Kay County, Oklahoma

The 1903 City of Blackwell Directory
Blackwell, O. T.

Published Under Direction by the Blackwell Commercial Club.

Geo. R. Willet, President (Proprietor Red Hot Implement Co.)
E. P. Blake, Vice-President (President Blackwell State Bank)
W. C. Tetirick, Secretary (Tetirick and Rose, Attorneys)
W. A. Hays, Treasurer, (Wholesale and Retail Coal Dealer)
J. L. Waite (Capitalist)
Frank Foltz (Supt. Blackwell Milling and Elevator Co.)
G. E. Dowis (Cashier First National Bank)
John R. Tate (Postmaster)
Willard Foster (Foster Mercantile Co.)
T. S. Chambers (Railway Contractor)
J. W. Wymer (retired farmer)

No crop failures in nine successive years.
We challenge comparison with any agricultural section of the world.
A city of wide-awake, progressive people, having an up-to-date system of water-works, owned by the city, electric lights and all modern conveniences.
More miles of cement and vitrified brick side-walk, and more pretty homes than any city of its size and age in the United States.
Fifty-two two-story brick business houses, and one two-story stone, one three-story brick and several more are under construction.
The citizens of Blackwell have aimed to make the city a good place to live in AND WE HAVE SUCCEEDED.
We want more people of the same kind. No "mossbacks" permitted to get off the trains at our depots.
COME and live with us. We will do you good.
For further information address Secretary, Commercial Club, Blackwell, Oklahoma.

Railroad Map of Blackwell and Vicinity

Main Street of Blackwell, O.T.

Blackwell, Oklahoma
Metropolis, Kay County, Northeastern Oklahoma, Settled September 16, 1893
Population January 1, 1898 was 800 
Population 1900 census 2285 
Population May 1, 1903 was 4250.
In natural gas belt. 
School children enrolled, 1050. 
Two fine school buildings--Superintendent and 17 teachers employed. 
Seat Oklahoma State Baptist College, costing $30,000.00 214 students enrolled.  First train of cars into Blackwell, March 1, 1898.  Now has three railroads--two lines of Santa Fe, and on main line Frisco from St. Louis to Vernon, Texas.  Two more proposed lines.  Now has three railroads--two lines of Santa Fe, and on main line Frisco from St. Louis to Vernon, Texas finest agricultural and fruit country in the West. 
Shipped 1261 cars wheat and 567 car loads flour during year ending June 30, 1902, being 300 more cars of wheat than was shipped from any other point in Oklahoma.
Ample rainfall.

Oklahoma State Baptist College


5 Blocks of Business
Beatty Block
Barrett Block
Kay Hotel Block
First National Bank Block
Foster Block

Banks of Blackwell
First National
Bank of Blackwell
Blackwell State

Residences of Blackwell, O.T.
Dr. Allan Lowery -- W.S. Prettyman -- Ed. L. Peckham -- W.W. Stephenson -- B.M. Anderson

Depot St. Louis and S.F. Ry. Co.
Building Bes. Construction Co.
Depot A.T. and S.F. Ry. Co.
A.G. Barrett Dry Goods Co.

Blackwell Milling and Elevator Company

Farm scenes near Blackwell
Threshing scene near Blackwell
Capt. Shaw, 1 mile from Blackwell
Feed Lot R.P. Kern, 3 miles northwest
N.D. Kistler, 3 miles south
J.P. Bailey

Blackwell Scenes
Bridge, Chicaskia River
Chicaskia River
Scene, Chicaskia River
Fee Lot, Ross Kelly
Carson Stock Farm

W.O Fleming & Co.
German and English
Real Estate Agents,
Ral Estate, Loans, Abstracts and Insurance
Reference: Bank of Blackwell
Blackwell, Oklahoma

F.W. Rowland & Co. -- Immigration Agents for the Frisco System
Phone No. 74
Real Estate, Farm and City Loans and Insurance.
Rentals, Collections, Taxes Paid, Abstracts Funished.
Correspondents Receive Prompt Attention
Blackwell, Oklahoma


G.B. Thompson, Immigration Agent for the Santa Fe
Reference by permission
First National Bank, Blackwell, Oklahoma
Real Estate Agent
Handle Bargains in both Kansas and Oklahoma
Blackwell, Oklahoma

J.H. Youngmeyer,
Real Estate and Loans
Refer to any Bank in City.
Blackwell, Oklahoma


Conservative Investment Company
Capital Stock, $50,000.00
Investment Bankers
First mortgage loans on Northeastern Oklahoma farms a specialty. Discriminating investors will do well to write us for particulars. Letters answered promptly.
C.B. Anderson, President -- T.H. Miller, Vice-Pres. -- B.D. Ashbrook Secretary

Blackwell Ice Company
Paid-Up Capital $25,000.00
Manufactures Pure Crystal Ice
Cold Storage in Connection
Dave Schonwald, Manager


Do your friends know it?
"Santa Fe"
Have you friends living in the East? Are they prosperous? Would they not do better in Oklahoma? Have they ever investigated? Do they know the Santa Fe sells round trip tickets to Oklahoma points the first and third Tuesdays of each month for only two dollars more than the fare one way? If they were told of these homeseekers' excursions, isn't it likely they would be interested? Suppose you send the names and addresses of your friends to the undersigned? WHY NOT TELL THEM
W.J. Blac, G.P.A., AT. & S.F. RY., Topeka, Kas -- P.E. HALL, Agent, Blackwell, Oklahoma


J.B. BECK, Proprietor
The old reliable commercial house
Only Strictly $2.00 per day hotel in Blackwell
Prompt Service :: Good Sample Room
"Remember the Maine"
Blackwell, Oklahoma

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