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1890 U.S. Indian Census Schedule of the Indian Territory

Sacs and Foxes






Mary Che-Ko-Chuk    Widow abt 1822 Female
Aw-Saw-NE-Ko-Lah   Nephew abt 1880 Male
Mamie   Widow abt 1867 Female
Jack Bear  Sarah   abt 1841 Male
Sarah  Jack Wife abt 1846 Female
Anna Sanache  Jack &  Sarah Daughter abt 1872 Female
Fred Sanache Jack &  Sarah Son abt 1876 Male
Mary Bear  Jack &  Sarah Daughter abt 1869 Female
Jesse Frckett        
Jack Benas??    Nephew abt 1874 Male
Bessie Lee    Niece abt 1874 Female
H C Jones Melissa   abt 1844 Male
Melissa Jones H C Wife abt 1857 Female
Willie Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1871 Male
Louis Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1874 Male
Frank Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1876 Male
Levi Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1877 Male
Emilie Jones H C &  Melissa Daughter abt 1880 Female
Thomas Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1882 Male
Leroy Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1884 Male
Theresa Jones H C &  Melissa Daughter abt 1885 Female
Alice Jones H C &  Melissa Daughter abt 1888 Female
Arthur Jones H C &  Melissa Son abt 1890 Male
Davin Wakalle  Ella   abt 1831 Male
Ella Wakalle  Davin Wife abt 1837 Female
Rufus Wakalle  Davin &  Ella Son abt 1870 Male
Jackson Wakalle  Davin &  Ella Son abt 1872 Male
Lucin Wakalle  Davin &  Ella Son abt 1882 Male
Allie Fox Wakalle  Davin &  Ella Daughter abt 1877 Female
Eva Brown    Niece abt 1874 Female
Nugh Wallolle  Davin &  Ella Son abt 1868 Male
Webster Smith  Martha   abt 1849 Male
Martha Smith  Webster Wife abt 1856 Female
Frank Smith  Webster &  Martha Son abt 1876 Male
Ida Smith  Webster &  Martha Daughter abt 1879 Female
Benjamin Smith  Webster &  Martha Son abt 1880 Male
Rachel Smith  Webster &  Martha Daughter abt 1887 Female
Charley Smith  Webster &  Martha Son abt 1884 Male
Alex Smith    Grandson abt 1875 Male
George Grass    Single abt 1863 Male
Flora Grass    Single abt 1865 Female
Silas Grass        
Nora Barken    Widow abt 1836 Female
Matilda Barken  Nora Daughter abt 1871 Female
Mock-E-Naw   Nephew abt 1880 Male
Cora Ward        
Wah-Tah-Ko   Single abt 1866 Female
Samuel Kish     1 Sep 1890  
Artemas Ward    Single abt 1862 Male
John Brown  Josephine   abt 1859 Male
Josephine Brown  John Wife abt 1868 Female
Nancy Curtis    Widow 1 Jan 1892 Female
Timothy Baker    Single abt 1856 Male
John G Carlisle    Single abt 1868 Male
Amelia Mitchell    Widow abt 1840 Female
Leo Gokey   Grandson abt 1876 Male
Andrew Barker      abt 1835 Male
Levi Barker  Andrew Son abt 1874 Male
Minnie Barker      abt 1842 Female
Stella Barker  Minnie Daughter abt 1880 Female
Saml L Brown  A Cil   abt 1862 Male
A Cil Pott  Saml L Wife abt 1858 Female
Wm Bear  Corn   abt 1858 Male
Corn Bear  Wm Wife abt 1870 Female
Harriet Morris      abt 1855 Female
Alice Morris  Harriet Daughter abt 1880 Female
Smallwood Morris Harriet Son abt 1885 Male
Groner Morris      abt 1888 Male
Ko-Wah-Sha-Juck Groner Son abt 1888 Male
Ann      abt 1858 Female
Timothy Baker        
