Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

Memories of Kingfisher County Schools

Public School Souvenir

Our Greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fail.

Teacher: Jennie McInnes (pictured left)

This little token I present
To you, my youthful friend
In memory of school days spent
In term we now do end. 

Pleasant Valley Public School District No. 106

Harrison Twp., Kingfisher Co., Okla.

Jennie McInnes, teacher
26 Jan 1895 - 27 Dec 1991

School officers
Ephraim H. Stults, Pres. 1844- 03 Dec 1930 buried: Clear Creek Cemetery
F. C. Charleston, Sec.
J. R. Howe, Treas.  - 18 Sept. 1855 - 22 Dec. 1950
Anna Wllims, 1897
Edith Farmer 1900
Oscar Farmer 17 May 1896 - Sep Sep 1968 Vinita, Oklahoma m. Erma Copeland 06 Feb 1926
Alice Miller 1900
Sanford Miller 1895
Henry Jech 07 Dec 1901 - 30 Aug 1965 Elkton, Minnesota
Cora Howe -
30 Dec. 1902 - 30 Oct. 1975
Thomas Howe - 31 Aug. 1900 - 24 Dec. 1968
Addie Tenney - 2 Oct. 1903 - 11 Oct 1999
Egbert Tenney - 30 May 1900 - 05 Mar 1986
Joe Wittrock 17 May 1895
Martha Schroder 1907
Ella Schroder 1909
Rosie Robbins
Ella Ridenour 1905
Margaret Willms 1904
Maud Farmer 1902
Bessie Charleston 1905
Anna May Miller 1902
Anna Jech 1910
Jaroslav Jech (Jerry Jech) 04 May 1903 - Jul 1957
Charley Howe -
12 Nov. 1896 - 18 Jan. 1981
Aaron Howe - 23 June 1905 - 3 Jan. 1992
Harold Tenney - 23 Oct. 1901 - 11 May 1992
Matilda Ronspies 1902
Anthony Wittrock (Anton Henry Wittrock, Jr. 09 Jan 1898 - 24 Aug 1976 Buried: Holy Trinity Cem
Wesel Robbins

Vacation Days

'Tis sweet to know there comes a rest,
To Those who labor hard.
That toil a sweetened with a zest,
Because of it's reward.
Our youths the seedtime when we Sow
The see in virgin mold.
That future harvests may o'erflow
In fruit a hundred fold.
There is no excellence in life
No Heights we can attain
Unless we struggle in the strife,
Resolved the prize to gain.  (p. 6)

And then the mind will be refined
in crucible of yore
And more and more will be inclined
On higher wings to soar
This work shop call'd a school we now
A little while suspend
To give its worker time somehow,
Vacation's path to wend.
Our School is closed, our tasks are done
Farewell, my pupils dear;
I'll you remember, ev'ry one.
Tho absent, far or near.

Tree of Education
Almighty tree of Giant Strength
With Branches fixed so low.
That all may grasp its lower Limbs
Was planted by Almighty Power
With Purpose most sublime
Its Praise is sung by every Tongue
In every Land and Clime.
The Tree of Learning is the Work
Of Nature's highest Art.
And men and Women are but Leaves
A very simple Part,
But thru these leave the Tree breathes Life
And this Empyrean Tree
Will stand a living Monument
Throughout Eternity.  (p.8)
May happiness ever be they lot.
Wherever thou shalt be.
And joy and pleasure light the spot,
That may be home to thee.
W.E.Seibert. Pub N. Phils, O.  (p. 10)

 (There is no writing on several pages, the back cover and the inside covers.)

This booklet was in the possession of Marvel (Morton) Mitchell who sent it to Marca Lee McInnes Murray for her to share with others

1906 Spring Valley School