Kiowa County, Oklahoma

In Aug. 2, 1951
Democrat-Chief, Hobart, Okla.

They were copied and presented to the Oklahoma Genealogical Society by Mrs. Edna Howl Laeur, Route # 2, Box 93. Lone Wolf, Oklahoma 73655.

Phelps, Mrs. F., born 13 October 1870, Madison Co., Illinois, came 15 August from Chickasha, Oklahoma. She married William A. Phelps at St. Joseph, Michigan in 1900. They had two children.

Beaver, D. W., was born 6 October 1871 in Ambia, Warren Co. Indiana. He came to Kiowa, O. T. 6 October 1901 from Cedar Vale, Kansas. He married Etta Helmick in Sedan, Kansas in 1889. She died in 1925. They had four children. Mr. Beaver married second, in 1927, Naomi Perkins, daughter of G. A. Perkins. The Perkins came from Bridgeport, Texas.

Stemple, Mrs. Serena, was born 5 September 1871, in Iowa. She came to Kiowa, O. T., 21 January 1902 from Rockwell City, Iowa. She married W. S. Stemple at Rockwell City, in 1899. They had four children.

Medley, Tad was born in 1885, in Vienna, Ohio. He came to Kiowa, O. T. in October 1905 from Medford, Oklahoma. He married Ethel Shriner in Hobart, 1910.

Irvin, Mrs. Olive (Jarvis) was born 16 January 1886 in Rosedale, Kansas. She arrived in Oklahoma 1 October 1901 from Dallas, Missouri. She married John Irvin of Mt. View 1n 1910. They had two children.

Pettit, W. F., was born 14 September 1858 in Alean, New York. He married Elizabeth Sweeny in Princeton, Illinois, in 1882. They came to Kiowa, O. T., 5 October 1905, from Missouri. They had 3 children.

Fowler, Mrs. Hattie Eberhart, was born 5 August 1875, in Reading, Penn. In 1893 her family moved from Maquoketa, Iowa, to Washita Co., and then to Kiowa in 1901. February 21, 1939 she married A. W. Fowler of Rocky. Mr. Fowler died 8 Sept 1950.

West, Ralph C., 80n of J. L. West came to Kiowa, O. T., in November 1901, from Blackwell, Okla. He married Nannie C. Hamilton in Hobart 1n 1913. 1 daughter.

Jones, Mrs. Alta Coakley, was born 5 June 1882 in Whitesville, Missouri. Her family moved from Blackwell to Kiowa, O. T. in August I901 In 1906 she married Jess Jones at Hobart. 2 children.

Smith, Mrs. Gertrude, born 1885, 1n Lowery City, Mo. Her family moved from Stillwater, Oklahoma to Kiowa, O. T. September 14, 1902. She Married Bert Smith in 1904. They had three children.

Mathis, Mrs. J. C., was born in 1871 1n Euclair, Wisc. in 1894, she married J. C. Mathia in Missouri. They left Ningun, Missouri in 1899 and came to Woodward, O. T. and then to the opening or Kiowa, O.T. Mr. Mathis died 25 September 1932.

Lee, Mrs. Esther Pearl, born 2 April 1892 in Freemont, Iowa, came with her grandparents to Kiowa, O. T. in 1901. She married Stephen Lee in Hobart in 1910.

Dirickson, Earl. born 1 April 1894, in Wachita Co, O. T., married Ethel Prentice at Cordell in 1916.

Watson, J. E., born 1871 in Georgia, moved to Texas in 1817. He married Steene Peterson in 1893, in Plano. Texas. They moved from Collins Co., Texas to Kiowa, O. T. 1n December 1903. She died 1n 1914. In 1915, he married Mrs. May Steinberg who died in 1933. In 1935, he married Edith Cravens.

Buck. James Luther, born 1892 in Springfield, Missouri, moved with his parents to Kiowa. O. T., 5 February 1906 from Norman. Oklahoma. He married Addie B. Pettit in 1913, in Hobart. Mrs. Buck born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1890, came with her parents, V. F. Pettit, to Kiowa. O. T.

