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The county lies in the Osage Plains, accounting for the large area of fertile, rolling prairies. The Neosho Lowlands, a subdivision of the Osage Plains, extends into the county's eastern and southern portions, creating a rougher environment. The tributaries of the Neosho River drain the county, with Big Cabin Creek the main artery in southern Craig County.  This region was hunting grounds for the Osage and other Plains Indian tribes. Beginning in the 1830s the Cherokee arrived, with many reaching the territory in 1838-39 following the Trail of Tears, when they were forced to leave their southeastern United States homes. The area became part of the Delaware and Cooweescoowee districts of the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. From the 1830s until the Civil War present Craig County was sparsely populated. The Military Road, or Texas Road, ran through the eastern part of the county, as did the East Shawnee Cattle Trail, which went to Baxter Springs, Kansas. There were other hunting trails used by various tribes. Between 1867 and 1871 the U.S. government moved the Shawnee and Delaware into the territory from northeastern Kansas. In 1871 the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway built tracks through present Craig County from the north to south. Also in 1871 the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, later the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway constructed a line to Vinita from east to west. After 1881 this railroad continued construction in Indian Territory, reaching Tulsa in 1882. The Oklahoma State Constitutional Convention created Craig County and named it for Granville Craig, a prominent mixed-blood-Cherokee farmer who had lived in the Welch-Bluejacket area since 1873. Vinita became the county seat. 


There are five incorporated towns in the county plus White Oak (unincorporated) and Centralia (ghost town). There are numbers of other communities such as Banzet, Bowlin Springs, Hollow, Hudson, Wimer, Miles, Kinnison, Estella, Russell Creek, and Okoee. The county comprises 7,762.71 square miles of land and water. The area sits on the western edge of the Ozark Plateau and eastern edge of the Prairie Plains. The prairies include small streams, uplifted sandstone hills, and in the western part high, long mounds such as Blue Mound west of Centralia, Notch Mound northwest of Centralia, and Hayrick Mound near the Kansas border. Coal, natural gas, and limited amounts of oil have been found in some areas of the sandstone uplifts. Mining began after the Civil War with major operations initiating about 1900. Coal was dug in mines as well as strip-mined, and was still produced at the beginning of the twenty-first century in western parts of the county. An oil refinery operated west of Vinita as early as 1911, shipping 1,200 to 1,500 cars of oil monthly in 1917. Sinclair Oil Company then bought the refinery and operated it until the mid-1920s. Ranching and farming became a major economic base before statehood. In 1907 there were approximately 387,500 acres of farm land, with corn, oats, and wheat the principal crops. In 2000 more than 418,350 acres were used for farming and ranching, with hay, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, and corn raised in quantity. Mt. Riga Farms, east of Big Cabin, was a major dairy farm in the early 1900s as well as a major hunting dog producer. Charles E. Griffith, Mt. Riga's owner, also bred Champion pointer bird dogs. There remain a large number of ranches in the western part of the county. (Source: Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture)

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