Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Index to Divorce Records

This data was submitted by L. Craig
[Partial List]

Copies of the actual Divorce records are available from the Pottawatomie County Court House





DC-2835 Abbott, Anna Abbott, J. A. 3/17/1905
SC-2583 Abbott, Delia Abbott, Leonard 5/22/1915
DC-9963 Abbott, Iva Abbott, James 3/23/1926
DC-9008 Abbott, Lula Abbott, D. J. 12/13/1924
DC-0495 Abel, William Abel, Lilly 7/15/1929
DC-10987 Abney, Marguerite Abney, J. M. 7/8/1927
SC-3698 Abrams, Bernie Abrams, Pearl B. 8/17/1918
SC-4749 Abrams, Elmira Abrams, Bernice 11/21/1922
DC-8546 Abrams, Elmira Abrams, Bernie 11/26/1923
DC-6812 Acock, Lucile Acock, W. O. 7/3/1919
SC-4048 Acton, Louis Action, Maud 5/12/1920
DC-2780 Acton, Mary Acton, James 1/27/1905
DC-11015 Adair, Bessie Adair, H. O. 7/19/1927
DC-1058 Adams, Cordelia Adams, John December 07, 1898
DC-0854 Adams, E. L. Adams, Cornella C. December 03, 1897
SC-1217 Adams, Forest Adams, J. F. 10/19/1911
DC-0225 Adams, Frank E. Adams, Jennie L. March 26, 1895
DC-9879 Adams, J. T. Adams, Maggie Mae 2/1/1926
DC-8480 Adams, Jacob A. Adams, Lula 9/11/1923
DC-6821 Adams, James T. Adams, Maggie May 7/10/1919
SC-0339 Adams, Joe Lou Adams, Joe M. 12/6/1909
SC-3207 Adams, Marion C. Adams, Molly 11/15/1916
DC-6621 Adams, Mary Lila Adams, Marion G. 5/6/1918
DC-0786 Adams, May Adams, James F. October 08, 1897
DC-0402 Adams, Oliver Adams, Sadie March 11, 1896
DC-0687 Adams, Ralph S. Adams, Olive Josephine 12/10/1929
DC-1139 Adams, Rector Adams, Nellie 6/9/1931
DC-8512 Adams, Violet Cole Adams, Forest S. 10/15/1923
DC-6697 Adamson, Ruby Adamson, Jesse J. 1/27/1919
DC-4879 Addington, L. W. Addington, Clara 12/30/1909
DC-0316 Adkins, Bessie Adkins, Jim 3/18/1929
DC-2410 Adkins, Rosa Adkins, William P. 1/30/1904
SC-3634 Adkins, W. E. Adkins, Dora 5/22/1918
SC-4320 Ady, Carrie Ady, Elmer 7/12/1921
DC-7302 Ady, Carrie E. Ady, Elmer 9/20/1920
DC-0524 Ady, George L. Ady, Nellie M. 8/3/1929
DC-11110 Agee, Ollie Agee, Lenn 8/18/1927
DC-0341 Agnew, B. Pearl Agnew, W. N. 4/3/1929
DC-0336 Akers, A. A. Akers, Lillie M. 3/30/1929
DC-6610 Albert, Iler V. Albert, Izora 4/8/1918
DC-11475 Alberty, Julia Alberty, Buck 1/12/1928
DC-5523 Albro, Alice R. Albro, Ralph E. 12/18/1912
DC-5523 Albro, Alice R. Albro, Ralph E. 12/18/1912
DC-10363 Albro, Inice N. Albro, Lonnie C. 11/12/1926
DC-6842 Alder, Anna Alder, Ira J. 7/28/1919
DC-0151 Alexander, Charlie Warren Alexander, Loyetta 11/7/1928
DC-7888 Alexander, Clay Alexander, Lizzie 4/10/1922
SC-4575 Alexander, Eva Alexander, Arthur 4/19/1922
SC-2904 Alexander, Julia Alexander, George 2/16/1916
DC-9120 Alexander, Julia Alexander, George 2/4/1925
DC-0216 Alexander, Lucile Alexander, Claud 12/27/1928
DC-1638 Alexander, Luna C. Alexander, James M. 9/12/1901
DC-9886 Alexander, M. L. Alexander, B. O. 2/5/1926
DC-8844 Alexander, Mitlene Alexander, Fred 8/29/1924
DC-8353 Alexander, Nancy Alexander, C. A. 6/4/1923
DC-7740 Alexander, Nora Alexander, Earnest H. 12/12/1921
DC-6576 Alexander, Robert L. Alexander, Dollie May 12/28/1917
DC-0415 Alexander, Rozella Alexander, Andrew 5/22/1929
DC-0966 Alexander, Tululea C. Alexander, James M. April 23, 1898
DC-3543 Alexander, V. V. Alexander, I. L. 9/28/1906
DC-11690 Alford, Fannie Tyner Alford, Thomas W. 2/13/1928
DC-11809 Alford, Opan Alford, Thomas W. 5/2/1928
DC-0870 Alford, Ruth Alford, Thomas W. 6/18/1930
DC-0721 Allder, G. M. Allder, Jewell Scott 1/14/1930
DC-0329 Allen, Aline Allen, Raymond H. 3/23/1929
DC-4697 Allen, Amanda Allen, John 3/23/1909
DC-2495 Allen, Annie Allen, Henry 5/2/1904
DC-0602 Allen, Arthur Allen, Thelma 9/28/1929
DC-11882 Allen, Belle Allen, George 5/26/1928
SC-1595 Allen, Biddie Allen, H. W. 9/11/1912
DC-10797 Allen, Clifford B. Allen, Catherine M. 5/7/1927
DC-8981 Allen, Clyde Allen, Jannette 12/2/1924
SC-4039 Allen, Fay Allen, Howard 4/30/1920
DC-8673 Allen, Iva Allen, Leon C. 3/27/1924
DC-0420 Allen, J. C. Allen, Ina Fay 5/24/1929
DC-11200 Allen, James H. Allen, Berta 9/22/1927
DC-11168 Allen, Lewis Allen, Aliene 9/13/1927
DC-5233 Allen, Marie Levins Allen, E. J. 10/2/1911
DC-11802 Allen, Minnie Allen, Clifford B. 4/27/1928
DC-0240 Allen, Opal Allen, Foster C. 1/15/1929
DC-1544 Allen, Vera Allen, William T. 4/3/1901
DC-8808 Allen, William L. E. Allen, Nina H. 8/7/1924
SC-0103 Allenbaugh, Ophia Allenbaugh, Joseph 7/7/1909
DC-10913 Allinson, Jessie B. Allinson, Ralph V. 6/14/1927
DC-0662 Allinson, R. V. Allinson, Sylvia 11/16/1929
DC-10068 Allison, Alice Abraham Allisin, James 4/22/1926
DC-6992 Allison, Obie Allison, Ray 12/24/1919
