U.S. Indian Census Schedules
Census of the Comanche Tribe
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer
Name Parent or spouse names Relation to Head Birth Date Gender
Quanah Parker   Husband abt 1851 Male
To-Nar-Cy Quanah Wife abt 1864 Female
Esther Parker Quanah Daughter abt 1887 Female
Laura Parker      abt 1882 Female
Weck-E-Ah   Mother abt 1859 Female
Mary Parker    Daughter   Female
Tope-SE-Up   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Parker Woon-AR-Dy     abt 1883  
Cho-NY   Mother abt 1862 Female
Baldwin Parker    Son abt 1887 Male
Honnie Parker   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Maud Chony   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mah-Cheet-Too-Wook-KY   Mother abt 1861 Female
White Parker   Son abt 1887 Male
Bessie Parker   Daughter abt 1894 Female
To-Pay   Mother abt 1878 Female
Kelsey Parker   Son abt 1898 Male
Ethel Parker   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Sidney Mahseet    Husband abt 1869 Male
A-Er-Wuth-Take-Um Sidney Wife abt 1864 Female
Len Parker    Stepson abt 1890 Male
Thomas Parker    Stepson abt 1892 Male
Mary Taum-Mer-Ra-Da Sidney Daughter abt 1896 Female
Josephine Taum-Mer-Ra-Da Sidney Daughter abt 1901 Female
Tah-Mah-Ke-Ra   Husband abt 1875 Male
We-Rah-Re   Wife abt 1879 Female
Samuel   Son abt 1895 Male
Sophia   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Benjamin Tah-Mah-Ke-Ra   Son abt 1900 Male
Cynthia Ann Tah-Mah-Ke-Ra   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Pah-Vo-Ti-Vo   Husband abt 1849 Male
Yah-Ker   Wife abt 1850 Female
Mary   Sister abt 1896 Female
Jake    Brother abt 1894 Male
Pah-Pe-Chi     abt 1879 Female
To-Wis-Chy   Father abt 1852 Male
Elsie To-Wis-Chy   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Hoke Smith      abt 1888 Male
Pi-E-Ty     abt 1873 Male
Pe-Ko-Mah     abt 1881 Female
Paddy   Husband abt 1865 Male
Take-Y-Au-NE Paddy Wife abt 1862 Female
Ay-Toe     abt 1868 Male
Pau-Hau   Husband abt 1859 Male
Nem-Ah-Doo-Ah-Vis-Che   Wife abt 1862 Female
Tissy-Mah-Coo-PA     abt 1814 Female
A-Tau-Vich   Father abt 1871 Male
Bessie A-Tau-Vich   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Wer-Petty   Mother abt 1858 Female
Nah-ME Coffee   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Pah-Be Tenequer   Son abt 1894 Male
Daniel    Daughter abt 1896  
Moo-E-Dah-Da   Son abt 1894 Male
Ethel    Daughter abt 1898 Female
Willie Tenequer   Son abt 1902 Male
Shelby Tenequer   Husband abt 1882 Male
MO-Quah-Ra Shelby Wife abt 1872 Female
Che-Bah-Tah   Husband abt 1853 Male
Pi-He   Wife abt 1867 Female
Hezekiah   Son abt 1896 Male
Thomas Che-Bah-Tah   Son abt 1903 Male
Harry Heath     abt 1885 Male
Sah-Nah-Bah   Husband abt 1843 Male
Tah-No-We-Kin   Wife abt 1855 Female
Too-Ah-Vo-Nie   Husband abt 1859 Male
Po-Haw-Yet-Chy   Wife abt 1874 Female
Ruth Tooahvonie    Daughter abt 1886 Female
Bit-Sey   Daughter abt 1892 Female
Jennie   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Black Otter    Husband abt 1854 Male
To-Vah Black Wife abt 1862 Female
Claud  Black Son abt 1886 Male
Olive  Black Daughter abt 1889 Female
Yacky-On-Ny   Husband abt 1873 Male
No-See   Wife abt 1881 Female
Owen   Son abt 1894 Male
Pay-On     abt 1859 Female
Post Oak Jim    Husband abt 1870 Male
Kay-Koy Post Oak Jim Wife abt 1872 Female
Ross Tah-Kah-Per Post Oak Jim Son abt 1893 Male
John Tah-Kah-Per Post Oak Jim Son abt 1897 Male
Julia Tah-Kah-Per Post Oak Jim Daughter abt 1901 Female
Taf-Poie     abt 1877 Female
Marshal Cho-Cof-Per     abt 1874 Male
Quassy-A-Chee-KY   Husband abt 1855 Male
Take-Y-Yetchy   Wife abt 1860 Female
Lucy   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Quan-Na-ME-My-ME-Er-Way   Son abt 1895 Male
Charlotte    Mother abt 1885 Female
Nesler Poahway Charlotte Son abt 1903 Male
Nappy-Wat     abt 1842 Male
Paul Nappy-Wat      abt 1883 Male
Cho-WY     abt 1840 Female
Ko-E-Yah   Husband abt 1859 Male
Au-Dah-Ve   Wife abt 1855 Female
Elizabeth Tahtwi   Grandaughter  abt 1898 Female
Ella Tie-Toe   Grandaughter  abt 1899 Female
Tabby-Yer   Husband abt 1867 Male
Ter-Chock-Su   Wife abt 1879 Female
Watson Tabby-Yer    Son abt 1894 Male
Vera Tabby-Yer   Daughter abt 1901 Female
At-Ah-Wife-Per     abt 1829 Male
Po-Haw-Pat-Cho-Ko   Husband abt 1859 Male
Say-Au-Nie   Wife abt 1867 Female
Henry Po-Haw-Pat-Cho-CO   Son abt 1891 Male
Sooveta Po-Haw-Pat-Cho-Ko    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ker-Ko-Nie     abt 1885 Male
Kas-Sa-Nav-Oid   Husband abt 1861 Male
Pi-Bit-Ter   Wife abt 1880 Female
Laura Kas-Sa-Na-Void   Daughter abt 1894 Female
James Kas-Sa-Na-Void    Son abt 1899 Male
Charles Kas-Sa-Na-Void   Son abt 1902 Male
Nah-Dah-Ya-Kah   Father abt 1867 Male
Lemuel Nahdahyakah    Son abt 1890 Male
Chah-CO-Bah     abt 1859 Female
Wer-Ye   Mother abt 1876 Female
Burton   Daughter abt 1897  
Pe-A-Wife-Ic   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Po-Cho-KY   Mother abt 1858 Female
Big Cow    Husband abt 1850 Male
Tissy-Rah-Cony Big Cow Wife abt 1857 Female
Per-Na-Bitty   Mother abt 1853 Female
Dora So-He   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Donald Big Cow      abt 1883 Male
Chah-Tar-Sy   Husband abt 1867 Male
Tah-Wat-Is-Tah-Ker-Na-Ker   Wife abt 1869 Female
Chah-SE-Nah   Husband abt 1865 Male
To-Bits-A-Wife-Per   Wife abt 1871 Female
Arthur Chah-SE-Nad   Son abt 1889 Male
Noressa Chah-SE-Nad   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Mary Chah-SE-Nad   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Sarah Chah-SE-Nad   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Che-Nard-Nie   Husband abt 1857 Male
To-Tarts-A-Kah   Wife abt 1862 Female
MI-He-Su-Ah   Husband abt 1855 Male
Vo-NE-Ite   Wife abt 1859 Female
Tetch-Em-Hav-It   Daughter abt 1889 Female
To-Pet-Chy Roxie Husband abt 1875 Male
Roxie    Wife abt 1882 Female
Bryan To-Pet-Chy Roxie Son abt 1897 Male
Hattie To-Pet-Chy Roxie Daughter abt 1899 Female
Nah-Dah-Sy   Husband abt 1860 Male
Quas-See   Wife abt 1853 Female
Elenor Nah-Dah-Sy   Daughter abt 1892 Female
MO-NE-Tath-Chi   Husband abt 1866 Male
Wah-Per   Wife abt 1881 Female
Martha MO-NE-Tath-Chi   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Edward MO-NE-Tath-Chi   Son abt 1903 Male
Quer-Mah   Mother abt 1863 Female
Belle Quer-Mah Chibitty   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Cheappy Ross   Husband abt 1864 Male
Nah-Vo-NE-VI-Chy Cheappy Wife abt 1874 Female
Carrie Ross Cheappy Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ora Ross Cheappy Daughter abt 1899 Female
Po-Haw-Bitsey     abt 1829 Female
Pe-Dah-NY   Mother abt 1870 Female
Mary Cau-Cau   Daughter abt 1894 Female
James Cau-Cau   Son abt 1897 Male
John Cau-Cau   Son abt 1898 Male
Her-Nas-Chy   Mother abt 1867 Female
Smith Chi-Bitty   Son abt 1889 Male
Nellie Chi-Bitty   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Sam Wah-Ah-Rock-Ah   Son abt 1901 Male
Ko-We-No Mary Husband abt 1871 Male
Mary Ko-We-No   Wife abt 1867 Female
James Ko-We-No Mary Son abt 1893 Male
William Ko-We-No Mary Son abt 1897 Male
Sady-Yah     abt 1848 Female
Ko-Mah   Husband abt 1834 Male
SE-Kah-Wah   Wife abt 1849 Female
Haddon Komah    Son abt 1889 Male
