George.
Book 4, Page 466
Notes: Captain John Curtis Revolutionary soldier buried at Marietta- Ref: Lytle's History of Delaware County, Ohio page 378, also information from Delaware Chapter D.A.R.

CUSHING, Samuel Jr.
Administration March 1824. Father, Samuel Cushing, Sr., (deceased); mother, Barsheba Beadle, late wife of Samuel Cushing, Sr., Wife, Almina; son Charles a minor and only heir.
Book 3, page 325
Note: Almina Cushing, widow of Samuel Cushing, Jr married second to Samuel Beach.

CUTLER, William
Physician - Will made 5-16-1817, Probated 6-16-1838. Native of Portsmouth, Rockinggam County, N.H. Parents, Mr & Mrs Anmar Ruhamah Cutler; brother Daniel Cutler; brother-in-law, Daniel R. Rodgers. Witness; Robert L. Thomas, Shadrach Twonbley, Josiah Webster.
Book 5, Page 476

Of Gallipolis , Ohio (now in Athens, County) Will Probated 4-8-1800. To John Vandenbender, son of Mortimer Vandenbender; to Angelique and Alexandrienne Magriel (single women); To Mrs. Davis, wife of Francis Davis; To Lydia, daughter of Robert and Catherina Stafford. Exr; Robert Stafford.
Book 1, Page 37

DANA, Benjamin
Of Waterford Township. Will made 6-17-1838, Probated September 1838. Wife, Sally; children, John Winchester Dana, Eliza (Fearing), Charlotte P.: (Allen) Caroline and Eunice Dana; To Warner Shaw (relationship not mentioned.) Witness: John D. Shamblerin, Richard Gordon.
Book 5, Page 511

DANA, William
Administration 1-13-1853. Wife, Maria; Children; Elizabeth, wife of John McCracken residing in Pittsburgh, Penna,. Frances, wife of Isreal Archibald of Carrol County. Ohio, Mary B, wife of Meghill Dustin of Brown County, Ohio, Grace D, wife of Thomas Ewart; mention made of the following persons, relationship not stated, Charles and Jsph D. Clarke, both of Washington County, Ohio; Joseph, William B, Dorcas J, Asa M., Constance Ann, Nancy M., Isabel W., and Henry Dana all of Warren County, Ohio.
Book 9, Page 398

DANA, William
Of Newport, Ohio, Will made 1-6-1848, Probated May 1852. Wife, Maria. Witness; Jacob, and Eeleanor Cook.
Book 9, Page 146

DAVIS, Thomas G.
Will made 4-18-28, Probated 1828. Wife, Mary; child unborn.
Book 4, Page 214

DAVIS, William
Will made 3-8-1843, Probated August 1843. Wife, Sarah; children, Sarah, Sophia, Jesse and Asa. Witness; A.P. Davis, Cyrus Anderson.
Book 6, Page 465
Note: William Davis, Revolutionary soldier applied for pension from Marietta, Ohio July 24, 1820.

DEAN, Elizabeth
Administration November 1825. Late of Dedham, Mass, wife of Jonathan Dean. Heirs Ebenezer, Francis and Balch Dean. Book 5, Page 465

DELANO, Cornelius
Administration Dec.5, 1835. Heirs, Henry Delano, Elizabeth Broderick, Jane Armstrong, and Claudia (or Clarinda) Delano.
Book 3, Page 462

DELANO. Thomas
Of Warren Township. Will made April 1811, probated Jan. 11, 1834. Wife, Cynthia; Julia Ann and Lucy Angelina Delano, heirs of Amos Delano, deceased their father; children not named.
Book 5, Page 114

Will made 9-24-1823, Probated November 1823. Brothers and sisters, Reuben, Abigail, Lydia, Anna, Samuel, Eunice, Howard and Moses; a friend, Hugh Allison, Jr. Witness: Samuel Beech, Oliver and Rachel Sheets.
Book 2, Page 443

Will made 8-6-1834, Probated October 1854. Wife, Patience; children Belinda (Cook), Martha Jane Deval, Dalphron and Grosvenor Cook. Witness; John Pratt, Stephen Deval.
Book 5, Page 142

DEVAL, Gilbert
Administration November 1825. Widow, Anne; daughters Sally, wife of Nathaniel Huckley, Priscilla, wife of John White, Polly, wife of Andrew McClure, Barsheba, wife of Benjamin Beadle; To Alpha and Philip Deval (relationship not stated) William Brown and Nancy, late Nancy Deval; Hannah Deval, Sally Deval and Silas Deval, children and heirs of Wanton Deval, deceased; Gideon, Wanton and Harry Deval (relationship not stated) Betsey Diery (late Deval) and Eleanor Diery; John Bourens and Electra his wife, the late Electra Deval, children of Jonathan Deval, deceased; Clarissa Cook, formerly Clarissa Deval, late widow of Joseph Cook, Jr; George Dunlevy and Harriet (Deval) his wife; G. Gilbert Deval; Isaac Rice and Lucy (Deval) his wife; Solomon Goss arid Polly (Deval) his wife; Wm. D. Beighton and Sophia (Deval) his wife (Polly and Sophia Deval were children of Gilbert Deval, Jr.) Harrison, Benj., Austin and Anthonlinda Deval, all minor heirs of Gilbert Deval, Jr.
Book 3, Page 416

DEVAL. Gilbert
Will made 10-21-1822, Probated April 1832, Wife, Anne; Daughters, Sarah Huckley, wife of Nathaniel Huckley, Prisciila, wife of John White: Jolly McClure, wife of Andrew McClure. Bathsheba Beedle;, wife of Benjamin Beedle; Son, Gideon; Grandson, Gilbert, son of Philip Deval and Alpha Deval; Daughter-in-law, Gaily, widow of my son Wanton, and her children Hannah, Alpha, Philip, Sally, Silas, Nancy (now the wife of William Brown.) Exr; grandson, Philip; Witness Jonathan Deval, Seth Booker, Stephen Deval
Book 3, Page 151
Note: Captain Gilbert Deval died April 25, 1812 aged 46 years.

DEVAL, Isaac
Will made 3-19-1830, Probated 9-2-1830. Wife, Elizabeth; Daughters Rebecca Spooner arid Patience Moore, sons; Abner, Richmond, and Charles M. Deval; Elizabeth and Isbale, heirs of George Deval. Witness: Daniel Davids (or Davis), Elijah Mason
Book 9, Page 110
Note; Abner Deval married Clorinda Mason, 9-2-1830. A complete sketch of their family in Genealogy and History of Hugh mason, William Mason & Family, by Mary Eliza Mason, page 88.

DEVAL, Captain Jonathan
Of Union Township. Will made 8-9-1824, Probated October 1824. Sons, Charles (eldest), Barker and Francis; Daughter Maria Barker Deval. Witness; Joseph Barker, Pobert Good, Anthony Hill.
Book 3, Page 156
Note: Captain Deval was born in 1755, married Nancy Barker in 1776. Their children were Charles, Barker, Henry, Francis, Sally, Maria and Nancy.

DEWEES, William
Of Roxbury Township. Will made 3-17-1839, probated June 2, 1852. Wife, Deborah; Children, Mary, Isaac and Sarah Doudna. Witness Isaac Huestis, Elijah Hollingsworth. Book 9, Page 162

Of Cumberland County, Providence R.I. Will made 1-19-1842, Probated at Marietta, Ohio 3-1847, Probated in Rhode Island 8-5-1844. Children, John Pearson, Eliza (Nightengale); Grandchildren, Frederick Anboynean Eddy, Mary Dexter, Ellen Evans, George and Edward Nightengale; Witness: Alfred Arnold, Ezra Kent, Mourning Pawson.
Book 7, Page 466.
Note: Correction - Ellen Evans correct name was Ellen Evans Dexter, she was the daughter of deceased son., and arrived at legal age in 1838. Her mother intermarried a number of years ago with an officer in the U.S. Army. John Dexter was 88 years of age at his death.

DEXTER, Timothy
Of Newburyport, Essex County, Mass (near Maiden.) Will made 3-1-1799, Probated 8-5-1808. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Nancy, wife of Abraham Bishop, Samuel Lord Dexter (who died in 1819); Brothers, Nathan and John; Edmund Plummer, son of Samuel Plummer, John Tracey, son of John Tracey, Esq., Joseph Somerby, Schoolmaster. Exr; Enoch Titcomb, Nathan Haye. Witness; Caleb Stickney, Joshua Davis, Samuel Plummer.
Book 2, Page 148
Note: He died at Athens N.Y. while on his way home from Washington D.C. with his family.

Will made 1-11-1840, Probated August 1840. Father, Thomas Dickerson; Sister Rebecca Dick arson. Book 6, Page 85
Note: Thomas Dickerson, a Revolutionary Soldier of' 8th Pennsylvania Regiment- born October 15, 1757, married Margaret Davis- their children were; Rachel, Isabella, Eleanor, Thomas, Sarah, Rebecca, Joseph, Frederick, and Elizabeth. He died in 1856 in Ohio. National #58066 Vol. 59, page 25 - D.A.R. Lineage Book.

Will made 2-14-1827, Probated July, 1827. Daughters, Rebecca and Sarah; sons, Thomas and Joseph A.; Granddaughter Rebecca McKenzie. Witness; Henry Jolly, Olive Aplin, Isaac Parr.
Book 4, Page 62

DICKEY, Solomon
Of Union Township. Will made 3-13-1855, Probated June 1835. Wife, Margaret; children (not named.) Witness; John Crawford, Joseph Humbold, Matilda G. Denham.
Book 5, Page 221

DOAN, Archibald S.
Administration 1831. (1832?). Children of Aquilla Doan, Archibald, Elbridge, Henrietta Maria, Jiliana, Caroline Jane Doan; Jerusha Hill, wife of Harry Hill, formerly widow of Orgilles Doan.
Book 4, Page 573

Will made 3-13-1854, date of probation not legiJble. Heirs, Sidney Dodge, Isreal S. Dodge of Cincinnati, Ohio. Patterson 0, Dodge, Collina N., wife of Sam'l B. Robinson, Samuel H. Brooks and John H. Brooks, William M. Dodge of Peoria, Ill, Eliza A. Glass, wife of John P. Glass of Lewis County, Iowa, William M. Brooks of Cincinnati, Ohio, Henry McQuinn (or Ormes) and Eliza McQuinn (or Ormes) or Oregon State.
Book 9, Page 525

DODGE, John Jr.
Administration 2-26-1814. Following heirs mentioned in partition of land, John Dodge of Waterford, Susanna W. Baker, Sydney, Solomon and Andrew Dodge.
Book 1, Page 268
Note: John Dodge, Jr. was an officer from Beverly, Mass., where he was born in 1748, and there married to Susannah Marsters. Died Marietta, Ohio-Ref; Nat'l # 994 10-56206 Vol. 57, pg 71 D.A.R. Lineage Book.

DODGE, Nathaniel
Will made 8-1-1835, Probated June, 1838. Children, Sally (Greene), Polly (Tilton.) of Exeter, Oliver; Heirs of Jonathan Crow; Children of deceased daughter Rebecca Stone; Grandchildren, Wallace and Mary Dodge, Nathan and Dudley Tilton.
Book 5, Page 478
Note: Nathaniel Dodge, Revolutionary Soldier, native of New England, born 7-5-1763, died 5-13-1838. Enlisted in New Hampshire 1780, (he was born at Hampton Falls, N. H. The following information from monument, Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio; Rebecca Dodge died 10-20-1833, aged 62 years, William Dodge died 11-14-1825, aged 20 years, Dudley Dodge died 10-19-1832, aged 19 years, Nathaniel Jr. died 11-20-1821, aged 34 years, Oliver Dodge died 8-3-1836, aged 47 years, Eudatia Dodge, wife of Oliver Dodge died 6-12-1835, age 36 years 6 months.

DOLAN, William
Will made 11-20-1838, Probated April 1839. Wife, Catherina; sons, William, Jr and Thomas. Witness; Charles S. Cary, John Vincent
Book 5, Page 537

DOUGLAS, John Esq.
Of Plainfield, Windham County, Conn. Will made 2-3-1824, Probated April 1830. Wife, Pamela, child unborn; Sister Olive Bradford, Sarah Kinsman- and ________Brouch; Nieces Olive Spalding (formerly Doolittle)
Harriett and Susanna A. Brouch; Nephew, John Douglas. Mentions property to be given to Theological Seminary at Andover, Mass. (He was probably the son of William Douglas of Plainfield.)
Book 4, Page 316

DOUGLAS, William
Of Plainfield, Windham County, Mass, and died November 1, 1811. Will made 2-11-1811, Probated Marietta, September 1839. Sisters; Olive Bradford, Sarah T. Kinsman, Rebecca Branch, Abiah Smith; Brother, Johh Douglas; Nephews, Henry Bradford, son of Olive, John D. Branch, son of Rebecca, Douglas Spalding, son of Susanna; Nieces, Sally Adams, daughter of Sarah Kinsman, Joanne Kinsman, daughter of Sarah Kinsman, Julia Ann, daughter of Rebecca Branch, Olive Spalding, daughter of Susannah. Witness; Aaron Gary (Capt), Minor Spalding, Dale Edena.
Book 6, Page 20

DRURY, Abraham
Of Waterford, Ohio. Will made 1-28-1832, Probated July 1841. Wife, Catherine; children, Elmer, Ambrose, Annis, Daniel, Eliza, Abijah, Isaac and Lovina Drury. Witness; Robert Legget, David Baldwin, W.B. Cogswell.
Book 6, Page 252

DUDLEY, Charles E.
Of Albany, N.Y. Will made 12-1-1840, Probated June 1845. Wife, Belinda; Aunt, Rebecca W. Wood of Lockport, N. Y; Cousin, Catherine M. Crooke of Rhode Island and William Malburne Crooke of same.
Book 7, Page 176

DUNCAN, Robert G. Administration 1827. Heirs: John Duncan and Howe L. Duncan (resident of Virginia); Ann Cole (minor) by her father and guardian Sampson Cole; Nancy Hoff, wife of Enoch Hoff; Sally Cole, wife of Levi Cole.
Book 4, Page 174

Of Wesley, Administration 3-29-1824. Heirs, Horace S, son of Phineas Dunsmore; Abner G. and Mary K. Heil, Lucius P., Adelina and Daniel A. Dunsmore.
Book 3, Page 141

DUVALL, Mareen
Will made 3-25-1852, Probated August 1852. Children of first wife mentioned but not named; daughter, Mary A. Green; son, Joseph A. Duvall; Grandsons, William Blackison and Ephrian Taylor Duvall. Witness; Win. A, Skinner, Jacob Skinner.
Book 9, Page 206

Will made 9-4-1796, Probated 12-15-1796,. Brothers and sisters, Stephen, Anthony and Martha all living in France. Mentions that be was a native of Parish of Harfeuil, Province du Forest, Republic of France. At the time of his death was a resident of Gallipolis (now in Athens County, Ohio.) Exr; John Gilbert Petit, Esq; Witness: P. Bureau, N. Prioux, P. Ferard.
Book 1, Page 25

DYAR, John
Of Uhion Township. Will made 10-5-1824, Probated 8-1-1855. Wife, Sally, Children; Joseph B., John Benjamin Franklin, Albert, Sarah (Otis), Esther Ann (Ridgway); deceased daughters, Mary Jenkins, Harriett Dyar.
Book 5, Page 54
Note: Joseph Bumstead Dyar, son of John Dyar was born in Annapolis, Nova Scotia, October 1, 1800, and married 1st Amanda Hall (born 2-20-1802) on 2-22-1827; married 2nd to Abigail Proctor (born 5-14-1802) on 1-24-1859. There is a complete record of this family at. Marietta Public Library and at Ohio State Library, Columbus, Ohio in "Bible and Family Records,"

DYE, John
Of Lawrence Township, Will made 4-18-1817. Probated May 1815. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Amos, John, Thomas, Jonathan, Ezekiel, Jenny Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Patience. Witness; John and Eliza Sharp.
Book 2, Page 388
Note: A complete record of the Dye family by Mrs. C. P. Sloans, Marietta, Ohio. There is a collection of 18 boxes of material placed in the New York. Historical Library in New-York City, by Mrs. J.W. Dye who has made an extensive research of the Dye family history.

DYE, John
Will made 7-19-1825, Probated 11-1825. Children, John Washington, Daniel Hoff, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Moffett, Samuel Moffett, Susannah (Pierce), Emma, Hannah. Witness; Isaac and Abraham Hill, J. Sharp.
Book 2, Page 459

DYE, Jonathan Will made (or Administration) August 1-1855. Wife, Fanny; Other heirs mentioned, probably children, Matilda (Wilgus), wife of John Wilgus, Samuel, Amos, Alexander, Elizabeth and John Bye.
Book 9, Page 480

DYE, Jonathan
Of Lawrence Township. Will made May 4, 1852, Probated October 1851. Wife, Fanny; Brothers Amos and Samuel Dye; sons Thomas and Alexander. Dye, daughters, Matilda, Elizabeth and Jane. Witness: Samuel and John Dye.
Book 9, Page 69

EDDY, Frederick A.
Will made 4-8-1847, Probated in Mass, 6-21-1847, authenticated copy to Marietta, Ohio March 1848, Heirs; Eliza, wife of John Whippie of Providence, R.I.; Uncle, John P. Dexter; John Scott of Boston, relationship not mentioned; Charlotte, widow of Ezekiel W. Leach; Nathaniel F. Greene, Merchant of New York; Witness; A. G. Tenny, Frances N. Mitchell. N. T. Dow.
Book 8, Page 104
Note: Frederick A. Eddy was a Boston, Massachusetts, physician.

