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Joseph Allison

Joseph Allison who recently removed to this place from Stroud, Texas, died at his home west of Checotah Friday after a brief illness with pneumonia. Mr. Allison was 68 years of age. Funeral services occurred Sunday afternoon in charge of the local Medicine Lodge of which order he was a member. (The Checotah Times, Friday, March 4, 1910, front page)

John Barnwell

Death of John Barnwell – John Barnwell died Sunday at his home near Hitchita after a short illness with pneumonia. He was about 60 years of age and a native of this country, being a Creek Indian and a prominent character in many respects. He leaves a wife but no children. Funeral services were held at the family home Monday afternoon. (The Checotah Times, Friday, January 21, 1910, front page)

Lona Bell

Lona Bell, the three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Williams, quietly passed away last Saturday night. She was laid to rest in the Carr Creek cemetery, Monday evening at 1 o'clock, the funeral was conducted by Elder J. R. Scarbrough. The entire community is in sympathy with the Williams family. (The Checotah Times, January 22, 1915, page 8)


W. A. Collier
EUFALA, Feb. 9. – Funeral services were being arranged today for Col. W. A. Collier, county attorney of McIntosh county who died suddenly last night at Checotah. Burial will take place here. Collier was a former member of the state supreme court having been named by Gov. Robert L. Williams.
Tulsa World (10 Feb. 1922) transcribed by FoFG MZ

J. C. Crabtree

A few minutes after 11 o'clock on Wednesday of this week, June 30th, marked the hour in which another of the old time citizens of Eufaula passed from this world into the great unknown. At that hour J. C. Crabtree passed away at his home in the eastern part of the city after an illness of but a few short hours. He had been more or less in ill health for the past ten days, but nothing serious was thought of his condition until Tuesday, when he was compelled to take to his bed and on Wednesday morning about 2 o'clock he became seriously ill gradually growing worse until the end came at a few minutes after 11 o'clock. Every effort of physicians and friends was put forward to save his life but all to no avail, as his earthly career seemed to have reached its end and he compelled to go.

The deceased was one of the oldest citizens in this part of the state, he having been a resident of Eufaula for forty years, coming here with his parents when only a lad of 8 years of age. During all of these years he has been one of the leaders in any and all matters that was for the betterment of the community giving of his time and means for the public good.

The funeral services will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the home in the eastern part of the city and will be in charge of Rev. Masey a former pastor of the church to which the deceased belonged the Methodist church, South.

The deceased leaves a wife, one son, Shelton, about 19 years of age, a daughter Lurline, about 16 years of age, a sister, Mrs. A. O. Smith of Chickasha, and a large number of friends in McIntosh County and Eastern Oklahoma who will sincerely mourn his loss.

The remains will be buried in the Eufaula cemetery and the following friends of the deceased will act as pall bearers for the occasion; Walter Grayson, J. C. Smock, G. J. Fuller, Ralph Edwards, K. B. Turner and M. E. Turner.

The Democrat joins in expressing sincere sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased in this hour of their bereavement. (Eufaula Democrat, July 2, 1915)

Mrs. John Eslick

Mrs. John Eslick died in the hospital at McAlester last Friday, from lung trouble, and was brought back here Saturday for burial. The bereaved family have our sympathy. (Hanna-Star, May 3, 1911, page 5)  

Virginia Farris

Little Virginia Farris, the 4 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Farris of Muskogee died early Tuesday morning from the effects of a scald received Saturday of last week at the Gentry hotel where, with her mother, she was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins her grandparents. Saturday morning an employee was engaged in scrubbing the floor at the hotel and had just brought in a tub of boiling water.  The little girl came tripping into the room and playing and singing and backing up to the tub, fell into the boiling water and before she could be rescued she was scalded in such a manner that physicians said her recovery was impossible. The best treatment was given her and Tuesday morning her little life took its flight. The remains were taken to Muskogee Wednesday noon for burial. A number of Checotah friends of the heart broken parents accompanied the remains to their last resting place. (The Checotah Times, Friday, June 3, 1910, front page)

Mrs. Henry C. Fisher

Mrs. Henry Fisher Dead - A telegram announcing the sad death of Mrs. Henry C. Fisher at her home in West Palm Beach, Fla., last Thursday was received by relatives in this city Friday. Mrs. Fisher was a resident of Checotah for nearly 20 years and was one of the city's best known and respected citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher moved to West Palm beach about 5 years ago. Besides the husband, deceased leaves three grown daughters to mourn the loss of a loving and devoted wife and mother. (McIntosh County Democrat, March 14, 1918)

Mrs. J. F. Highers

Death of Mrs. J. F. Highers – Mrs. J. F. Highers died early Sunday morning at her home 2 1-2 miles southwest of Brush Hill after an illness of about three weeks with paralysis. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn her loss. Mrs. Highers was a most excellent lady and was greatly respected by all who knew her. She was 38 years of age and has resided in this section for a number of years. Burial services occurred at Brush Hill cemetery Monday.