Henry Ko-Mah   Son abt 1891 Male
Walter Komah      abt 1884 Male
Kard-Sey   Mother abt 1877 Female
Joanita Poneta   Daughter abt 1893 Female
E-So   Mother abt 1872 Female
Amos Komah    Son abt 1888 Male
Moses Komah   Son abt 1890 Male
Ray Komah   Son abt 1894 Male
Rhoania Komah   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Fred   Son abt 1902 Male
A-SE-Naw   Husband abt 1869 Male
Tah-Cu-Tine   Wife abt 1859 Female
Atch-Hav-It   Husband abt 1861 Male
No-Ke-Ke   Wife abt 1864 Female
Calvin Atch-Hav-It    Son abt 1894 Male
Jeremiah Atch-Hav-It   Son abt 1899 Male
Robert Atch-Hav-It   Son abt 1899 Male
Ki-Her-By   Husband abt 1854 Male
Tock-Su   Wife abt 1852 Female
Tit-Shau-Ner-We   Husband abt 1871 Male
Tah-SE-Quan   Wife abt 1877 Female
Charlie Komah   Stepson abt 1894 Male
Albert Komah   Stepson abt 1898 Male
Eshiti    Husband abt 1846 Male
To-Vet-Ty   Wife abt 1863 Female
Ed Eshiti    Son abt 1887 Male
Mary Eshiti   Daughter abt 1889 Female
MO-Ro-A-Too-Ah Eshiti   Son abt 1893 Male
Weck-E-Ah     abt 1859 Female
Tock-SE-Ba-Ah   Mother abt 1854 Female
To-Do-Ah-Per-My   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ha-Ney   Son abt 1894 Male
Wer-He-Vah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Tah-Su-Nau-I-Kah   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Julia Wer-WY   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Samuel Wer-WY   Son abt 1896 Male
Thomas Wer-WY   Son abt 1899 Male
Peet-Su-E-Ni   Husband abt 1870 Male
Pe-Kah   Wife abt 1877 Female
James Wer-WY   Stepson abt 1893 Male
Thompson Wer-WY   Stepson abt 1898 Male
Hulda Wer-WY   Stepdaughter abt 1896 Female
John Wer-WY   Stepson abt 1901 Male
Poke-A-Doo-Ah     abt 1850 Female
Chock-Po-Yah   Father abt 1871 Male
Ferdinand Chock-Po-Yah   Son abt 1892 Male
Tom Blackstar  Minnie Husband abt 1869 Male
Minnie May-Ney Tom Wife abt 1884 Female
Annie To-Pap-Py  Tom &  Minnie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Tom Blackstar Tom &  Minnie Son abt 1902 Male
Nah-Voon-Ey     abt 1859 Female
Haw-Vah   Husband abt 1869 Male
We-Yah-VI   Wife abt 1880 Female
Sallie Haw-Vah   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Tome-A-Too-Ah     abt 1870 Male
Per-Da-Sof-Py   Husband abt 1857 Male
Yah-Po-Yah   Wife abt 1864 Female
Dick Per-Da-Sof-Py    Son abt 1887 Male
Sumner Per-Da-Sof-Py    Son abt 1890 Male
Lee Daniels Perdasofpy   Son abt 1895 Male
Andrew Perdasophy      abt 1883 Male
At-Tah-Vich   Mother abt 1877 Female
Vera Mow-Wat   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Nan-Nas-SE-Yo   Husband abt 1847 Male
Pe-SE-Ya   Wife abt 1862 Female
Peets-SE-You   Son abt 1890 Male
Pam-Hum-Quah-Ah   Son abt 1900 Male
To-Wock-Nie   Husband abt 1851 Male
Chock-Po-Yah   Wife abt 1850 Female
Wis-Sis-She   Husband abt 1818 Male
Ase-Quits-Quip   Wife abt 1849 Female
George Cable    Husband abt 1875 Male
Yi-Vah George Wife abt 1882 Female
Ta-Nish-O-Ti George Son abt 1895 Male
James Cable George Son abt 1901 Male
Marcus    Father abt 1866 Male
Peter Poco Marcus Son abt 1892 Male
Edith Poco Marcus Daughter abt 1898 Female
Ethel Poco Marcus Daughter abt 1892 Female
To-Mah   Husband abt 1874 Male
Nip-Ker   Wife abt 1871 Female
Belle   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Ione Nip-Ker    Daughter abt 1890 Female
Lawrence   Son abt 1894 Male
Kitty Nip-Ker    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ida To-Mah   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Supe-Sigh   Mother abt 1861 Female
Vivian Supesigh    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Antonio Martinez   Son abt 1894 Male
Agnes    Mother abt 1885 Female
Mary Sap-PA-Pi-Tah Agnes Daughter abt 1902 Female
To-Sa-Vo-Nit     abt 1836 Female
Tim-Ah-Wook-KY     abt 1842 Male
Tah-Doo-Ah-Nip-Ah   Husband abt 1869 Male
To-Wau-Cy   Wife abt 1875 Female
Joseph Tah-Doo-Ah-Nip-Ah   Son abt 1894 Male
Mikey Tah-Doo-Ah-Nip-Ah   Son abt 1895 Male
Geo Tah-Doo-Ah-Nip-Ah   Son abt 1898 Male
Po-E-Moc-E-Ah   Father abt 1850 Male
Linda Po-E-Moc-E-Ah    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Olive Po-E-Moc-Ah    Son abt 1891  
Henry Po-E-Moc-E-Ah   Son abt 1893 Male
Bertha Poemoceah    Mother abt 1883 Female
Reed Poemoceah Bertha Son abt 1903 Male

Nah-Wook-Sy   Husband abt 1871 Male
Chio   Wife abt 1880 Female
Jennie Nah-Wook-Sy   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Lanche Nah-Wook-Sy   Daughter abt 1903 Female
Ho-MO-Vich   Husband abt 1862 Male
Wook-Kah-Nah   Wife abt 1875 Female
Herbert Ho-MO-Vich   Son abt 1897 Male
Pe-A-Wife-Ah   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Maud Ho-M-Vich   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Pe-Na-Ro   Husband abt 1869 Male
Addo-Chionah   Wife abt 1873 Female
Esa-Take-Won   Husband abt 1848 Male
Ta-Wau-Dah   Wife abt 1854 Female
Mable Cheton   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Dah-Ha Esatakewon      abt 1883 Male
Tau-Nah   Mother abt 1872 Female
Knox    Son abt 1891 Male
Bert Esa-Take-Won   Son abt 1892 Male
To-Nipper   Son abt 1900 Male
Esa-Nap   Husband abt 1853 Male
Tah-Chock-Ah   Wife abt 1858 Female
Herman Asenap      abt 1885 Male
CO-Do-Pony   Husband abt 1871 Male
Tah-Chay   Wife abt 1877 Female
Carl CO-Do-Pony   Son abt 1892 Male
Florence CO-Do-Pony   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Voris CO-Do-Pony   Son abt 1900 Male
Rice      abt 1873 Male
Nim-Sey   Husband abt 1845 Male
Che-Su   Wife abt 1853 Female
MO-Cho-Rook   Husband abt 1826 Male
Po-Haw-Wah   Wife abt 1865 Female
Paddy-Aker    Husband abt 1853 Male
Kim-Mock-Kah   Wife abt 1862 Female
Erwin Paddy-Aker   Son abt 1888 Male
To-Quoth-Ty   Son abt 1888 Male
Dudley    Son abt 1890 Male
Adaline Hah-Nee   Grandaughter  abt 1899 Female
Ko-Sepe-Ah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Billy Kiowa   Son abt 1892 Male
Frank Kiowa   Son abt 1895 Male
Walter Kiowa   Son abt 1898 Male
Rose Ate-A-Wuth-Take-WA   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Chah-Tay   Husband abt 1867 Male
Ka-Tah-Wook-We-Ah-Wite   Wife abt 1872 Female
Cora Chah-Tay     abt 1881 Female
Mow-Wat   Husband abt 1869 Male
Chock-Sah   Wife abt 1878 Female
Julia    Daughter abt 1900 Female
Spencer Mow-Wat   Son abt 1902 Male
Yan-NE-Mar-Reth-Ka   Mother abt 1870 Female
Yah-Wah Che-Woon-Ah   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ko-SE-Ti-Vo     abt 1813 Female
Yanny-Tath-Chi     abt 1863 Female
Pe-Kah   Mother abt 1864 Female
O-Ha-Wife-Per   Daughter abt 1886 Female
Ross Wah-Bo-Py    Son abt 1890 Male
Tar-See   Husband abt 1874 Male
MO-NE-Tath-Chi   Wife abt 1868 Female
Weck-E-Ah-Bitty     abt 1869 Male
Ho-Ah-Bitty     abt 1844 Female
Way-SE-Pappy     abt 1874 Male
Yellow-Back    Father abt 1866 Male
Wah-Hah-Do Yellow-Back Daughter abt 1886 Female
Frances Yellow Back    Mother abt 1884 Female
Charlie Uk-A-Petty Frances Yellow Back Son abt 1902 Male
Ni-Yah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Smith Mitchell   Son abt 1892 Male
Ten-A-Ver-Kah     abt 1855 Male
PA-Ko-Chy     abt 1860 Female
Wah-Per-Che   Mother abt 1877 Female
Herbert Wahperche    Son abt 1892 Male
Enoch   Son abt 1902 Male
To-See   Grandfather & Grandpa (Grandfather) abt 1849  