Of Harmar, Ohio. Will made 8-20-1850, Probated October 1850. Wife(2nd) Mary; daughter Mary child of his first marriage who is now the wife of Thomas H. Wells; children of second marriage not mentioned. Witness; Joseph Andres, Douglas-Pittman.
Book 8. Page 517

EDWAPD, Daniel
Will made July 4, 1848, Probated October 1848. Wife, Rachel; children James R. (oldest son), Charles H., A. Whittlesey. Bozeile W., Mary B. Scott, Priscilla Bloomer and Elizabeth P. Edwards. Witness; Alexander Bell, John McCay.
Book 8, Page 180

ELLIS, Ephriam
Of Roxbury Township, Will made 2-27-1849, Probated July 1849, Heirs- children, Susannah (Hill), Mary (Joy), Roxanna (Brokawj, Martha (Shrader), Levi, Ephriam C, Alfred, Isaac, Moses, John, Thomas J., and heirs of Joel Ellis. Witness Charles Burr, John Shrader.
Book 8, Page 275
Note: Ephriam Ellis was a revolutionary soldier, Continental Line, born 6-15-1755, pensioned June 2, 1818 Washington County, Ohio.

Will made 4-14-1825, Probated April 1853, Heirs, wife Mary; children not mentioned. Witness William P. Putnam, John Mills.
Book 9, Page 384
Note: Information from monument in Marietta Cemetery; Caleb Emerson, born in Ashley, Mass., was for over forty years a resident of Marietta, died March 14, 1853, Mary, his wife, daughter of Captain William Dana, was born Amherst, N. H. September 18, 1786, died 3-21-1871.

EMERSON, Ephriam
Will made 1-20-1834, Probated April 1833. Hiers; William Dana Emerson, Caleb Emerson. Witness: Thomas Eerguson, William Dana.
Book 5, Page 118
Note: Deacon Ephriam Emerson, native of So. Reading, Mass, died at Newport, Ohio, near Marietta February 1833, aged 66 years. He was a revolutionary soldier.

ELLIS, Henry
Administration 7-7-1853, No mention made of widow; children, Benjamin Ellis of Knox County, Ohio, Martin of Champlin County, N.Y., Martin Ellis and Diana wife of Stinson Burris, latter two of Washington County, Ohio.
Book 9, Page 486

Will made 8-17-1842, Probated November 1842. Widow, name not mentioned and to Mary Anne Anderson, (presumably a daughter.) Witness: Levi Arnold, Thomas Coulter.
Book 6, Page 377
Note: Information from monument in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio- Captain Ira Ellis, born in Portland, Maine, died November 27, 1851.

EWART, Robert K.
Will made 10-11-1852, Probated 11-10-1852. Heirs: wife, (name not mentioned) children, Elizabeth J., Thomas. Witness; A. Sheets, J. M. Talbott.
Book 9, Page 257
Note: Robert K. Ewart, born 12-16-1790, died 10-14-1852. Mary, his wife born 12-30-1793, died 9-8-1870.

Will made 1829, Probated 1829. Widow, Hannah; Children, (minors) Daniel, Levi, Joseph W, Samuei A., (of age) Hiram, Erastus, Polly, wife of Abel Dafer, Lucy, wife of Eli Gilbert, Jr.
Book 4, Page 306

Will made 6-30-1795, Probated Sept. 12, 1795. Heirs: Sister, Anne Boler and her children; Abel Rice & Christiana, wife, of William Burnham (relationship not mentioned) nephew, William Fairchild to have all of his land in Rhode Island. Exrs: William Fairchild Magge of Rhode Island and Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr of Marietta, Ohio.
Book 1, Page 18
Present- Josiah Munro, Abraham Whipple, Jesse Beache.

Of Marietta, Ohio. Will made 10-5-1799; Probated April 1809. Heirs- wife, Rebecca; children, Silas, Paul and Lucy (Willis), Exr; (son) Paul. Fearing.
Book 1, Page 171

Will made 11-25-1820, Probated Nov. 1822. Heirs: wife, (name not mentioned), children, Henry and Lucy W. Exrs: Joseph Mayberry of Parkershurg, Va (now W. Va.), Levi Barber; Witness; William Skinner, James Whiten and George Dunlevy.
Book 2, Page 266
Requests that he be interred by the side of his father, Ft. Harmar, near Marietta, Ohio.

FLINT, Eli Will made 1-14-1800, Probated 3-7-1805. (he was formerly of. Waynesburg, Greene County, Penna.) Heirs; wife, Mary; children, William and Minerva. Wit: Joshua Hudson, Geo. Grigsby, Wm Hudson.
Book 6, Page 39

F0RD, Horatio N.
Of Barlow. Will made 4-16-1850, Probated 4-16-1850. Heirs- wife, Lucy Anne and James Merrill (relationship not mentioned.) Witness: William Beebe, Simeon Deeming.
Book 8, Page 402

FORD, Judah
Will made 4-5-1848, Probated October 1851. Heirs- Children, Rosanna, Lucy E., Caroline, wife of 0. Nellis, Louisa F. (Dunham), Chauncey. Daniel; grandchildren; children of my eldest daughter Harriett, wife of Gilbert Bishop; Witness; Alexander, Letitia and James S. Hendric.
Book 9, Page 70

FORD, William, Sr.
Of Wooster, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 6-8-1819, Probated November 1823. Heirs; Children, William, Judah, Cahuncey, Truman & Larey Ford, and Diana (Woodford); grandson, Giles H. Ford. Witness; Simeon, Lucy and David Demingo
Book 2, Page 427
Note: Captain Willliam Ford, Revolutionary Soldier, born Berkshire, Mass 1745, died l823.

FORD, William, Jr.
Will made 9-8-1825. Probated November 1823. Heirs- children, Joseph N., Anselm B., Amos R., Horatio N., Romanta B., Josiah M., William P., Mary A., Katharine B., Julia A.; Mentions aldn [land?] in Illinois. Witness: William Woodford, Judah Ford, Simon Denny.
Book 2, Page 425.

FORST (or FARST), John
Will made 1-6-1840, Probated April 1840. Children- Tamzan, wife of Henry Gaddis, Rachel, wife of John H. Ralston, Mary wife of John Morris, John M. Forst; Grandchildren- Susannah, daughter of his late son Joseph. Witness; Elias Pewthers, Daniel Travis, David Shinn.
Book 6, Page 43

FOSTER, Milton
Will made 2-7-1852, Probated 3-6-1852. Heirs- wife, Jane; children, Lewis Dexter, John Milton, Hannah (Sharlott); Grandchildren, Rhoda Sophia and Samuel Lewis McIntosh, William Henry Wheeler and Mary Ann Foster.
Book 5, Page 100
Note: Monument in Mound Cemetery, Milton Foster, died 2-11-1852, aged 80 years, Sophia, died March 22, 1843 aged 59 years.

FOSTER, Peregrine
Of Belpre, Will made 4-29-1802, Probated 2-23,1803. Heirs- Peregrine Fitt, Frederick Augusta, Theodore Sedgwick, Polly (Putnam), Seraph (Dwight), Betsey Marietta ( all children). Mentions land in Newark Township, State of Vermont, now in the hands of a friend and his brother. Son, Dwight Foster, Esq; Also mentions an undivided estate, in Wood County, Va (now W. Va.)
Book 1, Page 63
Note: Died at Gallipolis, Ohio (now in Athens Coumty) Peregrine Foster, August 28, 1815. He was a revolutionary war soldier of Massachusetts, born in New England 1749, died 1804. He was one of the surveyors for the Company of pioneers who landed at Marietta, April 7, 1788. In 1796 secured a franchise for a ferry across the Ohio River.

Will made 3-7-1849, Probated October 1849. Heirs- wife, Jane, children- Patrick, James, William, Sarah (McVinnie), Mary (Mc Anna). Witness; Harvey Holland, Arthur McGinnis, Richard Carey.
Book 8, Page 343

FRASIER, Christiana
Will made 5-13-1848, Probated March 1849. Heirs: children, Elizabeth (Faris), Margaret Sanderson, Christiana (Lamb), James Frasier.
Book 8, Page 251
Will made 3-6-1837, Probated June 1837. Heirs: wife, Electa; children, Eliza (Buzzard), Melissa (Dilley), Delila (Posten), Electa (Hopkins), Lefa (French), Cynthia (French.) Witness- Stephen Needham, David Rathburn.
Book 5, Page 386

Will made 11-6-1834, Probated October 1835. Heir- son, Joseph French. Witness Solomon Dickey and Hezekiah Peck.
Book 5, Page 253

FROTHINGHAM, Ebenezer, Jr.
Will made at Pittsburgh, Pa. 6-23-1790, Probated in Marietta, Ohio 4-23-1791. Heirs: wife, deceased (not named), Brothers, Peter, John and Samuel (and his children, not named); sister, Hannah to have his personal estate at Middietown, Lydia; Sister-in-law, Betsey and Sally Boardman, to have his deceased wife's property. Exr's- Father, Ebenezer Frothingham, Brother Peter Frothingham; Witness; Jacob Springer, C. Ormsby, Thomas Love.
Book 1,Page 7

Will made at Greenville, Ohio 8-12-1795, Probated at Marietta, Ohio 1-10-1798. Ensign in U.S. Army. Heirs: Sisters, Lydia and Hannah; Brothers, Samuel and John (and John's children). Witness; Piercy Pope (Lt. in Artillery), Joseph G. Andrew, George Strother.
Book 1, Page 31

FRY, William
Will made 4-18-1821, Probated July 1821. Heirs: wife Phoebe, now living in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia; children, Phoebe, Leah, Gabriel, Rahcel, Timothy. Witness: Ephriam Cutler, Samuel Brown, James Brown.
Book 2, Page 214

Will made at East Greenwich, R.I. 4-9-1791, Probated at Marietta, Ohio 10-2-1797. Late of the Kingdom of Ireland, now a resident of Providence, R.I. mentions his brother Thomas Fulham, of County Eastmeath, Ireland, a physician who studied in the College of Edinburgh. Also wills aldn [land?]in the Ohio Territory at Belpre, near Marietta, Ohio to Peter Turney of East Greenwich, R.I. (a physician), and to Wanton Casey of Belpre, Ohio (these men were also executors,) Witness; Andrew Boyd, Miss Lydia King, Jonathan Gray.
Book 1, Page 29

FULLER, Solomon
Will made 5-9-1809, Probated April, 1809. Heirs: wife, Zeporrah; children; Russel, Samuel, Moses. Stephen, Sally Porter, Leray (Sours or Socers), Almire and Betsey (Fuller.) Exr; Moses Fulton.
Book 1, Page 171

FULTON, William
Administration March 1825- Widow, Eliza Fulton.
Book 3, Page 316

Will made 2-12-1825, Probated March 1337. She was the wife of Hartford, Connecticut. Children: Samuel Wylls, John Polsgrove, Caleb Thornton, Kirldwood, Catherinw Wendell, George Alfred Gannett, William Talcott, guardian.
Book 5, Page 235

GANSEY, Joseph
Of Wesley Township, Will made 5-10-1847, Probated 6-14-1847. Wife, Mary; children, Thomas, Abraham and Andrew; Witness Isaac & James Perry.
Book 7, Page 588

GARDINER, William C.
Of Alexandria, Virginia. Will made 10-21-1844, Probated June 1846. Wife Eliza Frances Gardiner to have land in Athens County, Ohio.
Book 7, Page 352

Administration made 10-1-1851. Wife, Tamzen; children, John F. of Franklin.County, Ohio, William, Edward, Susan, wife of Lewis Milton, Julia Anne wife of John Geddes. (Last four mentioned are residents of Morgan County, Ohio.
Book 9, Page 511

GIBBS, George
Will made 6-3-1833, Probated March 1837. Wife, Laura to be the guardian of children. names not mentioned. Withess: Alex. H. Stevens ahd John E. Wolcott of N.Y., Bridget Kennedy of Brooklyn.
Book 5, Page 343

Will made 12-22-1818, Probated March 1819. Heirs, Elizabeth Gibson (relationship not mentioned) and Charles Gibson a brother. Witness; Stephen and Nancy First.
Book 1, Page 104
James Gibson was a resident of Adams Township.

Of Decatur Township. Will made 12-7-1824, Probated Febraury 1825. Wife, Hannah; children, George James, John, Elizabeth, Anne, Maria, Annis (Downing); grandson Johh Giddings Downing. Exr, James Giddings; Witness: Chas. Medberry, Ebenezer Batchelder, Joseph Lobdell.
Book 3, Page 369

Of Fearing Township, Will made 12-21-1821, Probated April 1822. Wife, Angelina, Sons Burnit and John. Witness: Silas and Anne Hobby, Underhill Lynch.
Book 2, Page 234
Note: Benoni Goldsmith was a revolutioiary soldier, Capt Samuel Jordan Cabell's Company, 6th Va. Reg't, also with Morgan's Rifles; also Cap't Benj. Taliferro's Company B, 1-9-1786 from Hampshire County, Va (now W. Va.) Information for Marietta Chapter, D.A.R. states he had other children, Angelina and Elizabeth not mentioned in will. He died March 30, 1822 and is buried on the Hobby Farm, near Caywood, Ohio.

Administration, 11-4-1852. Heirs, Mary Ann Wagg, Lydia Gibbons, James J. and Susan Goldsmith, Lucy Anne, and Angelina Goldsmith, John and Nancy Unger (his wife).

GOODMAN, Elizabeth
Of Fearing Township. Will made 1-1-1845, Probated 6-25-1846. Heir, John Goodman, son of Mary Yeo. Witness: John Collins and Drusilla Garkin.
Book 7, Page 345

G0SS, Solomon
Of Fearing Township.
Will made 5-26-1810, Probated April 1828. Children, Noah, Daniel, Elvi Solomon, Mary Lydia and Elizabeth (Lake).
Book 4, Page 132
Note: His wife, Mary was the daughter of Gilbert Deval, Jr and his wife Mary (Coburn) Deval. See-"Genealogy and History of Hugh and Wm. Mason and Allied Families, by Mary Eliza Mason.

GOSSETT, John, Jr.
Administration- 1860. Widow, Betsy; children, John, Harriett, Betsey, Margaret, Giles, Mary Ann and Matilda, wife of Robert Miller.
Book 4, Page 401

GOULD, Benjamin
Of Salem Township, Will made 8-29-1845, Probated. April 1850. Children, Ephriam, Daniel, Philomena, Elizabeth (Eastman), Melissa, Mary and Joseph D. Gould; grandson, Branerd Page Gould. Witness: Wm. T. Hovey, Simon S. Porter.
Book 8, Page 403

GOULD, Daniel
Administration 4-1-1851. Heirs, Mary, Jonas M., Julia L., Esther, Eliza and Luther Gould
Book 9, Page 242

GREENE, James H. Will made 6-9-1845, Probated August 1843, Heir, father-Daniel Greene. Witness: Daniel H. Buell and R.C. Lovell.
Book 6, Page 463
Note: Eunice Clarke Greene, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth McFarland, and wife of James H. Greene born 5-5-1821, died 11-14-1842. This information from monument in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.

GREENE, Griffin
Will made 2-22-1851, Probated 2-20-1852. Heirs, Sally, Richard and William Greene, Robert R. Greene of Illinois, Caroline Hutchinson of Warren. Witness: Isaac Mason and Paul R. Kendall.
Book 9, Page 98
Note: Sarah Greene died 1-19-1870, aged 20 years. Mrs. Sally Greene, relict of Griffin Greene, Esq, formerly of Rhode. Island, died 7-4-1812. Griffin Greene, Sr was a soldier of the Revolution, born 2-20-1749 Warwick, Mass-died in 1804 at Marietta. Ohio. (The above will is that of Gri££in Greene, Jr.)

Of Marietta, Ohio. Will made 3-10-1812, Probated April 1813, Heirs- Late husband, Griffin Greene, Sr; son Griffin. Jr; late daughter- Susan wife of John Camock (she comments upon his sudden death in a distant county); grandchildren, Carolina, Sarah, William, Robert R. and Richard Greene; friend Bathsheba Green and Lydia Ackley, Witness:. Return Jo Meiga, Jr., Jabez True, J. Mc Farland.
Book 1, Page 232
Note: Informatiom from monument in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio, Sarah Greene died 1-18-1820, aged 20 years; Bathsheba Green born in New Bedford, Mass 9-28-1769, died 9-28-1843, Richard Greene, born in East _______, R.I. 12-4-1769, died December 1805.

Will made August 1842, Heirs, Duty, Jr., Caleb, Smith, Eli, Pamela (Reynolds), Margaret (Woodruff) Witness: Levi Eeaid, I. D. Copese
Book 6, Page 379

Note: Duty Green was a Revolutionary soldier from Lanesborough, Mass. B, 1761, died 1842.
GREENE, Mary Of Newport, Ohio. Will made 8-23-1823, Probated November 1823. Heirs, children, Eliza, Ruth and Mary (Matthews); grandchildren, Eliza W., and Maria Haskell, sons, Daniel, John and James H, (latter not mentioned in will)
Book 2, Page 434
Note: Info. from monument in Mound Cemetery., Marietta, Ohio. Mary A., consort of James B. Mathews, daughter of Daniel and Mary Greene, born in Warwick, R.I. 3-7-1771, died 2-15-1858, Mary, wife of Captain Daniel Greene, born in London, England June 26, 1788, died 7-26-1842.

Will made 9-12-1822, Probated November 1822. Heirs- wife, Anna (her first husband was Oliver Dodge, children, Stephen (to have, land near Ames, Athens County, Ohio, Sally M., Elizabetb G.; brother, Willard M. all title to his father's farm, Spencer Township, Wooster County, Mass. George Brown of Ames, Ohio to be guardian of his son Stephen, until his majority, Witness; ,Benj. A. Dana, Joshua Spragoie, Richard H. Dodge.
Book 2, Page 271

CREENLEE, Archibald
Administration 1826, The only heir was William Greenlee, a brother of the deceased, who was a resident of Ayleshire, Great Britian.
Book 4, Page 99

GREENMAN, Jeremiah
Of Waterford. Will made 2-6-1821, Probated April 1829. Wife, Mary; children, Jeremiah, Isaac Eddy and Mary (Dunham). Witness: Cyrus Eddy, Vincent John, or John Vincent.
Book 4, Page 260
Note: Jeremiah Greenman was a Revolutional Soldier (an Officer) born 5-7-1758, Newport, R.I., died 11-15-1828. Married Mary Eddy in 1784. Nat'l D.A.R. # 104756.

