1890 U.S. Indian Census Schedule of the Indian Territory

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Name Parent or spouse names Relation to Head Birth Date Gender
John Williams   Head of Family abt 1841 Male
Natt-A-la Williams Belle Wife abt 1845 Female
James Williams   Grandson abt 1881 Male
David Williams   Grandson abt 1883 Male
Lolla Collens Roda Head of Family  abt 1850  
Roda Collens Lolla Wife abt 1853 Female
Lee Collens Lolla Son abt 1883 Male
Peter Collens Lolla Son abt 1886 Male
Anna Collens Lolla Daughter abt 1888 Female
John Kaise   H Step F abt 1830 Male
Millie Kaise Lolla Wife abt 1855 Female
Jomarcus Jessie   Stepson abt 1879 Male
Elsie   Grandmother, abt 1820 Female
Bertha Jessie   Grandaughter  abt 1884 Female
Cisco Jessie   Grandson abt 1884 Male
Jessie Eliza Husband abt 1835 Male
Eliza Jessie Jessie Wife abt 1845 Female
Sanasta   Brother abt 1805 Male
Oc-Coy-Yo   Sister abt 1825 Female
Louis Apach Kitty Head of Family  abt 1853 Male
Kitty Apach Louis Wife abt 1865 Female
William Apach Louis, Kitty Son abt 1882 Male
Kate Apach Louis, Kitty Daughter abt 1885 Female
Addie Apach Louis, Kitty Daughter abt 1887 Female
Brewer Apach Louis, Kitty Son abt 1889 Male
William Stevens Nancy Husband abt 1869 Male
Nancy Stevens William Wife abt 1866 Female
Grant Richards Winnie Head of Family  abt 1840 Male
Winnie Richards Grant Wife abt 1850 Female
Green Richards Grant, Winnie Son abt 1880 Male
Jacob Cooper Winnie Stepson abt 1879 Male
Lamar Richards Mary Head of Family  abt 1862 Male
Mary Richards Lamar Wife abt 1865 Female
Fannie Bell Richards Lamar, Mary Daughter abt 1883 Female
Thomas Hill Richards Lamar, Mary Son abt 1889 Male
Standing Buffalo   Father abt 1840 Male
John Rush Buffalo Standing Buffalo Son abt 1876 Male
Lillie Buffalo Standing Buffalo Daughter abt 1878 Female
Jack Rush Jennie Husband abt 1850 Male
Jennie Rush Jack Wife abt 1853 Female
Joseph Loco Ellen Head of Family abt 1864 Male
Ellen Loco Joseph Wife abt 1872 Female
Walter Loco Joseph, Son abt 1890 Male
George Miles Walsie Head of Family  abt 1855 Male
Walsie Miles George Wife abt 1860 Female
Effie Miles George, Walsie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Sherman Miles   Father abt 1853 Male
Laurie Miles Sherman Daughter abt 1889 Female
Buck Bill Lucy Husband abt 1830 Male
Lucy Bill Buck Wife abt 1830 Female
Sargent Johnson Lotta Husband abt 1825 Male
Lotta Johnson Sargent Wife abt 1840 Female
Molly Keta   Mother abt 1813 Female
CO-A-Cha-Na Keta  Molly Daughter abt 1855 Female
Lexana Yah   Mother abt 1858 Female
Robert Yah Lexana Son abt 1880 Male
Daniel Yah Lexana Son abt 1882 Male
Martha Yah Lexana Daughter abt 1890 Female
Ella   By Himself abt 1805 Female
Nelly Purce   By Himself        abt 1814 Female
Julia   By Himself abt 1812 Female
Rachel   By Himself abt 1805 Female
Mollie   By Himself abt 1835 Female
Yoeco   By Himself abt 1822 Female
Mal-Li-Ah   By Himself abt 1810 Female
Lillie   By Himself abt 1812 Female
Min-Na-Ha-Ha   By Himself abt 1825 Female
Lucy   By Himself abt 1814 Female
Dinah   By Himself abt 1810 Female
Susan   By Himself abt 1808 Female
Mariah   By Himself abt 1805 Female
Peter Dupees   By Himself abt 1853 Male
John Allen   By Himself abt 1869 Male
Frank Mason   By Himself abt 1869 Male
Thomas Jackson   By Himself abt 1869 Male
Cyntha Frazier   By Himself abt 1869 Female