MO-Que To-See   Grandson abt 1887 Male
Kar-Ty Daisy Husband abt 1871 Male
Daisy    Wife abt 1878 Female
George Karty Daisy Son abt 1900 Male
John Karty Daisy Son abt 1903 Male
Wau-Que     abt 1871 Male
Pen-Nah     abt 1860 Male
Wim-Ner-Chy   Mother abt 1861 Female
To-See Tip-Pe-Conic   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ella   Daughter abt 1894 Female
William    Son abt 1897 Male
Mable Nah-He-Mah   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Na-He-Mah   Husband abt 1857 Male
Tah-Ko-Mah   Wife abt 1870 Female
Augusta Na-He-Mah   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Kiowa Yoko     abt 1859 Male
Nah-Kee   Husband abt 1861 Male
Po-Haw-Conny   Wife abt 1868 Female
Ter-Vey     abt 1838 Female
Quo-Yuah   Husband abt 1838 Male
Yanny-Conny   Wife abt 1860 Female
Helen Quo-Yu-Ah   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Yoke-Su-Ite   Husband abt 1859 Male
Chick-Adoo-Ah   Son abt 1894 Male
Clara Yoke-Su-Ite   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Maud Yoke-Su-Ite   Daughter abt 1903 Female
To-Wock-Nie   Husband abt 1842 Male
A-See   Wife abt 1864 Female
Pe-Tar-Sy   Mother abt 1886 Female
Willie Y Asee   Son abt 1900 Male
Con-Nah-Vich-Nah   Husband abt 1855 Male
MO-Cho   Wife abt 1861 Female
Morga Con-Nah-Vich-Nah   Son abt 1892 Male
Che-We     abt 1835 Female
Nah-Watch   Husband abt 1854 Male
Chi-Voon-NY   Wife abt 1849 Female
O-Tip-Po-By   Husband abt 1864 Male
Ped-Day   Wife abt 1872 Female
Chucks   Son abt 1895 Male
James O-Tip-Po-By   Son abt 1898 Male
Ellen O-Tip-Po-By   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Pen-E-Teth-Ka   Husband abt 1862 Male
Quit-Tah-RI   Wife abt 1862 Female
Mar-Ko-Vits   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Cora Penetethka   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Chah-Tin-NE-Yack-Que   Husband abt 1864 Male
Tau-Nee   Wife abt 1864 Female
Myrtle Chah-Tin-Ne-Yack-Que   Daughter abt 1892 Female
Rachel Chahtinne    Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ralph Chahtinneyackque   Son abt 1898 Male
Robert Chahtinneyackque   Son abt 1900 Male
Luttie  Isabel Husband abt 1881 Male
Isabel Che-MI-ME-Ah Luttie Wife abt 1883 Female
Nellie Luttie &  Isabel Daughter abt 1903 Female
Elvaretta NE-Wook-Ah-Ker     abt 1883 Female
Wah-Ah-Kin-NY   Husband abt 1855 Male
Nah-Kah   Wife abt 1859 Female
James Wahahkinney    Son abt 1887 Male
Jacob Wahahkinney   Son abt 1893 Male
James Wahahkinney   Son abt 1901 Male
Nam-Su-Kah     abt 1814 Female
Tabby-Yetchy   Husband abt 1844 Male
To-Che-Vah   Wife abt 1846 Female
Charlie Tabbyyetchy    Son abt 1889 Male
Tobin Wook-Sook   Husband abt 1875 Male
Ter-WA-Win-Ah    Wife abt 1883 Female
William Wook-Sook   Son abt 1903 Male
Tommie   Husband abt 1874 Male
Take-Y-Po-Yah Tommie Wife abt 1857 Female
Lucy Tommie Tommie Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ase-Ko-No     abt 1859 Male
Ker-Mah-Que      abt 1864 Male
Nin-Na-Sy     abt 1859 Female
Tit-She-Ni     abt 1882 Female
Moo-Chi-Co-Ny     abt 1826 Female
Eck-I-Yo-By     abt 1869 Male
Chick-Ah     abt 1841 Female
Florence Tenequer    Mother abt 1887 Female
Julia Monoabay Minne Daughter abt 1903 Female
Nas-Su-Tipe     abt 1827 Female
Yah-Petty     abt 1832 Female
Tice-Ah-Kie   Husband abt 1849 Male
Perm-MO-Nah   Wife abt 1857 Female
Chick-Ah-MO-E-Tad   Son abt 1890 Male
Leslie Ticeahkie      abt 1880 Male
Fred      abt 1880 Male
Che-To     abt 1842 Female
Woom-MA-Vo-Vah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Foster Burgess    Son abt 1889 Male
Allen Burgess    Son abt 1891 Male
Jane   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ya-VI-Ni   Husband abt 1871 Male
A-SE-Ni-Yo-Ko   Wife abt 1861 Female
Sallie Ya-VI-Ni   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Hobson Moo-Rah-Wah   Son abt 1898 Male
Wah-Woon-Ah-Yetchy     abt 1839 Female
Pah-Ke-Kum-Ah   Husband abt 1859 Male
Taw-Wit-Chah   Wife abt 1857 Female
Richard Pahkekumah   Son abt 1896 Male
O-Da-Pe-Ah   Husband abt 1839 Male
Pappy-Yah   Wife abt 1860 Female
Mary Od-Da-Pe-Ah   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Ti-WA   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Nin-Nah-CO     abt 1873 Male
Ni-E-Do Joseph   abt 1850 Female
Joseph Niedo    Husband abt 1882 Male
Maggie Otah    Wife abt 1887 Female
Maggie Nieds Joseph Daughter abt 1903 Female
Ur-He-Yah   Husband abt 1859 Male
Po-Sec-Nah   Wife abt 1867 Female
Julian Urheyah    Son abt 1891 Male
Daisy Urheyah   Daughter abt 1891 Female
To-Mah-Che Urheyah   Son abt 1892 Male
Alice Urheyah    Daughter abt 1885 Female
Too-Ah-Nip-Per     abt 1872 Male
U-Tah   Mother abt 1882 Female
Blanche Too-Ah-Nip-Per   Daughter abt 1897 Female
To-Aum-Su-Su-Wat     abt 1873 Female
Wins-Chop   Husband abt 1847 Male
Tid-Dah-Dy   Wife abt 1858 Female
Joseph   Son abt 1894 Male
To-Nips   Daughter abt 1897 Female
O-Ta-Ti-Vo     abt 1880 Male
Wood-Ah-Pe-Ah   Husband abt 1849 Male
Tso-WY-Ah   Wife abt 1850 Female
Stanley Wood-Ah-Pe-Ah    Son abt 1888 Male
He-MI-No-Ke-KY     abt 1875 Male
Che-MI-ME-Ah Lucy Husband abt 1865 Male
Lucy    Wife abt 1868 Female
Per-Ah-Kah     abt 1849 Female
Jesse Tabbytosavit      abt 1882 Male
Reubin Tabbytosavit    Husband abt 1879 Male
Chi-Be-Ta Reubin Wife abt 1882 Female
Tabby-To-Sa-Vit   Husband abt 1845 Male
Samuel Tabby-To-Sa-Vit   Son abt 1896 Male
Cody-Nah   Husband abt 1872 Male
Nau-Ni   Wife abt 1879 Female
Nora Nan-NE-Quer   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Maud Cody-Nah   Daughter abt 1903 Female
WY-Yer-Chy     abt 1875 Male
Wer-Chi-Woon-Ard     abt 1873 Female
Chees-Chi     abt 1856 Female
Pas-Sah-We-Ah     abt 1825 Female
Yacky-Woos-Su-WY     abt 1846 Female
Otto Wells  Mary p Husband abt 1869 Male
Mary p Wells Otto Wife abt 1871 Female
Mattie Rosy Wells Otto &  Mary p Daughter abt 1895 Female
Alfred Morrison Wells Otto &  Mary p Son abt 1898 Male
Nau-Petty     abt 1858 Female
Joe Harry    Husband abt 1865 Male
To-Whe-Bitty Joe Wife abt 1871 Female
Caroline Harry Joe Daughter abt 1898 Female
Sam   Nephew abt 1895 Male
Roscoe Harry Joe Son abt 1902 Male
Carter Nenockavy      abt 1882 Male
O-Haw-Win-NE     abt 1841 Female
Paul    Husband abt 1871 Male
Wah-He-Yah Paul Wife abt 1872 Female
Virginia  Paul Daughter abt 1891 Female
Susie Paul Daughter abt 1894 Female
Rhoda Pau-Au Paul Daughter abt 1901 Female
Wayne White Wolf    Husband abt 1873 Male
Moo-Nock-Tah-Chi Wayne White Wolf Wife abt 1875 Female
Woon-Ah-Vich-E-Ah     abt 1862 Male
Frank Moetah Emily Husband abt 1863 Male
Emily Per-Da-Soffy  Frank Wife abt 1884 Female
Johnson Pah-Row-de-Up   Nephew abt 1898 Male
MO-Tah   Husband abt 1871 Male
Tatch-E-Ni   Wife abt 1878 Female
Philip Burgess   Son abt 1890 Male
Cynthia Motah   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Tis-Che-Coddy   Husband abt 1849 Male
Tas-Saw   Wife abt 1869 Female
Clara Tischecoddy    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Maud Tischecoddy   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Tim  Lillie Husband abt 1884 Male
Lillie At-Tock-Nie Tim Wife abt 1883 Female
Pas-Sah Eliza Husband abt 1863 Male
Eliza Attacapap    Wife abt 1881 Female
Sarah Pas-Sah Eliza Daughter abt 1895 Female
