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The listing below is for the obituaries available at this time. There is a link from the name to the obituary.  If you have any additional information you would like to share, please feel free to contact me.

Adkins, Betty Jo

Allen, Jack L.

Bare, Herald

Bebout, Gary R.

Bell, Bennie Charles

Bettes, Etta L.

Black, Donnie Lee

Brown-Hutton, Lavona

Byrum, Willie

Capehart, Don Willie

Capehart, George

Capehart, George Washington

Capehart, Jack E.

Capehart, Mary Belle

Capehart, Minnie Lee

Capehart, William T.

Cardinal, Jewel Margaret

Carpenter, Mable Delnora

Chesser, Esther Lorraine

Craig, Ollie

Crane, William Carl

Curry, Clara Frances

Daniels, Margaret Mildred

Dodd, Mary Belle

Emert, Daphne L.

Evans, Donald Ray

Gillihan, Roy

Grill, Mary

Haggy, Henry G.

Haines, W. R.

Hamm, Jimmie Albert

Hicks, Myranda
Hicks, William

Jensen, Angie Lee

Kutter, Charles

Lamb, Millard Lee

Lancaster, Nelce Martin

Maxwell, Mathilda B.
McCracken, Nancy E.

McDaniel, Houston Tyler

McDaniel, Hunter Riley

McGee, Edna Alene

Millsap, Deward "Dewey" I.

Mixon, Ronnald Leon

Montroy, Marilyn Kay

Moses, Prudy

Odom, Johnny Ray

Offolter, Willa Dean

Price, Kirt

Roberts, Gage Lee

Robertson, James H.

Rollins, Phyllis J.

Russell, W. N.

Saindon, Joseph

Sanders, Albert Athern

Shea, Dora

Sisco, Moncy R. Jr.

Skaggs, Thurman Eugene

Slawson, Otis Daniel

Smythe, H. E.

Snow, Brandon E.

Standridge, Barbara Susan

Sublett, Catherine Jean

Sullivan, Zora E.

Taylor, Gwendolyn

Taylor, James T.

Taylor, Robert T.

Tefertiller, Kenneth Ray

Upchurch, William W.

VanHooser, James Edward

Walton, Etta Belle

Walton, Mary Ann

Walton, Tommy

Warren, Mrs. W. W. and 2 Children

West, Aurelious Henry

West, Bobby Don

West, Charlie Aurilous

West, Eulene

West, George Henry

West, Houston Frederick

West, James W.

West, Kenneth Leonard

West, Martha Jane

West, Ollie C.

West, Rachal Elizabeth

Williams, Gloria Jean

Wire, Carol Ann

Wynne, Bessie Lillian

Wynne, Virgil R.


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