GRIDLEY, William
Of Boston, Sufflok County, Mass. Will made 12-31-1832, Probated September 1837. Children, William (whose wife was Sarah T.), Betsey: wife of Joseph Perry, a carpenter of New Haven, Conn,, Marietta, wife of Josiah Capen, a coachmaker of Boston, Mass. Witness: John A, Loving, Loving Newcomb, Abner A. Bowman.
Book, 5, Page 419

Of Newport Township. Will made 7-8-1851, Probated February 1852. Wife, Eve; children, Michel, Jacob, Thomas, John, James, Seth, Joseph, Catharine. (Mentions claims due in Pennsylvania). Witness: Jacob Cooper, Maria Sonkey. Peter Snyder.
Book 9, Page 97

GUITTEAU, Adoniram
Administration 1827. Heirs- Maria, Eliza Ann, Adoniram and Patience Guitteau.

GUITTEAU, Benjamin
Administration 1832 or 1833. Wife, Maria; other heirs,William H., Francis, Eliza Ann, Caroline, Emmaline, Benj. Jr., and John Guitteau, and Jane, wife ot Thomas Williams.
Book 5, Page 82
Note: Minerva Guitteau, died 2-10-1851 aged 64 years.

Will made 5-4-1840, Probated June 1851. Heirs, Abner S. and his sister Sarah Guitteau. Witness: William R. Putnam and Anna J. Guitteau.
Book 8, Page 591

Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 6-29-1836, Probated April 1841. Sons, Edwin, Augustus S, Charles L., Benjamin T., David, Witness: Waltar Curtis, Seymour Clough, William Smithers.
Book 6, Page 151

HAAS, George
Will made 2-25-1852, Probated March 1853. Heir, a friend Jacob Avineshano. (Will singed in German) Witness: Conrad Wilo, Godfried Windling.
Book 9, Page 252

Will made 2-15-1849, Probated 1849. wife, Betsey; children Betsey, Mariah (Callahan); James, Bailey, Aaron, John, Letitia (Hamilton), Rebecca Mary, and heirs of my daughter Hannah, late wife of John Hagerman. Witness: John D. Chamberlin, Adam Carney.
Book 8, Page 252

HALE, Christian
Will made 3-25-1836, Probated 9-3-1857. Heirs, children, Jacob, Michael, Andrew and Caroline. (Kroeck) Hale; friends Margaret Jackson and George Hale; Witness: William Hill, Amos Parten, Simon Parten.
Book 5, Page 425

HALLEY, William
Of King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, late of Marietta, Ohio. Will made 11-10-1805, Probated (?). Children not mentioned, having been previously cared for; Witness: Coleman Brown of Fairfax County, Virginia, Edward Stoblee, of Alexandria, Va, Thomas Barker, a friend and relative. Codicil made at Marietta mentions a second wife, Bathsheba. Exr, wife. Witness: William Rufus Putnam, Samuel Denny, Porter Sawyer.

HART, Josiah
Administration March 1824, Heirs, Nathan Wheeler and wife Betsey, Hawkins Hart and Josiah Hart.
Book 3, 168
Note: He was a revolutionary soldier - Surgeon's Mate on Staff of Colonel Samuel Holden Parsons- enlisted at New Britain, Connecticut. Married 1st Abigail Sherman (Sloman) born April 28, 1742 Kensington, Conn- died August 1812.
Ref: Natl D.A.F. No. 36342 and 30747.

Of Barlow. Will made 4-30-1850, Probated July 1850. Sisters, Jane, and Nancy Harvey, Anna Greenlee, Martha Harvey, Catherine McCraig, Martha and Margaret Breckinridge, Mary Harvey; brother James Harvey, and heirs of Samuel Harvey. Witness: D. E. Gardiner, James Lawon (or Lawton).
Book 8, Page 451

Of Warren, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 12-2-1841, Probated September 1847. Children, James, Jean, Mary. Amos, Margaret, Jackie, Martha and Agnes. Witness: Thos W. Lewis and Frederick Lewis, William P. Cole.
Book 8, Page 7
Note: Amos R. Harvey died July 21, 1854, aged 81 years.

HATCH, James
A native of Olive Township, Morgan County, Ohio. Will made 9-4-1840, Probated Octobe 1840. Daughter, Sally; grandchildren, Barzilla, Uriah, Lyria and Harriett Pinkham. Witness: Joseph Tilton, Davis, Tilton and Josejph J. Tilton.
Book 6, Page 117
Note: James Hatch born in Mass, died 10-8-1839 aged 76 years.

Of Waterford Township. Will made May 1842. Wife, name not mentioned; children, Rothens, Edward N., Ben Benjamn T., George B., Daniel W., Columbus F., Cyrus B., Minerva (Shaw), Charlotte G., Parthea Nye Hayward. Witness: C. S. Carye, E. T. Hayward, Samuel McCallum.
Book 6, Page 313
Note: Parthea Nye Hayward died 1821, born 1788.

Will made 5-9-1852, Probated 5-12-1852. Wife, Henrietta, son George W. Witness: Mahlon Nixon, James and John Oliver.
Book 9, Page 161

HAZARD, Ebenezer
Of Philadelphia, Penna. Will made July 1839. Wife, Abigail; children, Samuel, Elizabeth and Erskine.
Book 5, 567

Will made 1-14-1853, Probated 1-24-1853. Wife, Lydia; son, Samuel. Witness: Thomas Emmons and James Bowman.
Book 9, Page 377

HEALD, Smith
Will made 1-8-1853, Probated 3-28-1853. Wife, ?achsah; children not mentioned. Witness: William S. Heald, Milton Fowler.
Book 9, Page 378

HEART, Alies Evelyne
Of Hartford, Connecticut. Will made 4-4-1805, Probated June 1837. Wife, Charlotte; mother, Mrs. Abigail Strong, wife of Rev. Cyprian Strong, of Chatham, Mass; near relation, Edmund Riley, son of Ebenezer Riley of Berlin, Hartford County; father-in-law, Seth Overton, Esq. of Chatham, Middlesex County, Mass. Witness Jonathan Brace, A. Kinsburg, Seth Overton, Jr.
Book 5, Page 384

HEART, Jonathan
Will made 8-27-1791, Probated September 1817. Heirs, William Heart, son of Dr. Josiah Heart of Weathersfield, Connecticut, who came into this country with Janathan Heart. He is to live with Selah Heart. Witness: P. Fearing and Noah Fearing.
Book 2, Page 30

Will made 4-13-1823, Probated March 1824. Wife, Annie; children not mentioned (but states they are all minors.) Witness: Dudley Davis, Stephen Otis, Benjamin Blake.
Book 3, Page 122

Administration 4-18-1854. Heirs, husband Jonathan Hendershot; children, Francis M., Louisa, Lucinda, Jonathan, Jr., Chauncey, Perry M.
Book 9, Page 519

Administration 4-9-1852. Widow, Isabella; children, Eliza Jane, Daniel, John F., Robert D., Joseph C. W. Henderson.
Book 9, Page 370

HENRY, Robert, 3rd
Of Watertown. Will made 9-1-1844, Probated April 1845. Children, Joel, Joseph, Daniel W., Prussia Ann, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Harriet, Lucy G., Benjamin Franklin, George Owen, John. WItness: John and David Henry.
Book 7, Page 146

HENRY, Robert
Of Watertown Township. WIll made 2-22-1840, Probated August 1840. Wife, Elizabeth; children John Henry, David Henry, Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary Henry. Witness: Betsy and Elizabeth Henry, Snne Starling.
Book 6, Page 83

Will made 7-14-1845, Probated October 1848. Wife, Margaret; children John, Katherina (Haught) Anne Mary Hensell. Witness: John Young and Archibald Magill.
Book 8, Page 177

Administration 1828. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, John Hildebrand of Wesley, Washington County, Ohio, Susan, wife of Peter Depro of Missouri,
George Hildebrand of Freeport, Penna, Betsey, wife of ____
Little of Jefferson County, Ohio, Nancy, wife of George Booker of Canton, Stark County, Ohio, Solomon Hildebrand, Sarah, wife of ___Wood of Pittsburgh, Penna, Polly, wife of Daniel A. Vial of Waterford, Joel Hildebrand of Pittsburgh, Penna, Book 4, Page 302
Note: George Hildebrand was a Revolutionary War soldier in Captain George Reese' Company of Lancaster County, Penna,, Militia. B, 1753 in Lancaster County, Penna- married Mary Elizabeth Kinsley in 1766- had a daughter Mary who married Daniel Vial. Soldier died 1827. Ref: D.A.R. National # 107765.

Of Salem, Ohio, Will made 5-24-1823, Probated May 1842. Wife, Esther; children, Ira, Harry, Sally, Urania (Stanley), Guy, Daniel and Spedy (not mentioned in will.) Witness: John, Sarah I,, Mary, and William Magee, Jr.
Book 4, Page 313
Note: Captain Ira Hill born 7-17-1755, Goshen Conn. Son of Zenas nad Keziah Hill- married Esther Post Feb 2, 1786. He died October 13, 1841. Moved to Marietta, Ohio in 1800 with his wife and six children from Timmouth, Vt. Ref: William's History of Washington County, and Andrews Family History.

HILL, Matthew
Will made 7-24-1848, Probated March 1849. Wife, Mary; son, David. C; Witness: Wm Kester and Levi Arnold.
Book 8, Page 248

HILL, William
Of Lawrence, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 12-19-1823, Probated August 1830. Wife, Sarah; children, John, William Sr., Mary (Green), Elizabeth, wife of Jasher Taylor, Margaret, wife of Reuben McVey, Maria (Hill). Witness: Margaret Twiggs, Maria and Sarah Hill.
Book 4, Page 352

Of Providence, R. I. Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 3-4-1840. Wife, Chloe, children, Mary (Walker), Andrew; granddaughter, Bessie (Betsey) Streeter, daughter of his son Samuel. Witness: Moses Brown, Samuel W. Bridgham, Philip Allen.
Book 6, Page 37

HOWARD, Edward W.
Of Marietta, Ohio. Will probated 4-9-1804. Heirs, Bridget Howe and Edward Howard, son of Henry Howard. WItness: Aaron Howe, Joseph Cummings, Thomas Ramsey.
Book 1, Page 60

HOWE, Aaron
Will made 2-27-1812, Probated August 1812. Wife, Rachel; son, George. Witness; Alexander Oliver, John Greene, Edwin Putnam.
Book 1, Page 202
Note: Aaron Howe formerly of Conway, Mass died 7-18-1812.

HOWE, George
Will made 7-3-1823, Probated November 1823. WIfe, Mary; Mother, Rachel Howe; children not mentioned probably minors. Witness: Milton Foster, Sophia Foster, Mary Carver.
Book 2, Page 438

HUGGINS, Benjamin
Of Union Township. Will made 8-17-1841, Probated March 1847. Wife, Elizabeth B; children, David, Phoebe Mary, Beulah, Enoch, John, Jason, George, William and Justin. Witness: Russell Fearing, James McLaughlin, Absalom Rousch.
Book 7, Page 472

Of Watertown, Ohio. Will made 7-5-1845, Probated September 1845. WIfe, Hannah; Two orphan children now in family (not named); a nephew of my former wife; Elisha Dowling; Sister, Mary Oviatt, Nieces, Eliza H. Alderman, Amanda E. Oviatt; nephews Joseph S, James S. Cromwell, Julius, Mark and Stephen Humphrey. WItness: David Downing, R. P. Parke.
Book 7, Page 254

Will made 10-30-1848, Probated May 1850. Children, Joseph Bloomfield, Henry Nelson Humphrey (the latter of Sheawassa County, Corinna, Michigan; Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Bates, Cincinnati druggist, Ann Mary, wife of Ives Deming, Polly, wife of William Walls of Tioga County, Little Marsh, N.Y., Stephen Newton, husband of my late daughter Harriett and their children Almira, Mary and Charles Newton; To Charity, who is the sister of my late wife Mary Humphrey, who is the wife of Ebenezer Lindenberger, Witness: David Barber, James Whitney.
Book 8, Page 447
Note: Isaac Humphrey (ies), bo,rn in Dublin, Ireland, January 1766, died 6-2-1850.

HUNT, Joseph
Of Salem Township. Will made 1-2-1827, Probated August 1830. To Hannah Hale, all money I have in Asher Hunt's hands for collection in Pennsylvania; Son-in-law, Aaron Hale; grandchildren Joseph Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt Hale; Daughter Phoebe Matson in Pennsylvania. Witness: Jos. Dowling, Asa and Ezra Perkins.
Book 4, Page 356

Of Union Township. Will made 7-17-1849, Probated July 1850. Daughters, Christiana Foyus, Malinda Geig, Mary Peterson, Margaret Young. Witness: John C. Betz, Frederick Gelbert.
Book 8, Page 451
Note: Signed in German, and witness signed in German.

Will made 10-7-1813, Probated March 1824. Wife, mentioned not named; step-daughter Peggy Cotton. Other children not mentioned. Witness: Wm. Thornelly, Elijah Cooper.
Book 5, Page 123

Of Roxbury Township. Will made 12-3-1845, Probated September 1845. Wife mentioned but not named, children, Lyman, Jane (Acheson), Elizabeth (Stiles), George; Son-in-Law, Daniel Van Cleef. Witness: Adam Nulph, Wm. Milhous.
Book 7, Page 248

JENKS, Rebecca Carter
Of Providence, R. I. Will made 10-13-1834, Probated September 1840. Children, Francis Carter and Amos Throop Jencks; niece (daughter of her sister, Elizabeth Ann, wife of Walter R. Danford, Esq. Witness: Thos. F. Carpenter, Henry Martin and Philip Crapo.
Book 6, Page 107

Administration April 2, 1853. Heirs, Rowena, Samria, Elizabeth, Bloomfiled, Joseph, Jacob and Isaac French Johnson.
Book 9, Page 473

Will made 10-2-1815, Probated March 1816. Wife, Ruth; children Perley (a minor), Amy H., Lydia Ann and Mary Johnson. Witness: Christopher Carpenter, Elizabeth and Catherine Clark, George Dunlevy.
Book 1, Page 294
Note: Jonas Johnson born 2-14-1771, died 2-6-1816, Ruth, his wife born 1-3-1700 (?), died 8-26-1823.

JOLLY, Albert G.
Of Ludlow Township. Will made 4-1-1830, Probated April 1830. Wife, Ethelinda; father, Henry Jolly (Executor of estate). Witness: Joseph Dickerson, Kenzie D. Jolly.
Book 4, Page 324

JOLLY, William H.
Administration 8-23-1839. Wife, Cynthia; children not mentioned. Witness: William Pitt Putnam, O. P. Loring.
Book 6, Page 25

JOY, Benjamin
Of Boston, Mass. Will made 10-6-1817, Probated May 1831. Wife, Hannah, brother, Charles, and other children mentioned but not named.
Book 4, Page 441

JUDGE, William
Will made April 13, 1849, probated July 1849. Children, Michael, James, Samuel, Nancy, Ruth, Dolly and Eunice. Witness: George Gilliland and John Husel.
Book 8, Page 274

JUDSON, Abigail
Of Plymouth, Mass. Will made 1-12-1842, Probated 4-2-1842. Children, Adoniram and Abigail B Judson. Witness: Levi Hubbard, Jacob H. Land, Lydia C. Churchill.
Book 7, Page 140

JUDSON, Adoniram
Of Plymouth, Mass. Will made 10-6-1923, Probated 1-15-1827. Wife, Abigail; children Abigail Brown Judson, Elnathan and Adoniram, Jr. (a missionary in India.) Witness: John Punchard, Benjamin Blouchard, and Benj., Jr.
Book 4, Page 579

Will made 3-20-1852, Probated August 1852. Heirs, mother, Mary Johnson, sisters, Matilda and Amanda, brother, Abraham. Witness: David White, Cummings Porter, Almira Porter.
Book 9, Page 199
KERR, Charles
Administration September 1845. Wife, Jane; children, Jonathan, Margaret (Reese), Jane (Brown); grandchildren, Charles F., and Phoebe J., McKibbins. Witness: Ezekiel Slagle, Alfred Doud.
Book 7, Page 256

KIDD, Nathaniel
Of Fearing Township. Will made 5-5-1823, Probated October 1824. Wife, Hannah; children, John, William, Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Amos, Nathaniel and Mary. Witness: Abe Hill, John Sewers, Richard Hill.
Book 3, Page 157
Note: Nathaniel Kidd was a revolutionary soldier from Westmoreland, Penna born 1743, died 1824. Came from Greensboro, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Ohio in 1805. Served under Lt. Col. John Pomeroy-Militia.