Willie Attacapap Eliza Stepson abt 1897 Male
Tafe-Perd     abt 1839 Female
Nau-Ni   Mother abt 1840 Female
Nancy Nauni   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Harry Nauni      abt 1885 Male
Rose    Mother abt 1881 Female
Maud Chock-Po-Yah Rose Daughter abt 1903 Female
Tah-Su-Da     abt 1860 Male
Kah-Dah-Kah     abt 1826 Female
Tommy Poahruah      abt 1884 Male
Moo-Rie   Grandmother abt 1819 Female
Ella Tabawoo Poahruah   Grandaughter  abt 1894 Female
Nah-Qua-Dy   Husband abt 1870 Male
Taith-Take-Wah   Wife abt 1861 Female
Albert   Son abt 1891 Male
Grover  Peral Husband abt 1883 Male
Peral Tissyquavy  Grover Wife abt 1884 Female
Walter Tix-Sey Grover &  Peral Son abt 1902 Male
Pe-Ah-Coose   Husband abt 1852 Male
Wood-Ah-Sony   Wife abt 1849 Female
Goomock   Niece abt 1896 Female
Erma      abt 1881 Female
SE-ME-No   Husband abt 1865 Male
Pat-SE-Bah   Wife abt 1874 Female
Mah-Ken-Ah-Bitty     abt 1849 Female
Orion      abt 1882 Male
Po-E-Wah   Husband abt 1863 Male
Tiso-Che-Vo-NY   Wife abt 1857 Female
AR-Rushe   Husband abt 1853 Male
Nah-Wick-Ah   Wife abt 1874 Female
Nicholas AR-Rushe   Son abt 1898 Male
San-Ah-Pe-Ah   Mother abt 1851 Female
Tahwetah White Wolf    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Howard White Wolf   Husband abt 1867 Male
Tah-Tissy-Tock-Ker Howard White Wolf Wife abt 1871 Female
Edward White Wolf Howard White Wolf Son abt 1892 Male
David    Husband abt 1863 Male
Chap-Py David Wife abt 1867 Female
Ernest Poafpybitty  David Son abt 1887 Male
Ralph Poafpybitty David Son abt 1889 Male
Ten-A-Per Poafpybitty David Son abt 1894 Male
Ella Poafpybitty David Daughter abt 1898 Female
Hugh Poafpybitty David Son abt 1899 Male
Alice Poafpybitty David Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mary David Daughter abt 1895 Female
Robert Poafpybitty      abt 1884 Male
Tissy-Wah-Woon-Ard   Father abt 1868 Male
Lizzie Tissy-Wah-Woon-Ard   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Neal Monoassy      abt 1880 Male
Coose-Sho-E-NE     abt 1850 Female
Ah-Say     abt 1864 Male
I-U-Ka     abt 1840 Female
Eddie      abt 1884 Female
Wah-Ah-Rock-Ah     abt 1873 Male
William To-Nips     abt 1876 Male
Coffee    Husband abt 1873 Male
A-Hah Coffee Wife abt 1870 Female
Peter Coffee Coffee Son abt 1890 Male
Fred Coffee Coffee Son abt 1892 Male
Per-Con-Nic Allena Husband abt 1863 Male
Allena Conover   Wife abt 1877 Female
Thomas Per-Con-Nic Allena Son abt 1901 Male
We-Weck-E-Ah     abt 1845 Female
Po-MO-Chi   Husband abt 1838 Male
Yah-WY   Wife abt 1844 Female
Grace Po-MO-Chi   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Reuben Ko-As-SE-Cho-n Mary Husband abt 1877 Male
Mary Koassechony  Reuben Wife abt 1884 Female
Alice Koassechony Reuben & Mary Daughter abt 1900 Female
Walk-To-Quoth-Ty   Mother abt 1872 Female
Alice Walk-To-Quoth-Ty   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Tarcy-Poke-A-Doo-Ah   Father abt 1849 Male
Charlie Tarcypokeadooah   Son abt 1890 Male
Weth-Ke-Bitty   Daughter abt 1889 Female
Ka-Hin-A-Watch-It   Husband abt 1860 Male
A-SE-Vo-Rah   Wife abt 1875 Female
George Po-Hoc-Su-Cut Katie Husband abt 1884 Male
Katie  George Wife abt 1890 Female
Henry Po-Hoc-Su-Sut   Husband abt 1880 Male
Wuth-Take-Wah-Bitty Henry Wife abt 1881 Female
Preston Po-Hoc-Su-Cut     abt 1881 Male
Her-Na-Cy O-Sah-Ke-Wah Husband abt 1873 Male
O-Sah-Ke-Wah   Wife abt 1871 Female
Julia Her-Na-Cy O-Sah-Ke-Wah Daughter abt 1894 Female
Richard Her-Na-Cy O-Sah-Ke-Wah Son abt 1898 Male
Mam-Scok-A-Wat   Husband abt 1838 Male
MO-CO-No-Na   Wife abt 1856 Female
Helen    Daughter abt 1890 Female
MI-Yo-Vah     abt 1851 Female
Tissy-Wer-Ta-Quah     abt 1839 Female
Ernest      abt 1880 Male
To-Cas   Husband abt 1849 Male
Chi-Cony   Wife abt 1864 Female
Kinney     abt 1864 Female
Tah-Ka-Ver     abt 1874 Male
Ta-Hah   Husband abt 1876 Male
Ho-Wuth-Take-WA   Wife abt 1880 Female
Virginia Ta-Hah   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Tas-Saw     abt 1864 Female
Che-Cc-VI   Husband abt 1861 Male
Mah-Ken-Ah-Bitty   Wife abt 1865 Female
Ker-Chee Charlie Husband abt 1846 Male
Charlie   Wife abt 1856  
Willie Ker-Chee   Grandson abt 1897 Male
Nam-No      abt 1873 Male
Catherine   Orphan abt 1899 Female
Ko-Mah-Cheet   Husband abt 1842 Male
Take-Y-Tah-Kony   Wife abt 1858 Female
Bob Komahcheet    Son abt 1887 Male
Dewey Komahcheet   Grandson abt 1890 Male
Kas-Chi-Dah   Mother abt 1872 Female
Amos Ko-Mah-Cheet   Son abt 1902 Male
Ah-See     abt 1877 Female
Samuel Mullen   Orphan abt 1894 Male
Tis-So-Yo Alice Husband abt 1871 Male
Alice Tis-So-Yo   Wife abt 1880 Female
Max      abt 1879 Male
Tah-Mah-Kah     abt 1871 Male
Millet      abt 1863 Male
Ti-Nom-A-Wat   Husband abt 1843 Male
Pets-Che   Wife abt 1857 Female
Dora Tinemawat    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Nah-Doo-A-Nip-Ah     abt 1878 Male
Po-Wo     abt 1875 Male
Ah-Do-Sy   Husband abt 1853 Male
Tow-Wick-Ws-Yah   Wife abt 1861 Female
Mat Ahdosy    Son abt 1886 Male
Ernest Ahdosy  Susie   abt 1884 Male
Willie Ah-Dos-Sy   Husband abt 1880 Male
Susie Ahdosy  Ernest Wife abt 1885 Female
Albert Ah-Dos-Sy Ernest &  Susie Son abt 1901 Male
Wer-Sy     abt 1877 Male
Pe-Bo   Husband abt 1872 Male
Moo-Rie   Wife abt 1868 Female
Quav-Ayetchy     abt 1859 Female
Frank B Farwell   Father abt 1858 Male
Kit Carson Farwell Frank B Son abt 1896 Male
Pearl Farwell Frank B Daughter abt 1898 Female
Gertrude Farwell  Frank B Daughter abt 1899 Female
Taddy-Kee   Mother abt 1864 Female
Rose Nahwats    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Yah-Ney   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Mary Taddy-Kee    Daughter abt 1900 Female
Pah-Ko-Mock     abt 1882 Male
Sim-Mos   Mother abt 1849 Female
Wilson Simmons    Son abt 1887 Male
Esa-Roo-Ah     abt 1859 Male
Tah-Yer-Per     abt 1850 Male
Nin-Sey     abt 1852 Male
Kar-No     abt 1865 Male
Wer-Wick-Ah   Mother abt 1865 Female
Thompson Wer-Wick-Ah   Son abt 1891 Male
Tissy-Ch-Ah-Kony     abt 1838 Female
Elbus  Lula Husband abt 1878 Male
Lula Pah-Di Elbus Wife abt 1883 Female
Anonymous Elbus &  Lula Son abt 1902 Male
Wah-A-Per     abt 1869 Female
Tissy-Chy   Grandmother  abt 1827 Female
Neal Tissy-Chy    Grandson abt 1890 Male
Henry Tissy-Chy     abt 1882 Male
Tafe-PA-Bitty     abt 1868 Male
Su-Ah-Ker     abt 1835 Female
Quit-Teh-RI   Mother abt 1873 Female
Annie Tah-Hah-Wah   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Daniel Tah-Hah-Wah   Son abt 1894 Male
Charlotte Tah-Hah-Wah   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Edward He-ME-No-Ke-Ke-KY   Son abt 1902 Male
I-Pitty     abt 1844 Female
Po-Haw-Rock-Su   Husband abt 1851 Male
Chi-Woon-NY   Wife abt 1864 Female
Pah-Ah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Winona Pe-Ki-Yo   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Ned Pe-Ki-Yo   Son abt 1893 Male
Tah-Tah-Dar-Sy   Daughter abt 1895 Female
William Pe-Ki-Yo   Son abt 1901 Male
Nan Pe-Ki-Yo  Eli   abt 1884 Female
Eli Coffee  Nan Husband abt 1871 Male
Pauline    Wife abt 1878 Female
Lucy Hovarithka Eli &  Nan Daughter abt 1894 Female
William Hovarithka Eli &  Nan Son abt 1896 Male
Charles Hovarithka Eli &  Nan Son abt 1900 Male
