U.S. Indian Census Schedules
Census of the Pawnee Tribe
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer


Parent or spouse names

Relation to Head

Birth Date


Annie Pipe Chief     abt 1879 Female
Tom Chief Jennie Head abt 1845 Male
Jennie Lone Chief Tom Wife abt 1877 Female
May Lone Chief Tom &  Jennie Daughter abt 1891 Female
Mira Lone Chief Tom &  Jennie Daughter abt 1894 Female
Emma Lone Chief Tom &  Jennie Daughter abt 1897 Female
Teddy Lone Chief Tom &  Jennie Son abt 1902 Male
Charles Lone Chief Tom &  Jennie Son abt 1903 Male
Brave Chief Jennie Head abt 1833 Male
Jennie Brave Chief Brave Chief Wife abt 1863 Female
Stah-Kah Man Chief     abt 1883 Female
Ezra Tildon Lucie W Head abt 1867 Male
Lucie W Tildon Ezra Wife abt 1870 Female
Katie Tildon Ezra &  Lucie W Daughter abt 1891 Female
Jennie Shunatona     abt 1877 Female
Isabella B Evarts   Head abt 1854 Female
Julia Bayhylle Isabella B Daughter abt 1890 Female
Louisa Bayhylle     abt 1884 Female
Louis Bayhylle Maude Head abt 1872 Male
Maude Echo Hawk Louis Wife abt 1872 Female
John Morris   Head abt 1857 Male
Herbert J Morris John Son abt 1895 Male
Alice Morris     abt 1883 Female
Nora Wood   Head abt 1863 Female
David R Wood   Nephew abt 1888 Male
Charlie Wood Annie H Head abt 1880 Male
Annie H Wood Charlie Wife abt 1884 Female
Ben Wood Charlie &  Annie H Son abt 1900 Male
Caroline Wood Charlie &  Annie H Daughter abt 1901 Female
Rush Roberts Rose Head abt 1860 Male
Rose Roberts Rush Wife abt 1869 Female
Nellie Roberts Rush &  Rose Daughter abt 1887 Female
Henry Roberts Rush &  Rose Son abt 1888 Male
Lena Roberts Rush &  Rose Daughter abt 1892 Female
Terry Roberts Rush &  Rose Son abt 1893 Male
Ed Howell Roberts Rush &  Rose Son abt 1888 Male
George Roberts Rush &  Rose Son abt 1895 Male
Edith Roberts Rush &  Rose Daughter abt 1901 Female
Fancy Eagle Roberts Rush &  Rose Son abt 1903 Male
Richard Fields Eva R Head abt 1860 Male
Eva R Weeks Richard Wife abt 1871 Female
Jan c Field     abt 1861 Female
Clarence Field     abt 1890 Male
John Box Lizzie Head abt 1845 Male
Lizzie Box John Wife abt 1843 Female
Lucy Box     abt 1887 Female
Maggie Box Lucy Daughter abt 1891 Female
Jose Washington     abt 1885  
Yellow Calf     abt 1864 Male
Henry Box Lucy B Head abt 1872 Male
Lucy B Box Henry Wife abt 1875 Female
Alice Box Henry &  Lucy B Daughter abt 1900 Female
Elsie Box Henry &  Lucy B Daughter abt 1903 Female
White Eagle     abt 1836 Male
David Gillingham Maggie Head abt 1860 Male
Maggie Gillingham David Wife   Female
Leading Fox Lizzie L Head abt 1847 Male
Lizzie L Fox Leading Wife abt 1872 Female
Mattie B Fox Leading &  Lizzie L Daughter abt 1890 Female
Maggiel Fox Leading &  Lizzie L Daughter abt 1897 Female
Spak Pah Leader     abt 1870 Female
Frank Leader   Head abt 1835 Male
Ska-Toos Leader     abt 1840 Female
Mayr Leader Ska-Toos Daughter abt 1900 Female
Sarah Leader Ska-Toos Daughter abt 1890 Female
Warren Leader Ska-Toos Son abt 1891 Male
Ellis c Leader Ska-Toos Son abt 1898 Male
Jacob Leader Ska-Toos Son abt 1899 Male
Nellie Leader Ska-Toos Daughter abt 1902 Female
Henry S Boy Chief Bertha Head abt 1879 Male
Bertha Boy Chief Henry S Wife abt 1878 Female
Julia Adams   Head abt 1876 Female
Charles Brown Julia Son abt 1901 Male
Simond Adams Chastawee Head abt 1856 Male
Chastawee Adams Simond Wife abt 1866 Female
Anna Adams  Simond &  Chastawee Daughter abt 1894 Female
Alex Adams Simond &  Chastawee Son abt 1896 Male