Of Franklin, New London County, Conn. Administration September 1837. Wife, Sarah; other heirs, James Wilkinson, William Eustis and Sarah Hill Kingsbury, Julia Ann and Ellis Hartshaw, Thomas Humphrey, Charles Ellis and Cusihing Kingsbury. Witness: Jesse Lathrop, William Ladd, Frederic Ladd.
Book 5, Page 414

KINSMAN, Jeremiah
Of Plainfield, Windham County, Conn. Will made 3-22-1830, Probated August 1839. Children, Sarah, wife of Roswell Adams, Joanna, wife of Benjamin Bacon. Witness; Joseph Eaton, Lemuel Spalding, Pamela Eaton.
Book 6, Page 22

Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 9-14-1840, Probated October 1840. Children, Sylvester B., Cynthia A. (Guthrie), Esther R. (Knowles.) Witness: Walter Curtis, W. F. Pilcher.
Book 6, Page 22

Will made 7-23-1828, Probated October 1828. Wife, Isabel; children, Jeremiah, Calvin, William, Luther, Robert, John. Witness: Charles McIntyre, Isaac Brown.
Book 4, Page 212

LAKE, Caroline
Of Watertown, Ohio. Will made 7-7-1848, Probated October 1848. Heir, Aunt-Deborah Lake. Witness: Abner Fish, Ansel B. Ford.
Book 8, Page 177

LAKE, Emaline
Of Wesley Township, Will made 8-9-1840, Probated September 1945, Heirs- Father, Peter B. Lake; Grandfather, Thomas Lake; Aunt, Deborah Lake; Brother, James Lake; Sisters, Caroline'and Lydia Lake; Mother, Catherine Lake.
Book 7, Page 253
Note: Thomas Lake, grandfather of Emaline Lake, was a Revolutionary soldier, born 1760, son of Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake, both of whom have revolutionary service. Thomas Lake married Elizabeth Bertine, daughter of James Bertine of New York City, and had the following children; Peter B.(1797-1874), Mary (Mrs, Daniel Dembor), James, Ann (1800-1895) married David Williams, Martha R. married Reuben Morris, Deborah (1808-1856) married John Payne. Thomas Lake was a native of New York, died 8-29-1854 aged 97 years. Ref: Hil&reth's History of Washington Count}, Ohio and William's History of Washington County, Ohio. Archibald Lake, father of Thomas Lake was born in 1720 in England, and married Mary Bird(b.1728) and had the following children; Thomas, William, James,. George, Andrew, Sally, Marguerite. He died 7-1-1798. Came to Marietta in 1789- Ref: D.A.R. Lineage Book-National number 263167.

BIRD, Mrs. Mary,
wife of Archibald Lake was a Matron in General Army Hospital at New Windsor, 'N.Y. She was born 1728. in Bristol, England- died 14-27-1796. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage Book, National number 263167, also William's History of Washington County, Ohio, page 464.

Of Salem Township. Will made October 1844, Probated June 1846. Wife, Elizabeth; children, Elizabeth (Clay), Rachel (Pixiey), Nancy (DeLong), Mary (Scovil), James, David and Benjamin Lancaster. Witness: Henry and William Schofield.
Book 7, Page 346

Of Fearing Township. Will made 9-28-1850, Probated October 1850. Wife, Anne (Littlepage); children, Thomas, James, Joseph, Anne Elizabeth (Stanley), Patience (Lane), Mary Lankford.
Book 8, Page 515

Of the City of New York. Will made 11-9-1810, Probated March 1837. Children, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Emily, Frances, Margaret (the first two children by a first marriage, the three latter named by the second marriage; Son-in-law; George W. Hookes, husband of his daughter Anne; Brother-in-law, William Tilghman of Philadelphia.
Book 5, Page 352

LAWRENCE, John McDougal
Will made 10-5-1827, Probated March 1837. Sister, Elizabeth Lawrence. Witness: Patrick Garvey, James and Mary Thompson,
Book 5. Page 355

Administration made 1834. Wife, Rebecca, children, Henderson, Minerva and Sarah Lawrence.
Book 5, Page 279

LEAVEN, Elizabeth
Late of Belpre, Ohio. Administration made 1831. Children Esther and Catherine Leaven to whom she leaves land in Athens Couhty, Ohio.
Book 4, Page 592

LEAVEN, Joseph
Administration made 1827. Wife, Elizabeth; children, Evelina, Matilda, Catherine and Esther.
Book 4, Page 128

Of New Haven, Connecticut. Will made 10-11-1834, Probated September 1839, Children, Lucius W., Edward H, Caroline (wife of Augustus R. Street), Nana S. (wife of the late Timothy Dwight), Maria; grandchildren, children of late son William Leffingwell- To the President and Fellows of Yale College, a farm in Kingsville, Ashtabula County, Ohio, which was leased to James Leffingwell by his father and mother, Christopher and Margaret Leffingwell. Witness: Lewis Hotchkiss, Alvan Wilcox, James Donaghe.
Book 6, Page 16

LEGET, Samuel
Will made at Cincinnati, Ohio 6-4-1832, Probated October 1832. Mother. Sarah Featherston, Brothers, James, Henry William, Robert; Nephew, Samuel Leget. Witness: William W and Anna Bachelor.
Book 4, Page 600

LEIPER, Thomas
Of Philadelphia, Penna. Will made 4-24-1824, probated 2-10-1830, Wife, Elizabeth; children, George (to have land in Delaware County, Ohio where he now lives), William, Samuel. Jane Duvall (aken), Anne Grey Leiper, Julia (Duniap); Granddaughter, Elizabeth, daughter of his son James; Sons-in-Law, Rev. Jacob J., Janeway, husband of his daughter Martha, Robert Taylor, husband of his daughter Elizabeth, Dr. Robert W. Patterson, husband of his daughter Helen. Witness: Nathan Atherton, Mary B. Grey, V/illiam Glenn.
Book 5, Page 455

LING, George
Of Newport Township. Will made 6-24-1848, Probated December 1848. Wife, Louisa, sons, Augustus and Henry. Witness: William Rea, Abigail Valentine. (Signed in German)
Book 8, Page 372

LITTLE, Keziah
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 9-3-1811, Probated April 1814. Children, Lydia (Crane), Christiana (Tisdali), ______(Cotton), Grandchildren,
Theophilus, Lucy, Joshua and John Cotton, Robert, Samuel, Otis Bradford, George Nash, Betsey Seail, Maria Seall, Sally Pier, Children of Nathaniel Little and Pamela (Bradford) Little-Wealthy, Charles. Henry Otis, Lewis Bradford, Nathaniel, Jr., and George Little. Witness: Ebenezer Batelle, Jr, Luther Dana, Philip Green. Exr, Col, Isreal Putnam.
Book 1, Page 255
NOTE: Complete information on this family from the Bible of Capt. Nathaniel Little, now owned by the Mayflower Society of Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass also Marietta Public Library "Bible and Family Records." Nathaniel Little, was a Revolutional soldier, see D.A.R. Lineage Book- National number 162941.

Administration 1830. Witness, Jonas and Andrew Livermore of Marietta and Oliver Livermore of Illinois, who were also heirs.
Book 4, Page 468

LIVINGSTON, Brackholst
Will made May 17, 1822, Probated April 1830. He was formerly a resident of New York City, later of Washington D.C. Wife, mentioned but not named; children, Carroll Ansom, Henry Brackholst, Jasper Hall, Susan French (Ledvard), Catherine Augusta, wife of Archibold McVicker; Daughter-in-Law, Mrs Joseph (Eliza) Hall Livingston and her daughter Catherine Louise; Friend, Joseph Story; servants, Anne Grout and Mary Leamy. Exr's: Friend, Isaac L. Kip and Kinsman, Thomas Streatfield Clarkson.
Book 4, Page 512

LOOMIS, Libbens
Of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N.Y. Will made 6-12-1835, Probated March 1837. To Libbens Loomis White and Mary Elizabeth White, son and daughter of late Dr. Delos White of Cherry Valley, and his wife Eliza 0. White; Julia E, wife of David H. Little; David L., son of Eliza 0. White; William S. White; To Robert Morris, brother of Thaddeus Loomis of Richfield; Sister-in-Law, Mary Loomis, wife of brother Daniel of Plainfield, Otsego County, N.Y; To the heirs of Freedom Loomis of Middlebury, Vermont; Brother, Russell Loomis of Shaftsbury, Vermont; Brother Collins Loomis; Sister Abigail, widow of his late brother Alpheus; sister, Hannah, widow of Josiah Bunce, late of Syracuse, N.Y; Sister, Polly Baker, wife of Elihu Baker; To Julia Seelye, wife of the late Isaac Seelye, and her daughter Harriett M.
Book 5, Page 338

LORING, Daniel
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 9-8-1822. Probated, November 1823. Wife, Lucy; children, Mary (Beebe), Israel, Ezekiel Howe, Jesse, Oliver Rice; hiers of daughter Charoltte Putnam; grandchildren William and Mary Beebe and Elizabeth Putnam. Witness; Nahum Bent, John Scott, Sylvester Haynes.
Book 2, Page 435
Note: Daniel Loring was a Revolutionary soldier, born in 1740: at Sadbury, Mass; married Bathsheba Horn (or Harm} had the, following chidren; Isreal, Charlotte, Ezekiel, Bathsheba, Daniel, Polly, Oliver Rice, Jesse. Died in 1822 at Belpre, Ohio. Ref: Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution.

LUND, Abigail
Of Aurelius Township. Will made 11-27-1844, Probated june 1845. Children, Sarah, Abigail, Mary (Danforth), Nancy Anne, Catherine, Isaac Taylor Lund; grandson Charles Doan, son of Sarah. Witness: Benjamin, and John S. Carp, J.H. DeLong, William F. Cox.
Book 7, Page 175

LUND, Isaac
Will made 5-3-1834, Probated March 1837. Wife, Abigail; children, Mary (Danforth), Nancy Anne, Susan, Catharine and Isaac Taylor Lund. Witness: George Wickers, Jr., John S.. and Banjamin Carp.
Book 5, Page 356

McCABBE, Robert
Administration 1824. Children, Hannah (Jennings), Jacob C., Patience, Polly, Lorenzo D., John W., Robert.
Book 3, Page 320

Administration 1827. Heirs, George, William and Elizabeth Jane McCandlish or McCandlest.
Book 4, Page 471

McCLINTOCK, Catherine
Of Marietta. Will made 8-20-1822, Probated July 1828. Children, Samuel and Katherine, and Rachel. Witness: John P. Mayberry, L. Barber, James Whitney.
Book 4, Page 180
Note: Samuel McCIintock was drowned March 30, 1815. Mrs. Catherine McCIintock died 8-30-1822 aged 22 years. James McCIintock, another son was living in Chillicothe in 1832.

Will made April 1840 (or 1846), Probated October 1849. Husband, William H.; Elizabeth Jameson. Witness: E. D. Buell, R.T. Miller.
Book 8, Page 345

Of Roxbury Township. Will made 6-29-1826, Probated October 1837. Wife, Hannah; children, John, Orange, Chester, Thomas (to have land in Middletown, Vermont), Sally, Hannah and Alexander. Witness: Beth Bather, Richard Poss, Thos S. Cary and William Carey.
Book 4, Page 104

Will made 9-7-1839, Probated September 1839. Father, Edward McConnell in New Brighton, Beaver County, Penna to have land mentioned as having been received from his grandfather, David Townsend; brothers, Townsend and James; cousin, Sarah Caldwell. Witness: James Lee, Isaac Kinkead, John V. Fairies.
Book 6, Page 23

McCOY. Alexander
Administration March 1825, Letitia (McCoy), wife of Jeremiah Grennen, Jr., Elizabeth-McCoy, Jane (McCoy), wife of John Macks, Matilda, Hiram, Alexander McCoy, Elizabeth (McCoy), widow of Alexander Hagerman.
Book 3, Page 314

Administration 1826. Wife, Mary to have land in Gallia County, Ohio.
Book 5, Page 545

Administration March 1825. Heirs, Benjamin L. Dodge, Alexander McCulloch and Lovina his wife, James and John McCollouch.
Book 3, Page 409

Will made 11-22-1836, probated 11-17, 1843. Wife, Catherine; children, George (only child by his first wife Sally), James, Henrietta (Mason), Elizabeth (Fenn), Nancy (Taylor), Sally and William McDonald (children of his second wife, Elizabeth; Mary Ann (Sherlock), Mariah, Wallace and Isaac McDonald children by his third wife Catherine. Witness: Calvin Crawford and William Culver.
Book 7, Page 11

McINTOSH, Nathan
Administration 1827. Children and grandchildren, Enoch S, William W., Nathan H., Lucy, Samuel D.; minor children of Rhoda Ann Chamberlin, Gordon and Lucy S.
Book 4, Page 430

Mc1NT0SH, Samuel D.
Administration 1831. Widow, Deborah; children Rhoda Sophia and Samuel Lewis Mclntosh.
Book 4, Page 575

McKEWEN, Lydia
Will made 9-12-1819, Probated 11-23-1823. Brother, Edmund Moulton, Sister Mary Bond and her children; Joseph Moulton's grandson; Joseph Haskell,
(continued) Enoch Bond and Nancy Plummer. Witness: Benj. Cross, Joseph Haskell, Esther Corp.
Book 2, Page 423

McKEWEN, Charles
Will made 5-4-1820, Probated July 1820. Wife, Lidia; children mentioned, not named; To Joanna and Angelina Lincoln, children of Obediah Lincoln, Witness: John Brough, Sampson Frederick, Samuel Whipple.
Book 2, Page 184
Note: Charles McKewen died May 10, 1820 aged 75 years.

McNUTT, Jane
Will made 11-18-1844. She was late of Harrison County, now of Union Township, Washingtcn County, Ohio Widow of James McNutt, late of Harrison County, Ohio, Sons: James and Joseph; grandchildren, the heirs of Benjamin McNutt; Son-in-Law, James Welles (or Willis); Witness: William and Abner Deval.
Book 7, Page 177

McVAY, John
Will made 1-24-1823, Probated November 1823. Wife, Elizabeth; children, Polly, Levinah, Cynthia, Henry and Samuel. Witness: James Cline, William Knowlton, Nicholas P. Lisk.
Book 2. Page 422

MCWHARTER, (or McWhorter), Frances C. G.
Of New York City. Will made 5-8-1832, probated 6-3-1844. Father, John Lawrence, Esq; son, Alexander McWhorter, a minor. Witness: Robert Giles, Jr., 110 Christie St., New York James Agnew, 175 Mulberry St., New York William W. Betts, 97 Mott Street, New York. 7.
Book 7, Page 63

MANBY, Samuel
Administration, made 1834. Wife, Elizabeth (now deceased); children; Thomas, Elizabeth and Harriett.
Book 5, Page 214

MARSH, Marcelius
Of Salem Township. Will made 4-13-1850, Probated July 1850, Wife, mentioned, not named. Brother, Robert Marsh; James McCoy, relationship not mentioned. Witness: Henry and William Schofield.
Book 8, Page 446

MARTIN, George
Administration made 1835. Wife, Rebecca; children, John, Mary Ann, George, Alexander, Nancy, Rebecca, Nathaniel H., Marinda, Ruth, Samantha, Nathan.
Book 5, Page 505

MARTIN, Simeon
Will made 9-30-1819, Probated March 1837. Wife, Abigail; children, Susan (Stephens), Edward, Abigail (Fearing), George W, Eliza (Denny), Harriett (Allen), Amy (Wood.) Witness: Valentine Martin, Martha and Calvin Blanding. Book 5, Page 350

MASON, Gideon
Of Jolly Township. Will made 1-26-1849, Probated 3-3-1849. Wife, named unknown; children John and Catherine, deceased, late wife of William Powell, and to each of their seven children. Witness: George S. Gilliland, Warren Wells.
Book 8, Page 251

Administration 5 (?)-22-1849. Wife, Rebecca; children, Horatio W., Manley W., John L., Irene Jane, Margaret M, Franklin L., Cerlinda.
Book 9, Page 156

MASON, William
Of Adams Township. Will made 9-20-1813, Probated 4-1-1813. Wife, Susannah; son, Adolphus (a minor), other children mentioned but not named, all minors. Witness: Oliver Dodge, -William Allison, John Green.
Book 1, Page 243

MASON, William
Of Adams Township. Will made 5-31-1826, Probated December 1826. Wife, Sally; children, Polly (Chidester) by 3rd marriage, John Starling by second marriage, Nehemiah Sprague by first marriage, Jane, wife of George Sprague, William, James, Nancy b.1807, wife of William McAtee, Henry P., Rebecca (Mason) by 2nd marriage, John D., Rachel, Elizabeth (b 1799) married William Morris, Isaac (b. 1826), Jacob B. Witness: J.F. Buell, Joseph Mason, Anthony W. Sprague.
Book 3, Page 509
Note: William Mason was born 1764, married first to Rebecca Sharp Jan 9, 1796 in Philadelphia, Penna. She was born in 1765 and died 3-21-1812. He died August 2, 1826. William Mason married second to Sarah Shockley Jan. 7, 1819. She was born in 1799 and died 7-26-1845. William Mason, Jr was born 9-9-1796 at Redstone, Penna at which time the family were enroute to Ohio. He married 1st Luna Sprague, and second to Nancy Sprague. James, another son was born 1793 and married Juda (Sprague) Bartlett, Henry P., was born 6-9-1820, Rebecca born 11-30-1821 married first to Milton Reach and second to Simeon Duvall, Isaac born 8-7-1826, married first to Delia Allison and second to Cynthia Ann Simons, Jacob B, married first to Bathsheba Davis and second to Polly Hickens.

Of Union Township. Will made 4-21-1821, Probated November 1822. Wife, Molly; children, Hannah Charlotte, Philip, John; Step-son William Woodward, son of his present wife. Witness: Sardine Stone, Coggeswell Olney.
Book 2, Page 270

MAXWELL, Eliza Jane
Will made 12-26-1843, Probated June 1845. Husband, Samuel; Father the late William F. Seldon of Amherst, Mass. Witness; Elizabeth Maxwell , C.A. Nolcini, J.B. Van Bergen.
Book 7, Page 178
Note: William Seldon, son of Anna and Samuel Maxwell, died 1845- Eliza Ann, wife of Samuel, died 9-12-1844, aged 23 years- Eliza H. Maxwell died 1-24-1842, aged 37 years- Solomon Maxwell, died 1835, aged 15 years, drowned in the Muskingum River- Elizabeth Maxwell, died Jan 24-1844, aged 36 years.

