Ottawa County, Oklahoma




Henry Land, vs. Helen Marie Land.
Eva Lewis, vs. David J. Lewis.
Evelyn Moore, vs. William Moore.
Mary Jane Molley, vs. Lony Molley.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ April 16, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Myrtle Hays vs. Ott Hays.
Otto O'Farrell vs. Hazel O'Farrell
Ida Hills vs. R. B. Hills
Leona Garland vs. Raymond Garland
(Miami Daily News Record ~ May 1, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)


Decrees of divorce were granted by District Judge J. J. Smith to 17 of 19 plaintiffs who presented their cases in court at Tuesday's default session. All of the suits for divorce heard were of the non-contested class, where the defendant does not appear to deny the allegations of the party asking the decree. The two cases in which the court did not allow a divorce were not dismissed, but set over until a later date for further consideration.

Divorces were granted the following:

Leone from Roy Conner, James from Ethel Birmingham, Marie from Linnel Boswell, Julian from Ida Carroll, Flossie from Floyd Flippins, Miliard from Mattie Gordon, Grace from J. C. Hall, Ida May from Frank Campbell, L. C. Hall from Goldie Hall, Margaret from Elmer Henry, Nora from William Smith, Elmer from Maude Whitemarsh, Ethel from Tanda Sharpe, Lilunie from Henry Harvey, Cora from Charles Spraggins and Charles from Jessie Cuzan.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ May 2, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

John Redlinger vs. Nelle Redlinger.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 5, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Lola Jackson vs. Earl Jackson.
Ed Bartholomew vs. Elizabeth Bartholomew.
Velma Allen vs. William Allen
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 6, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Myrtle Gillispie Lane vs. Charles Lane.
Ada Arnold vs. Charles Arnold.
Frances Musgrove vs. J. S. Musgrove.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 11, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Opal Pendergraft vs. Lloyd Pendergraft
Margaretta Minielly vs. Milton Minielly
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 14, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Fred Harter vs. Eva Harter
Fronie Wright vs. James Wright
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 17, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Bee Belle Patterson vs. Marion Patterson
Mildred Emerson vs. Jake Emerson
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 18, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Josephine Searcy vs. Elmo Searcy
Lillian Watkins vs. Barney Watkins
Thelma Sherman vs. Frank Sherman
Bonnie Camp vs. Lewis Camp
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 19, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

 Lillian Watkins vs. Barney Watkins, divorce
Thelma Sherman vs. Frank Sherman; divorce and alimony
Bonnie Camp vs. Lewis Camp, divorce
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 21, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Melva Reece vs. Loren Reece.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ June 23, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Mrs. William Kirby vs Emmett Kimmer and Pauline Kirby; annulment of pretended marriage
Melva Reece vs Loren Reece; divorce
(Miami Daily News Record ~ Tuesday ~ June 25, 1929)

Silvia May Webb vs James H. Webb, divorce and alimony
Sylvia May Webb vs James H. Webb
Ottie Keene vs. H. J. Keene
Delmar Moore vs May Moore
MArie Davenport vs Lester Davenport
Chester Scott vs J. P. Scott
Alma Fain vs Lawrence Fain
(Miami Daily News Record ~ Wednesday ~ June 26, 1929)

Sible Burnett vs. H. J. Burnett
Bertha Coghill vs. Harold Coghill
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 1, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)


A divorce suit was filed yesterday in district court by Mrs. Hattie Henderson, justice of peace at Picher, against her husband, H. L. Henderson, former Picher mayor.

In the petition, Mrs. Henderson charges her husband with cruelty, alleging that he has threatened to kill her and her two daughters, that he has cursed her and made it necessary for her to leave home to protect herself, and that it was necessary for her to support herself and family while working while she was not in the home.

Mrs. Henderson asks for the custody of the only child under age, Mary Henderson, who is 17 years old.

F. W. Church of Miami is the plaintiff's attorney.
(Miami Daily News Record ~ Sunday ~ July 7, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

C. C. Simmons against Esther Simmons
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 8, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Guy Amyett against Edith Amyett
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 11, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Katherine E. Phelps against Cifford A. Phelps
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 12, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Alice Calvert against W. S. Calvert
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 14, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)
Myrtle McBrien vs. W. W. McBrien, Divorce
Katharine E. Phelps vs. Clifford A. Phelps, Divorce
Alice Calvert vs. W. S. Calvert, Divorce
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 16, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Nellie S. Ryder against H. E. Ryder
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 17, 1929 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

Marie Perry against Silas Perry ~ July 18, 1929)
Earl Clanton against Mary Clanton ~ July 19, 1929)
Mae Wallis against Carl Wallis
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 21, 1929)

Minnie Petitte against Don Petitte
Flossie Moran against Charlie Moran
Ruby Rickett against Ernest Rickett
Opal DeWitte against Everett DeWitte
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 24, 1929)

Lee Howell against Hana Howell
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 25, 1929)

Lee Howell vs. Hannah Howell; divorce
Lyda Hughes Wendell vs. Jack Wendell, divorce
Florida Sheridan vs. Wm. Sheridan, divorce
(Miami Daily News Record ~ July 29, 1929)

Maude Burkhart vs. Roy Burkhart, divorce
(Miami Daily News Record ~ August 9, 1929)


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