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Henry Bair
Died - on the 9th inst., at his residence in Wayne tp., of inflammation of the bowels, Mr. Henry Bair in the 37th year of his age. Though dead, yet he speakath. His integrity and deeds of kindness had won him many friends. He was a beloved citizen and neighbor, a true-hearted friend, a kind husband, an affectionate father, and a consistent and exemplary Christian. For years he had been trained in the school of affliction, and his pathway meandered along the turbid stream of trial and temption. His last illness was of intense suffering, but he bore it with Christian patience and fortitude. His trust was in God. A short time before he expired, he gathered his family (wife, and six children) around his bed and bade them all an encouraging farewell, with the bright prospect of immortal bliss.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
For him death had no sting- Nor could the cold, still valley of the tomb, A passing terror fling Upon his spirit, "Mid its deepest gloom, His star of Faith shone brightest, and its ray Cheer'd and illum'd his way To holier, happier climes on high Where tears are wiped from every eye, And grief and sighing never away -- Com
[Wayne County Democrat, Apr 18, 1850]

Charity Bell
DIED—On December 2d, 1868, at the residence of her son-in-law Wm. Dix, in Chatham, Medina Co, Ohio , of pneumonia, Mrs. Charity Bell, aged 70 years.
Charity Bell was born in Beaver County , Pa., April 30th, 1799, moved with. her parents to Warren, Trumbull County , Ohio, in 1808 and in 1810 again moved, to Wooster, Wayne County where she lived until her marriage to Simeon Bell, in 1817, when, they moved to Millbrook in the same county, where her husband died in 1833, leaving her seven small children. In the same year she united with the Baptist Church at Wooster where her name still stands. She lived to see the wilderness become a fruitful field, and the little settlement of three cabins a large and populous town. Of her family of seven children but three are known to ho alive. Up to her death she ever maintained her Christian character, and of her it cannot be said she has lived in vain. COM.
[Wooster Republican, Dec 10, 1868 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

Eliza Brenneman
Wooster, May 8 - Mrs. Eliza Brenneman, 85, is dead here.
[Plain Dealer, May 9, 1918]

Ida M. Brown
Died at the residence of her parents in Canaan township, August 11, Ida Margaret, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Brown, aged 1 year, 11 months and 11 days.
[Wooster Republican, Sep 3, 1863]

Samuel Eberhart
Died-- Samuel, second son of Daniel and Rachel Eberhart, of Wayne county, Ohio, a substituted volunteer in Co. F, 120th O. V. I., died in Jefferson Barracks, Mo., June 21st, 1863, aged 17 years, 5 months and 16 days.
[Wooster Republican, Sep 3, 1863]

J.B. Fike
J.B. Fike of Wooster, died last week following an operation.  He was 63 years old and leaves a wife and daughter. [The Medina Sentinel. (Medina, Ohio), June 11, 1920]

Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox of near Big Woods died Wednesday morning at the advanced age of 88 years, 11 months and 20 days. He made his home with his son, Samuel Fox, and the funeral services will be held from that home on Friday afternoon at two o'clock. Burial will be made in Oak Grove Cemetery. Several children survive some of them residing in the Western states.  [Wooster Daily News; 1 Mar 1912 - Sub. by Joyce Hambleton Whitten]

Mordecai Frairie
Mr. Mordecai Frairie of the same county (Wayne Co, OH) put a period to his existence, by cutting his throat with a case knife on the 29th ultimo. [
Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Penn.), September 19 1827 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

Maria Gerberich
Mrs. Maria Gerberich, 66, wife of Solomon Gerberich, who died Sunday in Bloomington, was buried in Wooster cemetery yesterday.
[Plain Dealer, May 9, 1918]

Lamartize Hail
Wooster, June 12 - Rev. Lamartize Hail, 67, died here.
[Plain Dealer, June 13, 1919 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

W.A. Harding
W.A. Harding, a prominent merchant of Wooster, died unexpectedly. [Daily Evening Bulletin.(Maysville [Ky.), December 06, 1881]

Joseph Hawkins
Joseph Hawkins, the oldest man in Wayne county, died on Thursday, November 16th, aged ninety-five years.
[Union County Journal, Dec 7, 1876 - Sub by L. Dietz]

John Huffstott
Died Aug. 29, 1863, of consumption, at his late residence in Wooster, John Huffstott, aged 42 years.
[Wooster Republican, Sep 3, 1863]

