McClain County, Oklahoma


Business Directory - 1889


Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Hotel, R S Hopkins
A T & S F R R, D L Larsh agt
BITSCHE & SCHAUSS (E Bitsche and A Schauss) butchers, West Main
Blackwell W H, stock dealer
Blackwell W H, livery and feed stable
Brico J S, livery
Brown G M, lumber
Commercial Hotel, Tom S Ward propr
Cruce & Cox (J D Cruce and R M Cox) wagon makers and blacksmiths
Easton H C, confectionery, cigars and tobacco
Farmer & Campbell, druggists
Farmer T L, livery
FERRY & McEVERS wholesale and retail dealers in game, fish, oysters and produce, opp A T & S F Depot
Finley H C, bakerv and confectionery
A T & S F R R, DL Larsh agt
GOSSETT L C, proprietor Hotel Clinton
Gragg C, butcher
Hackett W C, grocer
Halsell & Jones, grocers
Halstead D D, physician
Hamlin J, wood
Harmon & Gipson (G W Harmon and G W Gipson) restaurant
Harness D F, gen mdse
Hemley G W, harness maker
Hinkle C Frank, propr Cafe
Holder G, horseshoer
HOTEL CLIFTON, L C Gossett proprietor
Hotel Windsor, Mrs M C Brown propr
HOUGHTON R A (Houghton & Upp) general merchandise
HOUGHTON & UPP (R A Houghton and W S Upp) groceries, dry goods and general merchandise
Jones G F, druggist
Jordan F M, physician and surgeon
Keys & Brown (J A Keys and H T Brown) undertakers
Lamb & Easton (R H Lamb and W P Easton) gen mdse
LENNY & JORDAN (Wm Lenny and F Jordan) photographers, e s Canadian ave
Lewis L C, notions
Long W, billiard hall
Loomis J W & Co, nursery
Lowe J J, boarding house
Lowe J W, clothing
Manguin R Y, stationer and undertaker
Morgan S O, hides, fur and wool
Myers & Shannon (J F Myers and W T Shannon) gen mdse
NEW ENGLAND CHOP HOUSE, Ferry & McEvers proprietors, game, fish, oysters and produce, opp A, T & S F Depot
Norman G H, jeweler
Orme, Ingram & Co, gen mdse
Partridge VV & Son, hardware
Pierce W P, grist mill and cotton gin
Purcell Register, Ed P Ingle editor and propr
RITSCHE E (Ritsche & Schauss)
Robertson S D Mrs, millinery
Santa Fe House, A C McCord propr
Schumaker & Pearce (C Schumaker and J Pearce) boot and shoemakers
SCHAUSS A (Ritsche & Schauss)
Simpson E W, blacksmith
Steade J M, physician
Strickland J C, cigars and tobacco
Sullivant L R, druggist
Swingle H G, restaurant
Turk Bros & Co (H and S Turk and I Spitzer gen mdse
UPP W S (Houghton & Upp) general merchandise
Villard House, A H Barnes propr
Walters & Lappin, lumber dealers
Watkins A J, cigars and tobacco
Wantland J M, postmaster
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, D L Larsh agt
Whiteman W A. operator Railroad Telegraph Co
WIESEHANN G W, proprietor City Bakery, confectionery, fruits, cigars, tobacco and cold drinks
Willis J A, barber
Wirth H, barber
Wright & Dresser (J W Wright and G C Dresser) butchers

SOURCE: Southwestern Business Directory, published 1889, McKenney Directory Co

Transcribed and submitted by: Sheryl MccClure

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