DC-0948 Allred, Wiley Allred, Eliza April 01, 1898
DC-7741 Almond, Sam Almond, Emma 12/13/1921
DC-1981 Alred, C. L. Alred, Lizzie N. 12/1/1902
SC-1222 Alsman, Agnes Alsman, J. W. 10/24/1911
DC-1191 Alston, Lacy Alston, Lottie 9/2/1931
DC-3146 Amburg, H. S. Amburg, Ida 1/13/1906
DC-9157 Anders, Mae Anders, E. J. 2/19/1925
DC-11894 Anderson, Bertha Anderson, Aura 6/1/1928
DC-0735 Anderson, Bessie Anderson, Emmett A. 1/29/1930
DC-1211 Anderson, Cuba Anderson, Jim 10/27/1931
DC-7894 Anderson, Frank Anderson, Viola 4/14/1922
DC-0768 Anderson, J. W. Anderson, Fannie September 11, 1897
DC-11052 Anderson, Jack W. Anderson, Anna Bell 8/1/1927
DC-7294 Anderson, James Anderson, Tennie 9/16/1920
DC-8907 Anderson, James Anderson, Lilie 10/7/1924
DC-0034 Anderson, James A. Anderson, Maudie 8/6/1928
DC-9846 Anderson, James Evatt Anderson, Lola 1/12/1926
DC-1531 Anderson, Lucinda Anderson, J. A. 3/11/1901
DC-0541 Anderson, Lula Anderson, Isaac A. November 02, 1896
DC-2663 Anderson, Mary J. Anderson, Faund 9/22/1904
SC-1973 Anderson, Mattie Anderson, W. L. 8/21/1914
DC-3001 Anderson, Maude Anderson, Charles W. 8/28/1905
DC-7324 Anderson, May Anderson, Ray 10/14/1920
DC-0873 Anderson, Pearl Anderson, F. P. 6/24/1930
DC-5120 Anderson, Simpson Anderson, Ella 3/15/1911
DC-3761 Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Mary A. 3/13/1907
DC-0771 Andrew, O. E. Andrew, Mildred 3/7/1930
DC-9816 Andrews, Claire Andrews, J. H. 12/22/1925
SC-0381 Andrews, George A. Andrews, Minnie F. 1/12/1910
SC-2347 Andrews, Minnie F. Andrews, George A. 11/25/1914
DC-0926 Angle, W. M. Angle, Vina Lee 8/21/1930
DC-5474 Anglin, Nelsie Anglin, Will 9/30/1912
DC-5455 Apel, A. J, Apel, Ellen G. 8/29/1912
DC-4151 Apel, Elizabeth J. Apel, William E. 2/10/1908
DC-4321 Apel, Elizabeth J. Apel, William F. 6/1/1908
DC-3770 Apel, William E. Apel, Elizabeth J. 3/21/1907
DC-4057 Aple, Mary Aple, William 11/27/1907
DC-11664 Appleby, Ruth Appleby, Hallie 3/6/1928
DC-6606 Appletree, Rosa Appletree, George 3/28/1918
DC-9751 Appletree, Rosa Appletree, George 11/9/1925
SC-1732 Arbuckle, Mary L. Arbuckle, Harrison R. 12/27/1912
SC-3305 Archer, Charles W. Archer, Millisse May 3/3/1917
SC-2145 Archer, Myrtle Archer, Samuel P. 3/30/1914
SC-0779 Argerbright, Lizzie Argerbright, Howard 11/29/1910
DC-5512 Arieza, Esther Arieza, Ries S. 12/2/1912
SC-5512 Ariza, Esther Ariza, Ries S. 12/2/1912
SC-0582 Armitage, George E. Armitage, Ora 6/16/1910
DC-7051 Arnesman, Ida Arnesman, Wayne 2/23/1920
DC-9706 Arnett, Mary Arnett, Lee 9/30/1925
SC-0627 Arnold, Charles R. Arnold, Daisy 8/8/1910
DC-1156 Arnold, Cora A. Arnold, G. W. 7/31/1931
DC-10807 Arnold, Joe Arnold, Lillian 5/10/1927
SC-0623 Arnold, Lou Arnold, H. D. 7/30/1910
DC-1203 Arnold, Marie Arnold, Arthur A. 9/29/1931
SC-6478 Arrasmith, Ollie Arrasmith, Marion Curtis 8/15/1929
SC-3762 Arrington, C. R. Arrington, Lula C. 11/9/1918
DC-0733 Arrington, Dolly Arrington, J. C. July 20, 1897
DC-0654 Arthur, Peggy Arthure, A. C. 11/12/1929
DC-5371 Arthurs, Mrs. E. H. Arthurs, Charles M. 4/8/1912
DC-1212 A-se-ho-tah, Myrtle A-se-ho-tah, Amos 10/31/1931
DC-2075 Asher, William R. Asher, Tessie 4/4/1903
DC-0580 Ashlock, Jewell Ashlock, Clyde 9/17/1929
DC-7185 Ashurst, Martin A. Ashurst, Ada 6/8/1920
DC-6912 Askew, Lena Askew, Sam 9/29/1919
DC-11751 Aston, Lila Aston, H. D. 4/7/1928
DC-7706 Atchley, A. C. Atchley, Mollie E. 10/27/1921
DC-0632 Atkeson, R. M. Atkeson, Milton February 05, 1897
DC-1152 Atkinson, Joseph Atkinson, Nora 7/23/1931
DC-3457 Atkinson, Mailer Atkinson, Isaiah 7/30/1906
DC-5474 Auglin, Nelsie Auglin, Will 9/30/1912
DC-1450 Aultman, Tillie Aultman, Jonathan C. 12/1/1900
DC-2489 Aultman, Viva Aultman, James 4/26/1904
DC-2576 Aurine, Theresa E. Aurine, Fred 8/12/1904
SC-2697 Austin, Alice Austin, Ed 8/10/1915
SC-0040 Austin, Grace B. Austin, M. Austin 5/20/1931
SC-2991 Austin, Izora Dell Austin, Elmer C. 4/27/1916
DC-0865 Austin, Reba Austin, Virgie 6/13/1930
DC-1614 Austin, William S. Austin, Amelia 8/13/1901
DC-0052 Auten, Myrtle Auten, Elmer 8/25/1928
DC-7607 Auton, James Auton, Mrs. L. J. 7/26/1921
DC-0427 Avaritt, Inez Avaritt, O. A. 6/3/1929
SC-3592 Averitt, Grace Averitt, Leo 4/3/1918
DC-7513 Avery, Ellen Avery, W. M. 5/11/1921
SC-0432 Avery, Richard L. Avery, Adelade 2/23/1910
DC-1449 Aycock, Mrs. Lou Aycock, Chas. F. 11/27/1900
SC-0026 Ayers, Nola Ayers, Ova 4/17/1931
DC-4907 Ayers, T. B. Ayers, Edna E. 1/29/1909

DC-0380 Cable, Bertha Cable, Vivian 4/30/1929
SC-0764 Cade, Minnie Cade, Fletcher 11/15/1910
SC-0048 Cade, Roxie Cade, Cash III 6/10/1931