Sarah Knox
January 17th, 1872, Mrs. Sarah Knox, of our city, departed this life, aged 85 years, 10 months and 11 days. The deceased was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, on the 6th day of March, A. D, 1776. In the year 1810 she was united in marriage with Mr. Robert Knox, of the same county. The next year, 1811, they removed to Holmes County , Ohio aud settled about three miles south of where then village of Fredericksburgh now stands. At that time nearly the whole country was wilderness
inhabited only by wild beasts and hostile Indians with here and there a hardy and brave pioneer settler. In the year 1812, the hostility of the Indians had become so great that Mr. and Mrs. Knox were compelled to leave their rude but comfortable home and take shelter in a Block House, erected in that neighborhood for the protection of the white settlers. Whilst in the Block House, their firstborn son, then an infant, took sick and died. They met with many and sore trials—but neither the winter's storm, the wild shriek of the savage, nor any other trials were sufficient to drive them from the wilderness home. They resolutely toiled on, surmounting obstacle after obstacle until at length their wilderness was made to "bud and blossom as the rose". In the year 18?0, Mrs. Knox was compelled to mourn the death of her husband, who had so long shared her trials end troubles, her cares and sorrows. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Knox, and her family removed to the village of Fredericksburgh,where she lived fifteen or sixteen years, and in the fall of 1862, she, with, two of her daughters came to our city, where she lived to the time of her decease. Mrs. Knox was a good woman, full of faith and good works: she made a profession of religion early in life—as did also her husband—and when the associate Presbyterian Church at Fredericksburgh was first organized, they become members of that organization, (Mr. Knox having been elected a ruling Elder in that Church) and during her whole life she evinced the truth and reality of the religion she professed by a walk and conversation becoming the gospel. She was a good neighbor, a kind mother, an affectionate friend and a devout Christian. God in His wisdom has called her home, to the place of rest above, where she shall go no more out, but shall ever be with the Lord.
Dearest mother, thou has left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal;
["Wooster Republican" (Wooster, OH) Thursday, February 1, 1872]

Caspar Langell
Caspar Langell, was killed and J. B. Pinkerton had his foot crushed by the cars at Wooster, Wayne County, on the 9th, having been thrown under the wheels by their runaway team. [Source: The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland County, Ohio), December 20, 1882, Transcribed by Jeanne Hall]

Maria L. Leopold
Died - on Wednesday evening, July 31st, Maria Louisa, daughter of Charles F. and Elma H. Leopold, aged 15 months. Funeral at the residence of the father to-day, Aug 1, 1850, at 3 o'clock.
[Wayne County Democrat, Aug 1, 1850]

Sidney J. Longacre
Sidney Jane, daughter of Josiah J. and Nancy A. Longacre, and adopted daughter of Miss Sidney M. Jacobs, died in New Pittsburg, Wayne county, Ohio, Aug. 25, 1862, of dyptheria, age 7 years, 4 months and 24 days
[Wooster Republican, Sep 3, 1863]

Nancy Loop
In Wooster, on Tuesday, January 30th, 1872, at 2 ½ o'clock A. it., Mrs. Nancy Loop, aged 61 years. The deceased was the widow of Jacob Loop who died in Wooster three years ago. Mrs. Loop had been confined invalid for eighteen years faithfully cared for by tender hearts throughout the long years of her bodily suffering. For over fifty years she had been a resident of Wayne County; and was a younger daughter of Frederick Fishburn, who was one of the earliest pioneers to cross the Ohio to locate in what was then the wilderness of Wayne County. She was the mother of eight children all of whom survive her. Her funeral was largely attended by those who esteemed her in life and lament her death.
[Wooster Republican, Feb 1, 1872]

Robert Morehead
Robert Morehead, the widely known hotel man of Creston. died Tuesday morning. Mr. Morehead has been sick for many months suffering from cancer of the throat and his death has been expected. Mr. Morehead, before going into the business at Creston, was for a number of years connected with the old Washington hotel, Wooster. He was aged about 67 years. Mrs. Morehead is also very sick and is feared that her end is not far off. Mr. Morehead was a member of the Wooster Masonic bodies and his funeral at 1 p. m. Thursday will be under the auspices of Wooster Commaudery, Knights Templar.
[Mansfield News, Jan 8, 1908 - Sub by Linda Dietz]

Struck by lightening -- We are informed that yesterday during the thunder storm, a son of James Perine, six miles north of Wooster, was struck by lightening and instantly killed.
[Wayne County Democrat, Jul 18, 1850]

Daniel Pittinger
Daniel, son of Peter and Elizabeth Pittinger, died near Rewsburg, Wayne county, Ohio, August 24, 1863, of dysentary. Aged 3 years, 5 months and 11 days.
[Wooster Republican, Sep 3, 1863]

William B. Raymond
In Wooster, Feb. 17th, William B. Raymond, Esq., Atty-at-law.
[3/4/1818, re-published in "Ohio Source Records" by Ohio Genealogical Society]

A little girl aged seven years, daughter of Wm. Riffle, of Wooster, was killed by lightning on the 28th ult.
["Western Reserve Chronicle", (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, August 3, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