Jennie Adams Simond &  Chastawee Daughter abt 1899 Female
Patrick Adams Simond &  Chastawee Son abt 1903 Male
Steedee Good Chief     abt 1836 Male
Kate Sky Chief     abt 1844 Female
Skee Dee Tom Viola Head abt 1850 Male
Viola Cory Skee Dee Tom Wife abt 1851 Female
Thomas Yellow Horse   Head abt 1870 Male
Clara Ricketts   Roomer abt 1863 Female
Moses Yellow Horse Thomas Son abt 1897 Male
Ben Gover     abt 1889 Male
Charles Wheeler     abt 1878 Male
Lucy Leader   Head abt 1873 Female
Walter Keys Lucy Son abt 1894 Male
James Leader Lucy Son abt 1900 Male
Schoo-Rah Howe     abt 1830 Female
Seeing Eagle Maggie Head abt 1835 Male
Maggie Peerootz Seeing Wife abt 1864 Female
Edgar Peetwotz Maggie StepSon abt 1892 Male
George Esau Engal Head abt 1836 Male
Engal Esau George Wife abt 1865 Female
Harriet Esau George &  Engal Daughter abt 1891 Female
Berttie Esau George &  Engal Daughter abt 1893 Female
James Bowman   Head abt 1858 Male
Clara L Bowman James Daughter abt 1892 Female
Tyler Bowman James Son abt 1898 Male
James E Bowman       Male
IA Bowman James E Son abt 1883 Male
Ernest Box     abt 1880 Male
Pawnee Tom     abt 1839 Male
Lizzie R Scout     abt 1879 Female
Samuel Townsend     abt 1864 Male
Emmit Pearson Edna Head abt 1865 Male
Edna Pearson Emmit Wife abt 1872 Female
William Allen     abt 1877 Male
Skeedee Jake Julia Head abt 1845 Male
Julia Troth Skeedee Wife abt 1840 Female
Nathaniel Mannington Phoebe H Head abt 1863 Male
Phoebe H Mannington Nathaniel Wife abt 1863 Female
Helen Mannington     abt 1863 Female
Ada May Murie   Head abt 1866 Female
Edith Minthorn Ada May Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mack Harris     abt 1886 Male
Julia Murie     abt 1881 Female
Eli Shotwell Mary W Head abt 1845 Male
Mary W Shotwell Eli Wife abt 1860 Female
Josiah Shotwell Eli &  Mary W Son abt 1893 Male
Susie Shotwell Eli &  Mary W Daughter abt 1899 Female
Henr Adams     abt 1887 Male
Jonathan Eustis Anna Head abt 1863 Male
Anna Eustis Jonathan Wife abt 1857 Female
George Beaver Emma Head abt 1861 Male
Emma Riggs George Wife abt 1841 Female
David Allen May Good Bear Head abt 1850 Male
May Good Bear David Wife abt 1862 Female
Bertie Allen David &  May Good Bear Daughter abt 1895 Female
Jennie Allen David &  May Good Bear Daughter abt 1895 Female
William Allen     abt 1883 Male
John Fox   Head abt 1867 Male
Henry Fox John Son abt 1888 Male
Kate Lockley   Wife abt 1860 Female
Helen Lockley   Sister abt 1888 Female
Mary Lockley     abt 1882 Female
Frank Moore     abt 1879 Male
Barclay White Rebecca Head abt 1867 Male
Rebecca White Barclay Wife abt 1870 Female
Henry White Barclay &  Rebecca Son abt 1889 Male
Gertie White Barclay &  Rebecca Daughter abt 1892 Female
James White Barclay &  Rebecca Son abt 1897 Male
Lester White Barclay &  Rebecca Son abt 1902 Male
Minnie Moses Rebecca Stepdaughter abt 1896 Female
Daniel Bayhylle     abt 1883 Male
William Bayhylle Katie Head abt 1858 Male
Katie Bayhylle William Wife abt 1860 Female
Violet Bayhylle William &  Katie Daughter abt 1889 Female
Elijah Bayhylle William &  Katie Son abt 1891 Male
William Bayhylle William &  Katie Son abt 1893 Male
Louis F Bayhylle William &  Katie Son abt 1895 Male
Elmer Bayhylle William &  Katie Son abt 1902 Male
Katie Weeks     abt 1890 Female
Anna Weeks     abt 1892 Female
Lena Weeks     abt 1895 Female
Virginia Weeks     abt 1885 Female
Samuel Gover Susannah Head abt 1852 Male
