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Fish Cemetery

~ Fish Cemetery History ~

Fish Cemetery is located in FreedomTownship on the South end of the Zepernick Road, on top of a sand hill. Fish Cemetery was originally located on a high bank of the Portage River just outside of the town of New Rochester, Ohio. Story has it that John Y. Fish, whom the cemetery was named after, attended a funeral at the original cemetery. While at the funeral he noticed that the coffin had to be held down with polls in the grave to keep the coffin from floating, due to the water in the bottom, while the grave was being filled in. Mr. Fish went to the Trustees and offered his sand hill so there would not be anymore of that type of burial. The Trustees of Freedom Township purchased an acre from John Y. Fish for the price on $25.00 on January 14, 1858. Due to the age of the cemetery some of the old markers have been broken off and some graves are unmarked. Many of the headstones are unreadable.

*Partial Listing*


Date of Birth

Death Date


Abke, Charles F 1885 1961  
Abke, Edith L 1891 1963  
Abke, Henry F 1887 1951  
Abke, John F 16 Dec 1859 30 Dec 1889  
Abke, Marie J 1888 1959  
Abke, Melvin J 1918 1920  
Adams, Alma E 16 Sep 1928 15 Apr 1929  
Adams, Chester A 1887 1959  
Adams, Emma 13 Jul 1854 27 Aug 1934  
Adams, Ezra W 1912 1936  
Adams, John 30 Jan 1818 29 May 1900  
Adams, Katherine 5 Nov 1819 23 Jul 1880  
Adams, Sylvia M 1888 1968  


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