DC-9788 Caffey, Ruth Caffey, Truman 12/1/1925
DC-0010 Cagle, W. S. Cagle, Eva Lucker 7/13/1928
DC-9058 Cagle, Zenn Cagle, B. L. 1/6/1925
DC-0642 Cain, Josephine Cain, W. L. 10/26/1929
SC-3200 Caldwell, Annie Caldwell, Charlie 11/4/1916
DC-5627 Caldwell, F. W. Caldwell, Laura 6/2/1913
DC-6876 Caldwell, L. C. Caldwell, Ethel 8/27/1919
SC-1337 Caldwell, Permelia A. Caldwell, John B. 12/29/1911
SC-0751 Calhoun, Dora Calhoun, W. E. 11/4/1910
DC-0785 Calhoun, J. M. Calhoun, Rhoda October 05, 1897
DC-2281 Calhoun, Zaccheus T. Calhoun, Melissa 10/6/1903
DC-3448 Call, L. C. Call, J. R. 7/26/1906
DC-1080 Callahan, Alice Callahan, Keith 1/28/1931
DC-0947 Callahan, Gerela Callahan, J. W. 9/4/1930
DC-7943 Callahan, Hilman Callahan, J. A. 6/7/1922
SC-0025 Callaway, May Ella Callaway, Ray 4/6/1931
SC-4076 Calori, Ethel V. Calori, Irwin M. 7/17/1920
DC-0757 Calvin, Hettie Calvin, Norman 2/17/1930
DC-11967 Calvin, Hettie Newell Calvin, Norman 6/28/1928
DC-0999 Camden, J. N. Camden, Dora E. 10/16/1930
DC-0544 Cameron, Opal Cameron, Francis 8/16/1929
DC-1725 Campbell, Adaline Campbell, David 12/13/1901
SC-0114 Campbell, Elvin Campbell, Opal 11/2/1931
DC-7688 Campbell, Flora Campbell, W. H. 10/13/1921
DC-0753 Campbell, Helen Campbell, Alfred C. 2/14/1930
DC-10323 Campbell, Helen Campbell, Albert T. 10/19/1926
DC-11960 Campbell, Helen Campbell, Albert 6/26/1928
SC-0062 Campbell, Inez Campbell, Marvin 7/10/1931
SC-1382 Campbell, Jennetta Campbell, William 2/12/1912
DC-8595 Campbell, Jewell Campbell, J. William 1/21/1924
SC-2464 Campbell, Lula Campbell, R. M. 2/17/1915
DC-0833 Campbell, Mary Lou Campbell, S. C. May 10, 1930
SC-3326 Campbell, Mrs. Jennie Campbell, William M. 4/18/1917
DC-2708 Canada, Annie E. Canada, Adolphus G. 11/21/1904
SC-0045 Canafax, Lorene Canafax, Tom P. 6/4/1931
DC-8477 Canaster, Jennie Canaster, William S. 9/8/1923
DC-8009 Canbron, May Cambron, R. L. 8/16/1922
SC-1825 Canfield, Burton Canfield, Eva M. 2/24/1913
DC-7719 Cannon, Ella Cannon, R. J. 11/16/1921
DC-7948 Cannon, Lena Cannon, Lee 6/15/1922
SC-1098 Cannon, W. J. Cannon, Francis Vaughn 8/12/1911
DC-0985 Cantwell, Jessie Cantwell, S. G. 10/10/1930
DC-10161 Canty, Mabel Canty, William Henry 7/8/1926
DC-9525 Caraway, Carrie Caraway, W . F. 7/17/1925
DC-7285 Carden, Doris Brazile Carden, T. L. 9/9/1920
DC-8703 Cardena, M. A. Cardena, Joe 5/2/1924
DC-10172 Carder, Mary E. Carder, A. L. 7/16/1926
SC-3673 Cardin, Doris Cardin, T. L. 7/25/1918
DC-0828 Carding, Edith Lela Carding, Frank L. May 02, 1930
SC-0053 Carey, Bonnie Carey, Paul E. 6/18/1931
DC-2020 Carley, Mary L. Carley, Sidney 2/2/1903
DC-8809 Carlisle, Lessie Carlisle, L. J. 8/7/1924
DC-11716 Carlson, Zora E. Carlson, Paul O. 3/23/1928
SC-2011 Carney, Dovie Carney, Frank 9/30/1913
DC-7691 Caronel, Castula Caronel, John 10/17/1921
DC-8163 Carpenter, Ammy Carpenter, S. C. 12/29/1922
DC-1226 Carpenter, Margaret Carpenter, Luther O. 12/29/1931
SC-2312 Carr, Arizonia Carr, Brown 10/19/1914
DC-6107 Carr, Arzona Carr, Brown 9/9/1914
DC-11756 Carr, Gladys Cossey Carr, W. A. 4/9/1928
DC-4274 Carrell, Louisa F. Carrell, William S. 4/24/1908
DC-3650 Carrell, Louisa F. Carrell, William S. 12/28/1906
SC-1015 Carrell, Louisa F. Carrell, W. S. 6/2/1911
SC-0067 Carrell, W. S. Carrell, Louisa F. 7/2/1909
SC-1246 Carrie, L. N. Carrie, Ada 11/3/1911
DC-9416 Carroll, Florence Carroll, James C. 5/26/1925
DC-1198 Carroll, Harrison Carroll, Martha June 16, 1899
DC-0947 Carroll, Martha Carroll, Harrison March 31, 1898
DC-0271 Carson, J. M. Carson, Kate July 25, 1895
SC-2247 Carson, Kate Carson, Chasie 7/27/1914
SC-4979 Carson, Manila Carson, Joseph 8/9/1923
DC-8691 Carson, Myrtle Carson, Chasie 4/18/1924
DC-0179 Carson, Una Carson, Don A. 11/30/1928
DC-6932 Carter, Bettie Carter, William 10/23/1919
DC-0724 Carter, D. A. Carter, Ruth 1/20/1930
DC-9836 Carter, Frances Carter, Chester 1/5/1926
DC-3725 Carter, Marie Carter, Millard R. 2/22/1907
DC-4674 Carter, Mary Carter, John 3/9/1909
DC-4154 Carter, Millard R. Carter, Marie A. 2/11/1908
DC-5030 Carter, Mirle Carter, Thomas G. 10/25/1910
DC-4250 Carter, Nellie Carter, Earnest 4/6/1908
SC-0766 Carter, Nora E. Carter, Reuben P. 11/16/1910
DC-0027 Carter, Pearl Carter, W. A. 8/1/1928
DC-2628 Carter, Samaria E. Carter, Finis Green 9/10/1904
SC-4313 Carter, Sarah C. Carter, Henry C. 7/7/1921
DC-0459 Carter, Sherman Carter, Emma D. 6/16/1929
DC-2023 Cartmill, E. R. Cartmill, L. E. 2/3/1903
DC-0232 Caruthers, Cline Caruthers, Rosa 1/11/1929
DC-0809 Caruthers, Easter Caruthers, John 4/10/1930