Ruth Miller Timothy Daughter abt 1882 Female
Jessie Lee    Sister abt 1869 Female
Mary McCoy     abt 1845 Female
Janey McCoy Mary Daughter abt 1869 Female
Dan McCoy Mary Son abt 1875 Male
Rhoda McCoy Mary Daughter abt 1876 Female
Pauline McCoy Mary Daughter abt 1880 Female
Esau McCoy Mary Son abt 1882 Male
Jacob McCoy Mary Son abt 1888 Male
Lydia McCoy Mary Daughter abt 1868 Female
Isaac Goodell Mary   abt 1848 Male
Mary Goodell Isaac Wife abt 1852 Female
Fannie Goodell Isaac &  Mary Daughter abt 1884 Female
J I Goodell Isaac &  Mary Son abt 1889 Male
Thos Jefferson Buffalow      abt 1852 Male
Clara Buffalow  Thos Jefferson Daughter abt 1878 Female
Mamie Buffalow  Thos Jefferson Daughter abt 1880 Female
Lydia Cernell    Widow abt 1864 Female
Dannie Cernell     abt 1879 Male
Fannie Whistler     abt 1848 Female
Mrs. Koth Whistler        
Pauline Whistler Koth Daughter abt 1878 Female
Guy Whistler Koth Son abt 1887 Male
Esther Whistler Koth Daughter abt 1890 Female
Julia Whistler Koth Daughter abt 1874 Female
Hattie King   Widow abt 1862 Female
Gertie King Hattie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Waw-Saw-Hol-To-Quah     abt 1822 Female
Waw-Pe-Ske-Shick   Son abt 1869 Male
Mah-Ko-Sah-Toe Barbara   abt 1832 Male
Barbara McKsalo    Wife abt 1843 Female
Rosa Battice Marier  Barbara Daughter abt 1871 Female
Mosos McKsalo    Grandson abt 1876 Male
Alma McKsato    Grandaughter  abt 1880 Female
Joseph Harns  Liza   abt 1854 Male
Liza Harns  Joseph Wife abt 1868 Female
Mary Harns Joseph &  Liza Daughter abt 1889 Female
Wm Ahaw  Jane   abt 1846 Male
Jane Ahaw  Wm Wife abt 1849 Female
Milfow Groinborn  Wm &  Jane Son abt 1872 Male
Fannie Groinborn  Wm &  Jane Daughter abt 1875 Female
Chenlie Groinborn  Wm &  Jane Son abt 1879 Male
Etta Shaw     7 Oct 1890  
Ralph Dunn      abt 1856 Male
Albert Dunn  Ralph Son abt 1880 Male
Pe-Ah-Mos-Quit     abt 1860 Female
Men-E-Quah   Daughter abt 1883 Female
Logen Kahkaque  Ellen   abt 1839 Male
Ellen Kahkaque  Logen Wife abt 1844 Female
Jesse Kahkaque  Logen &  Ellen Son abt 1876 Male
Walter Kahkaque  Logen &  Ellen Son abt 1883 Male
Frank Starr  Helen   abt 1852 Male
Helen Starr  Frank Wife abt 1860 Female
H Price Starr Frank &  Helen Son abt 1882 Male
Lilly G Eaves Starr    Sister abt 1873 Female
John Nahaste  Susan   abt 1847 Male
Susan Nahaste  John Wife abt 1858 Female
William Nahaste John &  Susan Son abt 1889 Male
Wm Patteque    Widower abt 1858 Male
Manne Taryhter        
Lomie Taryhter        
David Duncan    Single abt 1866 Male
Lottie Duncan        
May Duncan        
Alice Duncan    Single abt 1868 Female
Robert Duncan    Nephew abt 1876 Male
Richard Duncan    Nephew abt 1874 Male
Wife Rosa    Single abt 1859 Male
Maria A Adopted    Single abt 1860  
Tecumseh Sherman  Lucy   abt 1860 Male
Lucy Anderson Tecumseh Wife abt 1865 Female
Annie Anderson Tecumseh &  Lucy Daughter abt 1888 Female
Sarah A Whistler     abt 1842 Female
Gertrude Kirtley  Sarah A Daughter abt 1864 Female
Lena Kirtley Gertrude Grandaughter  abt 1882 Female
Hazel Kirtley Gertrude Grandaughter  abt 1884 Female
Jame Anderson  Hister   abt 1854 Male
Hister Anderson  Jame Wife abt 1856 Female
