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FATAL ACCIDENT AT RAILROAD CROSSING; Were Residents of Milford Township; Appalling Calamity
Saturday night about 9 o'clock as an auto driven by Otto D. Carey was in the act of crossing the railroad a half mile east of Butler, a fast New York Central train eastbound and traveling at terrific speed struck the car and hurled its occupants, consisting of Mr. Carey, aged 40, his wife, 35, son Laughton, 6, and Paul, 18 months, into eternity.
Mr. Carey was enroute home. As he approached the crossing a west bound freight was passing. A number of other machines were waiting, Mr. Carey being in the lead. No sooner had the caboose cleared the crossing than Mr. Carey darted upon the track and his car was struck amidship by the engine of the limited from the west.
The four occupants of the machine were instantly killed. The body of Mr. Carey was found some distance north of the tracks. It is claimed he breathed several times when people reached his side. The other three bodies were found in a heap on the track. Mr. Carey was not badly mutilated, Mrs. Carey was cut and bruised beyond recognition. The children were also badly disfigured.
The automobile was one mass of junk.
The bodies were turned over to a local undertaker and were viewed by hundreds of the morbidly curious.
The bodies were removed to the late home 5 miles southwest of Edgerton on Monday. The funeral was held from the late home Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock and was attended by a large concourse of people from far and near.
Otto Carey is the son of Thomas Carey, a life-long resident of Milford township. Mrs. Carey was the daughter of John Greenwalt. She was married to Otto Carey three years ago after the death of his first wife. [The Edgerton Earth, Edgerton, OH, Friday, July 21, 1916]

The barn on the Jacob Huffman farm was struck by lightning Thursday afternoon during an electrical storm and burned to the ground with a large quantity of hay. With heroic effort the horses were saved. Insurance will not cover the loss. Mr. Huffman resides about five miles south-east of Edgerton. ["The Edgerton Earth" Edgerton,Ohio, Friday, July 21, 1916 - Sub. by Kate Watson]

The barn of John Sleesman in Milford township was struck by lightning Wednesday night and burned to the ground together with the season's hay crop, harness, implements and twelve head of hogs, which were in a pen adjoining the barn. Insurance was carried but not sufficient to cover the loss.. [The Edgerton Earth Friday, July 21, 1916 - Sub by Kate Watson]


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