MEDBURY, Charles
Administration 1850. Widow, Marcey; children, Abigail, Elizabeth and Charles.
Book 4, Page 392

MEDLEY, William G.
Will made 3-20-1829, Probated June 1838. Friend, Eliza Payne who is to raise the youngest of his three children; Daughter, Matilda (Dearborn) deceased.
Witness: Vachel Dickerson , Josiah G. H. Hearin, Kenzie D. Jolly.
Book 5, Page 481
Note: He was a Revolutionary soldier born 1763, died 3-17-1838.

MELLON, Samuel
Of Waterfown Township. Will made 3-10-1843, Probated 1850. Wife, Nancy; children, Walter H,, Joanne, Jesse, Susan (late wife of Hill Dunsmore, Mary, wife of Volney Adams, Nancy Jane, wife of John Godfrey, and to the four children of my late deceased daughter Love Prudence, wife of Joel Adams. Witness: Marcus Green, Simeon Evans, Jr.
Book 8, Page 511

Of Roxbury Towliship. Will made 8-7-1841, Probated September 1845, Wife, Abigail; children Eliza Ann (Shrader), Louisa (Green); Grandchild, Isaac Melvin, son of Charles Melvin, deceased. Witness: John D., Anna M., and Melissa Chamberlin.
Book 7, Page 250
Note: Isaac Melvin was a Revolutionary Soldier, born 1753, in Ireland, and died 1842. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage Book, Nat'l # 23,382- Vol 24-pg 135.

MENCHON, Michael Union Township. Will made 12-25-1847, Probated April 1850. Wife to have all money which will lawfully come from my father in Germany. (Signed in German). Witness in German.
Book 8, Page 404

Administration April 16, 1853. Wife, Dorcas; children, Betsey, wife of Richard McLeek of Noble County, Ohio, Mahala, wife of Thomas Law, Susan, wife of John McClure, Lydia, John, New, Jr., Nancy and Rachel Meredith.
Book 9, Page 556

Will made 5-3-1841, Probated July 1841. Son, Robert L. Witness: Jonas Moors, Wm. H. McCIintock.
Book 6, Page 177

Of Fearing Township. Will made 11-12-1845, Probated July 1850. Heirs: Patrick Campbell, John D., James M. Amlin, Mary Ann, wife of John Amlin, Eliza, wife of James M. Anilin, Mary Ann and Adeliza, children of John D. Amlin, Archibald Skinner, eldest son of John D. Amlin. Witness: Roswell and Eliza A. Tenny.
Book 8, Page 449

MIXER, Isaac
Will made 4-7-1812, Probated February, 1815. Children Isaac, Sarah (Gilmore); grandchildren, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas, Lewis, Harriett and Almond Mixer; Sarah Wiseman, relationship not mentioned. Exr: Levi Barber- Witness: Paul Fearing, William Skinner, David S. Chambers.
Book 1, Page 272
Note: Isaac Mixer died 1-29-1815, aged 69 years.

MIXER, Isaac
(Son of above) - Will made 7-3-1846, Probated September 1846. Wife mentioned, not named. Witness: Eli Ijams, Sampson Cole.
Book 7, Page 382

MOORE, Patience
Will made 8-26-1829, Probated April 1834. All, her estate left to husband, Jonas Moore. Witness: Callis Dibble, John Phillips, Caleb Emerson
Book 5, Page 119
Note: Patience, daughter of Judson Gitteau, wife of Dr. Jonas Moore, died 2-16-1831 aged 19 years and 5 dyas. Dr. Jonas Moore, born in Massachusetts 1781, died 3-24-1856, aged 75 years, 15 days- Lucretia, second wife of Jonas Moore, daughter of Giles Hempstead died (no date) aged 83 years.

Will made 4-2-1845, Probated October 1850. Wife, Jane; children, Elizabeth (Riggs., -Nancy (Riggs), Granddaughter Maryon Elizabeth Riggs; H.F. Riggs (probably a son-in-law).
Book 8, Page 516

Will made March 15, 1814. Sons, William and Jesse. Witness: Thomas Lord, William Allison, Elisha Pratt.
Book 1, Page 255

(colored) Will made 6-12-1846, Probated March 1847. Resident of Fearing Township. Wife, Fortune; children, Thomas Carter, Susan Pharaugh, Matilda, Catherine and Sylvesta, daughter of my wife Fortune. Witness: Argalus Pixley, Jonathan T. Dye.
Book 7, Page 473

MORRIS, John A. C.
Of Waterford Township. Will made 11-8-1847, Probated March 1848. Wife, Betsey; children, not named. Witness: Chas S. Cary, Eliza Ross.
Book 8, Page 102

MOULTON, William
Will made 11-23-1787, Probated at Marietta, Ohio 5-16-1795. He was a former resident of Hamstead County. Rockingham, State of New Hampshire. Wife, Lydia; children, Joseph, Molly, wife of Dr. John Bond, Anna, Lydia, Katherina. Witness: Nehemiah Kelly, Edward Greeley, John Calfee.
Book 1, Page 15

MURRAY, Davidson
Administration 1824. Widow, Elizabeth.
Book 3, Page 310

NIXON, George
Will made 1-10-1816, Probated March 1816. Wife, Margaret. Witness: Matthew Miner, Nathaniel Mitchell, Alderman Johnson.
Book 1, Page 295

NICKLIN, Philip Houlbrooke
Law Book Dealer of Philadelphia Penna. Will made 1-18-I837, Probated May 1846. Wife, Julia (McPherson) Nicklin; Friends, Clement C. Biddle, Thomas J. Wharton. Witness: Topliff Johnson, Thomas P. Parry, Israel Moore.
Book 7, Page 348

Of Warren Township, Will made 10-29-1851, Probated 3-1-1852. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Emily H., Mary Frances, Elias Douglas, John Newton, Owen H., William L., Elizabeth (DeLamater), Lucy. L. (Fuller), Stephen, Witness: Henry Bates, Lewis . R. Jewell.
Book 9, Page 147

Of Warren Township, Will made 9-17-1849, Probated July 1851. Wife, Rebecca; children, Mary S. (Cole), Sophronia S. (Ellenwood), Rebecca (Potter), Jasper. Witness: John Ellenwood, Daniel Ellenwood.
Book 8, Page 617

NOLAND, Philip
Of Decatur, Township, Will made 1-25-1842, Probated May 1842. Wife, Mercy; Children, William, Charles, Barnabas, Alexander, Delila (Burkley), Sarah (Place), Elizabeth (Giddings), Step-daughter, Marion Engles. Witness: Thomas M Girr, James Faires.
Book 6, Page 310

NOLTON, Daniel
Will made 7-25-1848, Probated March 1849. Widow, Lydia; children, William P., Sarah Cline, Abner C., Abner C., Andrew C., Elizabeth A., Esau, Rachel, Emily, Daniel and Mary J. Witness: Alexander Bell, Richard Hanlon, Abel Brown.
Book 8, Page 249

NOTT, Simeon
Administration 1835. Children: Simeon P.Jr., Craven, Phiianda (Briggs), Tiffin G., Stewart M., Roswell H., Samuel B., Harry P.
Book 5, Page 283
Note: Simeon P. Nott, Jr. eldest son, died leaving a son Russel a minor, now living in Illinois, and a widow who has since intermarried with James Greathouse of Illinois. Craven Nott, now dead, leaving a minor son Simeon M. and a widow who has since intermarried with William Benjamin and all now reside in Granville, Ohio. Philanda, wife of Asa B. Briggs, lives in Illinois. Tiffin G. Nott, deceased leaves a widow Phoebe. Stewart M. Nott, intermarried with Phoebe Nott (wife of his deceased brother), and is now a resident of Roxbury, Washington County, Ohio. Roswell, Samuel and Harry P. Nott all residents of Washington County, Ohio.

Of Lawrence, Ohio - Will made 5-13-1842, Probated November 1842, Wife, Rachel; children, James, Henry, John, Phoebe, Eliza, Gertrude (now deceased) her portiion to her children. Witness: Samuel D. Jones, David Jones, Samuel Dye.
Book 6, Page 381

Of Newport, Rhode Island. Will made 6-21-1828, Probated 12-9-1829 in Rhode Island, authenticated copy to Marietta, March 20, 1846. Children, Ann and David W.C. (the latter now in China and the East Indes; Granddaughter Ann, daughter of David.
Book 7, 350

Administration 10-10-1853. Wife, Margaret, Children, David, Elizabeth, John Wester, Giles Western, Albert, Danny, Margaret, Christiana, Thomas Ames and Henry, all these children under 15 years of age.
Book 9, Page 476

OLIVER, Robert
Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 1811. Children, William, Lancelot, Mary, Minerva, Eliza, Robert, Anne (Quigley); Christiana, wife of William Burnham; Eleanor, wife of Thomas Lord and her children; heirs of daughter Mary, who married in New England and long since deceased; Isabel, wife of James Brown; Mary, Minerva, Elizabeth G., and Catherine Oliver, relationship not stated. Margaret Waterman.
Book 1, Page 192
Note: Lt. Col. Robert Oliver—3rd Mass. Regiment- Born 1738 in Boston, Mass, and died in 1811- Was a Representative from Washington County in Territorial Legislature in 1798. Ref-Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio.

OLNEY, Coggeshall, Major
Will made 1-16-1804, Probated 12-12-1804 at Marietta, Ohio. Wife, Sarah; son, Washington, Discovery, Sarah (Davis) wife of Daniel Davis and their children Joanne, Edwin, Olney and Sophronia Davis; adopted daughter Jenny.
Book 1, Page 62
Note: Washington Olney son of Major C. Olney born 2-16-1789, died 12-12-1826 and Appia his wife, born 7-20-1797- died 10-5-1852. Their son was Rev. George Washington Olney born 11-9-1821, died 12-7-1842. Major Olney's wife was nee Sarah Scott.

OLNEY, Nathaniel
Of Union Township. Will made 2-12-1818, Probated 6-1818. Wife Mary; daughter Mary Matilda. EXRS: wife and James Whittan.
Book 2, Page 82

Will- made April 3, 1842, Probated April 1843. Wife Fanny; children Charles (and wife); Anny and three children; grandchildren John, oldest son of Charles Paine; Joseph, son of James Paine. Witness: Edward and Dennis Ryan.
Book 6, Page 437
Note: John Paine was a Revolutionary soldier (private in Rhode Island Militia) Born 1762- died 1-8-1843. Married Nabby (or Fanny) Palne who died 9-18-1824. Ref: William's History of Washington County, Ohio.

Of Lawrence Township. Will made 8-31-1819, Probated November 1819. Wife, Rachel; Children, Joshua, David, John, James and Joseph (all minors), Margaret (Gardiner), Mary and Elizabeth Parker. Witness: Nathan Matheny, John Sharp.
Book 2, Page 157

PARR, Nathan
Of Grandview Township. Will made 5-24-1826, Probated December 1826. Wife Mary; children, Stephen, Isaac, Samuel, Benjamin, Jesse, Hamilton, Vachel, William Harrison, James H., Rebecca and Catherina. Witness: Oliver Aplin, Esau Dailey, James Williamson.
Book 3, Page 510

Of Hartford, Connecticut. Will made 10-10-1839, Probated March 1847. Children, E. Henry of Ashtabula, Ohio; Mary wife of James Dickson; Samuel. H.; Thomas E.P. Dickson, son of his daughter Mary. Mentions his eldest son who died several years ago and is interred in Middletown.
Book 7, Page 454
Note: Will probated at Hertford, Conn January 22, 1847, authenticated copy sent to Marietta March 1847.

PATTERSON, Nathaniel
Of Adams Township, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 12-1-1818, Probated November 1823. Nieces Esther Patterson, BetseyLeamon, Margaret Wells, Margaret and Mary Patterson; nephews William, Samuel and James Patterson. Exr: Truman Ranson. Witness: Theophilus and Truman Ranson, Walter Hold.
Book 2, Page 433

PAYNE, Abram
Of Salem Township. Will made 3-11-1824, Probated December 1826. Wife Hannah (Lewis); children Hannah (Messinger), Tamnia Payne, Lucinda (Whiting), Mary (Humphrey), Nancy (Stanley), Abram, Jr., Norman, William, George and Rufus (the last named not mentioned in will.) Witness: Josenh and Lydia Chapman.
Book 3, Page 508
Note: Cemetery record- George W. Payne died 6-15-1853, aged 27 years- Norman Payne: born 10-9-1797, died 9-15-1857.

PEET, Samual
Of Waterford, Ohio- Will made 4-21-1808, Probated 3-1-1809. Wife, Mary; children Olive, Truman, Clarissa. Adm. Wife and William Gray. Witness: Robert Oliver., David Wilson, Cook Deval.
Book 1, Page 165

PIERCE, Stephen
Will made 2-14-1818, Probated Jan. 1823. Wife Hannah R; children Thomas L. who was appointed guardian of his brother, a minor, William L. Witness: Joseph Barker, Nancy B. Plummer.
Book 2, Page 286

PERKINS, William
Of Salem Township. Will made 5-20-1816, Probated May 1816. Children Asa (eldest, Samuel and Ezra. Elisha Allen (relationship not stated) Witness: Benj. Carlisle, Ebenezer Tolman, Francis R. Stanley.
Book 1, Page 295

PERRY, Thomas
Will made 10-5-1838, Probated August 1842. Children Susannah, John, James Perry; grandchildren Andrew Carris and Margaret, the oldest child of my daughter Sarah. Witness: L.P. Cook, Isaac Perry.
Book 6, Page 378
Note: Thomas Perry was a Revolutionary soldier-- born 1753, died ca. 1842. REF: State Library & Museum, Harrisburg, Penna.

Will made 3-11-1852, Probated January 1853. Heirs are Trustees of M.E. Church. Witness: Marcella J. Morris, Mahley Morris, Jr.
Book 9, Page 347

Will made 8-11-1840, Probated August 1840. Wife Anna F. Pewthers. Witness: Joseph Palmar, Elizabeth Hiett.
Book 6, Page 84

PFANTZ, Martin
Of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Will made 3-5-1852, Probated 3-13-1852. Sister Martha A. Phantz; Freeman Smith, Sr. of Marion, Lime County, Iowa (Relationship not mentioned.) Witness: J.D. Cotton, M.D. Reall Payne.
Book 9, Page 101
Cemetery Record Martin Phantz born 2-23-1815-died 3-15-1852.

Will made 3-2-1839, Probated April 1839. Sisters-Maloney Wadsworth, living in Newark, Michigan; Betsey Blossom of Freetown; brother-Pierce Phillips of Freetown, Mass; Friends-Mrs. Catharina James, Jonathan Jennings, Elilams, Lewis MacIntosh, the orphan son of Samuel MacIntosh, Rev. Aroza Brown, Robert Crawford. Witness William Green, John Cunningham.
Book 5, Page 538

Of Gallipolis, Ohio (now Athens County) Will made 9-20-1796, Probated 1796. Daughter- Jeanna Francois, wife of John Parmintier to have his land in Gallipolis. Exr- gis daughter Jeanna F. Parmintier. Witness: John Peter Romaine Bureau, Nicholas Orious, Joseph Winocus Devacht.
Book 1, Page 23
Note: John Parmentier died at Gallipolis, Ohio 9-16-1796.

Formerly of Providence, Rhode Island. Will made 2-3-1819, Probated December 1826. Sisters-Anna, wife of Jonathan Tiffany; Mary Dorrance of Providence, R.I.; Nephew- William Frost, son of his sister Susannah Frost (deceased) to have land purchased of his late brother Samuel Pitman in Providence; Asa Learned to have the Cotton mill in Warwick County, Kent, R.I. called "Tiffany Mills." Witness: John Holden, Richard Salisburg, Samuel W. Bridgman.
Book 3, Page 502

PITMAN, Saunders
Of Providence, R.I. Will made 9-7-1799, Probated 3-18-1840. Wife, mentioned, not named; children Mary, Anna, Sarah, John Hannicutt, Samuel, Amsy, wife of William Potter, Rebecca, wife of James Greene, Abigail wife of Ebenezer Johhsoh; grandson William Frost, son of his daughter the late Susannah Frost. Witness: Levi Hunt, John Holden, Stephen Harris.
Book 6, Page 35

PLUMER, William
Will made 6-27-1833, Probated August 1833. Children- John, Fanny F„, Catherine I. (Shephard), Amy (Mitchell), Sally (Preston), Hetty (Tinkham), William S. (Reverend William S.) Catherine L. Love, formerly Catherine L. Kelley, relationship not stated. Witness: Susan B. Cotton, Shubel Fuller.
Book 5, Page 56

Of Jolly Township- Will made 7-22-1846, Probated 9-24-1846. Wife,
Mary Eleanor; children-John, Thomas R., Susannah (Pines), Jonah, Smauel, Richard, Sarah Eleanor, Catherine. Witness: James Williams, Seth F. Price.
Book 7, Page 380

Will made October 10 18—, Probated Sept. 1845. Children, Simeon, Jonathan ahd other children names not mentioned. Witness: George Hartshorn, David Nash.
Book 7, Page 251

PORTER, Samuel
Administration 1826. Children- Savannah Adeline, Volumna, Alice and Sally.
Book 4, Page 101

Of Salem Township. Date of will not given, Probated April 1843. Wife, Elizabeth- children Simeon, Cyrus F., Louise, Mary and Ruth. Witness: Cyrus Spooner, Daniel F. Stanely.
Book 6, Page 441

Of Barlow Township. Will made 1-26-1832, Probated April 1834. Wife, Abigail; children- Henry, John M., Phoebe (Henry), Lavannah (Henry), Polly (Gould), Mary R. (Houghland), Nabby Proctor; niece- Elizabeth G. Green. Witness: Smith Green, Jesse Lavtor.
Book 5, Page 112

PRYOR, Samuel
Administration March 6, 1855. Wife, Jemima; children- Polly, wife of Ralph Ingraham of Brown County, Indiana; Sally, wife of Peter Crow of Noble County, Ohio; Nancy, wife of William Crum of Washington County, Ohio; Betsey, wife of Jeremiah Burton of Washington County, Ohio; John Pryor and children of Iowa; Samuel and Andrew Pryor, children of Elijah Pryor, deceased, all of Iowa.
Book 9, Page 611

PUTNAM, Betsey
Will made 11-10-1828, Probated May 1831. Sister-Susan Burlingame and Martha Tupper; brothers-William F. and Edwin Putnam; niece-Elizabeth Tupper; nephew-Rufus William Howe. Witness: Jabez Davis, Martha Bobbins.
Book 4, Page 447

PUTNAM, Betsey
Administration 1826. Heirs-Susan Burlingame, William P. Putnam, William K. Browney, Rufus W. Howe, Persis Howe (all of these persons residents of Washington County, Ohio; Edward Putnam and Polly Tupper of Muskingum County, Ohio; George Browning of Knox County, Ohio; Samuel Browning of Licking County, Ohio; Abby Walker of Athens County, Ohio; Catherine P. Burlingame of West Point, New York.
Book 4, Page 546
Note: The will and administration of estate of Betsey Putnam are both given in this instance.