Susannah Gover Samuel Wife abt 1846 Female
George S Gover Viola H Head abt 1877 Male
Viola H Gover George S Wife abt 1880 Female
Billy Osborne   Head abt 1832 Male
Robert H Osborne Billy Son abt 1887 Male
Samuel Osborne Billy Son abt 1899 Male
Joseph Howell Lena Head abt 1855 Male
Lena Howell Joseph Wife abt 1860 Female
Jesse Howell Carrie W Head abt 1878 Male
Carrie W Howell Jesse Wife abt 1882 Female
John Howell     abt 1880 Male
John Buffalo Eliza J Head abt 1835 Male
Eliza J Buffalo John Wife abt 1859 Female
Mad Bear   Head abt 1845 Male
Harry Mad Bear Mad Bear Son abt 1894 Male
Charlie Adams     abt 1888 Male
Good Eagle Nora Head abt 1854 Male
Nora White Good Wife abt 1854 Female
Annie Pipe Chief     abt 1840  
George Howell   Head abt 1869 Male
Lawrence T Howell George Son abt 1894 Male
Kate W Howell George Daughter abt 1899 Female
George Phillips     abt 1868 Male
Lottie Phillips     abt 1882 Female
Faring b Wilde Jane Young Chief Head abt 1840 Male
Jane Young Chief Faring b Wife abt 1856 Female
James Wilde     abt 1886 Male
Knife Chief Rhoda Head abt 1851 Male
Rhoda Knife Chief Knife Wife abt 1855 Female
Irena Knife Chief Knife &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1889 Female
Sarah Knife Chief Knife &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1894 Female
Lena Knife Chief Knife &  Rhoda Daughter abt 1898 Female
Stella Knife Chief     abt 1884 Female
Charlie Knife Chief     abt 1881 Male
Jennie Wilde   Head abt 1874 Female
Mary Wilde Jennie Daughter abt 1891 Female
Anna Wilde Jennie Daughter abt 1894 Female
Lillie Wilde Jennie Daughter abt 1896 Female
Homer Wilde Jennie Son abt 1903 Male
Addie Troth     abt 1880 Female
A B Man Chief Maggie Head abt 1879 Male
Maggie Hand A B Man Wife abt 1867 Female
Eveline Hard Maggie Stepdaughter abt 1897 Female
Mollie Hand     abt 1886 Female
Thomas Hand     abt 1887 Male
Maude Hand     abt 1889 Female
Hiram Smith Eliazbeth K Head abt 1874 Male
Elizabeth K Smith Hiram Wife abt 1864 Female
May Smith Hiram &  Elizabeth K Daughter abt 1897 Female
Andy K Smith Hiram &  Elizabeth K Son abt 1902 Male
Clarke Ricketts Mary Head abt 1850 Male
Mary Ricketts Clarke Wife abt 1864 Female
Nannie WA Davis   Head abt 1864 Female
Esther Davis Nannie WA Daughter abt 1891 Female
Enda A Davis Nannie WA Daughter abt 1894 Female
Lula A Davis Nannie WA Daughter abt 1896 Female
Roy Davis Nannie WA Son abt 1901 Male
Clara Mannington     abt 1886 Female
James Mannington     abt 1887 Male
Ada Wright   Head abt 1859 Female
Isaac Pappan Ada Son abt 1891 Male
Laforie Pappan Ada Son abt 1892 Male
Bertha Pappan     abt 1884 Female
Fred Pappan     abt 1883 Male
Benjamin Pappan     abt 1886 Male
Albert Pappan     abt 1887 Male
William Pappan     abt 1877 Male
Helen Pappan William Daughter abt 1899 Female
Etheline Pappan William Daughter abt 1901 Female
Belle Coons     abt 1869 Female
Jasper Hadley Susie Head abt 1873 Male
Susie Hadley Jasper Wife abt 1877 Female
Rose Hadley Jasper &  Susie Daughter abt 1896 Female
George Hadley Jasper &  Susie Son abt 1901 Male
Arthur Coons     abt 1889 Male
Harry Coons Junior     abt 1895 Male
Gertie E Perry     abt 1881 Female
Joseph Esau     abt 1886 Male
Mark Evarts     abt 1863 Male
Lizzie Walker     abt 1851 Female
Kate Walker     abt 1884 Female
Eva Walker     abt 1888 Female
Samuel Walker     abt 1890 Male
Annie Walker     abt 1892 Female
James R Murie Mary Head abt 1860 Male
Mary Murie James R Wife abt 1868 Female