Neoward Nullake  Jame &  Hister Son abt 1875 Male
Charley Nullake  Jame &  Hister Son abt 1878 Male
Painter McKorato    Single abt 1862 Male
Martha Hertford    Widow abt 1821 Female
Flora Makohoko      abt 1859 Female
Wm Pattequa  Flora Daughter abt 1881  
Dickson Mokohoke  Flora Son abt 1886 Male
Alex Connolly     abt 1855 Male
Lettie Connolly Alex Daughter abt 1878 Female
Dannie Connolly    Nephew abt 1879 Male
Alice Moore Connolly     abt 1868 Female
Willie Connolly   Brother abt 1870 Male
Sarah Connolly   Sister abt 1877 Female
Shannon Connolly   Brother abt 1879 Male
Edwin L Connolly   Brother abt 1880 Male
Edgar Mack  Sarah   abt 1853 Male
Sarah Mack  Edgar Wife abt 1856 Female
Elbert Mack  Edgar & Sarah Son abt 1876 Male
Edith Benson      abt 1852 Female
Harry Benson  Edith Son abt 1885 Male
Dora  Edith Daughter abt 1882 Female
Hiram Mullake  Amander   abt 1848 Male
Amander Mullake  Hiram Wife abt 1848 Female
Henry Walter  Hiram &  Amander Son abt 1875 Male
Walter  Hiram &  Amander Son abt 1879 Male
Ulysses S Grant      abt 1855 Male
Austin Grant  Ulysses S Son abt 1880 Male
Thomas J Miles     abt 1860 Male
Mary E Miles        
Nancy Den      abt 1849 Female
Paul Godey  Nancy Son abt 1872 Male
Susan Greyeyes      abt 1843 Female
Wm G Fosler  Susan Son abt 1870 Male
Mabel WA Roele  Susan Daughter abt 1875 Female
Lydia Walker      abt 1849 Female
Leo Walker  Lydia Son abt 1880 Male
Benj Walker  Lydia Son abt 1881 Male
Gay Walker  Lydia Son abt 1883 Male
Elma Walker  Lydia Son abt 1884 Male
Iva Walker  Lydia Son abt 1887 Male
Chef Cup-Paw-He  Mary   abt 1828 Male
Mary Cup-Paw-He  Chef Wife abt 1838 Female
Lee Cup-Paw-He  Chef &  Mary Son abt 1877 Male
John Wolf      abt 1816 Male
James Wolf  John Son abt 1883 Male
Jane Wolf  John Daughter abt 1868 Female
Thos Lory  Agnes   abt 1830 Male
Agnes Lory  Thos Wife abt 1840 Female
Bertha Lory    Grandaughter  abt 1886 Female
John N Brgwalker  Sarah   abt 1842 Male
Sarah Brgwalker  John N Wife abt 1855 Female
Dollie Brgwalker  John N &  Sarah Daughter abt 1874 Female
Leila Brgwalker  John N &  Sarah Daughter abt 1881 Female
Manel Brgwalker  John N &  Sarah Daughter abt 1886 Female
Jennie Brgwalker  John N &  Sarah Daughter abt 1878 Female
Esther Brgwalker John N &  Sarah Daughter abt 1890 Female
Florence Brgwalker    Niece abt 1872 Female
James Black  Lucy   abt 1839 Male
Lucy Black  James Wife abt 1842 Female
Amos Black    Nephew abt 1880 Male
Henry Shah-Que-Quat   Single abt 1865 Male
Grace Shah-Que-Quat        
Jerome Shah-Que-Quat        
Mary Shah-Que-Quat        
Maggie Greyeyes      abt 1857 Female
George Greyeyes Maggie Son abt 1888 Male
Ruth Greyeyes  Maggie Daughter abt 1883 Female
John Grass      abt 1857 Male
Caroline Dunn      abt 1862 Female
Lewis Dunn  Caroline Son abt 1889 Male
George Manatoan  Laura   abt 1860 Male
Laura Manatoan  George Wife abt 1870 Female
Lizzie Greyeyes    Sister abt 1878 Female
Frank Davis    Nephew abt 1873 Male
Elmer Davis  George &  Laura Son abt 1890 Male
Lizzie Rice      abt 1827 Female
Edward Rice  Lizzie Son abt 1871 Male
Jack O Rice  Lizzie Son abt 1872 Male
Wm Nah-Mos-Noe      abt 1823 Male