PUTNAM, Elizabeth
Will made 5-12-1841, Probated 1-28-1842. Wife (widow) of Israel Putnam of Union Township (deceased); children-Elizabeth A. (Clarke), Helen P.(Duvall), Susan G. Putnam, Lewis P. Putnam; granddaughters-Frances Anne Chappell, Elizabeth Augusta Chappell, children of her daughter Laura Anne Chappell, now deceased. Witness: Caleb W. Fouts, William Russell, Douglass Putnam.
Book 6, Page 276

Will made 12-7-1798, Probated April 1811, Wife, Lucy; children- Betty (Batchelder), Lucy (Small), Debbie (Fuller); granddaughters-Betsey and Lucy Putnam. Witness: Rufus Putnam, Ichabod Nye, Joshua Shipman.
Book 1, Page 192
Note: Major Ezra Putnam was born 1728 at Middletown, Mass. died 3-19-1811, aged 83 years at Marietta, Ohio. Lucy, his wife died 7-20-1818, aged 87 years.

PUTNAM, Israel, Jr.
Of Belpre, Ohio- Will made 7-30-1811, Probated April 1812. Wife, Sarah (Waldo); children-Polly (Mayo), Betsey (Craig), Sally(Thornilly), Israel, Aaron, Waldo, David, George W., William Pitt. Witness: Com. Delano, Joseph Tilton, Beal Steadman.
Book 1, Page 200
Note: Col. Israel Putnam served as aide to his illustrious father General Israel Putnam. He was born 1739 Salem, Mass, son of Israel and Hannah Putnam- married Sarah Waldo in 1764. Ref: Hildreth's Pioneer History of Washington County, Ohio and William's History of Washington County, Ohio, also D.A.F. Lineage Book-Vol.13, pg 111, Nat'l# 12286. Additional note: Sarah Thomilly, daughter of Col Israel Putnam, died at Philadelphia, 6-14-1818, aged 54 years.

PUTNAM, Israel, 3rd
Of Uhion Township. Will made 3-4-1824; Probated 3-4-1824. Wife, Elizabeth; children- Clarinda, Helen Penelope, Lewis Pope, Laura Ann, Francis Maria, and Elizabeth. Witness: William R. Putnam, John Howe.
Book 3, Page 121

Will made 3-29-1813, Probated October 1818. Daughters- Deborah Fuller and Betsey Batchelder; grandchildren Nehemiah Putnam, Lucy, Betsey and Jedediah Fuller, Betsey and Lucy Putnam, Catherine Crawford (nee) Ims. Witness: Ichabod Nye, Jabez True. Exr: William Rufus Putnam.
Book 2, Page 840

PUTNAM, Pascal P.
Administration 1832, Children-Lewis J. P., Laura Ann, Elizabeth and Susan Putnam, also Helen wife of William Deval.
Book 5, Page 166

Will made 7-8-1813, Probated July 1824. Wife, Persis; children- William Rufus, Edwin, Elizabeth, Persis, Susanna (Burlingame), Patty (Tupper); Grandchildren-William Rufus and George Rufus Browning, Samuel McFarland, Franklin Putnam, Catherine Putnam Buckingham, child of his deceased daughter Catherina Buckingham. Exr's: David Putnam, Wm. Rufus Putnam. Witness: Joshue Shipman, Joseph Morris, Josiah Bodwell.
Book 2, Page 139
Note: Cemetery Record- General Rufus Putnam, Revolutionary Officer and leader of the colony which made the first settlement of the Northwest Territory at Marietta, Ohio 4-7-1778 was born 4-9-1738 at Boston, Mass. and died Marietta, Ohio 5-4-1824. Persis, his wife was born 11-19-1737-died 9-6-1820. William Rufus Putnam born 6-13-1812 died 5-1-1881. Phoebe Wood Putnam, wife of William Rufus Putnam born 1-4-1815 died 6-6-1877. Elizabeth, daughter of Rufus and Persis (Rice) Putnam born 11-19-1765 died 11-8-1819. Beacon Rufus Putnam (William Rufus) son of Rufus and Persis Putnam born 12-12-1771 died 1-1-1855. Jerusha (Gitteau) Putnam, wife of Deacon Rufus Putnam born 4-7-1777 died 10-3-1845. Ref: D.A.F. Lineage book- Nat'l# 31403.

QUIMBY, Deborah
Of Fearing Township. Will made 3-5-1821, Probated June 1835. Heirs- Underhill, Elizabeth and Polly Lynch and John Wesley L. Brown. Witness: Sarah Craft, Elizabeth Lynch.
Book 5, Page 218

QUIMBY (or QUINBY), Pheobe
Of Fearing Towns!p. Will made 8-26-1830, Probated June 1835. Heirs- Underhill and Elizabeth Lynch, and John Wesley. L., son of James and Ziporah Brown. Witness: Ephriam Quimby, Abrahal Daniels, William White.
Book 5, Page 219

RACE, William
Of Wesley Township. Will made 8-9-1840, Probated 8-9-1841. Heirs- David and Jane Amanda Hart (husband and wife) and William R. Hart, their son; Charles Bowman; John Duck; Wife, Letitia to have land in Columbiana County, Ohio.
Book 6, Page 250

RAINEY, Elias W.
Administration Mar 13, 1855. Heirs-Edward, Elias, William, Winchester, Zacharia, Jacob, Elizabeth (wife of James Mummey)and Mary (wife of Samuel Brown, all of Noble County, Ohio.
Book 9, Page 616

RAMBO, Jacob
Of Waterford. Will made 6-20-1803, Probated 9-7-1803. Wife Catharine; son Jackson (other sons mentioned, not named), grandson Jacob Rambo, son of Rebecca Turley. Witness: Ezekiel Denning, Wm. W. Williams, Jesse McFarlin.
Book 1, Page 57

Will made 6-21-1837, Probated September 1838. Wife Anna; children- Edmund, Marcey Frances, David, Daniel, Elzy (Cole), Hiram, William, Lavina (Lepy), Elvira and John C. Rathbun.
Book 5, Page 510

RAYNE, Gabriel
Of Barlow Ohio. Will made 7-7-1836, Probated April 1839. Children- Abigail (Eliason), John, Samuel, William, Joseph and Gabriel Payne, Hannah (Pugh). Witness: Horatio Ford, Isaac Castle, Wm. Woodward.
Book 5, Page 535
Note: Query- Should this name be Rayne or Payne. The name heading the will was Rayne, but the names of the heirs in the body of the will was Payne)

Will made _____, Probated 2-16-1852. Wife, Sarah; Children- Daniel, Abraham, John, Benedict, Thomas, Emily (Larue), Elizabeth (Blackley), Phobe (Knepper) Minerva (Knepper), Catherine (Knepper), and heirs of my deceased daughter Rebecca Thompson. Witness: L.B. Smith, L.E. Smith.
Book 9, Page 102

RICE, Nathan
Will made 4-6-1833, Probated April 1841. Wife, Jemima; children- Zelpha, Thomas, Subrina, Lucy Witness: Joel Stacy, Sohpia Wood.
Book 6, Page 150
Note: Nathan Rice was a Revolutionary soldier in Capt.John Nixon's Company of Minute Men, Col. John Nixon's Reg't. Born in Vermont in 1763, married Jemima NcClure-died in 1841. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage Book 66-pg 224, Nat'l # 65663.

RICE, Oliver
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made December 1836, Probated 10-29-1836. Granddaughter, Abigail Rice Brown, daughter of Ann Brown; nieces- Mary, wife of Cyrus Ames, Esq., Betsy, wife of Wm. T. Plowe, late of Belpre; nephew-Oliver Rice, son of his late brother Charles; friends-Andrew Ballard and his wife Olive, Oliver Rice Loving, William Pitt Putnam, Cyrus Ames, Mary, wife of Brooks Blizzard. Exr's: Brooks Blizzard and William M. Niles.
Book 5, Page 331
Note: Major Oliver Rice in Col. John Nixon's-Regiment, born 1752 in Massachusetts, died 1836, Beihpre, Ohio.

RICE, Thomas
Of Providence Rhode Island, (now) formerly of Warwick, County Kent, Rhode Island. Will probated (or made?) 1-12-1798, authenticated copy to Marietta September I845. Late wife, Anne; sister-Barbara, wife of Benjamin Arnold; brother-Henry Rice and his grandson Thomas Rice Stafford; nieces- Elizabeth, wife of Michael Mellone (Malone) and daughter of my brother Henry; Martha wife of John Stafford, and daughter of my brother Henry; Nephew-Thomas, son of my deceased sister (name not mentioned); Caleb, son of my brother Henry Rice; John Rice Arnold, son of my sister Barbara and her husband Benjamin Arnold; To Elizabeth, wife of Job Carpetner and to Rebecca daughter of Caleb Hill, Esq. of North Kingston, R.I. (relation-ship not mentioned.) Witness David Wightman, Peleg Wilburn, John Rice.
Book 7, Page 242

RIGGS, James
Will made 5-9-1813, Probated June 1815. Wife, Mary; children-Basil, John, Edmund, Samuel, Maye (Sheetz), Mary (Ridgeway), Jane (Williamson.); granddaughter of Martin and Maye Sheetz. Exr: Edmund Piggs. Witness: Richard Talbot, Henry Jolly, Martin Sheetz, John Collins.
Book 1, Page 281
Note: James Riggs was a Revolutionary soldier in the Pennsylvania Regulars. Born 1742 at Rock Creek, Montgomery County, Maryland, later lived in Bedford County, Pa.

RILEY, Betsey
Will made 9-9-1845, Probated Mar 1846. Children-John, William, Elizabeth, wife of Abner McGee, Mary, wife of George Posey, Susan, wife of Ezekiel Hoskinson.
Book 7, Page 303

RILEY, James
Will-made 5-3-1841, Probated October 1841. Wife, Betsey. Witness: Oliver Woodward, Jr, William Riley, Julian Riley.
Book 6, Page 251

Will made 5-5-1841, Probated October 1841.Wife, Pamela and her son Adolphus. Witness: James L. Baldwin, Elijah Mason.
Book 6, Page 248

Will made 4-12-1838, Probated September 1839. Heirs-daughter Malinda, wife of John Hutson; Her late father Ebenezer Sweet of Deerfield, Massachusetts.Witness: John Crawford, Walter Ward.
Book 6, Page 24

Administration 1830. Heirs- Emeline, Reuben, Elizabeth and Leon W. Robbins; wife Charity C.
Book 4, Page 464

ROBBINS, Samuel Price
Will made 9-2-1823, Probated November 1823. Wife, Patty; six children mentioned but not named-all minors. Witness: Robert Crawford, Asa Beach.
Note: Cemetery records- Rev.Samuel Robbins, son of Rev. Samuel Robbins born at Marietta August 25, 1811, was a missionary to Siam for four years. Died July 6, 1846. Martha Read, daughter of Deacon Luthur Pierce of Connecticut, wife of Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, died 8-18-1841, aged 28 years and.three months. Infant son of S. and M. Robbins, named Joseph .Emerson. Rev. Samuel P. Robbins; Pastor of the Congregational Church at Marietta, Ohio died 9-2-1823 aged 47.years. Martha (Burlingame) Robbins, second wife of Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, born at Campus Martius, Marietta, Ohio 8-19-1792 married Rev. Robbins September 1810-died 12-19-1872, aged 80 years. (Correction- This name should be Samuel Prince Robbins)

ROGER, Bathsheba
Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 6-23-1807 date of probation not given. Children-Daniel Dunham and Bathsheba (Tilton). Grandchildren- William and Sarah Wright. Witness: Edward Halsey., Zadoc Foster, William Withington.
Book 1, Page 129

ROOD, Wine
Of Fearing Township. Will made 8-27-1818, Probated November 1823. Children- Wine, Jr., Carolina and Matilda. Witness: Edward Postlewaite, Elijah Pose and Samuel Cook.
Book 2, Page 428

Will made 6-26-1848, Probated October 1850. Children- Robert, William, Sarah (Mullen), Betsey (Bunt), Margaret (Rowland), Jane (Leonard), Isabella (Rowland.) grandson, Augustus Leonard to have land in Wood County, Virginia (now W. V.). Witness: Caleb Emerson, John D. Tiley, Abram Winal.
Book 8, Page 514

Administration 1832 (1833?). Children-Caroline, Wiilliam, Charles, Jonathan, Jane, Lucy, wife of Robert Crawford, Polly, wife of Pardon Cook, Betsey wife of Tillinghast A. Cook.
Book 5, Page 31

Administration 6-19-1852. V/idow Eliza; children Sarah D., Emeline, John Rutter, and John McCane of Keokuck, Iowa (relationship not mentioned.
Book 9, Page 467

Will made 8-1-1807, Probated 4-12-1808. Children, Polly and John Latimer Saltonstall. Witness: Hallom Hempstead, Gates Hempstead.
Book 1, Page 120
Note: Nathaniel Saltonstall was a Captain in Artillery Company from New London, Connecticut. Born in New London, 1727-married Rebecca Young- died in Marietta, Ohio in 1807. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage Book Vol 62, pg 4.

Will made 2-6-1821, Probated July 1821. Sisters- Lucretia, wife of Giles Hempstead, and Nancy, wife of Rev. L. Lindsley. Witness; Dr. S.P. Hildreth, Lucretia Saltonstall and Lucretia S. Hempstead.
Book 2, Page 212

Will made May 1823, no date for probation given. Children- Lucretia Hempstead and Lucretia Lindsley; grandchildren. Lucretia and Harriett Hempstead, William and Lucretia Hannah Lindsley (Lindley). Witness: Samuel Nixon, Samuel \Whipple.
Book 5, Page 129
Note: Cemetery record- Nancy Saltonstall Lindsley, daughter of Rev. Stephen Lindsley, died August 5, 1813, aged 5 years.

SAMPSON, Cracker
Of Kingston County, Plymouth, Mass. Will made 1-8-1806, Probated 7-21-1823. Wife, Rebecca; children Benjamin (a minor), Harriett, Rebecca, Luciy. Witness: John Gray, Samuel Stetson, Seth Perkins.
Book 5, Page 129

SANDFORD (or SANFORD), Thomas James Harris
Late of Rotherham, County of York, England. Will made 9-12-1820, Probated 1825. Wife, Mary; son- Thomas Harris Sanford, land in Buerton, Chester County, England; brother- Charles Samuel, Roberts Sanford of Masborough, York County, England; brother-in-law-Phiiip William Mackwcrth Yonge of Winson Green near Bingham, Warwick County, England, and Harriett Anne Maria his wife. Witness: Frederick Kean 38 Upper Temple Street, Bingham, England, Frederick Mills, John Mason Guest Underhill.
Book 3, Page 485
Note: Thomas Sanford born Essex, England. Mary, his wife born in Yorkshire, England, September 17, 1790, died Marietta, September, 1876.

SARGENT, Winthrop
Of Glouster, near Natchez, Mississippi Territory. Will made 10-11-1816, Probated December 1823. Wife, Mary; children- William Fitz Winthrop Sargent, and George W. Sargent to be educated at his own Alma Mater Cambridge; sister- Mrs- McMurray; Grandchildren of his deceased sister Esther Ellery; friend- Lucuis Manlius Sargent and Jonathan Temple to have land in Ohio under the supervision of Benjamin Ives Gilman. Witness: Martha Provon, A. Brewer Thompson, Chauncey Pettibone. Will probated in Adams Co. Mississippi 1823.
Book 5, Page 493
Note: Codicil- Sargent Harding and Sargent Gilman, sons of Gilman A. Harding and (nephew) Winthrop Sargent, Jr of Boston, respectively. Cemetery record-Rowena, daughter of General Benjamin Tupper, and wife of Winthrop Sargent (secretary of the Northwest Territory), born 1766-died 1799.

Of the City of New York. Will made. 6-20-1829, Probated 1835. Wife, Hannah; children- Richard L., Henry, Effingham, Jacob, Edward L., John L., Anna Maria S. (Ferris).
Book 5, Page 246
Note: He was born in Philadelphia 8-24-1747, Registered in the Lutheran Church of that City- married Hannah Effingham.

Administration (or will?) April 28, 1846. Wife, Sarah; children-Elizabeth, John, Lenoard, Charlotte, wife of John Rathbone, now living in Illinois, Emeline wife of John Finch, Rosetta Schoonover of Peoria, Illinois, children of his son Henry deceased, Adolphus, Alvin, Carolina and Asa Schnoover (last four named children minors.)
Book 9, Page 292

SCOTT, Eliphalet
Of Aurelius Township. Will made 7-6-1850, Probated October 1850. Children-Mark E., James B., Charlotte Jane Scott. Witness: John Smithson, and John Smithson Jr.
Book 8, Page 532

SCOTT, John McM.
Of Franklin County, Kentucky. Will made 8-26-1812, Probated 9-3-1814. Wife, Kitty; children- William Henry Harrison Scott to be educated under the direction of Governor Harrison, and the Honorable Harry Imes, Administrator: Matthew Scott.
Book 1, Page 27
Note: John Scott died in Athens County, Ohio.