Marion Murie James R &  Mary Son abt 1889 Male
Caroline Murie James R &  Mary Daughter abt 1892 Female
Nora Murie James R &  Mary Daughter abt 1894 Female
Peter Murie James R &  Mary Son abt 1897 Male
Alfred Murie Annie G Head abt 1862 Male
Annie G Murie Alfred Wife abt 1870 Female
Harry Murie Alfred &  Annie G Son abt 1898 Male
Julia E Murie Alfred &  Annie G Daughter abt 1901 Female
Lula Todd Murie Alfred &  Annie G Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mark L Rutter Sarah Head abt 1857 Male
Sarah Rutter Mark L Wife abt 1866 Female
Dora Rutter Mark L &  Sarah Daughter abt 1888 Female
Allen Moses     abt 1887 Male
William Lewis     abt 1875 Male
Emily Fontinelle     abt 1886 Female
John Moses Lida Head abt 1864 Male
Lida Moses John Wife abt 1874 Female
James Moses John &  Lida Son abt 1894 Male
Stella Moses John &  Lida Daughter abt 1896 Female
Juelia Moses John &  Lida Daughter abt 1898 Female
Mary Moses John &  Lida Daughter abt 1902 Female
Lida Mathews   Head abt 1870 Female
Nellie Mathews Lida Daughter abt 1896 Female
Arthur Mathews Lida Son abt 1897 Male
William Sutton Annie Head abt 1864 Male
Annie Sutton William Wife abt 1873 Female
Carrie West   Head abt 1877 Female
Lucy West Carrie Daughter abt 1894 Female
Roam Chief Eva Head abt 1850 Male
Eva Roam Chief Roam Chief Wife abt 1869 Female
Ethel Roam Chief Roam Chief &  Eva Daughter abt 1886 Female
Charlie Richards Eva Stepson abt 1887 Male
Harry Richards Roam Chief &  Eva Son abt 1890 Male
Clyde Roam Chief     abt 1880 Male
Ida Robe     abt 1834 Female
William Morris     abt 1871 Male
Lester Sun Eagle Annie Head abt 1854 Male
Annie Sun Eagle Lester Wife abt 1864 Female
Lizzie Sun Eagle Lester &  Annie Daughter abt 1887 Female
Elmer Sun Eagle Lester &  Annie Son abt 1890 Male
James Sun Eagle Lester &  Annie Son abt 1895 Male
Mary Edith Sun Eagle Lester &  Annie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Susie Bear Chief     abt 1887 Female
Setting Ball     abt 1829 Male
Winnie West     abt 1825 Female
Lule Otter     abt 1844 Female
Eagle Chief Eva N Head abt 1856 Male
Eva N Duncan Eagle Wife abt 1882 Female
Mattie Eagle Chief  Eagle &  Eva N Daughter abt 1888 Female
Flora Eagle Chief Eagle &  Eva N Daughter abt 1891 Female
Martha Eagle Chief Eagle &  Eva N Daughter abt 1898 Female
Samuel Horse Chief Maggie Head abt 1877 Male
Maggie Eagle Chief Samuel Wife abt 1872 Female
Geneva Horse Chief Samuel &  Maggie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Hugh Horse Chief Samuel &  Maggie Son abt 1902 Male
Julia Tennyson     abt 1888 Female
Birtha Eagle Chief     abt 1897 Female
Hattie Riding Up     abt 1861 Female
Charlie Riding Up     abt 1886 Male
Phoebe Faney Sun     abt 1843 Female
White Horse Rebecca Head abt 1860 Male
Rebecca White Horse White Wife abt 1875 Female
Captain Jim Hannah W Head abt 1838 Male
Hannah W Jim Captain Wife abt 1881 Female
Com Jim Captain &  Hannah W Daughter abt 1891 Female
Julia Jim Captain &  Hannah W Daughter abt 1896 Female
James Weeks Hannah Head abt 1877 Male
Hannah Jim James Wife abt 1884 Female
Good Sky     abt 1825 Male
Fanny Black Eagle     abt 1840 Female
Jane Norman     abt 1827 Female
Lucie Crow     abt 1867 Female
Charlie Chapman Fannie Head abt 1863 Male
Fannie Chapman Charlie Wife abt 1864 Female
Sarah Chapman Charlie &  Fannie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Henry Chapman Charlie &  Fannie Son abt 1889 Male