DC-3821 Carver, Helen Carver, J. R. May 02, 1907
DC-4482 Carver, Joseph R. Carver, Helen 9/22/1908
SC-0022 Carver, Pearl M. Carver, E. S. 4/3/1931
DC-0610 Casady, Carl Casady, Helene 10/4/1929
DC-7809 Case, Katherine Case, Roy E. 2/20/1922
DC-0177 Case, Lenore Case, M. B. 11/26/1928
DC-10094 Case, Lorena Case, M. B. 5/13/1926
DC-1220 Case, Sue E. Case, John B. S. August 28, 1899
DC-6907 Case, Timothy P. Case, Mary M. 9/24/1919
DC-5297 Casey, Elsie Casey, Albert 12/23/1911
DC-11598 Casey, F. M. Casey, Julia 2/16/1928
SC-2287 Casey, Jim Casey, Virgie 9/21/1914
DC-0718 Casey, Laura Casey, Leonard 1/7/1930
DC-8624 Casey, Olliver Casey, Essie 2/13/1924
DC-0742 Cash, Faye Cash, Jack 2/4/1930
DC-0699 Cash, Onia Cash, Theodore S. 12/23/1929
DC-1025 Cash, Onia Cash, Theodore S. 11/14/1930
DC-7414 Caskey, J. D. Caskey, Sarah 1/15/1921
DC-7726 Cason, Nellie Cason, John 11/29/1921
DC-7056 Cassie, Louella E. Cassie, Roy 2/28/1920
DC-1273 Casteel, Grace Casteel, Monse 1/9/1900
SC-2288 Castleberry, Oscar E. Castleberry, Luella M. 9/21/1914
DC-6392 Castlebury, Grace Castlebury, John 6/17/1916
DC-6410 Castlebury, John Castlebury, Grace 8/11/1916
DC-0903 Castleman, Florence Castleman, J. W. 7/24/1930
DC-0529 Cates, Doris Cates, Luther 8/5/1929
SC-2797 Cates, Florence May Cates, T. C. 11/10/1915
DC-0731 Cates, Gladys Cates, J. E. 1/28/1930
DC-0954 Cates, J. W. Cates, Anna 9/8/1930
DC-1000 Cates, John I. Cates, Lydia July 23, 1898
DC-0993 Cates, Wesley Cates, Dora 10/14/1930
DC-11260 Cates, Wesley Cates, Dora 10/19/1927
DC-0218 Catlin, S. A. Catlin, Amelia March 14, 1895
DC-8992 Caughlan, Nita Caughlan, J. F. 12/9/1924
DC-0858 Cavalett, Angelo Cavalett, Bertie 6/2/1930
DC-0021 Cearley, Grace V. Cearley, Henry C. 7/24/1928
DC-3642 Cecil, Elzie Cecil, M. D. 12/21/1906
DC-1782 Cecil, M. D. Cecil, Dordie 3/21/1902
DC-1128 Chafin, D. H. Chafin, Alma 4/29/1931
DC-4601 Chafin, W. C. Chafin, Amelia 1/2/1909
SC-1990 Chambless, W. B. Chambless, Minnie 9/9/1913
DC-1026 Chamblin, Emma Chamblin, Frank 11/15/1930
DC-11855 Chamlee, Mabel Chamlee, Raymond 5/15/1928
SC-2333 Chamlee, Raymond C. Chamlee, Nannie 11/7/1914
DC-8036 Chandler, Dora Chandler, William 8/31/1922
DC-11305 Chandler, Dora Chandler, William 11/5/1927
SC-3369 Chandler, Ola Chandler, C. E. 6/16/1917
SC-3778 Chandler, Ola Chandler, C. E. 11/25/1918
SC-2567 Chaney, F. L. Chaney, Pearl May 13, 1915
DC-9380 Chaplin, Harry Chaplin, Nettie 5/18/1925
DC-9321 Chapman, Frances Chapman, Joubert 4/18/1925
DC-10154 Chapman, Juyanita Chapman, Vernon 6/30/1926
SC-4158 Chapman, M. B. Chapman, Anabell 12/2/1920
SC-0525 Chapman, Nannie Chapman, George M. 4/22/1910
DC-7869 Chapman, Zelia Chapman, James 3/25/1922
DC-9939 Chase, I. D. Chase, Florence 3/12/1926
DC-0814 Chastner, Lucy A. Chastner, John H. October 28, 1897
DC-9941 Chatburn, Violet Chatburn, Harry 3/13/1926
SC-0129 Chatham, L. R. Chatham, Opal 12/8/1931
DC-1123 Cheatham, Katie Cheatham, Walter March 07, 1899
SC-0128 Cheek, Joe Cheek, Alma 12/8/1931
DC-11650 Cherry, H. L. Cherry, Lizzie Belle 2/29/1928
DC-8484 Cherry, Margaret Cherry, Albert G. 9/15/1923
SC-3703 Chesser, Minnie Chesser, Clyde 8/27/1918
SC-3651 Chesser, Minnie Chesser, Clyde 6/11/1918
DC-4875 Chester, John C. Chester, Adaline 12/17/1909
DC-1029 Chezum, D. H. Chezum, Nellie 11/18/1930
DC-10289 Childers, Edna Childers, Cleo 9/27/1926
DC-1763 Chism, Elizabeth Chism, John M. 3/1/1902
DC-8758 Chism, Gladys Chism, James A. 6/28/1924
SC-0794 Chitty, Mary L. Chitty, A. L. 12/6/1910
SC-1704 Chitty, Will E. Chitty, Edith 12/2/1912
DC-11484 Chitwood, Roy Chitwood, Dennie 1/16/1928
DC-0705 Choate, Gladys M. Choate, Everett B. 12/30/1929
DC-0257 Choate, Gladys Mae Choate, Everette B. 2/5/1929
DC-9073 Christain, H. R. Christain, Pearl 1/12/1925
DC-6561 Christian, Nora Christian, J. T. 10/3/1917
DC-7972 Christian, Virgie Christian, J. T. 7/12/1922
DC-0944 Christopher, William B. Christopher, Frances E. March 28, 1898
DC-0816 Churchill, Charles Churchill, Erma G. 4/15/1930
SC-0106 Churchill, L. R. Churchill, Grace 10/12/1931
SC-1023 Cinnamon, Margaret G. Cinnamon, Charles 6/7/1911
DC-0380 Cissna, James A. Cissna, Nettie J. February 13, 1896
DC-7282 Clardy, Lottie B. Clardy, A. Burnie 9/8/1920
SC-0293 Clardy, Rosie M. Clardy, A. M. 11/1/1909
DC-9739 Clarida, Cora Clarida, J. B. 10/28/1925
DC-0995 Clark, Charlie F. Clark, Thelma 10/15/1930
DC-0063 Clark, D. A. Clark, Juanita Monroe 8/31/1928
DC-9124 Clark, D. A. Clark, Jannetta 2/5/1925
DC-1265 Clark, E. A. Clark, H. J. December 22, 1899
DC-1316 Clark, E. A. Clark, H. J. 3/15/1900
