Ottawa County, Oklahoma


Cemetery Location Lat Long
Beaver Grave Cemetery

Berry Cemetery

Bland Cemetery Miami SE 36.821N 94.754W
British Airmens Plot
Brown Cemetery Wyandotte 36.755N 94.735W
Captain Cemetery
Crow Graves Cemetery
Fairland Cemetery Afton NE 36.745N 94.835W
Flint Cemetery      
Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens Miami SE 36.872N 94.824W
Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Miami NW 36.911N 94.880W
Greenback Cemetery
Hawk Family Cemetery
Hudson Creek Cemetery
Indian Cemetery Picher 36.961N 94.752W
LaFelier Family Cemetery
Lottson Graves
Modoc Indian Cemetery      
Mount Hope Cemetery Afton 36.707N 94.970W
Newman Cemetery Peoria 36.975N 94.676W
Old Indian Cemetery Miami NW 36.973N 94.939W
Peckham Cemetery
Peery Cemetery Picher 36.905N 94.778W
Peoria Indian Cemetery Peoria    
Red Eagle Family Cemetery
St. Mary's of the Quapaws Cemetery
Sulphur Bend Cemetery Afton NE 36.699N 94.796W
Todd Family Cemetery
Whitebird Cemetery
Williams Coal Creek Cemetery
Wright Family Cemetery
Wyandotte Cemetery Wyandotte 36.807N 94.721W
Xavier Family Cemetery



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