Laura Chapman Charlie &  Fannie Daughter abt 1903 Female
Phoebe Young Chief     abt 1879 Female
Peter Fancy Rider Nellie Head abt 1848 Male
Nellie Pratt Peter Fancy Rider Wife abt 1883 Female
Mable Pratt Nellie Stepdaughter abt 1902 Female
Alice Jake     abt 1892 Female
Jane Eyre     abt 1871 Female
Hawk Norman Rebecca Head abt 1862 Male
Rebecca Norman Hawk Wife abt 1868 Female
Susie Norman Hawk &  Rebecca Daughter abt 1887 Female
Walter Norman Hawk &  Rebecca Son abt 1895 Male
Tom Wichita   Head abt 1841 Male
Ernest Wichita Tom Son abt 1896 Male
Calvin Wichita     abt 1882 Male
St Elmo Jim     abt 1881 Male
Maud Blue Hawk     abt 1886 Female
Dollie Sherman     abt 1895 Female
Juila Calico     abt 1838 Female
Edith Lylle     abt 1840 Female
Fancy Eagle Lottice Walking Bear Head abt 1857 Male
Lottice Walking Bear Fancy Wife abt 1845 Female
Simond Fancy Eagle Fancy & Son abt 1889 Male
  Lottice Walking Bear      
Frank Simpson Susie Head abt 1878 Male
Susie Pipe Chief Frank Wife abt 1875 Female
Nellina Pipe Chief     abt 1892 Female
James Bishop Helen Head abt 1860 Male
Helen Bishop James Wife abt 1835 Female
Wichita Blaine Effie Head abt 1860 Male
Effie Blaine Wichita Wife abt 1869 Female
James G Blaine Wichita &  Effie Son abt 1887 Male
Bessie Blaine Wichita &  Effie Daughter abt 1897 Female
Elmer Blaine Wichita &  Effie Son abt 1902 Male
Mathews Simpson Gertie Head abt 1850 Male
Gertie Simpson Mathews Wife abt 1871 Female
Alice Simpson Mathews &  Gertie Daughter abt 1898 Female
John Simpson     abt 1881 Male
Rebecca Pollock   Head abt 1866 Female
Jennie Pollock Rebecca Daughter abt 1895 Female
Myrtle Pollock Rebecca Daughter abt 1898 Female
Sherman Keller Jennie Head abt 1868 Male
Jennie Keller Sherman Wife abt 1840 Female
Susie Wichita     abt 1842 Female
Julia Wichita     abt 1848 Female
Roy Wichita     abt 1883 Male
Samuel Thomas Susan Head abt 1844 Male
Susan Thomas Samuel Wife abt 1857 Female
Little Chief Vena Crow Chief Head abt 1858 Male
Vena Crow Chief Little Chief Wife abt 1868 Female
Lucy Little Chief Little Chief & Daughter abt 1890 Female
  Vena Crow Chief      
Nora Rider     abt 1888 Female
Stany Sun Chief     abt 1884 Female
Julia Morgan     abt 1830 Female
Hiram Jake     abt 1880 Male
Louis Matlock Mary Head abt 1872 Male
Mary Matlock Louis Wife abt 1878 Female
Emma Matlock Louis &  Mary Daughter abt 1895 Female
Elmo Matlock Louis &  Mary Son abt 1895 Male
George Osborne     abt 1859 Male
Henry Minthorn     abt 1870 Male
Uncle John Lottie Head abt 1822 Male
Lottie John Uncle Wife abt 1832 Female
Stap-Pee Jake     abt 1851 Female
Linford Smith Lucie Head abt 1868 Male
Lucie Jim Linford Wife abt 1883 Female
John c Smith Linford &  Lucie Son abt 1893 Male
Charlotte Smith Linford &  Lucie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Kate Hawk Chief     abt 1890 Female
Jennie White   Head abt 1876 Female
Grant White Jennie Son abt 1895 Male
Willie Roswalk     abt 1873 Male
War Roowalk Lillie Head abt 1863 Male
Lillie Roowalk War Wife abt 1856 Female
Jennie Roowalk War &  Lillie Daughter abt 1886 Female
Gertie Roowalk War &  Lillie Daughter abt 1895 Female
John Lonwalk Rena Head abt 1866 Male
Rena Lonwalk John Wife abt 1867 Female
Colonel Meacham Alice Head abt 1861 Male
Alice Real Rider Colonel Wife abt 1867 Female
Mary Real Rider Alice Stepdaughter abt 1888 Female
Lula Real Rider Alice Stepdaughter abt 1894 Female
William Real Rider Alice Stepson abt 1897 Male