Robert Coffee Eli &  Nan Son abt 1901 Male
Quas-Sy-Yah   Husband abt 1862 Male
To-or-Chi   Wife abt 1871 Female
Wah-Per   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Frank Quassyyah    Son abt 1886 Male
Tabby-Mah-Chah     abt 1859 Female
Pah-Do-Pony   Husband abt 1865 Male
Mam-MA-NE-Ta   Wife abt 1864 Female
Annie Pah-Do-Pony    Daughter abt 1886 Female
Rhoda Pah-Do-Pony   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Mack Pah-Do-Pony   Son abt 1895 Male
Oliver Pah-Do-Pony   Son abt 1898 Male
Perk-A-Quan-Ard   Husband abt 1861 Male
Tis-AR-Sy   Wife abt 1863 Female
Tah-C-Dah   Son abt 1897 Male
Nancy Perk-A-Quan-Ard   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Irwin Perk-A-Wuan-Ard      abt 1885 Male
Pah-Su-A-Rah   Husband abt 1855 Male
Nah-Wau-Con-Ic   Wife abt 1854 Female
MI-Yack-y   Grandmother abt 1829 Female
Helen Tah-Bo-Ko-Ah    Grandaughter  abt 1896 Female
Edith Tah-Bo-Ko-Ah   Grandaughter  abt 1892 Female
Sau-Pitty   Husband abt 1862 Male
Mam-ME   Wife abt 1872 Female
Corbett Saupitty   Son abt 1886 Male
Lyon Saupitty   Son abt 1896 Male
William Saupitty      abt 1884 Male
Pu-Eb-Lo   Husband abt 1854 Male
To-Shaddy   Wife abt 1876 Female
Ada Pu-Eb-Lo   Daughter abt 1892 Female
Frank Pueblo   Son abt 1896 Male
MO-Vo-Noid   Son abt 1896 Male
We-Sah-Poie     abt 1837 Female
Che-Weck-E-Ah   Mother abt 1860 Female
Otis    Son abt 1888 Male
Ni-Vey     abt 1848 Female
Wah-Kah-Quah   Father abt 1864 Male
Oscar Wah-Kah-Quah   Son abt 1891 Male
Pe-Che-Do   Mother abt 1868 Female
Wife-Per   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Emma   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Pe-Au-Ni     abt 1857 Female
Wooth-Take-Wah-Bitty   Mother abt 1869 Female
Tom Black Horse   Son abt 1894 Male
Owen Tabby-CO   Son abt 1897 Male
Coats-A-Whe-Ah   Grandmother abt 1839 Female
Che-Mah-Bitty   Grandson abt 1886 Male
To-Tite   Mother abt 1867 Female
Her-Wau-Ney   Daughter abt 1889 Female
Lucy To-Sa-Woos-On-Whe   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Thomas To-Sa-Woos-On-Whe   Son abt 1900 Male
Margaret To-Sa-Woos-On-Whe   Daughter abt 1897 Female
MO-Ni-Yah     abt 1849 Female
I-Nee     abt 1856 Male
Big Cow      abt 1854 Male
Yo-Ah     abt 1859 Male
Per-Dy-We     abt 1853 Female
Po-WY-Woon-Ard     abt 1848 Female
Chi-CO-NY     abt 1849 Female
Chi-ME-WA-Kit     abt 1830 Female
Yeh-Petty     abt 1829 Female
Ben      abt 1858 Male
Quas-SE-Ver     abt 1852 Female
Wook-Vitty     abt 1867 Female
Maud Tof-Po-Nete     abt 1882 Female
Coath-Ty   Husband abt 1863 Male
Tof-Po-Nete   Wife abt 1869 Female
Margaret Caudepah    Daughter abt 1892 Female
NE-Nad-Di-MO     abt 1844 Male
Nam-I-Qua-u   Husband abt 1860 Male
Po-Haw-Wife-Per   Wife abt 1866 Female
Sarah Nam-I-Qua-u   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Ella Nam-I-Qua-u   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Pearl Nam-I-Qua-u   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Margaret Chaskawoonard   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Maragret Chock-A-Woon-Ard     abt 1891 Female
Ta-Cha-CO     abt 1869 Male
Woof-Po-Be-Ho     abt 1849 Male
To-Mah-Vitty     abt 1861 Male
Tissy-Yah-Ker     abt 1855 Female
Par-RI-A-Quit-Tap   Husband abt 1838 Male
Ye-A-Tath-Chi   Wife abt 1849 Female
Johnson Parriaquitt-Tap    Son abt 1890 Male
Bert      abt 1884 Male
Hick      abt 1877 Male
Quer-Her-Bitty     abt 1845 Female
Tau-Wer   Husband abt 1853 Male
Cho-Ko-Nie   Wife abt 1858 Female
Mad-Dis-Che   Daughter abt 1886 Female
Tah-Ko-NY   Head abt 1866 Male
Ni-Ve-Wah   Wife abt 1869 Female
Walter Tah-Ko-NY   Son abt 1901 Male
Wuth-Take-Qua     abt 1870 Male
Tah-Bo-Her   Husband abt 1849 Male
Tah-Pay   Wife abt 1851 Female
Henry Pratt    Husband abt 1857 Male
Tow-Rah Henry Wife abt 1868 Female
Charlie Pratt      abt 1884 Male
Ko-So-Yah     abt 1876 Male
Che-Yeck-We   Husband abt 1857 Male
We-To-Whe   Wife abt 1859 Female
Clark Cheyeckwe      abt 1883 Male
Per-Mamsu   Mother abt 1867 Female
Bertie Titchywy    Daughter abt 1890 Female
Martha Titchy-WY   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Irene Titchy-WY   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Henry Titchy-WY   Son abt 1894 Male
Benjamin Titchy-WY   Son abt 1899 Male
Reed Titchy-WY      abt 1881 Male
Caas-Cho-Nah   Mother abt 1869 Female
Pue-Tay   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Na-Cha-Mock-A-MO-KY   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ah-Too-Wcos-Su-Ah-Ke   Son abt 1899 Male
Tah-MO-Ko   Grandmother abt 1840 Female
Abner Titchy-WY   Grandson abt 1898 Male
Jennie Howah      abt 1884 Female
Kerts-Su-Mah     abt 1836 Female
Wer-Ya-Vah   Mother abt 1876 Female
Bert Wer-Ya-Vah   Son abt 1894 Male
Mollie Wer-Ya-Vah   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Joseph Wer-Ya-Vah   Son abt 1900 Male
Che-So-WY   Father abt 1864 Male
Estella Chesowy    Daughter abt 1888 Female
Julia Chesowy    Daughter abt 1891 Female
Nun-E-Nur Che-So-WY     abt 1886 Female
Nora Weathbitty      abt 1879 Female
Werk-Bo-Yah     abt 1849 Female
Robert Watsekoweah      abt 1884 Male
Oats-See     abt 1876 Male
Caddo     abt 1866 Male
Kiowa Little     abt 1844 Male
Tah-Tis-Dony     abt 1849 Female
Pe-We-Wardy     abt 1875 Male
Poie-Whe-Up   Wife abt 1884 Female
Samuel Pe-We-Wardy   Son abt 1899 Male
Inez Pe-We-Wardy   Daughter abt 1902 Female
He-Ah-Ka-Mah   Husband abt 1867 Male
Wah-Ah-Bus   Wife abt 1872 Female
Mary He-Ah-Ke-Mah   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Tah-Ko     abt 1865 Female
Po-Haw-Weck-E-Ah     abt 1870 Male
Black Wolf    Husband abt 1839 Male
Chah-Wick-Ah Black Wife abt 1856 Female
Chah-Mit-KY     abt 1869 Female
Pe-Sau-NY   Husband abt 1874 Male
Tit-Chauk-Sah   Wife abt 1880 Female
Jennie Pe-Sau-NY   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Yanny-Ite     abt 1859 Female
Matilda Hema Big Medicine    Grandaughter  abt 1894 Female
George Maddox   Husband abt 1863 Male
Eck-Ah-Sy George Wife abt 1865 Female
Lucile Maddox George Daughter abt 1888 Female
Jim Maddox George Son abt 1894 Male
Elsie Maddox George Daughter abt 1893 Female
Dewey Maddox George Son abt 1898 Male
Rachel Maddox George Daughter abt 1901 Female
Albert Kosechoquetah    Brother abt 1887 Male
Mary Pah-Tah-Wooth-Take-Qua   Sister abt 1894 Female
Ho-Ah-Wah     abt 1849 Male
Sam Hoahwah      abt 1885 Male
Tabby-Tite   Husband abt 1875 Male
Wick-Kie   Wife abt 1881 Female
Frank Tabby-Tite   Son abt 1902 Male
Mary    Mother abt 1861 Female
Sampson Mary Son abt 1897 Male
NE-HI   Father abt 1862 Male
Grace Gootsequetah    Stepdaughter abt 1890 Female
Cora NE-HI   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Nora Gootsequetah      abt 1885 Female
Pah-Kah-Wah   Father abt 1861 Male
Polly Pah-Kah-Wah    Daughter abt 1889 Female
Black Moon      abt 1889 Female
Moth-Ter-ME   Father abt 1869 Male
Jane Moth-Ter-ME   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Victoria Moth-Ter-ME   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Nem-A-Ro-Quo   Husband abt 1875 Male
Tit-Tah   Wife abt 1871 Female
Too-E-Napper   Son abt 1900 Male
Lizzie Nem-A-Ro-Quo   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Tassy-Rap-Pi     abt 1848 Female
