Creek County, Oklahoma Genealogy Trails


Deeba, Daughter

Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Deeba announce the birth of a daughter yesterday afternoon. Both mother and babe are doing nicely. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Saturday, October 14, 1916, front page)

Hechard, Mrs. H. A.

Mrs. O. M. Stevens entertained at her home on South Pennsylvania avenue, Wednesday afternoon, giving a surprise party to her friend, Mrs. H. A. Hechard, in honor of her birthday. Many handsome and beautiful presents were given the hostess, after which a delightful lunch of sandwiches, coffee, salads, and cake was served. Those enjoying the occasion were Mesdames Joe Green, W. W. Wolfe, Ote Cunningham, Verne Mulin, Ernest Richard, Ernest Mann, B. Kirby and children, and H. A. Hechard. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Saturday, October 14, 1916, front page)

Dale Keylor

Miss Keylor has Birthday Party

Little Miss Dale Keylor celebrated her fifth birthday Tuesday at her home on Harley avenue and Maple street. A delightful time was had by all the little folks.

Games were played and ice cream and cake were served. Little Dale received quite a number of presents while she also gave each child there a little present.

Those present were:

Billie Bob Lee, Anette Lee, Jane Russell, Ilene Russell, John William Hunt, Paul Schoolcraft, Maxine Dutton, Oleta Gooch, Ernest Burris, Mary Jane Donaldson, Lorena Dutton, Marguerette Yaunt, Raymond Burris, Helen Walker and Dorthy Brakey. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Thursday, August 3, 1922)

Laird, Son

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Laird, Monday at 2:30, a 6 pound baby boy. Mother and baby are getting along nicely. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Wednesday, April 14, 1920, page 5)

Paris, G. L. Mrs.

Mrs. Paris is Given a Pleasant Birthday Surprise

Mrs. G. L. Paris was surprised with a birthday supper Tuesday evening at her home 712 N. Creek avenue it being her 65th birthday. A huge cake graced the dining table with candles and on the center candle rested a ring with her birthday stone in it, a present from her children.

She received many beautiful and useful presents.

Those present at this delightful affair were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nicolson, Mrs. Boyles Paris and children. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Henry and children; Daisy and Albert, Mr. Mm. Paris.

They all departed at a late hour wishing Mrs. Paris many more happy birthdays. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Wednesday, April 13, 1921, front page)

Purcell Son

Announce Birth – Born to C. E. Purcell, 22 East Shaffer street, a boy. Mother and son are doing well. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Tuesday, October 10, 1922, front page)

Watson, Son

Born Aug. 28th to Mr. and Mrs. John Watson a boy baby. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Wednesday, August 30, 1922, front page)

Wilson, James 

His First Birthday Away From Home Over Forty Years

James Wilson, a well to do farmer of Laclede County, Mo., is in Drumright visiting his son, J. Arthur Wilson, a deputy sheriff. While here he passed his sixty-ninth birthday, the first birthday he has spent away from home for forty years. He is planning to return to his home next week.

It is the belief of Mr. Wilson that a campaign of war education should be conducted throughout the rural districts to impress upon the farmers just what this war means. He says there is little discussion of the conflict among the farmers, many of them do not realize fully what it will mean to lose this war, its causes and how the United States became involved.

Mr. Wilson was surprised to find as busy a city as Drumright. (Drumright Evening Derrick, Saturday, December 1, 1917, front page)


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