Joseph Fox      abt 1850 Male
Dannie Johnson  Eunez   abt 1847 Male
Eunez Johnson  Dannie Wife abt 1850 Female
Julia Beuch    Niece abt 1876 Female
Geo W Pattock      abt 1858 Male
James Bem      abt 1839 Male
H P Thorp Charlotte   abt 1851 Male
Charlotte Thorp H P Wife abt 1862 Female
Minnie Thorp H P &  Charlotte Daughter abt 1876 Female
Frank Thorp H P &  Charlotte Son abt 1878 Male
Jack Thorp H P &  Charlotte Son abt 1881 Male
Jennie Thorp H P &  Charlotte Son abt 1886  
Charles Thorp H P &  Charlotte Son abt 1886 Male
Mary Thorp H P &  Charlotte Daughter abt 1889 Female
Wilson McKinney     abt 1844 Male
Jefferson McKinney Wilson Son abt 1875 Male
Lizzie McKinney Wilson Daughter abt 1882 Female
Lucy McKinney Wilson Daughter abt 1872 Female
Mary McKinney Wilson Daughter abt 1877 Female
Aaron McKinney Wilson Son abt 1879 Male
Anna McKinney Wilson Daughter abt 1880 Female
Martha McKinney Wilson Daughter abt 1884 Female
Jefferson Popo Stanley Mattie   abt 1857 Male
Mattie Stanley  Jefferson Popo Wife abt 1844 Female
Ruth Stanley  Jefferson Popo Daughter abt 1874 Female
  &  Mattie      
Carrie Popo   Sister abt 1873 Female
Edney Thrift   Niece abt 1880 Female
Thomas Stanley Wm Thrift   Nephew abt 1883 Male
Moses Keokuk      abt 1822 Male
Ke-O-Kuhs-Benn Rhoebe     Male
Rhoebe Keokuk  Ke-O-Kuhs-Benn Wife abt 1838 Female
Frank Keokuk    Grandson abt 1874 Male
John Earle Keokuk   Grandson abt 1877 Male
Cassie Eaten      abt 1865 Female
L Dow Eaten Cassie Son abt 1882 Male
Cassie Eaten        
Comly Luke   Single abt 1865 Male
Robert Falls  Emily   abt 1845 Male
Emily Falls  Robert Wife abt 1853 Female
Grover Falls  Robert &  Emily Son abt 1873 Male
Annie Falls  Robert &  Emily Son abt 1875  
David Falls  Robert &  Emily Son abt 1883 Male
Danniel Falls  Robert &  Emily Son abt 1879 Male
Luella Falls  Robert &  Emily Daughter abt 1886 Female
Beaver Falls  Robert &  Emily Son abt 1889 Male

William Harris Sarah   abt 1845 Male
Sarah Harris William Wife abt 1857 Female
Irene Harris William,  Sarah Daughter abt 1874 Female
Julia Harris William,  Sarah Daughter abt 1877 Female
Fannie Harris William,  Sarah Daughter abt 1881 Female
Benjamin Harris William,  Sarah Son abt 1883 Male
David Harris William,  Sarah Son abt 1887 Male
Liza Gokey   Widow abt 1864 Female
Louis Gokey Liza Son abt 1888 Male
Frank Gokey Liza Son abt 1889 Male
Man-Ah-Ket-To   Nephew abt 1869 Male
Kish-Cut-Che     abt 1858 Female
Nah-Kah-Pigue   Daughter abt 1882 Female
She-She-No-Quah   Daughter abt 1885 Female
Met-Tep-Po-Ah   Daughter abt 1880 Female
Mah-Shaw-Nah   Son abt 1889 Male
Pen-Naw-SE     abt 1846 Male
Waw-SE-Tal-O-Quah   Wife abt 1847 Female
Uck-Ko-Nique   Son abt 1880 Male
Maw-Que-Kush   Son abt 1885 Male
Squah-Sah   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Mollie Gerthire      abt 1852 Female
Leona Grey Lyes  Mollie Gerthire Daughter abt 1882 Female
Shelah Guthrie Mollie Gerthire Daughter abt 1888 Female
O P Moxton     abt 1864 Male
Nah-Ah-Que-She O P Moxton Wife abt 1872 Female
Fannie O P Moxton Daughter abt 1888 Female
Charles Keokuk Laura   abt 1854 Male
Laura Keokuk Charles Wife abt 1863 Female