DC-2766 Clark, Eliza J. Clark, George 1/17/1905
SC-2598 Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Samuel C. 6/4/1915
DC-1235 Clark, James A. Clark, Jennie E. October 09, 1899
DC-6915 Clark, John Clark, Martha 9/30/1919
DC-8050 Clark, John Clark, Winsie 9/15/1922
DC-7346 Clark, John R. Clark, Minnie 10/30/1920
DC-11011 Clark, Louis Clark, Fannie 7/18/1927
DC-0606 Clark, Louise Clark, William 10/2/1929
DC-2022 Clark, William T. Clark, Birdie 2/2/1903
DC-0118 Clarke, Florence Clarke, Bill 10/11/1928
DC-0937 Clary, Agnes Clary, Ed 8/30/1930
DC-7017 Clary, Alice Clary, Ed 1/27/1920
SC-1181 Clary, Eva Clary, Ed 10/4/1911
DC-7059 Clary, Florence Clary, Edward G. 3/1/1920
DC-8658 Clary, Josephine Clary, G. E. 3/13/1924
DC-0373 Clatterbuck, Lula Clatterbuck, S. February 05, 1896
SC-4355 Clay, Josie R. Clay, W. W. 9/12/1921
DC-0980 Clay, Martha Clay, C. M. 10/6/1930
DC-1106 Claypool, F. C. Claypool, M. V. February 15, 1898
DC-4922 Cleary, Kate Cleary, William 2/21/1910
DC-10934 Clem, M, A. Clem, Buck 6/22/1927
DC-11657 Clem. Dorothy Clem, Herman 3/2/1928
DC-7697 Clemens, Helena Clemens, William 10/21/1921
SC-3253 Cleveland, John W. Cleveland, Carrie M. 1/20/1917
SC-1981 Cleveland, Laura Cleveland, Arthur 9/1/1913
DC-11535 Cleveland, Ruby Cleveland, Elmer 1/28/1928
DC-11534 Cleveland, Ruth Cleveland, Frank 1/28/1928
DC-0264 Click, Lena Click, Leonard W. 2/12/1929
DC-8928 Click, Mary G. Click, George L. 10/22/1924
DC-0813 Click, Myrtle Click, Ira 4/14/1930
DC-0783 Click, Myrtle Click, Ira 3/15/1930
DC-1039 Clifton, George E. Clifton, Beatrice 11/29/1930
DC-1083 Cline, Hallie G. Cline, Walter C. 1/30/1931
DC-10763 Cline, Mary Cline, John 4/26/1927
DC-0928 Cline, Rose E. Cline, J. Tate 8/21/1930
DC-10867 Cline, W. C. Cline, Hallie 6/2/1927
SC-0445 Clinton, Louis W. Clinton, Rilla 3/2/1910
DC-3266 Clinton, Percy L. Clinton, Edith L. 2/14/1906
DC-4458 Clinton, Rilla Clinton, Louis W. 9/7/1908
SC-1414 Clohessy, Timothy I. Clohessy, Gertrude M. 3/8/1912
DC-8837 Clough, Ivye Clough, Clarence 8/26/1924
DC-0139 Clough, Lillie Clough, Curtis 10/25/1928
DC-11131 Clouse, Ruth Clouse, Oles Ivan 8/29/1927
DC-1630 Clyde, Cora Clyde, Lovell R. 9/2/1921
SC-3368 Cobb, Thella Grace Cobb, William Gipson 6/14/1917
DC-0860 Cobb, Yola Cobb, Johnie 6/6/1930
SC-1901 Cobbs, Lizzie Cobbs, Joseph May 23, 1913
DC-1433 Cochran, Lucy May Cochran, Isom O. 11/1/1900
DC-10912 Coder, William M. Coder, Fern O. 6/14/1927
DC-7572 Cofer, Birdie Cofer, Frank E. 7/1/1921
SC-1017 Cofer, Ethel Cofer, Frank 6/2/1911
DC-6577 Cofer, Frank Cofer, Bessie Garrett 1/1/1918
DC-7745 Cofer, Homa Cofer, C. M. 12/17/1921
DC-7538 Cofer, Howa Ladell Cofer, Charles Morgan 6/1/1921
DC-0324 Coffelt, Ola F. Coffelt, Irene 3/21/1929
DC-11659 Coffett, Irene Coffett, Olin 3/5/1928
SC-2606 Coffey, Mary E. Coffey, Russell 6/9/1915
SC-1558 Coffey, Stella M. Coffey, Shelby 8/9/1912
SC-3362 Coffie, Mary Coffie, John 6/6/1917
DC-3281 Coggin, Ellen Coggin, Dave 2/21/1906
DC-0468 Cogle, Florence M. Cogle, W. P. 6/22/1929
DC-9076 Cohen, Thelma Shock Cohen, Sidney 1/13/1925
DC-1005 Colbert, Gladys Colbert, Aubrey 10/20/1930
DC-5312 Cole, Della Cole, Charles C. 1/17/1912
DC-0398 Cole, Elijah M. Cole, Sarah D. March 05, 1896
DC-1379 Cole, Ellen Cole, Wesley 9/27/1900
SC-2289 Cole, Frank S. Cole, Anna 9/21/1914
SC-6010 Cole, Mabel Cole, Orville 7/15/1927
SC-0337 Cole, Mary L. Cole, James R. 12/3/1909
SC-1507 Cole, Mollie Cole, J. R. 6/12/1912
DC-1016 Cole, Sallie E. Cole, Clarence N. 11/3/1930
DC-9877 Coleman, C. B. Coleman, Fern 1/28/1926
DC-10837 Coleman, C. R. Coleman, Beckie 5/19/1927
SC-3763 Coleman, Edna Coleman, L. C. 11/12/1918
DC-10751 Coleman, F. M. Coleman, Maudie 4/22/1927
DC-11380 Coleman, F. M. Coleman, Maudie 12/7/1927
DC-0754 Coleman, John F. Coleman, Laura E. August 25, 1897
SC-3764 Coleman, L. C. Coleman, Edna 11/13/1918
SC-3728 Coleman, L. C. Coleman, Edna 9/24/1918
SC-0637 Coleman, Lindsey Coleman, Florence 8/17/1910
DC-6856 Coleman, Loyd C. Coleman, Edna 8/11/1919
DC-5492 Coleman, Loyed Coleman, Cassie 11/7/1912
SC-2845 Coleman, Nancy Arthur Coleman, Thomas J. 12/27/1915
DC-0587 Coleman, Rose Coleman, Archie E. 9/21/1929
DC-9671 Coley, Beulah Coley, Dock 9/11/1925
DC-3548 Coley, G. W. Coley, Alice 10/3/1906
DC-8295 Coley, Lena Coley, Claude 4/21/1923
DC-3640 Collier, Emmette E. Collier, Rosa B. 12/19/1906
DC-4440 Collier, Myrtle Collier, Chester 8/27/1908
DC-10351 Collier, O. N. Collier, Arrenia 11/10/1926
SC-4898 Collin, Martha Collin, T. W. May 10, 1923
DC-1871 Collins, Annie Collins, William 7/7/1902
DC-9770 Collins, Lizzie Collins, George 11/23/1925