Campbell, Mrs. E. L. born 20 August 1873, in Halsted, Kansas. She married Mr. Campbell in Kansas in 1902. They moved to Mt. View the 5 July 1902. They had one son, Harold.

Denison, Mrs. J. I., born 24 April 1815 in Missouri. They came from Rocky, Okla., to Kiowa, O.T. in November 1902.

Smith, Roy Alford, born 23 February 1887 in Modena, Missouri, came with his parents from Mercer Co., Mo., to Washita Co., Okla., 29 Dec. 1899. In 1908, he married Dollie Minters of Gotebo who died in 1944. They had one child, John Hershel who died in 1930. He married second 25 October 1945, Lucie Aldredge.

Smith, Allie May, drew a claim, and married Delbert Squires. They had one son.

Anderson, W. T., came to Kiowa, O. T. 1n 1901. He married Bertha Smith in Hobart In 1916. Billy Ray Smith was one of their three children.

Collins, George S., born 23 October 1875, in Downing, Missouri, came to Kiowa, O. T. 1n 1902. He married Mildred Prough. They had one daughter, Anna H111.

Buchanan, Frank H., came from Walnut, Kansas, 11 Oct. 1901 to Kiowa. O. T. He married Mrs. Rosetta Jarrett in Hobart 1n 1907. She died in 1938.

Warner, F. B., born in 1877 in Indiana, came to Kiowa, February 1902 from Custer Co. He married Pheba Town in Arapho in 1900. 3 children.

Gooch, Mrs. Susie. born 28 August 1877 in Browning. Mo., came to Kiowa. 15 September 1901. She married Tilden Gooch in 1901.

Parrs, Arthur, born 28 January 1885 in Texas. 25 July 1907, he married Mrs. Parrs, born 3 July 1889 in Coryell Co., Texas. They were married in Gatesville, Texas. They came from Coryell Co. to Kiowa 19 Sept. 1919. Three children.

Winston, Hurt, born 7 May 1880, Alabama; came to Kiowa, O. T. in Dec. 1901; married Lena Meinert. 19 April 1908.

Brannon, Mrs. Dovie, born 30 July 1880. Hendersonville, N. C. She came to Kiowa in January 1903 and married Tom Brannon in 1903.

Morgensen, A. A., born in Denmark in 1862. He married Mary J. Mathews. 1894. in Oberlin, Kans. They came from Hennessey to Kiowa in August 1901.

Kutch, Doss, born 1 May 1886, Weatherford. Texas. He came to Kiowa 2 February 1902 and married 1st Mrs. Maude Bryant at Hobart in 1916; married 2nd 1932 at Hobart, Kathryn Johnson.

Sheets, L. D. homesteaded in Kiowa Co., came from Lee and Bastrop Cos., Texas. He died 15 Sept. 1926. She died 22 January 1942.

Palmer, Dr. L. W. of Hobart and Mary Keiser of Arkansas City. Kansas, were married in that city Nov. 12, 1902.

McGuire, Wm. H. and Emily Hall were joined in wedlock last evening by Rev. Kykendall (in 3 Sept. 1902 paper).

Mansell, J. W., arrived in Mt. View in 1900 and lived there till the drawing in Aug. 1901. He was a Judge. His brother, Henry Mansell came to Hobart with him in December I901.

Eberhart, Albert, born 19 March 1882 In Jackson Co., Iowa, married Alma Kunz at Granite, Okla. in 1905. He came to Kiowa, O. T., 1 August 1901 from Washita Co., Okla., They had 4 children.

Slaner, Jake, came to Hobart In 1904. He was born 17 December 1879 in Lithuania. He married Jessie.

Slaner, Phil, opened a dry goods business In Hobart 6 August I901. Earlier he had a store In Mt. View.



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In Aug. 2, 1951
Democrat-Chief, Hobart, Okla.

They were copied and presented to the Oklahoma Genealogical Society by Mrs. Edna Howl Laeur, Route # 2, Box 93, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma 73655.

Adams, C. S., born 1 Nov. 1891, Evansville, Arkansas. Came to Hobart, O. T. with father, J. M. Adams, in 1901. Married Bertha Atchley at Roosevelt in 1910. They had three children.