Peyton Keokuk Charles,  Laura Son abt 1885 Male
Frank Keokuk Charles,  Laura Son abt 1871 Male
Ino Earle Keokuk Charles,  Laura Son abt 1877 Male
Fanne Keokuk Charles,  Laura Son abt 1889 Male
Jennie McCoonse     abt 1856 Female
Lena McCoonse Jennie Daughter abt 1879 Female
Milton Carter     abt 1858 Male
Mah-Ke-SE-Taw Milton Wife abt 1861 Female
Pah-Che-To Milton Son abt 1886 Male
Sadie Carter Milton Daughter abt 1889 Female
Joe Carter   Brother abt 1871 Male
Sarah Carter   Sister abt 1876 Female
Jessie Carter   Brother abt 1860 Male
Frank Carter   Brother abt 1868 Male
Henry Miller      abt 1850 Male
Tom White  Ida   abt 1852 Male
Ida White Tom Wife abt 1853 Female
James Tyner White   Nephew abt 1880 Male
Wm Parkinson      abt 1830 Male
Corn Shaqriequat      abt 1832 Female
Jno A Logan  Hattie                              abt 1840 Male
Linda Mesawat  Julia Daughter abt 1884 Female
Harry Johnson  Jane   abt 1856 Male
Jane Johnson  Harry Wife abt 1869 Female
Orlando Johnson  Harry &  Jane Son abt 1886 Male
Aw-Ko-See     abt 1844 Male
Pe-Ah-Chen-Wah   Son abt 1872 Male
Oke-Maw-Waw-Tup-Pe   Son abt 1875 Male
Naw-Naw-Aw-Pe   Son abt 1877 Male
Willie   Son abt 1889 Male
Maw-la-Lo-Wah-Quah   Mother abt 1823 Female
Julia Coryer    Widow abt 1865 Female
Henry Clifford Morton  Julia Son abt 1882 Male
George Oliver Morton Julia Son abt 1885 Male
Mary Conger        
Heiram Gibbs  Dose   abt 1844 Male
Dose Gibbs Heiram Wife abt 1842 Female
Mauda Scott  Heiram &  Dose Daughter abt 1872 Female
Mary Gibbs  Heiram &  Dose Daughter abt 1876 Female
Alice Gibbs  Heiram &  Dose Daughter abt 1878 Female
Gibbert Gibbs  Heiram &  Dose Son abt 1881 Male
Linda Rogers  Heiram &  Dose Daughter abt 1869 Female
Susie Scott  Linda Grandson abt 1887  
Joseph Scott    Grandaughter  abt 1890  
Gabinel Marshall      abt 1830 Male
Bittie Ollin      abt 1865 Female
Martha Moms      abt 1826 Female
Susan Franklin   Grandaughter  abt 1876 Female
Alex Jefferson    Grandaughter  abt 1876  
Maggie Jefferson    Stepdaughter abt 1876 Female
Benj Franklin  Lona   abt 1858 Male
Lona Franklin  Benj Wife abt 1869 Female
Randal Franklin  Benj &  Lona Son abt 1888 Male
Osmond Franklin  Benj &  Lona Daughter abt 1882 Female
Christina Franklin  Benj & Lona Daughter abt 1890 Female
Timothy Baker  Eva   abt 1856 Male
Eva Wyman  Timothy Wife abt 1847 Female
Bertha Wyman  Timothy &  Eva Daughter abt 1877 Female
Esau Wyman  Timothy &  Eva Son abt 1883 Male
Jacob Wyman  Timothy &  Eva Son abt 1874 Male
Peter Wyman  Timothy &  Eva Son abt 1887 Male
Reuben Wyman    Nephew abt 1871 Male
Mary Varyhton    Niece abt 1879 Female
Joe Northfork      abt 1850 Male
Fannie Randall      abt 1843 Female
Paul Randall  Fannie Son abt 1887 Male
Benj Harrison  Martha   abt 1840 Male
Martha Harrison  Benj Wife abt 1843 Female
Stephen Harrison  Benj &  Martha Son abt 1875 Male
Rufus Harrison  Benj &  Martha Son abt 1881 Male
Lyoia Grant    Widow abt 1865 Female
Saquinaw Grant  Lyoia Son abt 1886 Male
Caroline Grant        
Joshua Givens  Gertrude   abt 1842 Male
Gertrude Givens  Joshua Wife abt 1839 Female
Sane Givens  Joshua &  Gertrude Son abt 1880 Male