DC-8332 Collins, Martha Collins, T. W. 5/16/1923
DC-1784 Collins, Nellie Collins, Jesse 3/22/1902
DC-9067 Collins, Victoria Collins, Frank 1/9/1925
SC-0058 Collins, Viola Collins, J. F. 6/24/1931
SC-4482 Collum, J. F. Collum, Mary 12/29/1921
SC-2706 Collum, Lillie Collum, John T. 8/16/1915
DC-0272 Colquitt, Mabel Colquitt, Herbert 2/19/1929
DC-1047 Comalander, Mattie B. Comalander, W. P. November 23, 1898
SC-3971 Combs, Gustie Combs, J. O. 11/14/1919
SC-0072 Compton, Ella Mae Compton, John H. 8/26/1931
DC-1031 Compton, Ida Compton, W. W. October 24, 1898
SC-3864 Compton, J. B. Compton, Annie 3/15/1919
DC-3746 Compton, Margaretta Compton, John T. 3/8/1907
SC-3395 Conatser, Emma Conatser, W. D. 7/24/1917
DC-8632 Conde, Belle Conde, Joe 2/20/1924
DC-7980 Conde, Florence Conde, Joe 7/21/1922
SC-3518 Conde, Joseph Conde, Ida May 12/7/1917
DC-1322 Conellis, Robert Conellis, Minnie 3/22/1900
DC-6500 Conley, Alida Daly Conley, Lester H. 4/18/1917
DC-9051 Conley, Nancy Conley, Silas 1/2/1925
DC-3966 Conn, Viola M. Conn, Isaac D. 9/20/1907
DC-0228 Conoy, Judie Conoy, Tom 1/7/1929
DC-6440 Cook, C. Cook, Rebecca E. 12/14/1916
DC-0478 Cook, E. H. Cook, Leona 7/1/1929
DC-4453 Cook, Elen Cook, Charles 9/2/1908
SC-1588 Cook, Estella G. Cook, Harvey A. 9/2/1912
DC-10828 Cook, Frank Cook, Emely Armstrong 5/18/1927
SC-2402 Cook, Gertrude E. Cook, A Floyd 1/9/1915
DC-6157 Cook, Gertrude E. Cook, A. Floyd 11/30/1914
DC-3638 Cook, Gertrude F. Cook, P. R. 12/19/1906
SC-3771 Cook, H. A. Cook, Mattie 11/18/1919
SC-0591 Cook, Hattie Cook, J. V. 6/22/1910
DC-4366 Cook, Lee Cook, Annie 7/3/1908
DC-6626 Cook, Mabel Cook, Thomas T. 5/22/1918
SC-1911 Cook, Mary Cook, Grover 6/12/1913
DC-11793 Cook, McKinley Cook, Lovie 4/25/1928
SC-4087 Cook, Mittie Cook, G. I. 7/27/1920
DC-0719 Cook, Nannie B. Cook, P. C. June 26, 1897
DC-0302 Cook, Pearl Cook, James O. 3/11/1929
SC-3766 Cool, Mabel Cool, Thomas T. 11/15/1918
DC-7042 Cooper, A. C. Cooper, Anna Lee 2/13/1920
DC-9134 Cooper, Bell Cooper, George W. 2/11/1925
DC-8222 Cooper, Elmer Cooper, Hester 2/5/1923
DC-2377 Cooper, Francis B. Cooper, Charlotte Jane 12/21/1903
DC-8547 Cooper, Garrett Cooper, Louise 11/26/1923
SC-0746 Cooper, L. M. Cooper, E. D. 11/1/1910
SC-0757 Cooper, L. M. Cooper, E. D. 11/11/1910
SC-1058 Cooper, Lena Cooper, Edward D. 7/13/1911
DC-10516 Cooper, Mary Cooper, Earl 1/28/1927
DC-0520 Cooper, Ruby Cooper, Ben 8/1/1929
DC-1111 Cooper, Ruby Cooper, Ben 3/30/1931
DC-0722 Cooper, Vera Cooper, Earl 1/18/1930
DC-7066 Cooper, W. F. Cooper, Mary Etta 3/6/1920
DC-0339 Copeland, Beulah Copeland, L. A. 4/1/1929
DC-3680 Copeland, Etta Copeland, Mart 1/23/1907
SC-2261 Copeland, Jack Copeland, Obie 8/17/1914
DC-8096 Copeland, John L. Copeland, Ruby 10/19/1922
DC-0304 Copeland, Samuel C. Copeland, Josephine July 24, 1895
SC-0074 Copeland, W. O. T. Copeland, Mabel 8/31/1931
DC-7105 Copelin, Mattie Copelin, Floyd E. 4/14/1920
DC-0484 Copher, Elsie Copher, J. W. 7/6/1929
DC-1511 Coplen, L. C. Coplen, Fannie 1/29/1901
DC-0840 Coplin, J. L. Coplin, Della November 23, 1897
DC-7086 Copple, P. C. Copple, Clara 3/22/1920
DC-0260 Coppock, Fannie J. Coppock, Francis M. July 12, 1895
DC-0113 Coppy, Roanna Coppy, Will November 13, 1893
DC-0144 Cornell, Gertrude Cornell, J. B. 10/30/1928
DC-2796 Cornstubble, Clara Cornstubble, N. B. 2/9/1905
DC-7989 Corts, Fannie Corts, Carrell 8/2/1922
DC-0374 Coruther, Margie Coruther, Oscar 4/26/1929
DC-4551 Corzine, Ethel Corzine, Idus 11/25/1908
DC-8589 Cosby, Willie Cole Cosby, J. A. 1/10/1924
DC-1003 Cossey, Madge D. Cossey, Angus Burton 10/18/1930
DC-1216 Cothran, Betty Cothran, Jesse 11/6/1931
DC-1084 Cotner, Lillian Cotner, D. F. 1/31/1931
DC-1495 Cotney, Myrtle M. Cotney, Robert H. 12/29/1900
DC-1047 Cottingham, Ola Cottingham, Earle 12/9/1930
DC-10113 Cottingham, Ola Cottingham, Earle 5/26/1926
SC-5440 Cottingham, Pearle Bergold Cottingham, Earle 2/26/1925
DC-0184 Cotton, Lucille Cotton, Lloyd C. 12/4/1928
DC-1916 Cotton, William C. Cotton, Emma 9/9/1902
DC-9149 Couch, Bessie Couch, Marvin 2/17/1925
DC-4165 Couch, George O. Couch, Bessie A. 2/17/1908
DC-4240 Couch, George O. Couch, Bessie A. 3/26/1908
SC-3501 Couch, Ida Couch, Raymond 11/23/1917
DC-0040 Couch, Joice Couch, I. B. 8/31/1928
DC-0971 Couplin, Otha Couplin, Harry M. 9/29/1930
SC-3051 Covington, Rosa L. Covington, Oscar W. 6/19/1916
DC-0603 Cowan, Mattie Cowan, E. G. 9/30/1929
SC-0032 Cowen, Clara Cowen, Homer 4/30/1931
SC-1356 Cowen, W. W. Cowen, Eva 1/12/1912
DC-9337 Cox, Bert Cox, Donnie 4/27/1925