Fisher, A. M. came to Kiowa, Missouri, 20 Dec. 1901, O. T. from LaBelle. He married Purvis Hughes in Hobart 1912.

Walker, O. B. came from Waco, Texas, moved west of Snyder, O. T., In Oct. 1902. Mrs. Walker came from Montague Co., Texas, married Velma in I. T., moved to Marlow before coming to Kiowa, O. T.

Senter, Capt. T. M., early settler of Kiowa. O. T. had several children, built a fine home just north of Hobart.

Beasley, Dr. Albert, came to Hobart at the opening. One son known of Dr. Charles W. Beasley of Lyndon, Kansas.

Deming, A. F. came to Mt. Park, O. T., drew a farm two miles east of Snyder. He came with a daughter who was 12 years old and a six year old son. The daughter married R. F. Trader.

Walker, Dr. F. E., came to Hobart in August 1901. Mrs. Walker came Nov. 1901 to Lone Wolf where they lived.

Boeke, Corwin who came from Indiana to Anadarko in 1896, came to Kiowa Co., O. T. in 1904 with her parents, A. N. Dunn.

Pruitt, S. A., born 31 August 1887, Kemper Co., Miss., came to Kiowa Co., O. T. in September 1901 from Wise Co. Texas. He married Zelia Zills at Lone Wolf, in 1926. They had three children.

Strode, Mrs. Lee, born 1882, Bowie, Texas. Settled west of Sentinel, O. T. 27 March l898 and then moved to Hobart in 1908. She married first Warren Goode. He died in 1808 (two children) married 2nd Lee Strode.

Sockwell, R.O., born 6 Jan. 1883, Mt. Hope, Alabama, came to Kiowa Co., O. T., 25 Dec. 1904, from Paris, Texas. He married Bertie Rodgers at Blossom, Texas in 1899. They had five children.

Wilson, Mrs. Orville, born 15 June 1902 Lone Wolf, O.T. She was the daughter of George Bunch who drew a place near Lone Wolf. She had one daughter by her first marriage, a Mr. Price.

Smith, Mrs. Susan M., came to Washita with her husband and others, July 20, 1899, from Whitesboro, Texas. When Kiowa County, O. T. opened they bought a relinquishment at the north edge of Gotebo, 6 August 1901.

Kenimer, C.P., born 19 March 1885, Wallahsll, South Carolina, came to Kiowa Co., O. T. 2 January 1921, from Arkansas. In 1905, he married Ethel M. Londermilk at Clinton, Arkansas. She was born in 1888.

Alchley, J. E., was born 29 February 1868, in Polk Co., Illinois. He came to Kiowa Co., O. T. October 1, 1901 from Greer Co., Okla. He married in 1902 in Mangum, O. T.

Lanig, Alvis was born 23 September 1876 in Stuppach, Germany. He came to Kiowa O. T. in 1902. He married Maria Rosina Bauer in Stuppach, Germany in 1901. They had three children. He died 31 August 1951.

Boir, Cornelius was born 25 January 1888 in Parker, South Dakota. He came to Kiowa Co., O. T. in May 1905. He never married.

Humbert, Mrs. John, was born 28 August in Blue Ball, Warren Co., Ohio. She came to Kiowa, O. T. July 21, 1902 from Topeka, Kansas. She married John N. Humbert in Lyndon, Kansas, in 1889.

Smith, Roy A., born 23 February1887 in Modena, Missouri, came to the Oklahoma opening. He married Dollie Minter of Gotebo in 1908. One son died 17 June 1930. His wife died 29 September 1944. He married second Lucie Aldridge of Hobart, 25 October 1945.

Taylor, Joe was born 26 January 1881 in Garvin, Texas. He came to Kiowa Co., Oklahoma 10 December 1910, from Memphis, Texas. He married Ora Mae McConnell, 9 Oct in 1904 in Boyd, Texas. Ora Mae was born Oct. 1886 in Garvin, Texas. They had one daughter.

Donley, Mrs. Sadie was born 24 October 1878, in Vinton, Iowa. She came to Kiowa Co., O. T. 5 November 1911 from Pueblo, Colorado. She married Frank Donley at Newhall, Iowa in 1904. They had four children.