John Reed
- In Memoriam -
This paper was read at the funeral of Esq. Reed by the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and requested by the family of the deceased for publication in the Wooster Republican. John Reed, Esq. was born in Pennsylvania, Nov 13, 1806, and died in Burbank, Wayne County, Ohio, May 2d, 1881. He was the father of eleven children, four of whom (as also their mother) preceded their father to the spirit world.
In May 1829, they moved to Ohio, and Mr. Reed has been a resident of Wayne County ever since, and most of the time of this village. In the year 1849 he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and ever remained a loyal and acceptable member of the same. He was an officer in the church a great number of years. When he died he held the important offices of Steward and Trustee of the Church property. During eight or ten years he was Justice of the Peace, for a time assistant Revenue Collector, and when smitten down by this fearful Pneumonia, he was finishing as rapidly as possible the critical and responsible duties which were imposed upon him as Assessor of this election precinct. Esq. John Reed was a loyal citizen, a faithful husband and an affectionate father.
In all offices of trust, whether in the State of church, his honor and integrity shone out with crystal clearness, so that his unsullied reputation was never tarnished by even suspicion of trickery or hypocrisy. He made no boastful proclamation of his honesty and goodness, but left us to draw our conclusions from his words. Indeed he was a man of few words, timid as a maiden, diffident of his own ability, and appreciative of the opinions of others; he said but little, whether in a meeting for counsel or for Christian experience. He never used fine words or put on fine style, which so often, like the beautiful colors of the serpent conceal the poison. He had the simplicity and gentleness of a child, and like Nathaniel was without guile.
It wounded his soul to find a citizen attempting to conceal any of his property from the Assessor, or refusing to swear to what he had. Esq. Reed was like the citizen of Zion descried in Psa. 15, “Who sweareth to his own hurt.”
In short he was a man of unblemished character, and of the sweetest and most beautiful spirit, and of stalwart loyalty to the right as he understood it, both in the Nation and the Church.
John Whitworth, Pastor.
[Wooster Weekly Republican - Thursday, May 26, 1881 - Sub. by Cynthia Nottingham]

Reuben Reed
Reuben Reed of Burbank, died last Friday from the effects of paralysis. The funeral took place on Sunday. Reuben Reed was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, May 2, 1819, being one of a family of 11, three older brothers and one sister still survive. The family was noted for its longevity as four of his brothers have celebrated their golden weddings. He was converted in 1843 and moved to Canaan township some time after. He was a faithful Christian from conversion till death. His sufferings were not long and were borne with great patience. His last perceptable words were "Rest in my Father's house." At the time of his death his age was 88 years 7 months, and 2 days. Burial in the village cemetery. Rev. Dowling officiated.
[Wooster Weekly Republican - 8 December, 1897 - Sub. by Cynthia Nottingham]

Eugene Schaffter
Eugene Schaffter, 73 years old, of Marshallville, died at the Wooster hospital last week following an operation in which his leg was amputated.  Blood poisoning was the cause of death. [The Medina Sentinel. (Medina, Ohio), June 11, 1920, Page 4]

Barbara Smith
At Wooster (O) on the 21st inst., Mrs. Barbara Smith, aged 100 years and some months. She was a native of Germany and emigrated to America at the age of 30. Her descendants are as follows: 14 children, 95 grandchildren, 176 great grandchildren, 285 descendants, most of whom are now living in wayne county.
[6/3/1818, re-published in "Ohio Source Records" by Ohio Genealogical Society]

Charlotte S. Spink
Died - in this town on the morning of the 10th inst., Mrs. Charlotte S., wife of Julian Spink, aged 29 years, 2 months and 10 days.
[Wayne County Democrat, Jul 11, 1850]

Mrs. J. C. Tieche
Died at Wooster.
Mrs. J. C. Tieche, of Wooster, died at her home in that city on Tuesday. Mrs. Tieche was a sister of Mrs. Jacob Conrad, of 623 Rowland street, this city. Several weeks ago Mrs. Tieche was brought to this city and was taken to the Aultman hospital, where an operation was performed. A few days later she was removed to Wooster where she lingered between life and death for several days. The funeral will take place tomorrow and interment made In Wooster cemetery. [The Stark County Democrat. (Canton, Ohio), November 17, 1899, Page 8]

Mary Lou Waxenfelter
College Co-Ed Dies
Wooster, O - Mary Lou Waxenfelter, 19, Wooster college freshman, died yesterday of a skull fracture Tuesday night when struck by an automobile.
[Source: The Lima News, Jan. 7, 1937 - Sub by L. Dietz]

Rose Yager
Miss Rose Yager of Orville died last week from apoplexy.  She was very popular among those who knew her and was an ardent Red Cross worker.  She is survived by a sister in New York.  [The Medina Sentinel. (Medina, Ohio), June 11, 1920, Page 4]


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