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Washington County Wills & Estates


HAAS, George Will made 2-25-1852, Probated March 1853. Heir, a friend Jacob Avineshano. (Will singed in German) Witness: Conrad Wilo, Godfried Windling.
Book 9, Page 252
HAGERMAN,  Peter Will made 2-15-1849, Probated 1849. wife, Betsey; children Betsey, Mariah (Callahan); James, Bailey, Aaron, John, Letitia (Hamilton), Rebecca Mary, and heirs of my daughter Hannah, late wife of John Hagerman. Witness: John D. Chamberlin, Adam Carney.
Book 8, Page 252
HALE, Christian Will made 3-25-1836, Probated 9-3-1857. Heirs, children, Jacob, Michael, Andrew and Caroline. (Kroeck) Hale; friends Margaret Jackson and George Hale; Witness: William Hill, Amos Parten, Simon Parten.
Book 5, Page 425
HALLEY, William  Of King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, late of Marietta, Ohio. Will made 11-10-1805, Probated (?). Children not mentioned, having been previously cared for; Witness: Coleman Brown of Fairfax County, Virginia, Edward Stoblee, of Alexandria, Va, Thomas Barker, a friend and relative. Codicil made at Marietta mentions a second wife, Bathsheba. Exr, wife. Witness: William Rufus Putnam, Samuel Denny, Porter Sawyer.
HART, Josiah Administration March 1824, Heirs, Nathan Wheeler and wife Betsey, Hawkins Hart and Josiah Hart.
Book 3, 168

Note: He was a revolutionary soldier - Surgeon's Mate on Staff of Colonel Samuel Holden Parsons- enlisted at New Britain, Connecticut. Married 1st Abigail Sherman (Sloman) born April 28, 1742 Kensington, Conn- died August 1812.
Ref: Natl D.A.F. No. 36342 and 30747.
HARVEY, John Of Barlow. Will made 4-30-1850, Probated July 1850. Sisters, Jane, and Nancy Harvey, Anna Greenlee, Martha Harvey, Catherine McCraig, Martha and Margaret Breckinridge, Mary Harvey; brother James Harvey, and heirs of Samuel Harvey. Witness: D. E. Gardiner, James Lawon (or Lawton).
Book 8, Page 451
HARVEY (HARVIE), James Of Warren, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 12-2-1841, Probated September 1847. Children, James, Jean, Mary. Amos, Margaret, Jackie, Martha and Agnes. Witness: Thos W. Lewis and Frederick Lewis, William P. Cole.
Book 8, Page 7

Note: Amos R. Harvey died July 21, 1854, aged 81 years.
HATCH, James A native of Olive Township, Morgan County, Ohio. Will made 9-4-1840, Probated Octobe 1840. Daughter, Sally; grandchildren, Barzilla, Uriah, Lyria and Harriett Pinkham. Witness: Joseph Tilton, Davis, Tilton and Josejph J. Tilton.
Book 6, Page 117

Note:  James Hatch born in Mass, died 10-8-1839 aged 76 years.
HAYWARD, Rothen Of Waterford Township. Will made May 1842. Wife, name not mentioned; children, Rothens, Edward N., Ben Benjamn T., George B., Daniel W., Columbus F., Cyrus B., Minerva (Shaw), Charlotte G., Parthea Nye Hayward. Witness: C. S. Carye, E. T. Hayward, Samuel McCallum.
Book 6, Page 313