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1889 U.S. Indian Census Schedule of the Indian Territory
Otoe Tribe


Parent or spouse names

Relation to Head

Birth Date


Nar-Ra-Gar-Ra   Head abt 1833 Male
Dar-War-Ho-Har-ME   Wife abt 1833 Female
Ruth Atkins    Daughter abt 1877 Female
Sa-Ha-Mg-a   Son abt 1881 Male
WA-Hon-Nar-Yea   Head abt 1843 Male
War-Comdar-Che-ME   Wife abt 1842 Female
Moon-Cha-Him-Cha   Head abt 1833 Male
Gra-Dan-Thar-ME   Wife abt 1843 Female
Mary Ely    Grandaughter  abt 1886 Female
Jim AR-Ke-Ko Tur    Head abt 1843 Male
MA-Gra-Che-ME Jim Wife abt 1847 Female
Minnie AR-K-K-Tin  Jim Daughter abt 1870 Female
Jim AR-K-K-Tin Junior  Jim Son abt 1873 Male
Cha-Yea-ME Jim Daughter abt 1884 Female
John    Head abt 1838 Male
Sa-Tar-Go-ME John Wife abt 1853 Female
Belle Woolsey  John Daughter abt 1884 Female
Emma Woolsey  John Daughter abt 1887 Female
Missouri Chief    Head abt 1823  
NE-NE-N-Che Missouri Chief Wife abt 1823 Female
George Washington   Nephew abt 1871 Male
Charles Washington   Nephew abt 1872 Male
White Horse  Sarah Head abt 1833 Male
Sarah White Horse  White Horse Wife abt 1823 Female
Julia White Horse White Horse &  Sarah Daughter abt 1877 Female
George AR-K-K-Tur  Moy Head abt 1843 Male
Moy AR-K-K-Tur  George Wife abt 1856 Female
Mollie AR-K-K-Tur  George &  Moy Daughter abt 1887 Female
Alfred AR-K-K-Tur George &  Moy Son abt 1869 Male
Sam AR-K-K-Tur George &  Moy Son abt 1888 Male
Par-The-ME   Head abt 1848 Female
No-Nath   Son abt 1882 Male
War-To-Gar-ME   Daughter abt 1885 Female
Mary Childs   Daughter abt 1888 Female
David Childs   Son abt 1888 Male
Far-WA-N-Ha-ME   Head abt 1852 Female
John Charland   Son abt 1884 Male
Anna Basset   Daughter abt 1870 Female
Bert Diamand   Head abt 1863 Male
Eme-At-Has-ME-Che Bert Wife abt 1862 Female
No-Ho-Chi-Ning-A-Sing-a   Head abt 1833 Male
Mon-Che-GA   Wife abt 1813 Female
E-Check-Re-ME   Grandaughter  abt 1883 Female
Coon Skin    By Himself abt 1853 Male
Ha-WA-Pe-ME   By Himself abt 1813 Female
Sam Hudson    Head abt 1843 Male
Ka-Par-Nath-a Sam Wife abt 1843 Female
John Hudson  Sam Son abt 1873 Male
Wendall Jackson Bertha Head abt 1861 Male
Bertha Jackson  Wendall Wife abt 1868 Female
Mollie Jackson                         Wendall &  Bertha Daughter abt 1885 Female
Pearl Jackson Wendall &  Bertha Daughter abt 1889 Female
Mitchel Derain Susie Head abt 1861 Male
Susie Dearin  Mitchel Wife abt 1871 Female
Frank Derain Mitchel &Susie Son abt 1888 Male
Man-Coo-Zea Emily Head abt 1853 Male
Emily Derain    Wife abt 1872 Female
Eliza Osherman Emily Daughter abt 1879 Female
Frank Barr Emily Son abt 1888 Male
Sophia Black Hawk   Head abt 1853 Female
Belle Black Hawk  Sophia Daughter abt 1881 Female
AR-Hoo-Tha   Head abt 1843 Male
N-Ra-ME   Wife abt 1843 Female
