Murray County, Oklahoma

Crime News

Sulphur, Okla., Feb. 28 - J. F. Mullen, a transfer man was shot and dangerously wounded by Abe Ross, another driver, in a quarrel at the Santa Fe Station here Sunday afternoon over their "stand" at the platform.

In backing up to await the train, the two men disagreed. After a few sharp words, Ross drew his pistol and fired. Mullen dropped with a bullet wound through his hip. The wound ranges upward. Mullen is in critical condition with chances against his recovery. Ross was arrested and is being held in the city jail pending the result of Mullens wound. (Adair County Sentinel, March 4, 1910, page6)


Two Slayers of Bride to Die – Claude Oliver and Nephew, George Oliver, Are to Be Electrocuted

McAlester, Aug. 24 – Two young farmers, who plotted the marriage of one and the subsequent murder of his bride in order to collect $5000 insurance on her life must die in the electric chair at state’s prison here shortly after midnight.

Claude Oliver, 28, and his nephew, George Oliver, 18, pleaded guilty at their trial at Sulphur last December but after being sentenced to death appealed to the criminal court of appeals for a commutation to life imprisonment.

This, however, was denied and Governor Murray, after twice staying the execution to permit filing of appeals and to study the case, destroyed their final hope yesterday with the terse dictum:
I’m going to let them go.

The 15 year old girl wife, whom Claude Oliver married last August and shortly thereafter insured for $5000, was beaten to death last Nov. 3 and her body left in an automobile which was hurtled from a bridge near Davis. A Negro allegedly was paid $25 to “witness” the ostensible accident.

Before her marriage, the bride was Della Ring of Wynnewood.

Two Confess

The two confessed that Claude drove the car while his nephew struck the girl-bride with a heavy file. Later, the husband held her while his nephew delivered the fatal blows with a tire iron.

The 18 year old nephew will be the youngest person ever executed in Oklahoma. The executions will be the 16th and 17th during Governor Murray’s administration and will bring the total since statehood to 41. Six others remain in the prison’s “death row.” (The Daily Ardmoreite, Wednesday, August 24, 1933, page 2)

Boy and Uncle Die in Chair

George Oliver and Claude Oliver Electrocuted in Penitentiary

McAlester, Aug. 25 – An 18 year old farm boy, the youngest of the 41 criminals who have died in Oklahoma’s electric chair, was executed early this morning with his uncle for the murder of the latter’s 15 year old bride.

A record throng of 227 witnesses, all men, watched the boy, George Oliver, precede his kinsman, Claude Oliver, in death shortly after midnight.

The two, Southern Oklahoma farmers, paid the extreme penalty for killing Della, Claude’s bride of three months, in an effort to collect the $5000 insurance policy they had obtained on her life.

This is bad, said George, as he was strapped in the chair. Just previously he had told the crowd:

I did a crime and now I must die for it. I feel like I am going to heaven. Young men – crime doesn’t pay.

His uncle died mumbling to himself. He had nothing to say to the witnesses.  (The Daily Ardmoreite, Friday, August 25, 1933, page 5)

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