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Lincoln County was named after our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.   It was founded on September 28, 1891.

It is located in eastern central Oklahoma and is compromised of 966 square miles. The county seat is located in Chandler.

Two rivers occupy Lincoln County; the Deep Fork River and the Canadian River.

Major Highways include: Interstate 44, U.S Highways 62, 177 and 377, State Highways 18, 66, 99 and 102.

The county economy has largely depended on agriculture and was one of the top two counties producing cotton during the first decade of the 20th century.




* Agra  *  Carney *  Chandler * Davenport * Fallis * Jacktown * Kendrick *  Meeker * Prague * Stroud * Sparks * Tryon * Warwick * Wellston *


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Sept 2018:  100 Year Anniversary (1991) Newspaper Clippings of Lincoln County.  Tom & Will Humfrey - Crime Stories. Obits:  William H Fallis.

July 2018: Railroads - Wellston Delegation and Mahoney Get Together.  Created Another New Title to Newspaper Articles: Associations, Societies and Clubs and added 2 articles ; Silver Leaf Lodge No 193, Rebekah Degree, Instituted Saturday Night and Wellston Preparing for Reunion (GAR).  Added to Crime Stories: Fook's Revenge for Loss of His Leg is Finally Complete.

June 2018: Obits added: Glen Cole, John R. Cole, Emma Hodde, Trudy Mae Burger, Addela Juanita Porter, Floyd Thronesberry, Melba Conner, McNerney, John Cannon Trotter, Frank Roberts, Myrta Bell Quary, Lavina Baldwin Leverich DeFraine, John W. Murphy, George Rector. 

May 2018:  Fire in Fallis - Added to Town of Fallis

May 2018:  Bank Mystery - Safe of the Bank of Fallis is Opened $3800 Missing -  (Crime Stories)

April 2018:  Railroads - Grand Free Excursions Over Three New Railroads.

April 2018:  Home Grown, Preserved Food Kept Cooks Busy, Families Well Fed

February 2018:   Added in Life in Lincoln County in 1907: They Got Together in Lodges, Nests, Hives, Assoc, Societies and Clubs; From Settlement to Statehood: Lincoln County Cities and Towns; Arbor, Homes, Tents and Schoolhouses Used as  Churches; School Focus Was Three R's, Agriculture, Literaries, Road Bulding and Debate. Territories Were Wildest Frontier That Ever Existed. Entertainment Covered Alot of Ground in Early County Days. Courthouse Corner Stone Laid in Year of Statehood, 3 Tribes Settle in Lincoln County, Doctors Plentiful Effective Medicine Scarce, Blacks in Lincoln County Before and At Statehood, I remember when...It Was Fourth of July In The Morning.

January 2018:   Marriage Announcements - Standeford & Murphy, McLain & Graham.

January 28, 2018:   Army Played Major Part in Lincoln County, Feuquay Unfurls First Flag, County Elected 3 Delegates to Constitutional Convention.  Red Dirt, Hard Work Produced Bumper Crops. Cornerstone Contents Raise Flag Mystery.

January 27,2018:   Added Life in Lincoln County in 1907; Business boomed despite the Great Panic of 1907

January 2018: Added Towns (Carney, Chandler, Davenport, Fallis, Jacktown,  Meeker, Prague, Stroud, Sparks, Warwick and Wellston) Brief History and Newspaper clippings for each.

January 2018 - Newspaper Articles - 3 added, Towns, Agra



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