Charlotte Patteque  Joshua &  Gertrude Daughter abt 1883 Female
Eveline Givers  Joshua &  Gertrude Daughter abt 1877 Female
Lucy Thurman  Joshua &  Gertrude Daughter abt 1869 Female
Allen G Thurman  Lucy Grandson abt 1887 Male
Jno L Sullivan  Maggie   abt 1845 Male
Maggie Sullivan  Jno L Wife abt 1850 Female
Norina Sullivan  Jno L &  Maggie Daughter abt 1877 Female
Lewis Sullivan  Jno L &  Maggie Son abt 1879 Male
Roger Sullivan  Jno L &  Maggie Son abt 1883 Male
Clarence Prickett      abt 1844 Male
Jesse Pickett  Clarence Son abt 1873 Male
Mary Pickett         
Jesse Pickett        
Louiso Carter      abt 1868 Female
Martha Carter Louiso Daughter abt 1889 Female
Jennie Jefferson      abt 1850 Female
Julia Grant  Jennie Daughter abt 1876 Female
Edward Shaw  Jennie Son abt 1884 Male
George Appletia  Jennie Daughter abt 1880  
Abbie Pedrach      abt 1843 Female
Dennis Coon  Nancy   abt 1858 Male
Nancy Coon Dennis Wife   Female
Paul Hokey Coon        
Eva Wheeler      abt 1849 Female
Susan Taylor      abt 1817 Female
Jessie James  Dollie   abt 1861 Male
Dollie James  Jessie Wife abt 1869 Female
Frank James  Jessie &  Dollie Son abt 1884 Male
Juliet James         
Wm Clark      abt 1834 Male
Samie Houston  Judith   abt 1856 Male
Judith Houston  Samie Wife abt 1846 Female
Madeline Houston  Samie &  Judith Daughter abt 1880 Female
Grace Wife      abt 1862 Female
Jerome Sonaf  Grace Son abt 1886 Male
Geo Washington      abt 1836 Male
Albert Washington  Geo Son abt 1871 Male
Mary Washington      abt 1786 Female
Henry Chey      abt 1851 Male
Mary Neal      abt 1851 Female
Veton Neal  Mary Son abt 1879 Male
Victor Neal  Mary Son abt 1887 Male
Moush Neal  Mary Son abt 1876 Male
Keslove Neal        
Charley Crane      abt 1865 Male
Lizzie Crane      abt 1831 Female
Lottie Dunean      abt 1865 Female
Jame Hawk  Uince   abt 1837 Male
Uince Hawk  Jame Wife abt 1838 Female
Richard Hawk  Jame & Uince Son abt 1878 Male
Francis Harris  Jame &  Uince               Daughter abt 1884 Female
Stella Hawk Jame &  Uince Daughter abt 1888 Female
Geo B McClellan      abt 1836 Male
Flora McClellan  Geo B Daughter abt 1872 Female
Edward McClellan  Geo B Son abt 1878 Male
Oscar McClellan  Geo B Son abt 1883 Male
John McClellan  Esther   abt 1868 Male
Esther McClellan  John Wife abt 1873 Female
George W McClellan John &  Esther Son abt 1889 Male
Liza McClellan        
Wm Peunock  Hester   abt 1866 Male
Hester Peunock  Wm Wife abt 1860 Female
Thos McClellan  Rebecca   abt 1865 Male
Rebecca McClellan  Thos Wife abt 1853 Female
Bishop W Perkins      abt 1830 Male
Wolf Jerome Wolf      abt 1865 Male
Chas H Mansur  Rhoda   abt 1830 Male
Rhoda Mansur  Chas H Wife abt 1832 Female
Now Lucy Hall  Chas H &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1870 Female
Hannah Mansur  Chas H &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1873 Female
Betsey Mansur  Chas H &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1878 Female
Julia Daniel   Grandaughter  abt 1887 Female
Ida    Grandaughter  abt 1883 Female
John Son    Grandson abt 1890 Male
Nancy Mannis  Chas H &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1890 Female