Mr. Highers requests the Times to thank for him the neighbors and friends who so kindly extended assistance during the sickness and at the death of his wife. (The Checotah Times, Friday, May 27, 1910, front page)

Julia Jetton

Mrs. Julia Jetton died at her home one mile south of Checotah about 10 o’clock Thursday morning of last week after a weeks illness with measles and pneumonia. She was 33 years of age and leaves a husband and four little children, 3 girls and one boy. She was married to J. H. Jetton at Ft. Smith, Ark., 12 years ago and they have been residents of this section for about 6 years.

The remains were laid to rest in the Checotah cemetery Friday afternoon. (The Checotah Times, Friday, March 4, 1910, front page)

Little Deer's Wife

The wife of Little Deer died at her home near town Saturday, morning at 10'clock. Interment taken place Sunday evening at 4 o'clock. B F Scott conducted the funeral services. The Star extends condolences to the bereaved family in this, their sad hour of affliction. (Hanna Star, April 19, 1911)

Lyons Infant

The infant babe of R. D. Lyons and wife died Thursday night from measles. The little remains were laid to rest Friday afternoon. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire town in the loss of their precious jewel. (Hanna Star, April 12, 1911)

Eugene Napoleon

Death of Baby – Eugene Napoleon, the 10 months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Huddleston, died at McAlester about 6 o’clock Saturday evening where it was taken to a hospital for treatment. The little fellow had been in the best of robust health until Thursday of last week when it was attacked with spasms followed by other complications. It was the opinion of the family doctor that an operation was necessary and the parents accordingly went to McAlester Saturday afternoon but when they reached that place the child was so low that the operation was not performed and died at 6 o’clock.

The child was an unusually bright, intelligent little fellow, the joy and pride of its parent who with a host of friends are sadly cast down over the death. Funeral services are at the home of J. W. Huddleston, conducted by Rev. O. E. DeWitt, after which the remains were laid to rest in Checotah cemetery. (The Checotah Times, Friday, May 13, 1910, front page)

James Rountree

James Rountree (Jim) died shortly afternoon Wednesday at the home of his mother in the east part of town after a long illness. He was 43 years of age and has been a resident of Checotah for a number of years. A wife and son reside in the east. Funeral services were held at the family home at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon conducted by Rev. DeWitt. Interment occurred at Checotah cemetery. (The Checotah Times, Friday, March 8, 1910, front page)

Elinor Lavergne Schulze

The death angel hovered around the home of T. L. Schulze and wife Monday morning in this city and claimed for its prize their 2 year old daughter, Elinor Lavergne. The little one had only been sick a few days with congestion.
The family left Monday night with the remains for Ripley, Okla., where interment will take place, Tuesday. Mr. Schulze's parents of El Reno will meet them at Sparks and accompany them to Ripley.
The Star extends condolence to the bereaved family in the loss of their precious jewel. (Hanna Star, May 3, 1911)

Wesley L. Shepherd

Death of Wesley L. Shepherd – Wesley L. Shepherd died Sunday in Checotah after an illness of about 10 days with pneumonia. Mr. Shepherd was 62 years of age and for many years has been a resident of this section. He was a Kentuckyian by birth, coming to Oklahoma from that state. He had many friends all of whom are sad to know of his death.

The remains were taken to his former home at Brush Hill Monday where funeral services were held and where the remains were laid to rest. (The Checotah Times, Friday, January 21, 1910, front page)

Mrs. W. T. Stamps

Mrs. W. T. Stamps died in this city Saturday morning after a lingering illness of several weeks with fever.
Deceased was a middle aged woman and leaves a husband and four children to mourn her untimely demise.
She was laid to rest in a cemetery in Dustin Sunday.
The Star extends condolence to the bereaved family. (Hanna Star, May 3, 1911)

Judge Louis Sulzbacher

Notice was received in Muskogee Tuesday of the death of Judge Louis Sulzbacher, formerly United States Judge for the Western District of Indian Territory, with headquarters in Muskogee. He died in the Post-Graduate hospital in New York city Sunday evening following an operation which was performed Saturday. He had been ill for two months prior to his death.

Judge Sulzbacher enjoyed the distinction of being the first Hebrew to sit on a bench of a United States Court. He was federal judge in Indian Territory from 1905 until Oklahoma was admitted into the Union. He came to Indian Territory from Porto Rico where he was a member of the supreme court. (The Checotah Times, friday, January 22, 1915, front page)

Susan Vann

Death of Mrs. Peter Vann – Information reached Checotah this week of the death of Mrs. Susan Vann at Salem, Californian, which occurred on January 21. Mrs. Vann was operated on for cancer in September and failed to recover from the effects of the operation. She was confined to her bed seven weeks before the end came.

Mr. and Mrs. Vann were residents of Checotah for a number of years, removing to California a few months ago in hopes that the change of climate might improve her health. Mrs. Vann was born in Kentucky, was a member of the Christian Church and the Knights & Ladies of Security Lodge. She had many friends in Checotah, all of whom are grieved to hear of her death. (The Checotah Times, Friday, February 4, 1910, front page)

Caddo Wadsworth

Caddo Wadsworth died Friday afternoon of last week at his home 8 miles south of town, after an illness of 3 weeks.

He was 70 years of age and had lived here a number of years, was a siminole Indian. He leaves several children to mourn his loss.

The funeral services were held at the family burying ground Sunday afternoon by Rev. Fairfield. (The Checotah Times, Friday, January 14, 1910, front page)