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Beaver Creek Cemetery

~ History of Beaver Creek Cemetery ~

Beaver Creek Cemetery was established on December 27, 1865, located in Grand Rapids Township, Ohio at the corner of Beaver Creek Road and Poe Road.
Beaver Creek Church was once located at the cemetery and regular classes of Sunday school and church services where held there. The church was moved by Harry Adams to the farm of John Carson and used as a tool shed in about 1920.
There are about 173 veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish~American War, WWI, and also WWII buried at Beaver Creek.

*Partial Listing*

Added by Deanna Lawrence


Date of Birth

Death Date


Adams, Addie P 1873 1906 Sect. C Row 45
Adams, Alice L 1905 1972 Sect. C Row 16
Adams, Frank 1871 1959 Sect. C Row 45
Adams, Harry W 1902 1957 Sect. C Row 16
Adams, Henry 22 Sep 1838 6 Dec 1916 Sect. D Row 24 GAR
Adams, Sarah E 1848   Sect. D Row 24
Adams, Sidney H 1926 1959 Sect. C Row 16
Adamson, Gymtim   23 May 1899 Sect. D Row 22 AGE 71y 6m 28d
Adamson, Thomas   23 May 1899 Sect. D Row 22 AGE 10m 21d
Adamson, William 1860 1919 Sect. C Row 26
Alford, Judson B M.D. 1833 1916 Sect. C Row 26
Alford, Mary S 1835 1915 Sect. C Row 26
Alford, Rose 1878 1901 Sect. C Row 26
Amos, Laura A 1893 1934 Sect. C Row 37
Amos, Robert Earl 23 May 1921   Sect. C Row 37
Armstrong, Nelson G     GAR
Ashley, Burnam L     Co. I 144 Inf. GAR
Babcock, Cora E 1898 1969 Sect. D Row 11
Babcock, Herbert R 1884 1966 Sect. C Row 4 WWI
Babcock, Homer W 1895 1981 Sect. D Row 11
Babcock, John E 1929 1964 Sect. A Row 5
Babcock, Juna Ruth 1891 1980 Sect. C Row 4
Babcock, Mary A 1872 1955 Sect. D Row 11
Babcock, Twyla P 1926   Sect. A Row 5
Bachman, Guy E 1906 1960 Sect. C Row 4
Bachman, Ira W 1879 1946 Sect. C Row 4
Bachman, Mae M 1887 1960 Sect. C Row 4
Bachman, Ruby G 1916 1956 Sect. C Row 4
Bachmann Anna C (Kistner) 1 Mar 1833 6 Jul 1896 Sect. D Row 30
Bachmann, Carl L 15 Jul 1827 18 May 1903 Sect. D Row 30
Backus, Ethel C 1884 1967 Sect. C Row 38
Backus, Howard R 1885 1951 Sect. C Row 38
Backus, J A 1860 1912 Sect. C Row 38
Backus, Jane 1859 1939 Sect. C Row 38
Bacon, Alonzo S 1846 1921 Sect. E Row 7
Bacon, Ella 1859 1928 Sect. E Row 7
Bacon, Nillie M 1845 1889 Sect. E Row 6
Bacon, Selah A 1796 1883 Sect. E Row 6
Baker, Carl L 1867 25 Sep 1891 Sect. D Row 35 - AGE 24y 10m 2d
Baker, Hope 1880 1938 Sect. M
Baker, Jane 1909 1930 Sect. M
Baker, John H 1867 1960 Sect. M
Baker, John H Jr. 1906 1957 Sect. M
Baker, Ralph Arthur 10 Dec 1893 3 Aug 1977 Sect. D Row 36 - PVT US ARMY WWI
Baker, Rickie 1886 1952 Sect. D Row 35
Baker, Samuel 1861 1938 Sect. D Row 35
Ballenbacker, Cleora 1907   Sect. F
Barton, F     CO I 144 ONG GAR
Barton, Irvin     CO A 100 ONG GAR
Bassett, Aberon E     GAR Bond 24
Bassett, Albert Newell     CO F 86 OVI
Bassett, Joseph E     CO I 144 Reg T ONG
Bassett, Levi S     CO G 60 OH INF GAR
Bayliss, Merlon L     CAPT 112 ENG 137 DIV - DDS
Bell, George L     GAR
Bock, Claude V     PVT CO 185 Brig WWI OH
Boggs, Edward     CO E 2 KY VOLS MEX WAR
Booth, Clifford R     U S ARMY WWII SGT
Bortel, Allen     CO H 68 OH INF GAR
Bortel, Henry     GAR
Bortel, I B     GAR
Bortel, John A     Am. Leg.
Bortel, L B     GAR
Bortel, Wesley H     GAR
Brown, I Newton     CO H 68 OVI
Brown, James     GAR
Brown, John W     CO B 21 REG OVI
Brown, Mathew     Civil War Vet
Brown, Morgan     CO I 144 REG ONG SGT
Brown, Samuel     CO H 68 REG GAR
Brown, William     GAR
Browning, Virgil H     OH PVT 303
Burwell, Finis S     GAR
Carr, John B     WWI Vet
Carr, Omar C     GAR
Carson, John Edger     Am. Leg.
Carson, Robert Allen     US ARMY VIETNAM PH SGT
Clark, P William     USA WWII S/SGT
Commers, Richard Henry     T SGT US ARMY WWII
Conrad, Michael     CO I 68 REG OVI GAR
Counts, James Loyd     WWII
Crawford, James Albert     CPL US ARMY KOREA
Croll, Jacob C     Spanish American War
Culbertson, Joseph L     WWI 1917-1919
Curtis, Seymour L     TEC 4 US ARMY WWII
Dennis, David     Civil War 1861-1865
Donaldson, A P     CO H 49 REG OVI
Donaldson, Ebenezer     CO H 21 OVI
Dull, Ephraim W     CO D 111 REG OVI GAR
Dull, Peter     GAR
Eckhart, Delilah L 1866 1927  
Eckhart, Edward L 1863 1948  
Eckhart, John 1872 1940  
Eckhart, Lenora 1876 1911  
Eckhart, Mary T 1839 1932  
Eckhart, Solomon 1838 1921  
Ervin, John     CO A 100 OHIO GAR
Finkenbiner, Ray M     PVT CO K 331 INF WWI
Fishburn, Hiram     CO A 102 OVI GAR
Fortney, Henry     GAR
Friess, Wilbur Wallace     WWI PVT CO L 332 INF
Fry, Ambrose     SGT CO B 111 OHIO INF
Fuller, George Blair     CPL WWI
Fuller, William H      
Gallagher, Didicus     GAR
Gallimore, Frederick Henry     WWII PVT US ARMY
Garwood, Henry     CO D 111 OHIO INF
Gens, John Louis     WWII US NAVY
Gestige, John D     GAR ARMY
Gillespie, Matthew     GAR
Gilmore, Arthur M     WWI
Gilmore, Fred K     CO H 60 OHIO INF GAR
Gilmore, G C     144 OVI GAR
Groff, E B     CO K 184 INF GAR
Guyer, Emanuel     GAR
Guyer, Joseph     GAR
Nye, Waneta M   4 Apr 1924 child
Van Scoder, John 29 Oct 1832 20 Mar 1896  


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