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Former Cashier Held for Fraud

Weatherford, Okla., Aug. 30 - J.H. Anderson former cashier of the defunct Farmers State Bank, was arrested Wednesday by sheriff Ben Monroe on a charge of issuing fraudulent cashiers' checks. This is the second time Anderson has been arrested since the bank failure, the first being for alleged false statements of the condition of the bank to the bank commissioner.

He gave bond in both cases for his appearance. Both charges were sworn to by Bank Examiner Cooper. Anderson is under a doctor's care and unable to leave his house. (The Oklahoma Times, August 30, 1919)

Warren Abby

Witness in Case in Oklahoma

Clinton, Okla., Dec. 14 (AP) – A former wife appeared unexpectedly today and testified in behalf of Warren Abby, 56, Oliver, La., farmer charged with murdering his second wife.

Mrs. Anna Abby, who was divorced from the defendant November 22, 1934, was brought from Salinas, Calif., by the defense as a character witness.

County Atty. Milton Keen had read in court numerous letters in which the first wife accused Abby of “running around with other women.”

Under cross-examination, Mrs. Abby said of those charges:

“I thought they were true at the time and later found them untrue.”

Mrs. Abby testified she had not seen Abby for three years and described the martial differences leading to their divorce.

Abby earlier spent a total of six hours and 40 minutes on the stand.

He said he struck his second wife with a connecting rod because she threatened to kill him but declared he could not remember what happened until he saw her lying on the ground beside the car, her head crushed by a series of blows.

Abby brought the woman’s body to Clinton last October 6 and reported she had been killed by a hit-run driver.

Keen said the state would seek to prove Abby sold a drug store in Cherry Valley, Ark., and other property belonging to the second Mrs. Abby and then deliberately “got rid of her.”

Defense Atty. E. I. Mitchel described Abby as a respectable farmer who had lost money in an attempt to organize a farm co-operative and had become temporarily unbalanced because of his setbacks.

Both the state and the defense rested their cases when court recessed tonight and will present closing arguments tomorrow. (Advocate, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Friday, December 15, 1939, page 5B)

Louisianian Is Convicted of Murder

Clinton, Okla., Dec. 16 (AP) – A district court jury late today convicted Warren Abby, 56 year old Olivier, La., farmer of murdering his second wife and recommended death in the electric chair.

Oklahoma law provides that a jury recommendation is mandatory.

Abby, who only once during the trial displayed emotion, retained his calm when the verdict was announced. He broke down and wept when he described the actual slaying.

The jury which received the case late yesterday afternoon retired about 9:30 p.m. last night and resumed its deliberations this morning.

Abby was arrested last October after he brought his wife’s body here and reported she was killed by a hit run driver. County attorney Milton Keen became suspicious and filed a murder charge against Abby when a blood stained connecting rod was discovered at the scene of the alleged accident. Later he announced Abby had confessed the slaying. (Advocate, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Sunday, December 17, 1939, page 12A)

Louisiana Killer To Die August 29

Oklahoma Appeal Court Affirms Death Penalty – Oklahoma City, June 11 (AP) The Oklahoma criminal court of appeal affirmed today the death penalty for Warren Abby, 58 year old Louisiana wife slayer, and set his execution for August 29.

Abby, a farmer from Olivier, La., beat to death 62 year old  Julia Abby near Clinton on October 6, while they were on their way to California.

Abby met his wife through a matrimonial agency four years previously. He originally was condemned to die March 15, 1940, but was given a stay when he appealed. (Morning Advocate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Thursday, June 12, 1941, front page)

Electric Chair Claims Mail Order Husband

McAlester, Okla (AP) – Warren Abby, 58 year old Louisiana farmer, was executed early Friday for murdering his 78 year old mail order bride, Julia, to get her money.

Abby, scholarly appearing Olivier, La., farmer, met his wife through a matrimonial agency. The two were traveling through the country when on Oct. 6, 1939, he beat her to death with a tire iron near Clinton.

Abby first blamed a hit and run driver, then confessed, contending he killed her in self defense during a moment of temporary insanity. (The Macon Telegraph, (Macon, Georgia), Saturday, August 30, 1941, page nine)


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