Note: Parthea Nye Hayward died 1821, born 1788.
HAYWARD, George Will made 5-9-1852, Probated 5-12-1852. Wife, Henrietta, son George W. Witness: Mahlon Nixon, James and John Oliver.
Book 9, Page 161
HAZARD, Ebenezer Of Philadelphia, Penna. Will made July 1839. Wife, Abigail; children, Samuel, Elizabeth and Erskine.
Book 5, 567
HEALD, Levi Will made 1-14-1853, Probated 1-24-1853. Wife, Lydia; son, Samuel. Witness: Thomas Emmons and James Bowman.
Book 9, Page 377
HEALD, Smith Will made 1-8-1853, Probated 3-28-1853. Wife, ?achsah; children not mentioned. Witness: William S. Heald, Milton Fowler.
Book 9, Page 378
HEART, Alies Evelyne Of Hartford, Connecticut. Will made 4-4-1805, Probated June 1837. Wife, Charlotte; mother, Mrs. Abigail Strong, wife of Rev. Cyprian Strong, of Chatham, Mass; near relation, Edmund Riley, son of Ebenezer Riley of Berlin, Hartford County; father-in-law, Seth Overton, Esq. of Chatham, Middlesex County, Mass. Witness Jonathan Brace, A. Kinsburg, Seth Overton, Jr.
Book 5, Page 384
HEART, Jonathan Will made 8-27-1791, Probated September 1817. Heirs, William Heart, son of Dr. Josiah Heart of Weathersfield, Connecticut, who came into this country with Janathan Heart. He is to live with Selah Heart. Witness: P. Fearing and Noah Fearing.
Book 2, Page 30
HELLET, Isiah Will made 4-13-1823, Probated March 1824. Wife, Annie; children not mentioned (but states they are all minors.) Witness: Dudley Davis, Stephen Otis, Benjamin Blake.
Book 3, Page 122
HENDERSHOT, Elizabeth Administration 4-18-1854. Heirs, husband Jonathan Hendershot; children, Francis M., Louisa, Lucinda, Jonathan, Jr., Chauncey, Perry M.
Book 9, Page 519
HENDERSON, Adam Administration 4-9-1852. Widow, Isabella; children, Eliza Jane, Daniel, John F., Robert D., Joseph C. W. Henderson.
Book 9, Page 370
HENRY, Robert, 3rd Of Watertown. Will made 9-1-1844, Probated April 1845. Children, Joel, Joseph, Daniel W., Prussia Ann, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Harriet, Lucy G., Benjamin Franklin, George Owen, John. WItness: John and David Henry.
Book 7, Page 146
HENRY, Robert Of Watertown Township. WIll made 2-22-1840, Probated August 1840. Wife, Elizabeth; children John Henry, David Henry, Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary Henry. Witness: Betsy and Elizabeth Henry, Snne Starling.
Book 6, Page 83
HENSEL, John Will made 7-14-1845, Probated October 1848. Wife, Margaret; children John, Katherina (Haught) Anne Mary Hensell. Witness: John Young and Archibald Magill.
Book 8, Page 177
HILDEBRAND, George Administration 1828. Wife, Elizabeth; Children, John Hildebrand of Wesley, Washington County, Ohio, Susan, wife of Peter Depro of Missouri,
George Hildebrand of Freeport, Penna, Betsey, wife of ____
Little of Jefferson County, Ohio, Nancy, wife of George Booker of Canton, Stark County, Ohio, Solomon Hildebrand, Sarah, wife of ___Wood of Pittsburgh, Penna, Polly, wife of Daniel A. Vial of Waterford, Joel Hildebrand of Pittsburgh, Penna, 
Book 4, Page 302

Note: George Hildebrand was a Revolutionary War soldier in Captain George Reese' Company of Lancaster County, Penna,, Militia. B, 1753 in Lancaster County, Penna- married Mary Elizabeth Kinsley in 1766- had a daughter Mary who married Daniel Vial.  Soldier died 1827. Ref: D.A.R. National # 107765.
HILL, Ira Of Salem, Ohio, Will made 5-24-1823, Probated May 1842. Wife, Esther; children, Ira, Harry, Sally, Urania (Stanley), Guy, Daniel and Spedy (not mentioned in will.) Witness: John, Sarah I,, Mary, and William Magee, Jr.
Book 4, Page 313

Note: Captain Ira Hill born 7-17-1755, Goshen Conn. Son of Zenas nad Keziah Hill- married Esther Post Feb 2, 1786. He died October 13, 1841. Moved to Marietta, Ohio in 1800 with his wife and six children from Timmouth, Vt. Ref: William's History of Washington County, and Andrews Family History.
HILL, Matthew Will made 7-24-1848, Probated March 1849. Wife, Mary; son, David. C; Witness: Wm Kester and Levi Arnold.
Book 8, Page 248
HILL, William  Of Lawrence, Washington County, Ohio. Will made 12-19-1823, Probated August 1830. Wife, Sarah; children, John, William Sr., Mary (Green), Elizabeth, wife of Jasher Taylor, Margaret, wife of Reuben McVey, Maria (Hill). Witness: Margaret Twiggs, Maria and Sarah Hill.
Book 4, Page 352
HORTON, Amos Of Providence, R. I. Will made 5-9-1811, Probated 3-4-1840. Wife, Chloe, children, Mary (Walker), Andrew; granddaughter, Bessie (Betsey) Streeter, daughter of his son Samuel. Witness: Moses Brown, Samuel W. Bridgham, Philip Allen.
Book 6, Page 37
HOWARD, Edward W. Of Marietta, Ohio. Will probated 4-9-1804. Heirs, Bridget Howe and Edward Howard, son of Henry Howard. WItness: Aaron Howe, Joseph Cummings, Thomas Ramsey.
Book 1, Page 60
HOWE, Aaron Will made 2-27-1812, Probated August 1812. Wife, Rachel; son, George. Witness; Alexander Oliver, John Greene, Edwin Putnam.
Book 1, Page 202