Denne W Peel  Heelen   abt 1836 Male
Heelen Peel  Denne W Wife abt 1838 Female
Harry Hall    Single abt 1865 Male
Jno R Hall  Jane   abt 1851 Male
Jane Hall  Jno R Wife abt 1856 Female
Same L Hall  Jno R &  Jane Son abt 1880 Male
Peter Hall  Jno R &  Jane Son abt 1882 Male
Albert Hall  Jno R &  Jane Son abt 1888 Male
Watt Grayson      abt 1854 Male
James Mitchell      abt 1841 Male
Egbert Mitchell    Grandson abt 1880 Male
Jane Bentley    Widow abt 1854 Female
Samuel Bass    Single abt 1868 Male
Nancy Blach      abt 1865 Female
Roberth Heurter  Mary   abt 1856 Male
Mary Heurter  Roberth Wife abt 1857 Female
George Heurter  Roberth &  Mary Son abt 1873 Male
Henry Heurter  Roberth & Mary Son abt 1875 Male
Emma Heurter  Roberth &  Mary Daughter abt 1880 Female
Oshkort Heurter  Roberth &  Mary Son abt 1839 Male
Harrison Heurter Roberth &  Mary Son abt 1888 Male
Isaac Struble      abt 1858 Male
George Struble  Isaac Son abt 1882 Male
Ada Struble  Isaac Daughter abt 1887 Female
James Hawk  Maggie   abt 1863 Male
Maggie Hawk  James Wife abt 1865 Female
Silas Hawk  James &  Maggie Son abt 1885 Male
John     Sep 1890  
Clarence Turner  Fannie   abt 1844 Male
Fannie Turner  Clarence Wife abt 1850 Female
Thomas Turner  Clarence &  Fannie Son abt 1882 Male
Earl Turner  Clarence &  Fannie Son abt 1886 Male
Mallie Turner  Clarence &  Fannie Daughter abt 1890 Female
James Wilson  Bettie   abt 1851 Male
Bettie Wilson  James Wife abt 1868 Female
Susan Madison      abt 1841 Female
Richard Madison  Susan Son abt 1879 Male
Harvey Madison    Grandson abt 1887 Male
Julia Hodge      abt 1850 Female
Inez Now  Julia Daughter abt 1870 Female
Mary Hodge  Julia Daughter abt 1878 Female
Ke-Waw-Haw Julia Daughter abt 1880 Female
Corrie Bass  Julia Daughter abt 1886 Female
Cora Bass    Grandaughter  abt 1888 Female
Talbert Whites   Single abt 1859 Male
Nancy Cluthier    Cousin abt 1872 Female
Mary A Mean     abt 1827 Female
Oliver Jackson  Lucy   abt 1863 Male
Lucy Connolly  Oliver Wife abt 1867 Female
Mary Plumb      abt 1863  
Minnie Plumb  Mary Daughter abt 1885 Female
Waw-Ko-Pah-She-Toe Mary Son abt 1889 Male


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1890 U.S. Indian Census Schedule of the Indian Territory
Ioway Tribe


Parent or spouse names

Relation to Head

Birth Date


William Falk Maggie   abt 1847 Male
Maggie Tohee William Wife abt 1850 Female
Ether-Gui-He William, Son abt 1872 Male
Emma   Niece abt 1875 Female
Pah-NE-ME     abt 1837 Female
Mary Squirrel   Niece abt 1874 Female
David Tohee     abt 1863 Male
Mary Weal Tohee David Daughter abt 1889 Female
Garrie Squirrel Julia   abt 1863 Male
Julia Garrie Wife abt 1868 Female
Wah-To-Gra-ME Garrie, Daughter abt 1887 Female
Kish-Tah-Che-Un   Widow abt 1861 Female
Joe Vetters     abt 1836 Male
Thy-Ah-Pe-ME-Gra-ME Joe Wife abt 1831 Female
Sam Vetters Joe Son abt 1870 Male
Lucy Vetters   Niece abt 1877 Female
WY-I-Hom-MI   Grandaughter (Granddaughter) abt 1889 Female
Ka-Ther-MI-Na Mary   abt 1831 Male
Mary   Wife abt 1834 Female
Anna Mary Daughter abt 1873 Female
Thos Stanley Mary Son abt 1881 Male
Jane     abt 1868 Female
