U.S. Indian Census Schedules
Census of the Iowas Tribe
on the Wyandotte Reservation
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer


Parent or spouse names

Relation to Head

Birth Date


William Alley     abt 1880 Male
David Alley William Son abt 1899 Male
Joseph Embler     abt 1864 Male
Kish-Tak Che MA Joseph Wife abt 1861 Female
Augre     abt 1870 Male
Mary Ford   Daughter abt 1896 Female
Jane Bassett     abt 1858 Female
William Dole     abt 1843 Male
Thomas Davan     abt 1846 Male
Victor Dupee     abt 1855 Male
Mary M Dupee Victor Daughter abt 1891 Female
Dewey Dupee Victor Son abt 1900 Male
Theresa Big Ear     abt 1822 Female
Amelia Falk     abt 1885 Female
Julia Falk     abt 1868 Female
Annie Nulie Grant     abt 1872 Female
Zolo Grant Annie Nulie Daughter abt 1894 Female
Mary Grant     abt 1834 Female
Gra-Tah Ha MA     abt 1817 Female
Benjamin Hallowell     abt 1853 Male
Hoggra-Ah Chey     abt 1835 Male
Eliza While Kebolto      abt 1852 Female
Charley Kihega Julia   abt 1872 Male
Julia Kihega Charley Wife abt 1877 Female
Lena Kihega Charley & Julia Daughter abt 1891 Female
George Kihega Charley & Julia Son abt 1894 Male
Jefferson Kihega Charley & Julia Son abt 1897 Male
Mabel Kihega Charley & Julia Daughter abt 1892 Female
Louis Kihega Charley & Julia Son abt 1900 Male
William Kihega Charley & Julia Son abt 1902 Male
Maggie Lincoln     abt 1849 Female
Fulwood Lincoln Maggie Daughter abt 1895 Female
Thomas Lincoln     abt 1877 Male
Jennie Lincoln      abt 1877 Female
Harrison Lincoln  Jennie Son abt 1890 Male
Maggie Mohee     abt 1873 Female
Charley Mohee     abt 1889 Male
Moses     abt 1850 Male
Charles Murray Emily   abt 1877 Male
Emily Murray Charles Wife abt 1878 Female
Kerwin Murray Charles & Emily Son abt 1896 Male
Franklin Murray Charles & Emily Son abt 1890 Male
Pearl Murray Charles & Emily Daughter abt 1900 Female
Vestina Murray Charles & Emily Daughter abt 1902 Female
Frank Nawa Nawa No Way     abt 1861 Male
Emma Nawa No Way   Wife abt 1867 Female
Emma L Nawa No Way   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Solomon Nawa No Way   Son abt 1893 Male
Phoebe Nawa No Way   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Thomas Kent Nawa No Way   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Pickering Julia     abt 1869 Female
Margaret Fack Pickering Julia Daughter abt 1886 Female
John c Fack Pickering Julia Son abt 1890 Male
Perry Annie     abt 1855 Female
George Rubideaux Perry Annie Son abt 1894 Male
Farra Rubideaux     abt 1884 Male
Mary Rubideaux     abt 1884 Female
Serinah Rubideaux Mary Daughter abt 1900 Female
Bessie Rubideaux Mary Daughter abt 1902 Female
Robert Small     abt 1877 Male
Mury Small     abt 1873 Female
Howan Charly Small Mury Son abt 1891 Male
Lincoln Jack Small Mury Son abt 1895 Male
Elwood Small Mury Son abt 1893 Male
Elsie Springer     abt 1886 Female
Mary Springer     abt 1902 Female
Joseph Springer Josie   abt 1864 Male
Josie Springer Joseph Wife abt 1869 Female
Dole Jacob Joseph & Josie Son abt 1887 Male
Fack Frank Joseph & Josie Son abt 1893 Male
John Springer Joseph & Josie Son abt 1895 Male
Amable Springer Joseph & Josie Daughter abt 1882 Female
Lizzie Springer     abt 1858 Female
Sha-Tar Cher     abt 1855 Female
Charley Tohee  Nellie   abt 1871 Male
Nellie Tohee Charley Wife abt 1871 Female
Deupee Mabel Charley & Nellie Daughter abt 1892 Female
David Tohee     abt 1864 Male
Edward Tohee     abt 1883 Male
Dave Tohee Junior  Leah   abt 1878 Male
Leah Tohee  Dave Wife abt 1880 Female
Harriet Tohee Dave & Leah Daughter abt 1898 Female
John Tohee Dave & Leah Son abt 1902 Male
Maggie Tohee     abt 1850 Female
Joe Vetter     abt 1836 Male
Sam Vetler Mary   abt 1870 Male
Mary Vetler Sam Wife abt 1869 Female
Mary Murdock Vetler Sam & Mary Daughter abt 1890 Female
Fred Vetler Sam & Mary Son abt 1893 Male
Lucy Vetler Sam & Mary Daughter abt 1891 Female
Susan Whitecloud     abt 1856 Female
Emma Whitecloud Susan Daughter abt 1886 Female
Pheobe Whitecloud Susan Daughter abt 1887 Female

Source Information: (National Archives Microfilm Publication M595); Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98). The data on the rolls varies. For certain years including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled.
There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.


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