Nah-Kah     abt 1849 Female
Ker-Some     abt 1841 Female
Taroy-Up   Father abt 1843 Male
John Tarcy-Up   Son abt 1898 Male
Eugene Tarcy-Up      abt 1884 Male
Tah-Wah-Maith-Kin     abt 1863 Female
We-MI-Che-Coddy     abt 1829 Female
Ate-Tah-Reth-KY     abt 1843 Female
Wer-Que-Ah-Bitty     abt 1841 Female
Omer Wehe      abt 1887 Male
Na-NE-Ah   Father abt 1853 Male
Jane To-Do-Es-Sy   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Gus Po-Ah-Wah      abt 1884 Male
Wah-Per      abt 1885 Female
Ben    Husband abt 1877 Male
Way-SE-Petty Ben Wife abt 1878 Female
To-Do-Es-Sy   Husband abt 1849 Male
Tah-Pony   Wife abt 1851 Female
John Po-Ah-Way    Son abt 1891 Male
David Po-Ah-Way    Son abt 1894 Male
Tis-Sy-Wook-Que   Mother abt 1886 Female
Grace To-Do-Es-Sy   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Johnson To-Do-SE-Sy      abt 1882 Male
O-Nah-Dy   Husband abt 1874 Male
Wah-Nem-A-SE-Tite   Wife abt 1879 Female
Leonard O-Nah-Dy   Son abt 1895 Male
Lena O-Nah-Dy   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Pas-Che-Pap-Py     abt 1864 Male
Henry Wallace    Husband abt 1864 Male
Ontah-cho Henry Wife abt 1869 Female
John Wallace Henry Son abt 1889 Male
Mary Wallace Henry Daughter abt 1898 Female
George Wallace Henry Son abt 1903 Male
Wer-Que-Yah   Husband abt 1860 Male
Peetso   Wife abt 1868 Female
Wah-Wer-Seer   Son abt 1900 Male
Enoch Wer-Que-Yah      abt 1884 Male
Ko-Dose   Husband abt 1839 Male
Krk-Sey   Wife abt 1873 Female
Ygnacio Portillo     abt 1875 Male
Pat-Cha-Nah   Husband abt 1849 Male
Son-Tah-Kony   Wife abt 1849 Female
Er-Ka-Bitty   Daughter abt 1886 Female
Uk-Au-Ni-Chappy   Father abt 1852 Male
Lee Uk-Au-Ni-Chappy   Son abt 1891 Male
Tome-Too-Up   Son abt 1894 Male
Lena Uk-Au-Ni-Chappy   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Poy-We-To-Waut   Son abt 1899 Male
Wau-RI-Ka     abt 1885 Male
Edward L Clark   Husband abt 1844 Male
Wau-MA-CO-Nie Edward L Wife abt 1859 Female
Benjamin Clark Edward L Son abt 1888 Male
Edward Clark Edward L Son abt 1890 Male
George Clark Edward L Son abt 1896 Male
William McKinley Clark Edward L Son abt 1898 Male
Elsie Clark   Mother abt 1885 Female
Lewis Clark Elsie Son abt 1902 Male
Wer-Wick-Ah     abt 1849 Female
Yan-Nee   Mother abt 1862 Female
Thomas Yan-Nee   Son abt 1891 Male
Ked-Sey     abt 1816 Female
Watch-Su-Ah   Father abt 1830 Male
Ko-Vah Wat-Su-Sh   Son abt 1888 Male
Yacky-Too-A-Nip-Ah     abt 1883 Male
Tah-Que-Chi   Mother abt 1875 Female
Gertrude    Daughter abt 1891 Female
Teddy Tah-Que-Chi   Son abt 1894 Male
Sah-Cowah-With   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Chock-A-Mun-NY     abt 1854 Female
Flora Watsuah      abt 1883 Female
Terrence      abt 1882 Male
Tah-Kof-Per   Husband abt 1868 Male
Quit-Ti-Ni   Wife abt 1874 Female
Herman Tah-Kof-Per   Son abt 1891 Male
James Tah-Kof-Per    Son abt 1894 Male
Schley Tah-Kof-Per   Son abt 1898 Male
Tas-Sa-Ker   Mother abt 1864 Female
Edna Pah-Di   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Cone-Woop   Son abt 1895 Male
Charlie Pahdi    Nephew abt 1886 Male
Andrew Tarpetche   Nephew abt 1895 Male
Pen-Er-O-RI-Vo     abt 1875 Male
Blanche Wewabitty    Mother abt 1881 Female
Margaret Cheevers Blanche Daughter abt 1901 Female
Pi-Es-Tis-Chy   Husband abt 1859 Male
WY-E-Wife-Per   Wife abt 1872 Female
Harold Pi-Es-Tis-Chy   Son abt 1893 Male
Licile Pi-Es-Tis-Chy   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Petty-O-Den     abt 1849 Female
Wilson Heka      abt 1884 Male
Paut-Chee     abt 1879 Male
Bettie Tenequer      abt 1885 Female
Marion      abt 1875 Male
To-Quo-At-Ty     abt 1879 Female
Saw-With-KY     abt 1855 Male
Woof-Pay     abt 1869 Female
Pe-Ah-Bo     abt 1845 Female
Ase-Quit-Tah     abt 1818 Female
Eustace E Merrick   Father abt 1867 Male
Emma Merrick Eustace E Daughter abt 1899 Female
Bertha Merrick Eustace E Daughter abt 1901 Female
He-NE-Ni-Yah     abt 1859 Female
Fern Permunso      abt 1884 Female
Jack    Husband abt 1853 Male
Pe-Pe Jack Wife abt 1867 Female
Crow Permumso  Jack Daughter abt 1888 Female
Goorah Permumso  Jack Daughter abt 1890 Female
Blue Moon Permunso Jack Son abt 1894 Male
Rainy Permumso Jack Son abt 1901 Male
Jack      abt 1880 Male
Horse      abt 1849 Male
Su-Ah-Rah   Mother abt 1862 Female
Sarah   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Tissy-Qua-Vy     abt 1855 Male
Orie   Mother abt 1864 Female
May Orie   Daughter abt 1898 Female
MO-NE-Ner-Kit     abt 1881 Male
Ni-Yah-Bitty   Mother abt 1858 Female
Wood Ni-Yah-Bitty    Son abt 1891 Male
Oder   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Emmet Cox   Husband abt 1851 Male
Nau-Noc-CA Emmet Wife abt 1873 Female
Nellie Cox Emmet Daughter abt 1887 Female
Nina Cox Emmet Daughter abt 1890 Female
MO-NY-Ete Cox Emmet Daughter abt 1894 Female
Joseph Cox Emmet Son abt 1899 Male
Edward Cox Emmet Son abt 1902 Male
Pas-Cho-Ti   Husband abt 1861 Male
Her-Na-Pitty   Wife abt 1861 Female
Paul Pascheti    Son abt 1886 Male
Walker Pascheti   Son abt 1898 Male
Esa-O-Haw-Pith   Husband abt 1851 Male
Her-Ke-Yah   Wife abt 1848 Female
Pah-Che-Ka   Husband abt 1876 Male
Pah-Vo-Put   Wife abt 1884 Female
Mary Pah-Vo-Put   Daughter abt 1902 Female
To-Wick-Ah   Husband abt 1869 Male
MO-E-Tud   Wife abt 1858 Female
Irene To-Wick-Ah   Daughter abt 1896 Female
Abbie Tippeconnic      abt 1882 Female
Wah-Yah-Bitty   Mother abt 1865 Female
Moo-Yo Tah-Watch-E-Woof-Pite   Son abt 1893 Male
Timbo Tah-Cha-Chi   Husband abt 1862 Male
Wick-Pitty Timbo Wife abt 1862 Female
Annie Timbo Timbo Daughter abt 1893 Female
Mary Timbo   Stepdaughter abt 1886 Female
George Timbo Timbo Son abt 1893 Male
Wer-SE-Taker     abt 1849 Female
Ya-Wooth-Take-Quan     abt 1842 Female
Keith-Tah-Ro-CO Sallie Husband abt 1875 Male
Sallie    Wife abt 1881 Female
William Keith-Tah-Ro-CO Sallie Son abt 1899 Male
Tah-Su-A-Con   Grandmother abt 1815 Female
Thurma Chicken    Grandaughter  abt 1892 Female
Carrie Heath   Mother abt 1875 Female
Corine Heath Carrie Daughter abt 1892 Female
Na-Meet-Sa-To Carrie Daughter abt 1900 Female
Annie Heath Carrie Daughter abt 1903 Female
Wah-Ah-Boie     abt 1829 Female
Pow-We-Tipe   Father abt 1869 Male
Arthur Pow-We-Tipe   Son abt 1893 Male
Ta-He-Wah   Mother abt 1865 Female
Shcley Pow-We-Tipe   Son abt 1898 Male
John    Husband abt 1855 Male
CO-By John Wife abt 1865 Female
Johnny Parker   Stepson abt 1890 Male
Tommy A-SE-A-Ta-My John Son abt 1894 Male
Albert A-SE-A-Ta-My John Son abt 1899 Male
Take-WA-Ker     abt 1861 Male
Moaf-Take-WA     abt 1885 Female
Tim-Su-Yacky     abt 1864 Female
To-Ace-Sy   Husband abt 1871 Male
Weath-Dah-Chah-Ke-Ah   Wife abt 1849 Female
Pearly Whitmore  Mary Husband abt 1870 Male
Mary  Pearly Wife abt 1875 Female
I-Kee Pearly &  Mary Daughter abt 1895 Female
Hattie Woos-Sy-Piti Pearly &  Mary Daughter abt 1898 Female
Bones  Bones Husband abt 1843 Male
Mrs. Bones  Bones Wife abt 1853 Female
Pe-Bo   Husband abt 1871 Male
Tah-Wer-Que   Wife abt 1862 Female
Pe-Nock-Quad-Dy   Son abt 1895 Male
Helen G Rose     abt 1887 Female
To-Po-A-Cut   Husband abt 1855 Male
Daud    Wife abt 1857 Female
Ta-Vo-Ah   Mother abt 1873 Female
Edna Tissy-Ro-Quet    Daughter abt 1892 Female
