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Weather Stories of Oklahoma

Significant Tornadoes and Tornado Outbreaks

Other Weather Related Data

The oldest known weather records in Oklahoma began at Fort Gibson in January 1824, in what is now Muskogee County. The records included data on temperatures and rainy days, but not on precipitation amounts. True rainfall records did not begin until July 1836. The earliest records were kept not by any type of weather organization, but by the US Army Medical Department. After the start of weather record keeping by Fort Gibson, other forts soon began keeping their own records. Fort Towson, now in Choctaw County in January 1833, Fort Arbuckle in 1850, Fort Sill in 1870, Fort Supply in 1873, and Fort Reno in 1883.

January 7th, 1944, marks the greatest snowfall in Oklahoma City in any calendar day. The 9 inches that fell makes it the single snowiest calendar day in Oklahoma City history, even though higher amounts have occurred in a 24 hour period that crosses midnight.

After an early morning low temperature of 7 below zero, the afternoon high on January 11th, back in 1918, warmed to just 2 above zero, giving Oklahoma City its coldest high temperature ever recorded. 

The record for Oklahoma City's coldest January temperature is now over 100 years old. On January 19th back in 1892, the morning low temperature dropped to 11 degrees below zero.

While January 1930 was the coldest on record in Oklahoma City, the warmest January on record occurred in 1923. Every day in the month had above normal temperatures. Overall, 16 of the 31 days had afternoon high temperatures at or above 60 degrees, with three days topping 70. The warmest temperature of the month came on the 13th, when the mercury soared to a balmy 72, after a morning low of 47. The coldest temperature all month was only 24 degrees.

The warmest temperature ever felt in the month of January in Oklahoma occurred on January 31st 1911. On that afternoon, temperatures over the area soared into the 80s at many locations. Oklahoma City set its all time January high with a reading of 83. Temperatures were even warmer in western Oklahoma, where Weatherford and Cloud Chief topped out at 89 degrees.

February 1, 1905 was the first of five straight days with measurable snowfall in Oklahoma City. This remains a record for Oklahoma City for consecutive days with measurable snowfall.

February 13,  1905, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of Oklahoma occurred in Vinita, where the temperature plummeted to a record 27 degrees below zero. This record would later be tied in the city of Watts in January, 1930.

On February 19, 1954, a severe windstorm raced through much of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles and into southwest Oklahoma. The windstorm, packing winds of 60 to 85 mph, began in the western parts of the Oklahoma Panhandle shortly after midnight. The storm then raced to the southeast, reaching southwest Oklahoma by afternoon. Considerable damage was done to small buildings and pane windows. Power and communication lines were blown down in many communities and several traffic accidents occurred in the blinding dust picked up during the storms rampage

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