Nar-We-M-Cha-ME   Head abt 1843 Female
Dick Jackson    Grandson abt 1882 Male
John Derain   By Himself abt 1823 Male
Charles Duncan  Ella Head abt 1857 Male
Ella Duncan  Charles Wife abt 1870 Female
Nina Duncan Charles &  Ella Daughter abt 1889 Female
Little Snake    By Himself abt 1857 Male
A-War-Cha-He-ME   Head abt 1847 Female
Mollie Wilson    Daughter abt 1882 Female
Buffalo Eye    Head abt 1847 Male
Jack Saunders  Buffalo Eye Son abt 1872 Male
Charles Wilson  Buffalo Eye Son abt 1879 Male
Granet Barnes   By Himself abt 1862 Male
Antoine Robedeaux Sallie Head abt 1847 Male
Sallie Robedeaux  Antoine Wife abt 1855 Female
Belle Robedeaux  Antoine &  Sallie Daughter abt 1880 Female
Kate Robedeaux  Antoine &  Sallie Daughter abt 1882 Female
Alice Robedeaux  Antoine &  Sallie Daughter abt 1886 Female
Mary Robedeaux Antoine &  Sallie Daughter abt 1887 Female
Man-E-Wo-Ko-ME   By Himself abt 1824 Female
Jim White Claud   By Himself abt 1863 Male
John Pipestion  Maud Head abt 1866 Male
Maud Pipeation  John Wife abt 1869 Female
Felix Durt    Nephew abt 1886 Male
Audy Hutchison John &  Maud Son abt 1888 Male
John Dailey  Moggie Head abt 1856 Male
Moggie Daisey  John Wife abt 1857 Female
Sally Dailey  John &  Moggie Daughter abt 1886 Female
Mary Dailey John &  Moggie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Nee-Ha-Ha-GA   Head abt 1833 Female
Lula Anderson   Grandaughter abt 1879 Female
Harry Janes Annie Head abt 1856 Male
Annie Janes  Harry Wife abt 1862 Female
Monta Royer   Niece abt 1888 Female
Louis Garnison  Emily Head abt 1854 Male
Emily Garrison  Louis Wife abt 1869 Female
Mary Garrison Louis &  Emily Daughter abt 1889 Female
Frank Basset  Florence Head abt 1864 Male
Florence Basset  Frank Wife abt 1875 Female
Bufalo Block    Head abt 1850 Male
Far-Ch-ME Bufalo Block Wife abt 1851 Female
War-Con-To-ME   Head abt 1826 Female
Sam Block    Nephew abt 1874 Male
GU-Che-ME   Head abt 1836 Male
O-Nar-Don-Na   Son abt 1881 Male
Mary Jones    Head abt 1860 Female
Sollie Jones  Mary Daughter abt 1884 Female
Mar-Yea-Hor-Ra   By Himself abt 1823 Male
No-Che   Head abt 1836 Female
Jim Powell    Son abt 1876 Male
Minnie Powell    Daughter abt 1883 Female
PA-Tar-GA-Tha   Head abt 1841 Male
MD-Ra-ME   Wife abt 1854 Female
Kate Little Bear    Daughter abt 1884 Female
Maud Little Bear   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Chos Watson  Millie Head abt 1848 Male
Millie Watson  Chos Wife abt 1842 Female
Man-The-Go-Ha   Head abt 1848 Male
Na-E-Ge-Man-ME   Wife abt 1851 Female
Hattie McGloslin    Stepdaughter abt 1874 Female
Mary White    Stepdaughter abt 1878 Female
Fred Barnes    Son abt 1883 Male
Mine O Clock   Son abt 1887 Male
Jim Big Wing   Head abt 1872 Male
Lee Big Wing   Brother abt 1876 Male
Grace Big Wing    Sister abt 1885 Female