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A History of Center Township
Center Township was originally six miles square and was surveyed by Samuel Holmes, deputy U.S. surveyor in 1819. In 1821 the sub-divisions were run by S. Bourne. In March of 1835 the county commissioners granted the request for the organization of the township under the name of Center.

The first white settler in Center township was Benjamin Cox in 1827. He built his cabin near the Portage River, on the northeast quarter, of then section 32, the Infirmary farm. Although he did not enter the land; but after four years sold out and moved off. Benjamin Cox's son, Joseph Cox made the actual first land entry in Center on January 13, 1831, but then sold his land to Joseph Russell in April 1835.

The next land entry in Center, after Joseph Cox, was at the northwest corner by Joseph A. Sargent on October 31, 1832. For some years this tract of land entered by Mr. Sargent was owned by Nancy Flickinger. Joseph Sargent built his cabin on the west side of the street, in Plain, where he also owned land. Twelve days after Joseph Sargent entered his tract of land Adam Phillips entered the Infirmanry tract on November 1, 1832, of which he had previously bought from Benjamin Cox.

Adam Phillips
In the spring, April 1833, Adam Phillips brought his wife and family of six children in their covered wagon from Stark county, traveling through Fremont and then Lower Sandusky. When he had got to Woodville, Mr. Phillips traveled off the "road" and followed the Indian trail up the Portage river until they reached the Cox cabin, being the first man to bring a wagon through that route. Both Adam Phillips and his wife Catherine were highly respected in Wood county. A description of Adam Phillips by the author of the Pioneer Scrap Book, "He was a medium sized, dark complexioned man with keen black eyes, hair long, and usually parted in the middle; he had a loud, clarion voice and though of limited education, he had a ready flow of language and when a bit excited would get off some startling figures of speech especially on religious subjects, which were always favorite themes with Adam".

Some of the other early settlers of Center township were George Stacy, Thomas Cox, William DeWitt, Thomas Slight, Jr., and Samuel Snyder all entering land in 1833. In 1834 there was Joseph Ralston, Joseph Wade, John M. Jaques, Joseph Russell, Henry Shilvely, Wm. Zimmerman and Adam Householder.
[Information compiled from "Many Incidents and Reminiscences of the Early History of Wood County~ Pioneer Scrap Book, by Chas. W. Evers 1910 - Submitted By: DeAnna Lawrence]


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