Osage County

1910 US Federal Census

Submitted by Sherri Hale

  J B Rogers     head
  E F Rogers     wife
  V R Rogers abt 1890 Texas Daughter
  G H Rogers abt 1892 Texas Son
  M E Rogers abt 1894 Texas Daughter
  W E King abt 1857 Illinois Head
  Synthia King abt 1865 Indiana Wife
  Claude King abt 1887 Kansas Son
  Laura Dunn abt 1891 Kansas Daughter
  Leslie Dunn abt 1909 Kansas Stepson
  Edna Dunn abt 1900 Oklahoma Daughter
  Effie Dunn abt 1905 Oklahoma Daughter
  E H McWilliams abt 1860 Ohio Boarder
  Lonnie Pruett abt 1879 Missouri Boarder
  T L Smith abt 1880 Missouri Head
  Ida Smith abt 1890 Arkansas Wife
  W P Eller abt 1847 Indiana Head
  Lanora Elle abt 1865 Illinois Wife
  Anna D Eller abt 1899 Kansas Daughter
  E E Eller abt 1902 Oklahoma Daughter
  J J Stewart abt 1854 Ohio Head
  Lusie M Stewart abt 1860 Pennsylvania Wife
  Clara B Stewart abt 1891 Kansas Daughter
  Georg C Stewart abt 1896 Kansas Son
  Laura C Stewart abt 1901 Kansas Daughter
  L G McGaughey abt 1886 Kansas Head
  M M McGaughey abt 1888 Kansas Wife
  Mildred F McGaughey abt 1909 Oklahoma Daughter
  Gronor Graham abt 1885 Illinois Head
  J A Kelley abt 1889 Oklahoma Boarder
  J G Clawson abt 1889 Oklahoma Head
  A E Clawson abt 1885 Kansas Wife
  A S McIntire abt 1860 Boarder  
  Charles Archmbo abt 1870 Illinois Head
  Kattie Archmbo abt 1880 Oklahoma Wife
  Irene S Archmbo abt 1904 Oklahoma Daughter
  Frances Archmbo abt 1906 Oklahoma Daughter
  Bessie Archmbo abt 1908 Oklahoma Daughter
  F A Archmbo abt 1862 Illinois Head
  Josephine Archmbo abt 1866 Illinois Wife
  Eugene Archmbo abt 1887 Kansas Son
  Sophronie Archmbo abt 1889 Kansas Daughter
  Virgil Archmbo abt 1891 Oklahoma Son
  Mary Archmbo abt 1893 Oklahoma Daughter
  Lucy Archmbo abt 1895 Oklahoma Daughter
  Lizzie Archmbo abt 1897 Oklahoma Daughter
  Oscar Archmbo abt 1899 Oklahoma Son
  Frank Archmbo abt 1902 Oklahoma Son
  Agnes Archmbo abt 1904 Oklahoma Daughter
  Homer Archmbo abt 1907 Oklahoma Son
  William Stopps abt 1873 Iowa Head
  A J Wilson abt 1860 Missouri Boarder
  S A Clark abt 1875 Illinois Head
  F W Clark abt 1877 Kansas Wife
  E L Clark abt 1902 Kansas Daughter
  H S Clark abt 1904 Kansas Son
  G W Batts abt 1862 Kansas Head
  Nellie Batts abt 1872 Kansas Wife
  Leo Batts abt 1889 Kansas Son
  Hazle Batts abt 1898 Kansas Daughter
  J M Kendall abt 1856 Missouri Head
  Josiephine Kendall abt 1856 Indiana Wife
  Vaughn D Kendall abt 1887 Kansas Son
  G W Wells abt 1868 Indiana Head
  M E Wells abt 1876 Kansas Wife
  L H Wells abt 1895 Oklahoma Son
  W T Wells abt 1898 Oklahoma Son
  G B Wells abt 1903 Oklahoma Son
  F M Sims abt 1851 Illinois Head
  S Sims abt 1865 Missouri Wife
  Charley Sims abt 1891 Missouri Son
  China Sims abt 1893 Missouri Daughter
  Budd Howard abt 1878 Kansas Head
  D E Howard abt 1874 Indiana Wife
  R M Howard abt 1892 Texas Son
  E E Howard abt 1906 Oklahoma Son
  H S Records abt 1876 Missouri Head
  E O Records abt 1876 Kansas Head
  E B Records abt 1882 Indiana Wife
  Christena Records abt 1840 Indiana Mother
  L F Records abt 1908 Kansas Daughter
  E M Records abt 1909 Oklahoma Daughter
  A A B Bradford abt 1857 Ohio Head
  Nora Bradford abt 1867 Illinois Wife
  Earnest Bradford abt 1887 Kansas Son
  Clyde Bradford abt 1890 Oklahoma Son
  Frank Bradford abt 1892 Oklahoma Son
  Mary Bradford abt 1895 Oklahoma Daughter
  Arthur Bradford abt 1897 Oklahoma Son
  Ruby Bradford abt 1899 Oklahoma Daughter
  Leo Bradford abt 1901 Oklahoma Son
  J M Cunningham abt 1889 Oklahoma Boarder
  E R Holeman abt 1887 Kansas Head
  Cleo Holeman abt 1889 Missouri Wife
  Evelin Holeman abt 1907 Kansas Daughter
  E E Holeman abt 1909 Oklahoma Stepson
  J W Pendergraft abt 1880 Missouri Head
  Maggie Pendergraft abt 1886 Missouri Wife
  F C Pendergraft abt 1903 Missouri Son
  J B Rogers abt 1860 Texas Head
  E F Rogers abt 1859 Texas Wife
  J B Rogers Jr. abt 1880 Texas Son


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