Warren Real Rider     abt 1880 Male
Little Eagle Lottie Eagle Head abt 1853 Male
Lottie Eagle Little Eagle Wife abt 1870 Female
James Little Eagle Little Eagle &  Lottie Eagle Son abt 1897 Male
Avalos Little Eagle Little Eagle &  Lottie Eagle Son abt 1902 Male
Mattie Eagle   Head abt 1859 Female
Paul Little Eagle Mattie Son abt 1889 Male
Gertrude Eagle Mattie Daughter abt 1897 Female
Julia Eagle Mattie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Gordon Shaw     abt 1883 Male
Shaw Jennie     abt 1888 Female
Georg Good Fox   Head abt 1854 Male
Mary Good Fox Georg Daughter abt 1886 Female
Henry Good Fox Georg Son abt 1889 Male
Bertha Good Fox Georg Daughter abt 1892 Female
Lena Good Fox Georg Daughter abt 1896 Female
Stacy Matlock Ella Head abt 1866 Male
Ella Matlock Stacy Wife abt 1871 Female
Ceclia Matlock Stacy &  Ella Daughter abt 1894 Female
Jane Fox     abt 1887  
Clifford Harrison Susie Head abt 1835 Male
Susie Harrison Clifford Wife abt 1831 Female
Jackson Coosoh Lula Head abt 1830 Male
Lula Packer Jackson Wife abt 1863 Female
Robert Hapkins Irene Head abt 1856 Male
Irene Hapkins Robert Wife abt 1871 Female
Mary Hapkins Robert &  Irene Daughter abt 1887 Female
Samuel White Mable Head abt 1878 Male
Mable White Samuel Wife abt 1881 Female
Thomas Crow Chief     abt 1880 Male
William S Crow     abt 1887 Male
Julia Young Hawk   Head abt 1841 Female
Susan Young Hawk Julia Daughter abt 1894 Female
Fred N Duncan     abt 1887 Male
Florence War Chief   Head abt 1864 Female
Nervin Many Florence War Chief Son abt 1894 Male
Lawrence Good Fox Florence War Chief Son abt 1900 Male
Harry Cezar Emma Head abt 1864 Male
Emma Cezar Harry Wife abt 1875 Female
Charles Cezar Harry &  Emma Son abt 1900 Male
Wilson Moore Dena Head abt 1868 Male
Dena Moore Wilson Wife abt 1873 Female
Colonel Moore Wilson &  Dena Son abt 1902 Male
Will Justice     abt 1887 Male
Julius Caisar Fido F   abt 1868 Male
Fido F Caisar Julius Wife abt 1871 Female
Will Barker     abt 1886 Male
Charles Moore Lottie Head abt 1870 Male
Lottie Echo Hawk Charles Wife abt 1887 Female
Walter O Hunt     abt 1888 Male
William Riding In Virginia Head abt 1854 Male
Virginia Riding In William Wife abt 1876 Female
May Riding In William &  Virginia Daughter abt 1891 Female
Frank Riding In William &  Virginia Son abt 1897 Male
Charlie Riding In William &  Virginia Son abt 1902 Male
Hannah Riding In     abt 1883 Female
Blen Hawk   Head abt 1856 Male
Jane Blue Hawk  Blen Daughter abt 1887 Female
Eva Blue Hawk Blen Daughter abt 1894 Female
Susie Jake   Wife abt 1855 Female
John J Jake     abt 1886 Male
U S Grant     abt 1856 Male
Cora Grant     abt 1860 Female
Cora Rushing Fox     abt 1845 Female
Sarah Good Fox     abt 1829 Female
Thomas Morgan Susie Fox Chief Head abt 1870 Male
Susie Fox Chief Thomas Wife abt 1870 Female
Mullen Morgan Thomas & Son abt 1901 Male
  Susie Fox Chief      
Quanning Mad Eagle     abt 1839 Female
James Peters     abt 1894 Male
Webster Fox Ivy Head abt 1863 Male
Ivy Fox Webster Wife abt 1877 Female
George Hunt Ivy Stepson abt 1895 Male
Joseph Carrison     abt 1858 Male
Emmit Carrison     abt 1894 Male
Mary E Carrison     abt 1898 Female
Brigham Young Lula Head abt 1869 Male
Lula Young Brigham Wife abt 1876 Female
Frank Young Brigham &  Lula Son abt 1894 Male
Lida Young Brigham &  Lula Daughter abt 1900 Female
William Young Brigham &  Lula Son abt 1902 Male
Kit-Ka-Hock Band        
Viola Curley Chief   Head abt 1835 Female