SC-2585 Cox, Charlotte Cox, Elmer P. May 24, 1915
DC-2915 Cox, Clara Cox, Samuel B. May 22, 1905
DC-5089 Cox, E. A. Cox, Catherine 2/11/1911
DC-3684 Cox, Effie Cox, William 1/25/1907
DC-6721 Cox, Liberty Cox, William 3/15/1919
DC-0170 Cox, Mai Lillian Cox, James Willard 11/20/1928
DC-0944 Cox, Sarah C. Cox, John M. 9/3/1930
SC-3449 Coyer, Alice Coyer, H. H. 9/22/1917
DC-8705 Crabtree, Lena Crabtree, Earl P. 5/2/1924
DC-0850 Craig, A. W. Craig, Carlotta May 24, 1930
DC-6871 Craig, Albert L. Craig, Lucy V. 8/21/1919
DC-11648 Craig, Donnie Craig, Kenneth 2/29/1928
DC-1358 Craig, George W. Craig, Mariah 8/28/1900
DC-0437 Craig, J. F. Craig, Clircil 6/11/1929
DC-0586 Crain, Beulah Crain, J. P. 9/20/1929
DC-11893 Crain, Rebecca Crain, Jack 6/1/1928
DC-0223 Crandall, Lula Crandall, Claud 1/4/1929
DC-3869 Cranston, Lelia Cranston, George 6/28/1907
DC-3727 Craven, M. E. Craven, J. M. 2/22/1907
DC-8794 Creason, Viola Creason, Earnest 7/23/1924
SC-4328 Creel, Viola Creel, Bernie 7/29/1921
DC-11811 Creighton, Thelma Creighton, J. M 5/2/1928
DC-9523 Crenshaw, Susie Crenshaw, Robert 7/17/1925
DC-9608 Cresap, J. A. Cresap, Ella 8/10/1925
DC-11191 Creson, Anna Creson, Lon 9/20/1927
SC-0076 Crider, Rodie Elizabeth Rodie, L. H. 9/3/1931
DC-7993 Crider, Stella Crider, T. O. 8/8/1922
DC-4789 Crisp, Grace G. Crisp, James H. 6/25/1909
DC-0224 Criss, Eunice Criss, Alpheus 1/7/1929
DC-1010 Criss, Eunice Criss, Alpheus N. 10/25/1930
DC-0209 Crist, Curtis G. Crist, Willie C. 12/26/1928
DC-9651 Crist, H. B. Crist, Maggie 8/29/1925
DC-0730 Crites, Auda Crites, Oscar 1/27/1930
DC-0036 Crockett, Leona Crockett, W. E. 8/8/1928
DC-8178 Crockett, Mary Crockett, J. L. 1/6/1923
DC-7893 Cromwell, Benn Cromwell, Belle 4/13/1922
DC-4630 Cromwell, W. Cromwell, Archie 1/27/1909
DC-7509 Crooks, Alice Crooks, Claud C. 5/4/1921
DC-7102 Croom, Eunice Croom, Wilburn 4/10/1920
DC-1015 Crosley, Jesse Crosley, Sarah Ethel 11/1/1930
DC-11164 Cross, Ezra Cross, Stella 9/9/1927
SC-1625 Cross, Kate Cross, Walter 10/1/1912
DC-1052 Cross, Lenora Cross, Earnest 12/23/1930
DC-11632 Cross, Roy Cross, Lillie 2/25/1928
DC-2759 Crossman, Arminda Crossman, Eb 1/7/1905
SC-0052 Crouch, Bell H. Crouch, Grover C. 6/15/1931
DC-11928 Crouch, Belle Crouch, Grover C. 6/13/1928
DC-10685 Crouch, Edra Wheeler Crouch, W. L. 3/30/1927
DC-10554 Crow, Mary E. Crow, William F. 2/14/1927
DC-9400 Crow, Ollie E. Crow, W. A. 5/21/1925
DC-11909 Crow, Sallie Crow, Will 6/6/1928
DC-9207 Crower, Reuben Luthon Crower, Burtie 3/17/1925
DC-7353 Crowley, Emma Crowley, Hiram 11/8/1920
SC-4109 Crownover, A. L. Crownover, Leona 9/11/1920
DC-0370 Crum, S. E. Crum, Dica 4/24/1929
SC-5528 Crump, Edith Crump, Jack 6/11/1925
DC-9915 Crump, Edith Crump, Jack 2/23/1926
DC-11025 Crumpler, Ola Crumpler, Joe 7/23/1927
DC-10123 Crutcher, C. W. Crutcher, Althea 6/9/1926
DC-11234 Cubine, Raymond E. Cubine, Rosena 10/4/1927
DC-8692 Cudjo, Jack Cudjo, Mary 4/19/1924
DC-1018 Culberson, Arnell Culberson, Louis 11/7/1930
SC-2133 Culbertson, Frank Culbertson, Ada 3/17/1914
DC-1151 Cullum, M. M. Cullun, I. E. 7/23/1931
DC-9057 Culp, Hattie Culp, B. F. 1/5/1925
DC-4635 Culp, Mary Culp, Reuben 2/1/1909
SC-1070 Cumins, Joe Cumins, Zoma 7/24/1911
DC-5976 Cumins, Joe Cumins, Xoma 3/9/1914
DC-5976 Cummines, Joe Cummines, Zoma 3/9/1914
DC-5495 Cummings, Agnes Cummings, M. B. 11/13/1912
DC-0677 Cummings, Cade Cummings, Mary 12/2/1929
SC-0581 Cummings, Fanny L. Cummings, H. H. 6/16/1910
DC-9132 Cummings, Gladys Cummings, J. P. 2/7/1925
SC-2476 Cummings, Jamie Smith Cummings, Dave 3/1/1915
SC-3044 Cummings, Jannie Cummings, Dave 6/15/1916
DC-3826 Cummings, W. B. Cummings, M. C. May 14, 1907
DC-0565 Cuniff, F. L. Cuniff, Letha 9/5/1929
DC-1181 Cunningham, Ada I. Cunningham, William R. May 17, 1899
DC-11186 Cunningham, Ava Cunningham, Joseph 9/17/1927
DC-0399 Cunningham, Frank Cunningham, Ruth May 15, 1929
DC-10590 Cunningham, Lyndell Cunningham, Norris 2/24/1927
DC-10626 Cunningham, N. H. Cunningham, Lyndell 3/14/1927
DC-0438 Cunningham, Nancy M. Cunningham, John A. April 24, 1896
DC-6725 Cuppy, Roy Cuppy, Grace 3/20/1919
DC-1220 Cureton, Theodore Cureton, Zoe Martha 11/21/1931
SC-3201 Curlee, D. R. Curlee, Eula M. 11/6/1916
SC-3266 Curley, Mary N. Curley, Johnie 2/1/1917
DC-1536 Curlin, Rhoda A. Curlin, Thomas H. 3/16/1901
DC-0806 Currie, James M. Currie, Helen 4/8/1930
SC-0112 Curry, T. E. Curry, Vera 10/24/1931
SC-3143 Curtis, Emily C. Curtis, Moses 9/12/1916
DC-9849 Curtis, Floriene Curtis, Amiel 1/13/1926
SC-3802 Curtis, Martha H. Curtis, T. G. 12/28/1918
SC-1820 Curtis, Moses Curtis, Angeline 2/26/1913