Hog-Gra-Ah-Chey     abt 1836 Male
Gra-Taw-Tha-WA-ME   Wife abt 1834 Female
Au-Gre   Daughter abt 1870 Female
Joseph Embler     abt 1864 Male
Daniel Falk     abt 1858 Male
Ganes Falk Daniel Son abt 1882 Male
Amalia Falk Daniel Daughter abt 1884 Female
Julia Falk   Niece abt 1869 Female
Margaret Falk   Niece abt 1886 Female
Benjamin Hallowell Wannie   abt 1853 Male
Wannie Hallowell Benjamin Wife abt 1869 Female
Harry Fask Benjamin, Son abt 1888 Male
Irene Hallowell Benjamin, Daughter abt 1889 Female
Big Ear Theresa   abt 1818 Male
Theresa Big Wife abt 1822 Female
MO-Kak-Ka   Grandson abt 1878 Male
James Whitewater     abt 1868 Male
Annie Rubideau     abt 1855 Female
Jennie Rubideau Annie Daughter abt 1877 Female
Farrar Rubideau Annie Son abt 1884 Male
Fannie Rubideau Annie Daughter abt 1887 Female
Lizzie Rubideau   Grandaughter (Granddaughter) abt 1889 Female
Wo-Ah-Tom     abt 1822 Female
Kah-Pock-Gue-Che   Grandson abt 1876 Male
Eliza Whiter      abt 1851 Female
Sah-Too-Shis-She-ME  Eliza Daughter abt 1875 Female
Sha-Tah-Cher     abt 1856 Female
Tower Send   Son abt 1880 Male
Jefferson White Jond     abt 1846 Male
Susan White Jond     abt 1856 Female
Julia White Jond     abt 1877 Female
Mary White Jond     abt 1884 Female
Emma White Jond     abt 1886 Female
Phoebe White Jond     abt 1887 Female
Lizzie White Jond     abt 1889 Female
Kerwin Murray Mary   abt 1840 Male
Mary Murray Kerwin Wife abt 1837 Female
Charles C Murray Kerwin, Son abt 1877 Male
Gra-Ta-Ha-ME-NE   Widow abt 1817 Female
Hot-Chi-See     abt 1834 Male
Muc-Curn-Frem-e   Wife abt 1833 Female
Hay-We-Cov-Lah   Widower abt 1823 Male
Victor Dupee Mary   abt 1855 Male
Mary Dupee Victor Wife abt 1858 Female
Emily Dupee Victor, Daughter abt 1878 Female
Louisa Dupee Victor, Daughter abt 1886 Female
Frederick Dupee Victor, Son abt 1889 Male
Waw-A-No-Way Susan   abt 1832 Male
Susan   Wife abt 1828 Female
Wallie Susan Daughter abt 1871 Female
Frank Waw-A-No-Way May   abt 1861 Male
May Frank Wife abt 1869 Female
Mary Frank, Daughter abt 1888 Female
Abraham Lincoln Maggie   abt 1848 Male
Maggie Lincoln Abraham Wife abt 1849 Female
Thomas Lincoln Abraham, Son abt 1877 Male
William Lincoln Abraham, Son abt 1886 Male
Billie Lincoln Abraham, Son abt 1888 Male
William Dole     abt 1844 Male
Christian MO-Hee     abt 1860 Female
Maggie MO-Hee Christian Daughter abt 1873 Female
Charley MO-Hee Christian Son abt 1888 Male
John MO-Hee   Grandson abt 1889 Male
Medicine Horse     abt 1828 Male
Mah-Che-Che-ME Medicine Wife abt 1838 Female
Charley Ki-He-GA   Bachelor abt 1862 Male
Willix Dole Josie   abt 1863 Male
Josie Willix Wife abt 1869 Female
Jacob Willix, Son abt 1886 Male
Tom Dorian     abt 1845 Male
WA-Ho-Nee-Mie Tom Wife abt 1846 Female
Moses Lucinda   abt 1850 Male
Lucinda Moses Wife abt 1842 Female
Isaa Perry Sidney   abt 1853 Male
Sidney Isaa Perry Wife abt 1855 Female
William Hamilton   Widower abt 1853 Male
Joseph Spinger Lizzie   abt 1864 Male
Lizzie Spinger Joseph Wife abt 1858 Female
Willie Spinger Joseph, Son abt 1880 Male
Elsie Spinger  Joseph, Daughter abt 1886 Female



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