Harold Curley Chief   Nephew abt 1890 Male
Bromet Taylor Nora Head abt 1872 Male
Nora Curling Chief Bromet Wife abt 1880 Female
Burress Curling Chief Nora Stepson abt 1897 Male
James Taylor Bromet &  Nora Son abt 1900 Male
George Shooter Engal Head abt 1827 Male
Engal Shooter George Wife abt 1839 Female
Frank Young Eagle     abt 1897 Male
Edith Sieting Eagle     abt 1879 Female
Annie Sieting Eagle     abt 1887 Female
Lucy Sieting Eagle     abt 1888 Female
Henry R Shooter Caine Head abt 1870 Male
Caine Shooter Henry R Wife abt 1880 Female
Mary Shooter Henry R &  Caine Daughter abt 1898 Female
Gertie Shooter Henry R &  Caine Daughter abt 1902 Female
Kit Carrison     abt 1888 Male
Jesse Peters Martha Head abt 1875 Male
Martha Peters Jesse Wife abt 1880 Female
Reuben Wilson   Head abt 1866 Male
Charlie Wilson Reuben Son abt 1897 Male
Lulu Bill   Wife abt 1860 Female
Blanche Bell   Stepdaughter abt 1887 Female
Margaret Wilson Lulu Daughter abt 1902 Female
Benjamin White     abt 1887 Male
Robert Taylor Sallie Head abt 1838 Male
Sallie Taylor Robert Wife abt 1867 Female
Jobie Taylor Robert &  Sallie Son abt 1888 Male
Clifford Taylor Robert &  Sallie Son abt 1888 Male
George Taylor Robert &  Sallie Son abt 1896 Male
Benjamin Taylor Robert &  Sallie Son abt 1898 Male
Mary Taylor Robert &  Sallie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Spotted Horse Chief   Head abt 1860 Male
Delbert Horse Chief Spotted Son abt 1892 Male
Nannie Kester   Wife abt 1876 Female
Emma Kester   StepDaughter abt 1892 Female
John Horse Chief Nannie Son abt 1900 Male
New Rider Betty Head abt 1859 Male
Betty New Rider New Rider Wife abt 1879 Female
Mande New Rider New Rider &  Betty Daughter abt 1887 Female
Jonathan New Rider New Rider &  Betty Son abt 1897 Male
Peter New Rider New Rider &  Betty Son abt 1902 Male
Hiram Good Chief     abt 1884 Male
Little Chief Angie c Head abt 1840 Male
Angie c Chief Little Wife abt 1831 Female
Little Sun Lillie Head abt 1864 Male
Rebecca Little Sun  Little Sun &  Lillie Daughter abt 1887 Female
Lillie Pratt Little Sun Wife abt 1863 Female
James Little Sun Little Sun &  Lillie Son abt 1893 Male
Ruth Eshelman     abt 1877 Female
Alexander Eagle     abt 1888 Male
Ralph J Weeks Mary Head abt 1849 Male
Mary Weeks Ralph J Wife abt 1866 Female
Ida Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Daughter abt 1887 Female
Rollie Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Son abt 1889 Male
Belle Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Daughter abt 1895 Female
Stella Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Daughter abt 1898 Female
Joseph R Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Son abt 1901 Male
Maud S Weeks Ralph J &  Mary Daughter abt 1903 Female
John Little Sun     abt 1875 Male
John Haymond Stah-Kah Head abt 1862 Male
Stah-Kah Haymond John Wife abt 1865 Female
George Haymond John &  Stah-Kah Son abt 1887 Male
Charlie Haymond John &  Stah-Kah Son abt 1894 Male
Stand Marry Ida Head abt 1869 Male
Ida Wichiter Stand Wife abt 1886 Female
Samuel Wilson Lena Head abt 1869 Male
Lena Wilson Samuel Wife abt 1883 Female
Susan Wilson Samuel &  Lena Daughter abt 1894 Female
Robert c Wilson Samuel &  Lena Son abt 1902 Male
Walking Sun Fanny Head abt 1853 Male
Fanny Washburn Walking Wife abt 1855 Female
Thomas Walking Sun Walking &  Fanny Son abt 1893 Male
Ruling Hissun Lida Head abt 1829 Male
Lida Hissun Ruling Wife abt 1852 Female