Note: Aaron Howe formerly of Conway, Mass died 7-18-1812.
HOWE, George Will made 7-3-1823, Probated November 1823. WIfe, Mary; Mother, Rachel Howe; children not mentioned probably minors. Witness: Milton Foster, Sophia Foster, Mary Carver.
Book 2, Page 438
HUGGINS, Benjamin Of Union Township. Will made 8-17-1841, Probated March 1847. Wife, Elizabeth B; children, David, Phoebe Mary, Beulah, Enoch, John, Jason, George, William and Justin. Witness: Russell Fearing, James McLaughlin, Absalom Rousch.
Book 7, Page 472
HUMPHREY, Elisah Of Watertown, Ohio. Will made 7-5-1845, Probated September 1845. WIfe, Hannah; Two orphan children now in family (not named); a nephew of my former wife; Elisha Dowling; Sister, Mary Oviatt, Nieces, Eliza H. Alderman, Amanda E. Oviatt; nephews Joseph S, James S. Cromwell, Julius, Mark and Stephen Humphrey. WItness: David Downing, R. P. Parke.
Book 7, Page 254
HUMPHREY, Isaac -Will made 10-30-1848, Probated May 1850. Children, Joseph Bloomfield, Henry Nelson Humphrey (the latter of Sheawassa County, Corinna, Michigan; Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Bates, Cincinnati druggist, Ann Mary, wife of Ives Deming, Polly, wife of William Walls of Tioga County, Little Marsh, N.Y., Stephen Newton, husband of my late daughter Harriett and their children Almira, Mary and Charles Newton; To Charity, who is the sister of my late wife Mary Humphrey, who is the wife of Ebenezer Lindenberger, Witness: David Barber, James Whitney.
Book 8, Page 447

Note: Isaac Humphrey (ies), bo,rn in Dublin, Ireland, January 1766, died 6-2-1850.
HUNT, Joseph Of Salem Township. Will made 1-2-1827, Probated August 1830. To Hannah Hale, all money I have in Asher Hunt's hands for collection in Pennsylvania; Son-in-law, Aaron Hale; grandchildren Joseph Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt Hale; Daughter Phoebe Matson in Pennsylvania. Witness: Jos. Dowling, Asa and Ezra Perkins.
Book 4, Page 356
IDLEBUS, John Of Union Township. Will made 7-17-1849, Probated July 1850. Daughters, Christiana Foyus, Malinda Geig, Mary Peterson, Margaret Young. Witness: John C. Betz, Frederick Gelbert.
Book 8, Page 451

Note: Signed in German, and witness signed in German.
JAMES, Ryan Will made 10-7-1813, Probated March 1824. Wife, mentioned not named; step-daughter Peggy Cotton. Other children not mentioned. Witness: Wm. Thornelly, Elijah Cooper.
Book 5, Page 123
JARVIS, Peter Of Roxbury Township. Will made 12-3-1845, Probated September 1845. Wife mentioned but not named, children, Lyman, Jane (Acheson), Elizabeth (Stiles), George; Son-in-Law, Daniel Van Cleef. Witness: Adam Nulph, Wm. Milhous.
Book 7, Page 248
JENKS, Rebecca Carter Of Providence, R. I. Will made 10-13-1834, Probated September 1840. Children, Francis Carter and Amos Throop Jencks; niece (daughter of her sister, Elizabeth Ann, wife of Walter R. Danford, Esq. Witness: Thos. F. Carpenter, Henry Martin and Philip Crapo.
Book 6, Page 107
JOHNSON, George Administration April 2, 1853. Heirs, Rowena, Samria, Elizabeth, Bloomfiled, Joseph, Jacob and Isaac French Johnson.
Book 9, Page 473
JOHNSON, Jonas Will made 10-2-1815, Probated March 1816. Wife, Ruth; children Perley (a minor), Amy H., Lydia Ann and Mary Johnson. Witness: Christopher Carpenter, Elizabeth and Catherine Clark, George Dunlevy.
Book 1, Page 294