Cheet-Wha   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Wooth-To-Vo     abt 1854 Male
Tissy-Chah-To-Ye     abt 1848 Female
Tah-Chu-A-Wook-Kie   Grandmother abt 1853 Female
Sar-Yer-Win-NE   Grandson abt 1894 Male
Ti-E-Bo     abt 1879 Male
To-Sah-Rite     abt 1844 Female
Ter-WA-Ker     abt 1845 Female
Nora    Mother abt 1883 Female
Sarah Looking Glass Nora Daughter abt 1902 Female
Nam-Netse     abt 1851 Female
Ta-Vav-Naw   Husband abt 1833 Male
Nam-I-Mock-Ah   Wife abt 1845 Female
Eugene Tavavnaw    Son abt 1886 Male
Wah-Wekc-E-Ah     abt 1853 Female
Pe-Dah-CO     abt 1856 Female
Nau-Oe-I-Pitty     abt 1883 Female
Mah-Set-KY   Mother abt 1867 Female
Mack Wood-Ah-Hav-Vy   Son abt 1898 Male
Jack Wah-Ah-Ram-Ah   Son abt 1901 Male
SE-Dah     abt 1858 Female
Pers-Chy Lucy Husband abt 1865 Male
Lucy Ko-Cof   Wife abt 1879 Female
Mary Perschy Lucy Daughter abt 1903 Female
Sau-Naw     abt 1838 Female
Samuel Car-Pio     abt 1882 Male
Tivis William   Husband abt 1870 Male
Kah-Cha-Cha Samuel Wife abt 1870 Female
Sophy Fisher   Stepdaughter abt 1892 Female
Margaret Fisher    Stepdaughter abt 1894 Female
Helen Fisher   Stepdaughter abt 1897 Female
No-Ho-CO   Mother abt 1867 Female
Edith Cheevers    Daughter abt 1891 Female
MO-Nah   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Mary No-Yo-Bad   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Horace No-Yo-Bad   Son abt 1900 Male
Wau-Ke-Ah   Mother abt 1886 Female
Henry Samone   Son abt 1902 Male
Wau-Ah-Ddo-Ah   Husband abt 1857 Male
Ter-Ney   Wife abt 1849 Female
Mer-Nee   Daughter abt 1886 Female
Arthur Wau-Ah-Doo-Ah   Son abt 1888 Male
Amos  Yellow Husband abt 1882 Male
Yellow Bear  Amos Wife abt 1879 Female
Leupp Tarsip Amos &  Yellow Son abt 1903 Male
Conny-Wer-Dy   Mother abt 1866 Female
Shannon Wahnee    Son abt 1887 Male
Ethel Wah-Nee   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Kash-So-Seet-To   Son abt 1897 Male
Charles Conny-Wer-Dy   Son abt 1899 Male
Edward Lewis      abt 1885 Male
Nathan Kah-Rah-Rah   Husband abt 1878 Male
Naw-SE-Vah Edward Wife abt 1873 Female
Estelle Kah-Rah-Rah Edward Daughter abt 1902 Female
Rudolph Fisher    Husband abt 1850 Male
Tissy-Chau-Er Rudolph Wife abt 1854 Female
Bertie Fisher Rudolph Daughter abt 1894 Female
Willie Fisher Rudolph Son abt 1897 Male
Kitsy Fisher Rudolph Daughter abt 1897 Female
Lottie Fisher Rudolph Daughter abt 1901 Female
Chas-SE-Quan Crose Mother abt 1878 Female
Cau-Do-la-Rio Crose Son abt 1894 Male
Nellie Martinez Crose Daughter abt 1898 Female
Jubet Fuller Crose Son abt 1900 Male
Daniel Fuller Crose Son abt 1902 Male
Crose Martinez   Husband abt 1881 Male
Minnie Powadoy    Wife abt 1885 Female
Harry Martinez Crose Son abt 1902 Male
Che-Vah-Ko   Mother abt 1879 Female
Gracie Wuk-We-Ah   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Tissy-Rah-Kony     abt 1848 Female
NE-VA-Qua-Ya   Husband abt 1855 Male
To-See   Wife abt 1871 Female
Nellie NE-VA-Qua-Ya   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Lean NE-VA-Qua-Ya   Son abt 1900 Male
Lena NE-VA-Qua-Ya   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Frank Too-Ah-Imp-Ah     abt 1880 Male
Merm-Ep     abt 1880 Male
Pe-We-Nof-Kit   Husband abt 1859 Male
Che-Wath-Ta   Wife abt 1872 Female
Nannie Pe-We-Nof-Kit   Daughter abt 1890 Female
Major Baldwin Pewenofkit   Son abt 1891 Male
Jack Pewenofkit   Son abt 1894 Male
Wuth-To   Aunt abt 1859 Female
Jesse Pah-Do-Co   Nephew abt 1889 Male
Jack Watch-Mam-Sook-A-Wat   Husband abt 1860 Male
Mad-Di-Come Jack Wife abt 1861 Female
Bertha Atacapap    Stepdaughter abt 1891 Female
Lizzie Watch-Mam-Sook-A9wat Jack Daughter abt 1898 Female
MA-He-Co     abt 1879 Male
To-Yo Elmer Father abt 1869 Female
McKee Atacapap    Son abt 1888 Male
Wer-Yack-We   Husband abt 1869 Male
Sarah Weryackwe    Daughter abt 1886 Female
William Weryackwe    Son abt 1891 Male
David Weryackwe   Son abt 1894 Male
Victoria Wer-Yack-We   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Elmer Too-Ah-Rap    Husband abt 1882 Male
Mabel Mahseet    Wife abt 1884 Female
Fred Too-Ah-Rap   Son abt 1903 Male
Yellow Fish    Husband abt 1862 Male
Taum-Ah-Vo-Yau Yellow Wife abt 1869 Female
Wylie Yellow Fish  Yellow Son abt 1891 Male
Ada Yellow Fish Yellow Daughter abt 1894 Female
James Ta-You   Orphan abt 1892 Male
Scott Atacapap      abt 1882 Male
To-He-No     abt 1850 Male
Tom Watch-A-Coddy    Father abt 1867 Male
Kate Watch-A-Coddy Tom Daughter abt 1894 Female
Frank Watch-A-Coddy Tom Son abt 1898 Male
Red Bird      abt 1860 Male
George Eck-Hoos-Cho  Mary Ann Husband abt 1881 Male
Mary Ann Wood-Ah-Hav-Vy George Wife abt 1890 Female
Frank Pah-Do-Cony     abt 1876 Male
HI-We-Ni   Husband abt 1863 Male
Chah-Toie-Bitten   Wife abt 1865 Female
Wyashi HI-We-Ni    Daughter abt 1886 Female
Beatice HI-We-Ni   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Edna HI-We-Ni   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Gray Mountain    Husband abt 1842 Male
He-No-VA-Kah Gray Wife abt 1871 Female
Matilda A-SE-To-Yar Gray Daughter abt 1892 Female
Theodore Esetoyar  Gray Son abt 1894 Male
Lorenta Asetoyar Gray Daughter abt 1897 Female
Juanita Asetoyar Gray Daughter abt 1898 Female
Louise Asetoyar Gray Daughter abt 1900 Female
Kose-Cha-Ta     abt 1867 Male
Take-Wer-Nem-A-Ker     abt 1830 Female
Sah-Chuck-Sah   Mother abt 1852 Female
Tabby-U-We-Nit   Son abt 1888 Male
Bayard Big Looking Glass      abt 1880 Male
Philip Big Looking Glass    Brother abt 1887 Male
Bernice Big Looking Glass   Sister abt 1893 Female
Su-Ah-Tah-O-Lah   Sister abt 1895 Female
ME-A-Kah Mattie Husband abt 1864 Male
Mattie Asah    Wife abt 1868 Female
Liezzie Asah Mattie Stepdaughter abt 1892 Female
Bessie ME-A-Kah Mattie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Ah-Win-Ah     abt 1836 Female
Nah-Su-Quas   Father abt 1849 Male
Florence Nah-Sa-Quas   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Thomas Mihecoby  Louise Husband abt 1882 Male
Louise Looking Glass  Thomas Wife abt 1884 Female
Albert MI-He-Coby Thomas &  Louise Son abt 1902 Male
MI-He-CO-By   Husband abt 1844 Male
Su-Ah-Ker   Wife abt 1841 Female
Ethel MI-He-CO-By    Daughter abt 1887 Female
Ta-Ten-E-Quer   Husband abt 1863 Male
Ta-Tit-Ty   Wife abt 1870 Female
Alice Ta-Ten-E-Quer   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Kah-Tah-Nas-Su-Wook-KY   Mother abt 1848 Female
Peral Mahsset    Daughter abt 1888 Female
Eva Mahseet   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Walter Nah-Doo-Ah-Nippar     abt 1878 Male
Alexander Her-Nas-Sy   Husband abt 1867 Male
Tam-ME-Ni-Ke Walter Wife abt 1871 Female
Ce-Erba Walter Daughter abt 1894 Female
Lulu Walter Daughter abt 1897 Female
Thomas Her-Nas-Sy Walter Son abt 1903 Male
Jack Mahseet     abt 1880 Male
Jesse Mahseet    Father abt 1867 Male
Lee Mahseet Jesse Son abt 1899 Male
Sarah      abt 1879 Female
Su-An-NY   Husband abt 1877 Male
Pah-Ke-Mah-Cha   Wife abt 1884 Female
Ta-Quat-Ta-Tsay   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Bertha Suanny   Daughter abt 1903 Female
Eck-I-Wau-Dah   Father abt 1844 Male
Emma Eck-I-Wau-Dah   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Julia Eck-I-Wau-Dah   Daughter abt 1897 Female