SCOTT, Obediah
Administration 1832. Wife, Thankful; children-Celestine, wife of Nathaniel Fuller of Licking County, Ohio, Almira, wife of John Beach of Morgan County, Ohio, Tracey Scott a resident of Licking County, Ohio, Obediah, Jr., Hannah, James, Hiram, Rothens, Adline, Winchester, George Scott all residents of Washington County, Ohio.
Book 4, Page 595
Note: Almira (Scott) Beach, was married first to Samuel Cushing, Jr.

SEAMON, Benjamin
Will made 4-13-1812, Probated 5-23-1812. Sisters- Mary (Atcheson), Susannah (Olney), Sarah (Craig), brothers-Samuel, Gilbert, Preserved; friends- Benjamin and Martha Nowell, Samuel Postlewaite and John Bowman of Adams County, in the Territory of Mississippi. Witness: Nathaniel Oliver, Gilbert Oliver and Jonathan Sprague.
Book 1, Page 201
Cemetery record- Louisana Seaman, daughter of Preserved, died September 15, 1812, aged 7 years.

SEAMON, Gilbert
Of Adams, Washington County, Ohio. Copy of this will states Probated at Marietta, Ohio 1-13-1800) He was probably a resident of Adams County, Territory of Mississippi at the time of his death. Wife, Martha; children- Gilbert, Preserved, Susanna, Sabra, Martha, Polly, Samuel, Benjamin, Benijah; grandson William, son of his daurhter Sabra. Withess: Enoch Ewing, William Davis, Stephen Frost.
Book 1, Page 36

SEARS, Sarah
Late of New York City. Will made 10-14-1805, Probated in New York 1806- authenticated copy to Marietta in 1806. Sister Rebecca, wife of John Blogges, Esq; daughters-Hester (Smith) and Rebecca (Sterrett); grandchildren- Peregrine, James and William Bordieu, sons of my late daughter Mary; Harriett Artemissa, daurhter of my late daughter Sarah Fandall. Witness: W.H.Smith, Julia Bloggs, Elizabeth Smith.
Book 7, Page 297
Note: Sarah Sears was the widow of Isaac Sears of New York City.

SEELY, Thomas
Of Waterford, Ohio- Will made 9-28-1827, Probated July 1829. Wife, Margaret; children- John H., Sarah A. (Dearborn) a minor, Abijah Thomas, Simeon F., Lucretia A.M., wife of E.S. McIntosh. Witness: David and Lavena Baldwin, Solomon F. Cogswell.
Book 4, Page 258

Administration 1832. Wife, Polly; children- Peggy, Noble, Wealthy, Philip Cooper, and John Cooper Shaffer.
Book 4, Page 628

SHARP, James
Will made 7-29-1818, date of probation not given. Wife, Kezie; children William Thompson, Esther, James Madison, John, Samuel, Louisa, George and Esther, James Madison, John, Samuel, Louisa, George and Joseph. Witness: Wm. Slocum, John Sharp, George Duilery.
Book 2, Page 84

SHAPP, Peter
Will made 10-16-1824, Probated March 1825. Wife, Mary; only child Eliza. Witness: Isaac L. Palmer, Benjamin M. Brown.
Book 3, Page 190

SHEETS, Martin
Of Grandview Township. Will made 6-14-1844, Probated September 1845. Wife, Sally; children John E., Henry J., Mary (Kiger), William, Nancy (Dye), Matthew, Priscilla (Dye), Anthony, Elizabeth J. (Dye). Witness: Elliott H. Collins, R.K. Ewart.
Book 7, Page 257

SHELDON, Jeremiah
Administration 1828. Wife, Olive; children- Jeremiah Fayette, William Washington Sheldon.
Book 4, Page 388

Will made 8-22-1821, Probated Nov. 1821. States that his daughter Anna is to divide his property among the children of his first marriage, i.e. Esther, Enoch, Anna, Rhoda, Daniel, Larena, Luther, Huldah, Calvin. The children of his second marriage by his wife Margaret were Silas M., and Elizabeth G. Witness: Caleb Emerson, Emory Keyes, William Morris.
Book 2, Page 220

Administration July 1, 1853. Children- Elizabeth and Catherine of Marietta, Ohio, John C. and Rebecca A., of Madison Indiana.
Book 9, Page 579

SHERMAN, Timothy
Administration 1831. Heirs-relationship not stated, but presumably his children. Herman Sherman, residence unknown, Lyman Sherman of Sandusky, Ohio, Electa, wife of Daniel Loomis of Rochester, N.Y., Olive (Ward) formerly Sherman of Dresden, Ohio, Curtis Herman Sherman of Tupper's Plains, Meigs County, Ohio, Abel Sherman of Waterford, Washington County, Ohio, Wakeman Sherman of Morgan County, Ohio Uriah Sherman of Waterford, Washington, County, Ohio.
Book 5, Page 36
Note: Timothy Sherman was a Revolutionary soldier and was aged 58 years in 1818- his wife Polly was aged 64 in 1825. Wakeman, Uriah and Able and six other children all married. Soldier died in 1820.

Late of Wheeling Virginia (now West Virginia)- Administration 1831. Wife, Eunice and minor children, not named.
Book 4, Page 517

SHIPMAN, Joshua, Jr.
Administration 1832. Heirs- his father Joshua Sr, and heirs of his father; Charles, Frederick, Julia, wife of Nathaniel Holden, Maria, Samuel, heirs of Eliza and Joseph C. Shipman.
Book 5, Page 43

SHIPMAN, William H.
Late of Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia)- Administration 1831. Wife, Mary Anne; children-Susan, George, Anne, William.
Book 4, Page 521

Administration 9-21-1854. Heirs- Mary M., Sarah J., William M., Jesse P., and Charles A. Sinclair.
Book 9, Page 573

SKINNER, William
Will made 4-25-1825, Probated April 1841. Wife, Mary; children- Charles S., David C., Sarah C. (Ward), William P. Witness: John P. Mayberry, Timothy Cone, A. Warner.
Book 6, Page 169
Note: William Skinner was born in Carlisle, Penna. February 1763, died at Harmer, Washington County, Ohio 1840.

SLATER, Ellis Administration 1855. Heirs- David L., James W., Mary L., Emma J.
Book 9, Page 605

SMITH, Hester
Of New York City, widow of Paschal Nelson Smith, Late of New York City. Will made 9-19-1823, Probated in New York 12-14-1846, copy to Marietta March 1847. Nephews- John Aspenwall of New York City, Merchant; George Strong, Merchant; George W., and Isaac Sterrett,
sons of my deceased sister _____Sterrett; nieces- Mary B.,
Sarah Caroline, Harriett A., daughters of my deceased sister
_____Sterrett; Augusta (Dana) nee Sterrett, daughter of
my sister _____Sterrett; Harriett Artmire Randall; the
following persons are probably nieces but the relationship is not stated. Hester W., daughter of John & Rebecca (deceased) Blagg; to Juliana (surname not mentioned); to Susan Aspinwall, wife of John Aspinwall; to Elizabeth Smith, daughter of my deceased husband's brother Henry; to Ann Hadden, wife of David Hadden; To Grace Amelia Blagge; To Sarah S. Lockwood, now Sarah Deering; To Augusta, Hester and Juliana Blagge; to Rebecca Caroline Hamilton; to Sarah Platt. Witness: S. Plumb, Frederick W. Bishop, Eli Mix, 3rd.
Book 7, Page 466
Note: Will later states that Hester, Juliana and Augusta Blagge were daughters of Rebecca Blagge.

SMITH, Michael
Will made 2-6-1845, Probated September 1845. Wife, Priscilla; children- Alexander, Daniel, Michael, Hannah, Jane and Emily. Witness: Edward Dawson, Benoni Williams.
Book 7, Page 247

SMITH, Nathaniel
Will made 4-15-1817, Probated May 1817. Wife, Jemima; children- Benjamin F., Nathaniel Augustus.
Book 2, Page 18
Note: "Died at Marietta on Sunday evening, Captain Nathaniel Smith, aged 25 years. His infant son also died at this time, and both were interred in one grave."

SMITH, Paschal N.
Late of Gallia County, Ohio. Will made in New York 11-4-1805, Probated 10-6-1836. WIfe, Hester; children- Harriett, William Templer, Georgiana, Augusta; nephews- Benjamin Strong, John Aspinwall.
Book 8, Page 510

SMITH, WIlliam G.
Administration 2-6-1850. Children- Elijah, Samuel, John (deceased), Mary, wife of Richard Patton, Huldah, wife of John Test. Heirs of son John (now deceased) are Hannah, wife of Jefferson Carroll of Gallia County, Ohio and Clarinda, wife of John Hearn of Gallia County, Ohio.
Book 9, Page 404

Will made 11-16-1847, Probated March 1848. daughters- Catherina and Margaret; granson Isaac Victor Solomon. Witness: Hamilton Cree, Hugh Brown, E. Battelle, Jr.
Book 8, Page 103

Of Watertown, Ohio (formerly of Litchfield, Connecticut. Will made 3-19-1810, Probated 10-6-1837. Wife, Dorcas; children Millicent (Scoville) deceased) her heirs to have land in Ohio, also land in Harpersfield, New York; Philander F; Samuel Southmayd, Dorcas (Dutton), Alma (DeForest). Witness: Uriel Gridley, John Byron (or Bryon), Daniel Brooks.
Book 5, Page 465

SPEAR, Ebenezer
Of Salem Township. Will made 1-2-1835, Probated March 1835. Wife, Polly; children- Daniel, Ebenezer, Jr., Susannah, Polly, Roxene and son-in-law Charles Spears. Witness: Wm. Crawford, Allen Close.
Book 5, Page 182

SPRAGUE, Jonathan
Of Adams Township. Will made 8-4-1838; Probated 8-ll-l838. Wife, Hannah; children-Elijah, Seamon, Benjamin Owen, Arthur Wayne, Jonathan, Johnway (deceased), Witness: Orrin N. Morris, Henry Rose, Andrew Allison.
Book 6, Page 42
Note: Elijah Sprague born 3-10-18I8, married 1st Henrietta Morris, 2nd Lydia A. Gray, Seamon born 4-3-1821, married Mary Deval. Benjamin Owen born 10-25-1824, married Lucinda Deval. Arthur Wayne, born 4-13-1795, married Lucinda, daughter of Allen Deval. Jonathan born 4-12-1804, married Melissa Smith. Johnway's children were- Joshua born 5-8-1793, married Phoebe Brown, Cynthia born 5-4-1797, married Washington Olney Dec 13, 1795. Oliver T., M riba born 8-23-1799-died 5-6-1816.
Mrs. Sabra Sprague, consort of Jonathan Sprague died Adams Township 5-12-1815. She was nee Slemmons, born 4-30-1767 Nantucket, Mass; married Jonathan Sprague 9-18-1792. He married second Susanna Owens who died 10-6-1833, and third to Hannah Morris on March 6, 1834, she died 7-17-1867.

Administration 6-23-1852. Wife, Phoebe (Ross), children- Oliver P. and Jonathan Sprague.
Book 9, Page 332

Of Warren Township. Will made 8-5-1830, Probated August 1830. Wife, Catherine; children- Susanna (Misner), Abigail (Pickford), Jane (Morris), Humphrey N., Jacob, John, Garrett, Peter.
Book 4, Page 358
Note: Jacob Springer was a Revolutionary soldier in the New Jersey Continental Line. Served under Capt Pratt. Born 1763.

Will made 9-25-1828, Probated April 1829. Wife, Sarah; children- Joseph, Clark, Harris, Albert, Lucy (Hudson). Witness: Broadberry Hutchins, Nathan Proctor, Samuel Woods.
Book 4, Page 231

Of Zanesville, Ohio. WIll made 5-4-1839, Probated November 1843. Wife, Ann Lucy; chldren- Eliza (Flanner), Harvey, Job, Ann Lucy (Pierce), Henry, Howard, Charles and Edward. Witness: Chas. B. Goddard, Willis Hawes.
Book 7, Page 6

STANLEY, Timothy
Will made 12-10-1818- Probated March 1819. Wife, Abigail; Children- Timothy (a minor), Abigail, Thirza, Eliza, Lydia (Newell), Mary (Kellogg), Julia (all the girls under 21 years of age). Witness: Caleb Emerson, James M. Bovet, Jacob Rice.
Book 2, Page 105
Note: Timothy Stanley died 2-14-1819 aged 47 years. Abigail, his wife died 8-4-1823, aged 48 years. Eliza their daughter died 8-14-1823.

STANLEY, Daniel G.
Of Fearing Township. WIll made 7-19-1852, Probated November 1853. Children- Lot Putnam, James Thomas, (daughters not named); adopted son George W. Putnam; adopted daughter Martha W. Cottrell; brother, James Stanley. Witness: Luther Curtiss, C.H. Stanley, Joseph Lankford.
Book 9, Page 334

Of Salem, Washington County. Wll' made 3-1-1807, Probated May 1816. Wif e, Mixenda; children- Daniel Griswold, Thomas Ford, Francis Rouiandson, James, George W., Joseph, Anne (oldest daughter, a minor.), Betsey, Lucy, Clarissa, Cynthia, Sarah, Mary, Mix enda. Witness: Chas H. Martin, John Davis.
Book 2 Page 1
Note: Thomas Stanley was a revolutionary soldier- born 9-27-1762 at Wethersfield, Connecticut, son of Thomas and Mary (Francis.) Stanley. Married Anna Ford 11-27-1783, married second to Mixenda Nott. Soldier died March 14, 1816. REF: Summer's History of Washington County, Ohio.

Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 2-16-1813, Probated April 1813. Heirs are his youngest brother Rufus, and his parents, Elias and Sarah Stearns. EXR'S: Aaron W. Putnam and brother, Asa Stearns. Witness: Charlotte S. Putnam, Julia H. Putnam and D. Loring.
Book 1, Page 232

STEVENS, Abraham
Of Waterford Township. Will made 1-20-1824, Probated October 1828. Wife, Rachel; children- John, Samuel (to have land in Morgan County, Ohio on Olive Green Creek), David, James, oldest daughter Delila (deceased) wife of John Perry; Sally, wife of Joseph Williams; children of daughter Amarilla and Nathaniel Chapman, her husband. Witness: Isaac Baker, Thomas Seely, Jr., John Seely, Jr.
Book 4, Page 210

Will made 4-4-1839, Probated July 1839. Only daughter Sarah Ann Catherine (Stephens); cousins- Peter Stephes of New York, Ephriam and Benjamin Snyder Stephens. Witness Borden Stanton, Olive and John Root.
Book 5, Page 571

STEWART, Archibald
Of Providence, Rhode Island. Will made 11-17-1803, Probated November 1843. Children- Charles and Jane, wife of Walter Lawrence; to Peggy Reed, a poor girl whom I brought from Ireland; to my brother Richard Stewart of Clare, near Belle Castle, County Antrim, Ireland; to the sons of my sister Rose Thompson's two daughters of Belle Mully, near Newton in the county of Londonderry, Ireland; to William Hutton, the son of my wife Austis; mentions that his son Charles is on a voyage to Batavia, and to have estate if he returns from this voyage.
Book 7, Page 8

STILLE, Ebenezer
Of Salem Township. Will made 7-10-1814, Probated April 1821. Wife, Esther; children mentioned, not named (all minors.) Witness: Dudley Davis, John True.
Book 1, Page 205

Of New Haven, Connecticut. Will made 3-6-1813, Probated 8-22-1837. WIfe, May- following persons mentioned, probably children- Hezekiah Howe and son Ebenezer; Sally, wife of Amos Townsend; and Elias her oldest son; Hannah, oldest daughter of Hannah and Solomon Collins of New Haven, Connecticut. Witness: Robert Townsend, Asa Bradley, Eleazor Foster.
Book 5, Page 416

STONE, Clarissa
Will made 10-30-1813, Probated 6-23-1846. Nephews- Stephen, Daniel H., Charles and Sherlock Stone. Witness: Anies Spencer Nye, Mary M. Puertis.
Book 7, Page 344

STONE, Joseph
Of Union Township. Will made 9-27-1830, Probated October 1830. Children- Amanda, Collins, Vesta and Jasper (a minor); brother- Benjamin Franklin Stone. Witness: J. Cotton, William Stacey, John Stacey.
Book 4, Page 407
Note: Jasper Stone, was the son of Israel Stone who died about 1809 in Marietta leaving the following heirs- Sardine, B. F., Matilda (Smith), Jasper, Harriet H. (a minor), C. C. (a minor), and A. Stone (noted in Probate Record Book 1, Page 184.) "Amanda Stone lived in McConnellsville, Morgan County, Ohio. Collins, wife of Emerson Nash lived in Wheeling, W. Va., Vesta Stone resided in Wheeling with her sister.

STURGIS, Russel Of Boston, Mass. Will made 12-8-1815, Probated October 1831. Wife, Elizabeth, children- Nathaniel, James, George W., Sarah Paine (Pope), Elizabeth (Sturges), Ann Cushing (Sturges). Witness: Timothy Dodd, Freeman Dodd, A. P. Hodkins.
Book 4, 254
Note: Mentions undivided land in Barnstable, Mass. held with his brother Thomas (now deceased) before 1822 according to the codicil of that date. Heirs of Thomas were his wife Elizabeth and children Nancy (Freeman) Martha (Calhoun) and Esther.

