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Adair County is located in the easter part of Oklahoma adjoining the counties of Benton and Washington, State of Arkansas, on the west and Cherokee County, Oklahoma, on the east. The western slope of what is called the "Ozark Uplift" of Arkansas extends into Adair County, giving it a healthful altitude of one thousand feet or more. It is about thirty-six miles in length north and south, with an average width of sixteen miles containing 587 square miles of land. The greater part of the county is rough and hilly and originally was heavily timbered. The hilly sections are underlaid with sandstone, limestone, and granite which very closely resembles marble. These hills are plentifully supplied with sparkling springs, good grass, and of late years the residents are just becoming fully cognizant of the fact that much of this rough, cheap land is well adapted to fruit and berry culture. Founded in 1907, Adair County was named in honor of Watt Adair, one of the old time Cherokees who was one of the first settlers of Indian Territory. His son, Hugh m. Adair, took an active part in the development of Eastern Oklahoma and is still one of its honored citizens.

Adiar County boasts of being one of the best watered counties of the state, its numerous springs forming little streams which furnish pure water for every neighborhood. Of these streams the Barron Fork, Sallisaw Creek, Lee's Creek, Ballard Creek and others, all tributaries of the Illinois and Arkansas rivers, not only supply pure water to the inhabitants of the county, but furnish great sport for anglers.

The greater part of the hilly sections of this county is still covered with timber, consisting of oak, hickory, walnut, ash, elm and sycamore, much of which is suitable for making furniture and building material. No special effort has yet been made to develop the mineral resources. Fifty years ago some lead was found from which the Indians molded their bullets, but lead has not yet been found in paying quantities. Two attemps to drill for oil were made some time ago but without success, although the land owners are still hopeful of finding lead, oil and gas.

The Valleys of the numerous streams of Adair County are very fertile, producing practically all of the crops of the temperate zone. Corn, cotton, wheat and oats are the staple crops, but alfalfa, timothy and potatoes are produced in limited quantities.

Source: Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma, Vol. 1, Chapter 31; 1922

Cities & Towns

Addilee; Ballard; Baptist; Baron; Bell; Bidding Springs; Blanch; Blank; Bunch; Chance; Cherry Tree; Chewey; Chistie; Elohem City; England; Fairfield; Going Snake; Greasy; Green; Lyon Switch; Maryetta; Peavine; Piney; Proctor; Rocky Mountain; Salem; Sanders; Spade Mountain; Stilwell; Stony Point; Strawberry Spring; Titanic; Walls; Walls Community; Waulillau; West Peavine; Westville; Whitmire; Zion

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June - 2018 - Marriage License; Marrage Announcements (2); and Community News Article
February 2018 - Obits 1 was added
January 2018 - Obits - 28 were added
November 2017 - Bios - 2 were added
September 2017 - Cemeteries - Morton Cemetery
June 2017 - Obits - James Davis
September 2016 - Churches - Stilwell Churches (1915)
March 2016 - Bios - Rufus Couch
February 2016 - Cemeteries - 8 were added
December 2015 - Military - Korean War Casualties
November 2015 - Bios - Judge Alberty; List of Mothers' & Widows of American Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Entitled to Pilgrimage to War Cemeteries in Europe
October 2015 - Bios - Adair & Sheffield
September 2015 - Cemeteries - 11 were added
August 2015 - Cemeteries - Turkey Lee Field & Zion
July 2015 - News Accidents - Mort Haines 4 yr old - burn cause of death; Obits - McCloud; Lynch; Meadows; Smith; Whitemire; Cemeteries - Squirrel Adair Cemetery; Joe Blackbird Cemetery; Chewey Cemetery; Jim Christie Cemetery; Watt-Christie Cemetery; Crittenden Cemetery; Lincoln England Cemetery; Grees Cemetery; Gritts Cemetery; Hefner Cemetery; Hair(John Hair) Cemetery; July Springs Cemetery; Knight Cemetery; Luney Cemetery; Manus Cemetery; Scraper Cemetery; Musgrave Cemetery; Sixkiller (Abraham Sixkiller) Cemetery; Tyler Springs Cemetery transcriptions were all added


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