Hugh Eck-I-Wau-Dah     abt 1885 Male
James Guadaloupe   Father abt 1833 Male
Thursa Guadaloupe James Daughter abt 1890 Female
A-SE-Perm-My   Husband abt 1858 Male
Mah-Ka-Nar-Sy   Wife abt 1871 Female
Margaret Guadaloupe   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ech-A-Nos-Ah-Mipper   Husband abt 1866 Male
Chah-CO-Litty   Wife abt 1867 Female
You-Ni-A-Cut   Husband abt 1845 Male
Tau-Ni-Bitty   Wife abt 1860 Female
Birdie Youniacut    Daughter abt 1888 Female
Henry Youniacut   Son abt 1902 Male
Pe-Wo   Husband abt 1853 Male
Ah-Tielt-Zone-Zah   Wife abt 1867 Female
Ester Pewo    Daughter abt 1887 Female
May Pewo   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Eva Changa      abt 1885 Female
Wilbur Pewo      abt 1882 Male
Pah-Coddy   Husband abt 1846 Male
Wats-SE-Narth-KY   Wife abt 1851 Female
Jim Pahcoddy  Bettie Husband abt 1877 Male
Bettie  Jim Wife abt 1883 Female
Celso Jim &  Bettie Son abt 1900 Male
Marie Pah-Coddy Jim &  Bettie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Benjamin Roache   Husband abt 1855 Male
Po-Kin Benjamin Wife abt 1860 Female
Serapio Roache Benjamin Son abt 1889 Male
Satro Roache Benjamin Son abt 1890 Male
Maris Roache Benjamin Daughter abt 1892 Female
Bridget Roache Benjamin Daughter abt 1894 Female
Pautirce Roache Benjamin Daughter abt 1896 Female
Contaro Roache Benjamin Son abt 1898 Male
Nicholas Roache Benjamin Son abt 1899 Male
Tavienna Roache     abt 1885 Female
Charlie Roache     abt 1884 Male
Mrs. Frances Abaline     abt 1851 Female
Peio Abaline     abt 1879 Male
Bonaparte Abaline     abt 1880 Male
Louis Bentz   Father abt 1856 Male
Lorenze Bentz Louis Son abt 1890 Male
George W Conover   Father abt 1845 Male
John W Conover George W Son abt 1887 Male
William Conover   Father abt 1878 Male
Nettie Peral Conover William Daughter abt 1899 Female
Andy Conover   Father abt 1875 Male
Mary Ann Conover Andy Daughter abt 1895 Female
John M Conover Andy Son abt 1898 Male
William Conover Junior Andy Son abt 1899 Male
Dalora Conover Andy Daughter abt 1901 Female
George Chandler     abt 1873 Male
Bud Chandler   Father abt 1873 Male
Andy Chandler Bud Son abt 1887 Male
Boone Chandler Eslella Husband abt 1870 Male
Eslella Chandler Boone Wife abt 1872 Female
Frances Chandler Boone &  Eslella Daughter abt 1890 Female
Mannie Chandler Boone &  Eslella Daughter abt 1893 Female
William Dietrich   Husband abt 1859 Male
Mrs. Dietrich William Wife abt 1866 Female
George Dietrich William Son abt 1888 Male
Willie Pearl Dietrich William Daughter abt 1891 Female
Clarence A Dietrich William Son abt 1894 Male
Ruby G Dietrich William Daughter abt 1899 Female
William F Dietrich Junior William Son abt 1901 Male
Bert B Dietrich     abt 1884 Male
Thomas M Dietrich     abt 1882 Male
Senoya Aldava Louisa Husband abt 1852 Male
Louisa Aldava Senoya Wife abt 1862 Female
Tahlena James Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1887 Male
Thomas Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1888 Male
Nestor Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1891 Male
Cevera Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1894 Male
Jacob Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1899 Male
Alice Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Daughter abt 1899 Female
Clara Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Daughter abt 1901 Female
Valentine Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Son abt 1902 Male
Petra Aldava Senoya &  Louisa Daughter abt 1890 Female
Nellie Carey     abt 1872 Female
Henry H Wright   Father abt 1858 Male
Frances E Wright Henry H Daughter abt 1891 Female
Sap-Cut   Husband abt 1883 Male
Ah-Way   Wife abt 1875 Female
Renwick Sapcut   Son abt 1892 Male
Martha Sap-Cut    Daughter abt 1895 Female
Panzy Sap-Cut   Daughter abt 1899 Female
Frank Sap-Cut   Son abt 1901 Male
Jim Wah-Er-Ram-Ah     abt 1875 Male
Eck-E-Boie     abt 1864 Female
Weck-Ah-Woon-Ard   Mother abt 1854 Female
Marvin Yannyvittooah    Son abt 1886 Male
Emily Yannyvittooah   Daughter abt 1892 Female
Tinnie Gonzales   Sister abt 1895 Female
Philip Gonzales   Brother abt 1897 Male
Maggie Cheevers    Mother abt 1883 Female
Randlett Quit-Tah-Wan Maggie Son abt 1900 Male
Ko-Paddy   Husband abt 1877 Male
Watch-If   Wife abt 1880 Female
Rowland Ko-Paddy   Son abt 1898 Male
Nah-Nah-VI-Ta   Daughter abt 1900 Female
Samuel Ko-Paddy   Son abt 1903 Male
Judd  Edith Husband abt 1877 Male
Edith  Judd Wife abt 1881 Female
Josephine Wock-ME-Too-Ah Judd &  Edith Daughter abt 1898 Female
William Wock-ME-Too-Ah  Judd &  Edith Son abt 1901 Male
Quas-Sic-Ker     abt 1877 Male
Pe-Che-Er   Husband abt 1878 Male
Per-NE   Wife abt 1880 Female
Ethel Pe-Che-Er   Daughter abt 1903 Female
Robert    Husband abt 1879 Male
Ho-NE-Nan-Ker Robert Wife abt 1878 Female
Hulda MO-Cho Robert Daughter abt 1898 Female
Joseph MO-Cho Robert Son abt 1900 Male
Oscar Yellow Wolf    Husband abt 1879 Male
To-MA-Cha-Cheet Oscar Wife abt 1882 Female
Otto Yellow Wolf Oscar Son abt 1901 Male
Lena Myers    Mother abt 1880 Female
Lena Myers Lena Daughter abt 1898 Female
Randlett Craggs Myers Lena Son abt 1900 Male
Albert At-Tock-Nie Isa Husband abt 1880 Male
Isa Yellow Fish  Albert Wife abt 1887 Female
Faith Attocknie Albert &  Isa Daughter abt 1903 Female
Mamie Quo-Haddy  Joshua   abt 1893 Female
Joshua MI-He-Su-Ah Mamie Husband abt 1880 Male
Carrie Pe-Ah-Bo    Wife abt 1886 Female
May MI-He-Su-Ah Carrie Daughter abt 1902 Female
A-Mah-Too-Ah   Mother abt 1880 Female
Endora   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Sane   Son abt 1902 Male
Ni-Yah     abt 1879 Male
Mike Big Cow      abt 1881 Male
George      abt 1881 Male
Dora    Mother abt 1882 Female
Nellie Pe-Sah-Tet-Tah Dora Daughter abt 1900 Female
Annie Lebarre   Mother abt 1863 Female
Benjamin Lebarre Annie Son abt 1889 Male
Frank Lebarre Annie Son abt 1891 Male
John Lebarre Annie Son abt 1895 Male
Louis Lebarre Annie Son abt 1896 Male
Henry Lebarre Annie Son abt 1898 Male
William Lebarre     abt 1885 Male
John Frederic Lebarre   Father abt 1881 Male
Edwin Lebarre John Frederic Son abt 1903 Male
Albert Lebarre     abt 1882 Male
Ophelia Lebarre Nason   Father abt 1886  
Frankie Nason Ophelia Son abt 1902 Male
Ti-Na-Nem-Ah-Bitten   Mother abt 1884 Female
Agnes A-Tau-Vich   Daughter abt 1902 Female
MO-Ken-Ah   Mother abt 1883 Female
William Ti-Vo-Cy   Son abt 1903 Male
Qer-Di-Bitty   Father abt 1873 Male
Johnny Quer-Di-Bitty   Son abt 1891 Male
Emma Quer-Di-Bitty   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Knox      abt 1884 Male
Tah-Cumah     abt 1840 Female
David A Grantham     abt 1857 Male
Herman Lehman     abt 1859 Male
John Wer-WY   Stepson abt 1901 Male
Fred      abt 1880 Male
Mary Poafpybitty Fred Daughter abt 1895 Female
Tabby-Mah-Chah     abt 1859 Female

Source Information: (National Archives Microfilm Publication M595); Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted  each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98). The data on the rolls varies. For certain years including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled.
There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.


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