Isaac Moore Sarah Head abt 1865 Male
Sarah Wichita Isaac Wife abt 1865 Female
Edgar Wichita Isaac &  Sarah Son abt 1887 Male
John K Walking Sun     abt 1879 Male
Mary Sherman   Head abt 1850 Female
Rosean Crow   Grandson abt 1887  
Jane Hyson     abt 1840 Female
Webster Hyson   Head abt 1870 Male
Rose Hyson Webster Daughter abt 1901 Female
Addie Hyson Webster Daughter abt 1895 Female
White Elk Ella Head abt 1860 Male
Ella Mason White Wife abt 1858 Female
Jennie Mason     abt 1888 Female
Echo Hawk   Head abt 1855 Male
Alice Echo Hawk Echo Hawk Daughter abt 1887 Female
Elmer Echo Hawk Echo Hawk Son abt 1891 Male
George Echo Hawk Echo Hawk Son abt 1899 Male
William Lincoln     abt 1886 Male
John T Rice     abt 1875 Male
Harry Cummings     abt 1879 Male
Lucy B Cummings     abt 1887 Female
Lester Pratt Bertha p Head abt 1860 Male
Bertha p Pratt Lester Wife abt 1870 Female
Julia Pratt Lester &  Bertha p Daughter abt 1895 Female
Harry Pratt Lester &  Bertha p Son abt 1901 Male
Thomas Pratt   Head abt 1870 Male
Sarah E Pratt Thomas Daughter abt 1898 Female
Angie Pratt Thomas Daughter abt 1900 Female
Osie Pratt Thomas Daughter abt 1895 Female
Charles Eavis Sarah Head abt 1860 Male
Sarah Eavis Charles Wife abt 1870 Female
Wilber Eaves Charles &  Sarah Son abt 1888 Male
Fanny Eaves Charles &  Sarah Daughter abt 1890 Female
Celia Eaves Charles &  Sarah Daughter abt 1895 Female
John Brown Martha Head abt 1862 Male
Martha Johnson John Wife abt 1859 Female
Tom T Rice Ivy Head abt 1871 Male
Ivy Rice Tom T Wife abt 1879 Female
Martha Rice Tom T &  Ivy Daughter abt 1902 Female
Effie Rice     abt 1878 Female
Henrietta Rice     abt 1898 Female
Adolphus Carrison Maggie Head abt 1855 Male
Maggie Carrison Adolphus Wife abt 1859 Female
Bertha Carrison Adolphus &  Maggie Daughter abt 1885 Female
Francis Carrion     abt 1880 Male
Lucy Pritchard     abt 1888 Female
Albert Long Mary R Head abt 1860 Male
Mary R Long Albert Wife abt 1848 Female
Mary B Rice Mary R Stepdaughter abt 1889 Female
Joseph Long Albert &  Mary R Son abt 1893 Male
Elizabeth Long Albert &  Mary R Daughter abt 1896 Female
Frank Long Albert &  Mary R Son abt 1901 Male
Florence R Henry     abt 1882 Female
Moses Platt Emma Head abt 1875 Male
Emma Platte Moses Wife abt 1882 Female
Pearl Platte Moses &  Emma Daughter abt 1902 Female
High Eagle Jane Head abt 1838 Male
Jane Campbell High Wife abt 1859 Female
Grane High Eagle  High &  Jane Daughter abt 1886 Female
Thomas High Eagle High &  Jane Son abt 1889 Male
Sun Leading     abt 1833 Male
Alice Platte     abt 1877 Female
William Brown     abt 1870 Male
Annie Brown     abt 1898 Female
Frances K Smith     abt 1889 Female
Flora Smith     abt 1893 Female
Julius c Smith     abt 1896 Male
Dick K Smith     abt 1887 Male
William Mathews Nannie Head abt 1865 Male
Nannie Mathews William Wife abt 1882 Female
Wallace Mathews William &  Nannie Son abt 1888 Male
Julia Mathews William &  Nannie Daughter abt 1887 Female
Minnie Mathews William &  Nannie Daughter abt 1898 Female
Wichita Jack     abt 1840 Male
Victoria May     abt 1835 Female

Source Information: (National Archives Microfilm Publication M595); Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98). The data on the rolls varies. For certain years including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled.
There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.


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