Freeman, Mrs. R. G. was born 15 April 1875 in Independence, Arkansas. She married R. G. Freeman in 1894 in Salem, Arkansas. They came to Washita Co., Okla. in December 1899 from Fulton Co., Arkansas and to Hobart for the opening.

Baldridge, Mrs. J. F. (Miss Ida Van Patton) was born in 1871 in Illinois. She came to Oklahoma to teach in the Hobart High school, 28 August 1906, from Rochelle, Illinois. She married J. F. Baldridge in 1912 in Hobart.

Smith, J. R. married 28 October 1900 near Rocky, O. T. Miss Edna Snider.

Kobe, Flay Avalon, born in 1872, Westfield, Indiana, carne to Washita Co., O. T., 14 June 1900 from Indiana. She married A. E. Kobe at Shawnee, Okla. in 1900. In 1905 they moved to Mt. View. They had three children.

Rice, Mrs. Grace L., came from Gatesville, Texas, with her parents to Mt. View. She married Howard H. Rice at Altus in 1915. They had 9 children.

Addington, W. F., was born 1869 in Virginia. He came to Kiowa Co., O. T. in November 1902, from Maces Spring, Virginia. He now lives in Bull Gap, Tenn.

Ewing, C. G., born 15 June 1885, LaGrange, Indiana, came April 1902 from Oklahoma City. He married Dora Davis in 1910 at Lugert, Oklahoma.

Hughen, Mrs. Etta, daughter of G. W. Annis, was born 18 January 1890 at Tecumseh, Nebraska. She came to Kiowa Co., O. T. in April 1902 from Nebraska. She married Clifford Hughen in Hobart in 1911. They had four children.

Hayes, W. P., was born 3 May 1865 in Benton, Tennessee. He came to Washita Co., O. T. and settled one mile west and 2 miles north of Mt. View, 21 March 1893, from Polk Co., Tennessee. He married Margaret Yates of Benton, Tennessee in 1884. They had four children.

Cartwright, Mrs. Hazel, daughter of D. L. Hinton, came in 1901 from Meadville, Missouri.

Schanz, Ferdinand, was born 10 March 1880 in Austria. He married Caroline Hodel in Texas in 1906. They came from Texas 21 September 1910 and settled north of Gotebo, Ok.

Greenland, Mrs. Bertha came to Kiowa Co., O. T., 21 November 1901 married that day in El Rena. They had 4 children.

Anderson, John and Elizabeth arrived in Hobart August 2,1902, with two small daughters. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Davidson who bought a relinquishment on a farm west of Hobart.

Misemer, W. P., was born 14 September 1872 in Elmira, Missouri. He came to Kiowa Co., O. T., 22 August 1901 from Caldwell Co., Missouri. He married Exa L. of Lone Wolf in Oklahoma City in 1918. They had one daughter.

Prater, Mrs. Bud, who in the early days was Mrs. J. H. Bowman, came from Hillsville, Virginia, between 1901 and 1902. She married in Hobart.

Freeman, A. J., was born in 1870. He came in August 1902 from Dallas, Texas. He married Nona Payne in 1898.

Ballard, Mrs. A. B., was born in 1859 near Grenada, Mississippi. She married in 1892, Mr. Ballard who died in 1925. They came to Kiowa Co., O. T., in October 1901 from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Wright, John W., left Braymer, Missouri, March 4, 1901, stayed in Hashita Co., till Kiowa was opened up. They married at Braymer, Missouri in 1889, and came to Oklahoma 24 August 1901. She was born in Missouri in 27 March 1871. They had 13 children.

Hathaway, Dr. A. H., was born 5 November 1871, in Louderdale Co., Tennessee. He came to Mt. View in 1908.

Mann, Annette, was born 11 February 1898 in Waukomis, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of W. W. Rowland. The family moved to Kiowa October 9, 1901. In 1916, she married Oscar E. Houston at Hobart. This marriage ended in divorce in December 1936. She married 2nd Eugene C. Mann, 2 May 1942.


[Transcribed by Carolyn Carter]

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