TAGUE, Edward
Will made 1-10-1842, Probated October 1850 Wife, mentioned, not named; children- two sons, not named, daughters (three) only one mentioned- Mary. States his three daughters now living to have land in Harrison Township, Perry County, Ohio. EXR'S: Peter Tague and Patrick Nugent of Harrison Township, Perry County, Ohio.
Book 8, Page 513

TALBOT, Edward
Administration October 6, 1852. Wife, Catharine; children- Aquilla D., Henry, John E., Amanda, wife of Wm. S. Johnson, all residing at Plymouth, Washington County, Ohio. Other children, Jane, wife of Henry Brown, Ann G., wife of Henry Ruggles of Belmont County, Ohio, Ralph Talbot, a minor.
Book 9, Page 294

Late of Great Britain now of Union Township, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 7-5-1836, Probated September 1836. Sister, Margaret. Witness: Peter Fearnsley, Samuel W. Farmer.
Book 5, Page 317

TAYLOR, William
Will made 7-10-1823, Probated November 1823. Sisters- Fanny Taylor, Jane Miller, Catherina Minor, Marie Gitteau. EXR'S: Martha Minor, John Miller, Witness: John Cunningham, Margaret T. Bartlett, John Miller.
Book 2, Page 429

Administration 1-14-1853. Wife, Nancy; children- Eliza, wife of Jacob Barthmess, Joseph, Samuel, James, Letty, Margaret, wife of James Atkinson, children of Wiliam Templeton (deceased), John, George and Mary; Jane, daughter of George Atkinson, and her children Margaret, Nancy E., and Martin all residents of Washington County, Ohio; Mary, wife of all Snodgrass and Robert Templeton (last two mentioned of Iowa.)
Book 9, Page 512

Of Baltimore, Maryland. Will made 9-3-1837, Probated September 1837. Niece Sarah Jane Little of Baltimore to have land in Maryland, Virginia and Ohio; cousin Maty Moore of Wheeling Va, (now W. Va); to the sons of James Moore in County Antrim, Ireland, William, John and James; another brother mentioned, not named. EXRS: Sarah Jane Littel of Baltimore, George Low of Baltimore, David Barber of Ohio. Witness: P.S. Stewart, B.T. Brice, G.L. DeLong.
Book 5, Page 423

Administration 9-13-1853. Wife, Mary; children- William, Mary Ann, wife of Aaron Howe, Thomas C., now deceased and his heirs who are Matilda, Nathan, Sarah, George all living in Wood County, Virginia (now West Virginia.); Caleb S. Thornily, James and Adelina Thornily and Elizabeth Thornily, these four persons residents of Pike County, Missouri.
Book 9, Page 478

(same person as above) Will made 8-16-1844, Probated Spt. 1844. Wife, Mary; children- Calab S., Elizabeth S., Adaline Virginia, William, Thomas C., Mary Anne (Howe), James C. Witness: WIlliam West, M. H. Byard, Richard Alcock.
Book 7, Page 107
Note: Cemetery record- Col. John Thornily born Cheshire England, died 8-17-1844 aged 65 years. Mary Compton Thornily, his wife died 8-9-1875 aged 87 years. Thomas J. son of William and Elizabeth Thornily, died 8-9-1837, aged 25 years. William Thornily of Cheshire, England died 4-20-1827, aged 55 years.

Administration 1829. WIfe, Elizabeth, children-William, Thomas, Augusta, wife of James Beswick; William Irwin, Cornelia, Ann and John Thornily are children of Caleb Thornily deceased who was the son of William.

Administration 9-7-1853. Wife, Esther; children- Samuel S., Elizabeth W., Augustam wife of George Harness, Eliza D., Laura J.
Book 9, Page 503

Of Warwick County of Kent, R.I. Will made 1-13-1833, Probated April 1834. Friends-Marcy, wife of Joseph Aborn; Phoebe, widow of William Thornton; Sally, daughter of Lowry Aborn; Sarah Desire, daughter of the late John Anthony Aborn; Harriet, daughter of Thomas Aborn; Phoebe, wife of Daniel J. Harris. EXR: Joseph Aborn of Cranston, R.I.
Book 5, Page 116

TICE, Solomon, Sr.
Will made 10-26-1838, Probated 12-22-1830. Sons- John, James, David, Solomon, Jr. Witness: Samuel Martin and Nehemiah A. Hearn.
Book 5, Page 523.
Note: John was born 1780- James 1775-1851-Solomon, Jr. 1783-1864. Solomon Tice was a Revolutionary soldier, born 1750, probably in New York state, the son of Martin and Mary Tice- married Mary Ann Collier. He died 11-14-1838 aged 88 years. There were other children not mentioned in the will, Jacob, Martin, Mary, Sarah (who was born 1798 and married Jacob Newlin, a soldier of the War of 1812.

TILSON, Bethuel
Administration 1825. Children- Joseph, Bethuel, Jr., Pamela, Richard and Cornelia.
Book 3, Page 412

TILTON, Joseph
Administration 4-3-1852. children- Elizabeth, Dudley D., Harriet E., Douglas D., Dallas D., Rowen A. Tilton, Betsey M. Tilton their guardian.
Book 9, Page 223

TREADWELL, John Dexter
Of Salem, Essex County, Mass. Will made 2-7-1831, Probated March 1835. Wife, Dorothy- Son John Goodlive Treadwell; servant Sarah Emerson. Witness: Wm. Cleveland, George Cleveland, Joseph Andrew.
Book 5, Page 174

Administration 1825. Wife, Abigail; children- David, Nathaniel, Eliza, Lucinda, Hiram, Adaline, Harriett, Theron, Watson.
Book 4, Page 58

TRUE, Jabez (Physician)
Will made 1-4-1823, Probated January 1823. Wife, not named; young friend, John Mills; sisters- Hannah and Mary True, Mrs. Howard; nephew; Jabez True Howard; to Julia and Sarah, daughters of Jonathan Guitteau (deceased). Witness: S.P. Hildreth (Dr.) J.O. Preston, Asa Beach, David Putnam.
Book 2, Page 441
Note: Dr. True was a Revolutionary soldier, enlisted as surgeon. Born 1760 Hempstead, N.H. REF: Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in Revolution.

TRUE, Sarah
Will made 4-30-1835, Probated September 1836. Son John Mills; grandchildren- Julia Guitteau now the wife of John Hendrick; Henry Jackson Mills; Marietta Mills, Sarah Guitteau. Witness: Douglas Putnam, Hannah M. Putnam, David Putnam.
Book 9, Page 315
Note: Cemetery record- Dr. Jabez True died 9-5-1823 aged 63 years. Sarah, his wife (at the time of her marriage to Dr. True was the widow of John Mills, Dr.).

TUPPER, Benjamin (General)
Will probated at Marietta, Ohio July 18, 1792, Wife Huldah; children- Benjamin (youngest son a minor); Anselm, Edwart White, Minerva, wife of Ichabod Nye. Witness: Joseph Wood, Christopher Burlingame, Sukey Burlingame.
Note: Cemetery record- Minerva (Tupper) Nye, daughter of General Benjamin Tupper, and wife of Ichabod Nye died 4-20-1836. She was a native of Chesterfield, Mass. Benjamin Tupper, Sr. born at Sharon (or Stoughton), Mass 1738- died 6-7-1792 aged 54 years- Member of Massachusetts Legislature from Chesterfield. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage book Vol 34- National # 33082.
Major Anselm Tupper, son of Benjamin Tupper, in Benjamin Tupper's 11th Regiment- Adjutant in Col Sproat's Regiment in 1799 at the age of 16 years. Born 10-17-1763 at Easton, Mass-died 12-25-1808.

TUPPER, Huldah
Will made 10-5-1806, Probated April 1814. Children- Anselm, Minerva (Nye), Edward White, Benjamin, Jr. Witness: Rufus Putnam, Stephen Pierce, Wm. Rufus Putnam.
Book 1, Page 256
Note: Cemetery record- Huldah Tupper Nye, child of Minerva and Ichabod Nye born 1805, died 1838.

TUTTLE, Joel, Sr.
Of Fearing Township. Will made 1-24-1823, Probated January 1823. Wife, Huldah; children- Joel, Linus, Esther, (Stephens), Simeon, Millie (Gilbert) Lucy (Woodruff), Sally (West), and an adopted son Preserved T. Leamon. Witness: Edward Postlewaite, Ruth Shreve, David Chapman.
Book 2, Page 437

Of Union Township. Will made 9-25-1841, Probated May 1842. Wife, Tryphena; children- Lydia, Josiah, Tryphena, Olive, James, Deborah Chapman (Flanders), John Hallet, Isiah, William and Eliza Twombley. Witness: Stephen Otis, Annis Spears.
Book 6, Page 311

VANCLIEF, Mary Anne Of Waterford Township. Will made 8-29-1852, Probated 8-29-1852. Children- Daniel, Abigail (Cheedle), Betsey (Morris), Lehana (Smith), Mary Anne (Frisby). Witness: Alexander Hill, John Hill
Book 9, Page 226

Of Waterford. Will made 3-3-1816, Probated March 1816. Wife, Mary Anne- children not mentioned. Witness: Titus Kemble, Seymour Peoples.
Book 1, Page 294
Note: Peter VanClief was a Revolutionary soldier- died 3-5-1816, aged 53 years; Mary Anne, his wife-died September 1832, aged 87 years 6 months and 12 days; Jane their daughter doed 2-12-1816, aged 20 years.

Will made 11-18-1838, Probated July 1850. Children- Jesse H., Hubbard, Amelia, Asenath, Clarissa and Louisa N. Witness: Augustus S. Curtis and C. C. Eustis.
Book 8, Page 450

VAUGHN, Alexander B.
Administration 7-15-1853. Wife, Mary; children- John and Jesse.
Book 9, Page 521

WILLIAM, Vincent
Of Waterford Township. Will made 11-5-1845, Probated March 1846. Brothers Thomas and Henry Vincent; sister Mary. Witness C. S. Carey, Henry White.
Book 6, Page 304

Of Danvers, Essex County, Mass. Will made 8-1-1825, Probated December 1826. Wife , Mary to have dower land brought by her marriage, located at Lynn, Mass, inherited from her mother and father, late deceased); daughter- Betsey (Ruggles), grandchildren-John, Betsey, Elizabeth and Mary Ruggles. Also, a bequest to President and Fellows of Harvard. Witness: Nathan Felton, Jonathan Proctor, Daniel Felton.
Book 3, Page 504
Note: Benjamin Wadsworth was a Doctor of Divinity, and pastor of the North Parish Chruch at Danvers, Mass.

Will made 12-1-1843, Probated March 1843. Wife, Eleanor; children- Utley, Jr., Edward, Sally, Matilda, Liddy and Lucy. Witness: Jamas Ferguson, Rhomas W. Hill.
Book 7, Page 56

WARD, Eliza
Of Providence, R.I.- Will made 6-30-1840, Probated in Rhode Island 4-8-1845, authenticated copy to Marietta in March 1847. Heirs- niece Harriett E. Ward; to daughters of the late Rev. Stephen Gano; to Cornelia Halroyd, a married daughter of the late Stephen Gano; to Joseph Brown Benedict, to John Brown, son of;Hugh H. Brown; to kinsman, Moses Brown Ives; to niece Eliza B. Rogers; to Joseph B Rogers, husband of Eliza. Witness: Franklin and Richard W. Greene, Samuel W. Peckham.
Book 7, Page 465

WARD, William K.
Of Rochester, Monroe County, N.Y.: Administration 1832. Children- Frances Maria, Joseph Buell and William Hand Ward; to Marian B. Ward, dormerly Marian Buell, late of Rochester and deceased wife of William S. Ward.
Book 4, Page 571

Of East Windsor, Hartford County, Conn. Will made 4-15-1824, Probated at Hartford 11-2-1824, authenticated copy to Marietta June 1851. Wife Anne; children- John Jr., Polly (Tudor), Sarah Ann (Perry), Nancy (Hall), Harriett (Watson), children of my son Henry, children of my son William.
Book 8, Page 589
Correcton: Sarah Anne Perry is a granddaughter.

WATER, Patrick
Will made 1-14-1832, Probated 4-16-1852. wife, Mary L- sons- James Louis, and John B. Witness: T.J. Westgate, Martin McCarty, C.F. Buell.
Book 9, Page 113

WATERS, Bernard
Will made 3-18-1839, Probated April 1839. Requests that he be buried according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Specifies that his brother James support their mother. EXR'S: James Waters, Michael Tarpy. Witness: James McCaffrey, Michael Kelley.
Book 6, Page 534

WELLS, Robert
Will made 6-7-1852, Probated 11-17-1852. Wife Hannah; children- Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Harriett, Timothy, William Case, Polly Hannah, Julia Adelia Wells. Witness: John and J.H. Broadhurst.
Book 9, Page 252

WESTON, Samuel
Date of probation only- August 1840. Wife, Eliza Anne to have the land which he inherited from his parents in Huntington County, Pennsylvania
Witness: Otis Wheeler; Robert Crawford.
Book 6, Page 86
Note: Cemetery record-Samuel Weston died 4-22-1840, aged 26 yr.

WHIPPLE, Abraham
Of Fearing Township. Will made 10-23-1813, Probated July 1819. Wife, Sarah; daughter Katharine, widow of Col. Ebenezer Sproat; grandchildren Ebenezer Sproat Sibley and Henry Hastings Sibley to have a quadrant and sword belonging to their illuetrious grandfather. Witness: Andrew Harris, Solomon Sibley.
Book 2, Page 138
Note: Cemetery record-- Abraham Whipple, Commodore of the Rhode Island Fleet in the Revolutionary war, conducted to sea the first square rigged vessel built on the Ohio River at Marietta, thus opening commerce resources. Born 9-26-1733, died 5-27-1819. Mrs. Sarah Whipple, his wife died 10-14-1818, aged 79 years. She was a native of Providence, R.I.

Late of Muskingum County, Ohio. Will made 4-15-1845, Probated June 1845. Wife Eliza; children-Warner W., Edward Augustus and his wife Anne, and their children Anne Eliza, Sarah and Levi; Eliza W. (Putnam); Francis R; Lucy R. (Allen); William Wells; Lucy Maria; nephew Rev. George Warner; son-in-law Douglas Putnam. Witness: Augustus Stone, David Putnam, Jr.
Book 7, Page 179
Correction: Lucy Maria Whipple was a niece, not a daughter.

WHITE, John H.
Of Fearing Township. Will made 4-18-1827, Probated July 1827. Wife, Matilda; children- George-L., Mary Ann, James Howe11, Edward Howe11, Abraham Whipple, Isaac William, Hannah Matilda and Esther Leven White. Witness: Silas Hobby, Abraham Daniels.
Book 4, Page 63

Will made 1-3-1846, Probated October 1849. no heirs mentioned. Witness: Wm. Cline, Sam'l Burgess.
Book 8, Page 345

Of Fearing Township. Will made 6-2-1848, Probated October 1850. Sister Sophia, wife of John Collins, Witness: W.J. Morris; Joseph G. Colliis.
Book 8, Page 517

WHITLOCK (or Whitlock), William
Of Fearing Township. Will made 9-14-1822, Probated November 1822. Children- Henry, Elizabeth, John, William, Samuel, Sophia and Maria. Present: John True and Mary Anne Fisher.
Book 2, Page 269

WILKES, Charles
Of New York City. Will made 6-9-1833, Probated March 1835. Wife, Janet; children- Charlotte (Jeffrey), Fanny (Golden), Horatio, George, Hamilton; niece Eliza Henry; nephews John, Henry Wilkes, Edmund and Charles Wilkes; friend Chas R. Cadman of Boston.
Book 5, Page 176

WILLARD, Joseph Rev.
Will made in 1825, Probated 1826. Heirs- George J. Willard, Caroline (wife of Henry P. Wilcox; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Carpenter of New York City; Joseph Willard of Pike County, Ohio; Ellen Willard of New York City; Peter Willard of Parkersburg, Va. (now West Virginia). Note: The last three mentioned are children of Joseph Willard.
Book 4, Page 52

WILLIAMS, Williams
Will probated June 15, 1805. Wife, Martha; children: William and Alvin or Alvira. EXR: Simeon Demming. Witness: Simeon Starling and Simeon Starling, Sr.
Book 1, Page 65

Of Grandview Township. Will probated 1-22-1804. Wife, Christena; other heirs Jacob, son of Andrew Brown; David, son of Jeremiah Williamson (deceased); Susanna, mother of Jacob Brown and wife of Andrew. EXR'S: Christena Williamson, and his brother Samuel. Witness: James Riggs, Anthony Sheets, John Collins, Isaac Wilson.
Book 1, Page 78

Will probated 8-3-1830. Heir-William Pitt Racer. Witness: Royal Prentis, Feliz Regnier, Jonathan Jennings.
Book 8, Page 452
Note: Robert Williamson died 6-3-1830 aged 86 years.

Of Grandview Township. Will made 11-14-1807. Wife, Deborah; children- Moses, James, William, Samuel, Ruth, Jane (Caldwell), Elizabeth (Bryson), Sarah Williamson. Witness: Philip Whitten, James Riggs, Henry Jolly.
Book 1, Page 123
Note: Samuel Willimason was a Revolutionary soldier-Ensign 1778 in Virginia Militia. Born 1745; married Sarah Claypool- died 1808. Ref: D.A.R. Lineage book Vol 66, pg 156, Natfl # 65458.

Of Adams Township. Will made 5-14-1837, Probated June 1837. Wife, Elizabeth; children-Newell, Nelson, Lorenzo, Charles, Eliza, Polly (Lewis); grandchild Emeline Lake. Witness: George Bowen, Wm. A. Whittlesey.
Book 5, Page 384

WILSON, Elwood
Administration, 7-25-1853. Widow, Jane now residing in Noble County, Ohio; children- Rhoda Elizabeth, Eleanor Eliza, Nancy Delila, Wm. Alonzo, all children under the age of 15 years. Note: Jane Wilson, widow later married John C. Paxton.Book 9, Page 491

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