Note: Jonas Johnson born 2-14-1771, died 2-6-1816, Ruth, his wife born 1-3-1700 (?), died 8-26-1823.
JOLLY, Albert G. Of Ludlow Township. Will made 4-1-1830, Probated April 1830. Wife, Ethelinda; father, Henry Jolly (Executor of estate). Witness: Joseph Dickerson, Kenzie D. Jolly.
Book 4, Page 324
JOLLY, William H. Administration 8-23-1839. Wife, Cynthia; children not mentioned. Witness: William Pitt Putnam, O. P. Loring.
Book 6, Page 25
JOY, Benjamin Of Boston, Mass. Will made 10-6-1817, Probated May 1831. Wife, Hannah, brother, Charles, and other children mentioned but not named.
Book 4, Page 441
JUDGE, William Will made April 13, 1849, probated July 1849. Children, Michael, James, Samuel, Nancy, Ruth, Dolly and Eunice. Witness: George Gilliland and John Husel.
Book 8, Page 274
JUDSON, Abigail Of Plymouth, Mass. Will made 1-12-1842, Probated 4-2-1842. Children, Adoniram and Abigail B Judson. Witness: Levi Hubbard, Jacob H. Land, Lydia C. Churchill.
Book 7, Page 140
JUDSON, Adoniram Of Plymouth, Mass. Will made 10-6-1923, Probated 1-15-1827. Wife, Abigail; children Abigail Brown Judson, Elnathan and Adoniram, Jr. (a missionary in India.) Witness: John Punchard, Benjamin Blouchard, and Benj., Jr.
Book 4, Page 579
KEHOE, Ann Will made 3-20-1852, Probated August 1852. Heirs, mother, Mary Johnson, sisters, Matilda and Amanda, brother, Abraham. Witness: David White, Cummings Porter, Almira Porter.
Book 9, Page 199
KERR, Charles Administration September 1845. Wife, Jane; children, Jonathan, Margaret (Reese), Jane (Brown); grandchildren, Charles F., and Phoebe J., McKibbins. Witness: Ezekiel Slagle, Alfred Doud.
Book 7, Page 256
KIDD, Nathaniel Of Fearing Township. Will made 5-5-1823, Probated October 1824. Wife, Hannah; children, John, William, Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Amos, Nathaniel and Mary. Witness: Abe Hill, John Sewers, Richard Hill.
Book 3, Page 157

Note: Nathaniel Kidd was a revolutionary soldier from Westmoreland, Penna born 1743, died 1824. Came from Greensboro, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Ohio in 1805. Served under Lt. Col. John Pomeroy-Militia.
KINGSBURY, Jacob Of Franklin, New London County, Conn. Administration September 1837. Wife, Sarah; other heirs, James Wilkinson, William Eustis and Sarah Hill Kingsbury, Julia Ann and Ellis Hartshaw, Thomas Humphrey, Charles Ellis and Cusihing Kingsbury. Witness: Jesse Lathrop, William Ladd, Frederic Ladd.
Book 5, Page 414
KINSMAN, Jeremiah Of Plainfield, Windham County, Conn. Will made 3-22-1830, Probated August 1839. Children, Sarah, wife of Roswell Adams, Joanna, wife of Benjamin Bacon. Witness; Joseph Eaton, Lemuel Spalding, Pamela Eaton.
Book 6, Page 22
KNOWLES, Jesse Of Belpre, Ohio. Will made 9-14-1840, Probated October 1840. Children, Sylvester B., Cynthia A. (Guthrie), Esther R. (Knowles.) Witness: Walter Curtis, W. F. Pilcher.
Book 6, Page 22
KNOWLTON, William Will made 7-23-1828, Probated October 1828. Wife, Isabel; children, Jeremiah, Calvin, William, Luther, Robert, John. Witness: Charles McIntyre, Isaac Brown.
Book 4, Page 212


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