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Neglected and Abandoned Cemeteries

My husband and I spend a lot of weekends out wandering around the countryside looking for and photographing old cemeteries. During the time we have been doing this, we have found several cemeteries that really upset us. These are the abandoned and forgotten cemeteries.  We have waded through weeds up to our waists and fought downed trees to photograph the few tombstones that were left.  Most of the time at these cemeteries, we find graves that the stones are gone, broken or fallen over. 
We are left feeling terrible about the conditions we find, but we can't fix them ourselves.  I am hoping by putting up this page, maybe someone will realize that they have family in these cemeteries and will do something about the conditions they are in.
We have learned that there are no laws, rules or anything to protect these cemeteries, and that the counties or the state is not responsible for their upkeep. So, my question is this, are we going to allow them to remain in this condition?  I sincerely hope not.
Shown below are a few of the really bad ones we have found.  I can say that this is not all of them, and if you know of anymore, please let me know and I will be happy to add them to this page. No, that is not correct, I will be sad to add them, but will do it.


Brushy Creek Cemetery

Grady County, OK

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Within these weeds and broken trees, we found a couple of headstones.

My husband and I hunted this one for about an hour, even having the directions, before we found it. From the road, you would never know it was there. We just took a chance on the steps that we saw from the road, and then my husband wandered through and found a headstone buried in the weeds. In this cemetery we had to actually move some downed dead trees to access the headstones. This cemetery is located 3 miles east of Amber on Main St. (CR 1280) then south 2 miles on CR 2900 then east on E CR 1300, and it is right after you make the turn. 



Muncrief Cemetery

Between Chickasha and Ninnekah, Oklahoma

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This cemetery was near the town of Fred, which is no longer there. In fact, there are no signs of the town at all.   We traveled through three pastures to get to this cemetery.  At one time, the local Historical Society and the Boy Scouts of the area, cleaned up the cemetery and placed wooden crosses on the graves that they could locate. When we went there, the weeds were actually over 4 feet tall and very thick.  We did a lot of weed pulling and pushing away to even reach the headstones.  It is located between Chickasha and Ninnekah, east of the road.  There is a sign there, but you have to travel quite a ways to reach it.


Oakhill Cemetery (also known as the Bethel Hill Cemetery)

Grady County



This cemetery is sort of on a hill, and is very hard to see from the road.  It is located 7 miles west of Minco on Highway 152 then south 3 miles on CR 2760.

We have canvassed this one, but have not gotten the listing online at this time. 

This cemetery is in very bad shape.


Palmer Cemetery

This cemetery is located just north of Northwest Expressway on Banner Road, just a ways outside of Oklahoma City.

Very sad and neglected.  Lots of weeds and trash around this place.



Oil Springs and Reid Cross Cemeteries

Reid Cross Cemetery is less that 1/10th of a mile down a dirt path from the Oil Springs Cemetery.  You would never know that there was another back there, but if you walk down the path between them, you will find another very small cemtery among the weeds and trees in the middle of know-where.   They are located South of Lake Murray State Park on Highway 77 South. Then east on Oil Springs Road (E2080) then south on Oil Springs Road (N3330) then east on Love Cemetery Road, and it is on the south side of the road.


Stella Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in Stella, south of I40 on Peebly Road 4 miles, and it is just south of Stella Road (149th St.)

This cemetery is still being used, but it is not kept up.  We have been there several times, and each time it is very overgrown and weedy.  I just wish that people would keep it up, and I cannot understand how anyone would want to bury their loved one in this sad, weedy place.



Darrington Cemetery


This is a Black Cemetery located east of Blanchard on E1290 between Rockwell and McArthur.  It is behind a very nice man's house, and he does his best to keep it mowed, even though he has no family buried there. You have to go and knock on his door to get access to it, and he will direct you back in the fields behind his house to it.


Adkins Cemetery

Now this is a very very sad one to me.  We looked for ages trying to find it. When we did, we were shocked. It is located between two very nice houses, and to access it you have to park and walk across this man's yard to reach it. I went to his door and let him know what we were doing as I didn't want to get shot or the police called on me for trespassing.  He was very nice, and told us what he knew of the cemetery. He said that one of the two survivors of the people buried there had died and that his wife was very senile and unable to take care of the property. He had no idea as to whom the land would pass at her death, and if anyone was going to take care  of this area. He, along with the neighbor on the other side, kept it mowed and cleared of weeds. 

To get to this cemetery, from Goldsby go to the Airport, then South on Airport Road following along I35 then turn east on Center Road, then north on Linsey Springs Trail.  It is on the left side of the road in a vacant road on the left side of the street.


Sweat-Coon Cemetery

Located on Sorgum Mill Road between Choctaw and Indian Meridian Roads.

Very sad, abandoned and overgrown with weeds.  We had to be very very careful walking around in this cemetery because of the large holes possibly made by armadillos.  We photographed all we could find, and we are positive that there are a lot of unmarked graves in this cemetery.


St. Joseph's Orphanage Cemetery

This cemetery was the one that really got to me.  It is surounded by a park, and if you weren't looking for it, or happened to notice this monument way out in the middle of a field, you would never know that this was a cemetery.  The monument lists the names of employees of the orphanage.  We gather from this that they are the ones buried out here.  All in all, we actually found 6 flat tombstones in the field behind the monument.  I found this to be a very sad place. I can't help but wonder if there are graves out there of children of the orphanage that passed away that no one knows about. I would not say it was abandoned, but just not known about, and possibly could be fenced in.   The area is mowed because of the park surrounding it.  I just wonder if there are actual graves in the park area.


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