Osage County

1920 US Federal Census

Hominy, Osage County, OK
Submitted by Sherri Hale

  William P Puscha abt 1872 Texas White Head
  Mary Puscha William P abt 1912 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Herchal Webb abt 1899 Missouri White Head
  Rodie Webb abt 1902 Arkansas White Wife
  Ovel Webb abt 1918 Arkansas White Son
  Oscar Jones abt 1901 Oklahoma White Cousin
  Bert Watkins abt 1884 Texas White Head
  Mable Watkins abt 1889 Missouri White Wife
  Ralph Watkins abt 1910 Oklahoma White Son
  Francis Watkins abt 1917 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Mozell Watkins abt 1919 Oklahoma White Daughter
  James G Dunlap abt 1878 Iowa White Head
  Jula Dunlap abt 1886 Missouri White Wife
  Christine Dunlap abt 1908 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Ermoema Dunlap abt 1911 Missouri White Daughter
  Zula Dunlap abt 1913 Oklahoma White Daughter
  James Dunlap abt 1915 Oklahoma White Son
  Waneta Dunlap abt 1918 Illinois White Daughter
  George E Potter abt 1882 Missouri White Head
  Julia Potter abt 1884 Missouri White Wife
  Fay Potter abt 1906 Missouri White Daughter
  Gilbert Potter abt 1907 Kansas White Son
  Blanche Potter abt 1909 Missouri White Daughter
  Irene Potter abt 1911 Missouri White Daughter
  Geneva Potter abt 1913 Missouri White Daughter
  Georgia Potter abt 1915 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Helen Potter abt 1920 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Harry R Cody abt 1866 Pennsylvania White Head
  Alice Cody abt 1881 Kentucky White Wife
  Orval Cates abt 1903 Oklahoma White Hired Man
  Claude E King China abt 1888 Kansas White Head
  China King abt 1893 Missouri White Wife
  Margaret King abt 1915 Kansas White Daughter
  Maxine King abt 1918 Kansas White Daughter
  Ira T Lemaster abt 1877 Missouri White Head
  Minnie Lemaster abt 1880 Missouri White Wife
  Carl E Lemaster abt 1904 Missouri White Son
  Leroy A Lemaster abt 1912 Texas White Son
  Hazel A Lemaster abt 1915 Texas White Daughter
  Ray R McKinley abt 1892 Missouri White Brother
  Dave Degraffenried abt 1893 Missouri White Head
  Ethel Degraffenried abt 1893 Missouri White Wife
  Hazel Degraffenried abt 1913 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Dorthy Degraffenried abt 1916 Oklahoma White Daughter
  Elmer C Degraffenried abt 1920 Oklahoma White Son
  James B Sanderson abt 1890 Missouri White Head
  Martha Sanderson abt 1894 Missouri White Wife
  Elmo Sanderson abt 1911 Oklahoma White Son
  Sherman M Sanderson abt 1914 Oklahoma White Son
  Mildred P Sanderson abt 1915 Oklahoma White Daughter


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