DC-7484 Curtis, Virginia Curtis, Charlie 4/5/1921
SC-2834 Curtis, W. M. Curtis, Pearl 12/15/1915
DC-7707 Custin, M. B. Custin, Ida 10/27/1921
DC-7834 Custin, M. B. Custin, Ida 3/11/1922
SC-3677 Cutsinger, Leemur Cutsinger, Elza 7/30/1918
DC-0465 Cypert, Violet Lela Cypert, Frank W. 6/21/1929

DC-0597 Dailey, Joe Dailey, E. D. 9/27/1929
DC-1281 Dakin, Mary Dakin, George H. 1/13/1900
DC-1586 Dakin, Mary Dakin, George H. 6/26/1901
DC-0166 D'Alemberte, Florence D'Alemberte, Harris 11/17/1928
DC-10191 Daley, Edna M. Daley, O. R. 8/4/1926
DC-0611 Daley, O. R. Daley, Grace 10/4/1929
DC-0274 Dalrymple, B. E. Dalrymple, Anna 2/19/1929
DC-0755 Dalton, G. H. Dalton, Sallie 2/17/1930
DC-2761 Daniel, Eliza Daniel, David W. 1/9/1905
SC-0132 Daniel, Ethel Daniel, L. E. 12/12/1931
SC-3506 Daniel, R. L. Daniel, Effie 11/26/1917
DC-7327 Daniel, Robert L. Daniel, Effie 10/16/1920
DC-4447 Daniel, Sallie Daniel, Edward 9/1/1908
DC-4218 Daniel, Victoria Daniel, Bunk 3/16/1908
SC-0106 Daniels, Edward Daniels, Sallie 7/8/1909
SC-3668 Daniels, Lois Daniels, Harvey 7/17/1918
DC-9936 Daniels, Minnie Daniels, Atther 3/8/1926
DC-1645 Dannecker, Rhoda E. Dannecker, Wm. R. 9/24/1901
DC-8285 Darby, Myrtle Darby, William G. 4/14/1923
DC-1978 Darnell, Charles H. Darnell, Mertie E. 11/24/1902
SC-5214 Darr, Tony Darr, Helen May 17, 1924
DC-0013 Darrough, Katie Darrough, C. O. 7/13/1928
DC-7166 Daugherty, Mary Daugherty, Samuel 6/1/1920
DC-10888 Daugherty, Mary Daugherty, Sam 6/7/1927
DC-11392 Daugherty, Mary Daugherty, Sam 12/12/1927
DC-8835 Daugherty, Mary Wilson Daugherty, Sam 8/25/1924
DC-0439 Daugherty, Mary Wilson Daugherty, Sam 6/12/1929
DC-2272 Daugherty, May B. Daugherty, James S. 9/30/1903
DC-11324 Daughty, Roy Daughty, Murphy 11/12/1927
DC-8574 Dauthit, Annie Dauthit, R. L. 12/29/1923
DC-0226 Davalt, S. J. Davalt, Henry C. March 26, 1895
DC-3999 Davault, Serepta J. Davault, Hiram C. 10/12/1907
DC-10087 Davenport, Edna Davenport, Homer 5/8/1926
DC-8046 Davenport, G. W. Davenport, Dora 9/12/1922
DC-11258 Davenport, G. W. Davenport, Ethel 10/18/1927
DC-1207 Davenport, George W. Davenport, Nettie July 03, 1898
SC-0734 Davenport, Harriett E. Davenport, T. B. 10/29/1910
SC-1433 Davenport, Harriett E. Davenport, T. B. 4/2/1912
SC-2417 Davenport, Harriett E. Davenport, T. B. 1/22/1915
DC-9689 Davenport, John Davenport, Belle 9/18/1925
DC-7742 Davenport, Mattie Davenport, Jess 12/13/1921
DC-11038 Davenport, Rhoda Davenport, Fyrth 7/27/1927
SC-1753 Davenport, T. B. Davenport, Hariett E. 1/11/1913
SC-2467 Daves, C. M. Daves, G. S. 2/18/1915
DC-0361 Daves, Maggie Daves, G. H. 4/20/1929
DC-11228 Davidson, Addie Davidson, Orie Gleen 10/1/1927
DC-9182 Davidson, H. C. Davidson, Lela 3/2/1925
SC-3598 Davidson, Mabel Davidson, Ira 4/11/1918
DC-8349 Davidson, Mabel Davidson, Ira 5/31/1923
DC-7633 Davidson, Margaret Davidson, Roy 8/15/1921
SC-1934 Davidson, Reda Davidson, Ray 7/5/1913
DC-2058 Davies, Walter T. Davies, Pearl A. 3/11/1903
DC-1814 Davis, Alta Davis, G. W. 4/9/1902
DC-1904 Davis, Belle Davis, J. J. 9/2/1902
SC-1733 Davis, Bernice Davis, Renie 12/27/1912
DC-7718 Davis, Bradley Davis, Emma 11/14/1921
DC-7184 Davis, C. W. Davis, Virginia 6/8/1920
DC-7357 Davis, Charles T. Davis, Margret 11/9/1920
DC-3064 Davis, Cora Davis, Thomas 10/14/1905
SC-3676 Davis, Donia Davis, Mack 7/29/1918
DC-0951 Davis, Edna Davis, Miles Thomas 9/6/1930
DC-7946 Davis, Ethel Davis, Ernie 6/9/1922
DC-10814 Davis, Faye Davis, Arthur 5/12/1927
DC-9185 Davis, Gertie Davis, Alex 3/5/1925
DC-10547 Davis, Ida Davis, Jesse W. 2/12/1927
DC-8909 Davis, Inez Davis, Pete 10/7/1924
DC-9193 Davis, Inez Davis, Peter 3/12/1925
DC-11689 Davis, Inez Davis, Pate 3/14/1928
DC-9021 Davis, Iva Davis, Stanton 12/18/1924
SC-2849 Davis, J. C. Davis, Ethel 1/4/1916
DC-7430 Davis, J. T. Davis, Etta 1/29/1921
SC-2702 Davis, Jackson Davis, Mary May 8/12/1915
SC-3670 Davis, Jackson Davis, Mary May 7/20/1918
SC-3461 Davis, Jesse Curtis Davis, Alice Cora 10/9/1917
SC-1711 Davis, Laura Davis, Peter 12/6/1912
SC-3602 Davis, Mary Davis, Frank 4/15/1918
DC-7398 Davis, Mary Davis, Jackson 12/22/1920
DC-7585 Davis, Mollie Davis, C. W. 7/11/1921
DC-2980 Davis, Mrs. M. V. Davis, A. A. 8/8/1905
SC-3042 Davis, Nellie Davis, Will 6/13/1916
DC-0057 Davis, Nettie Davis, Marion 8/28/1928
SC-4856 Davis, Ora Davis, Stanton 4/9/1923
DC-1730 Davis, Pernecia C. Davis, Oliver K. 12/28/1901
DC-1225 Davis, Robert Davis, Oma Lee 12/21/1931
DC-0648 Davis, Ruby Davis, Loyus B. 11/2/1929
DC-0585 Davis, Ruby Davis, Lotus B. 9/19/1929
DC-0821 Davis, Ruth Davis, A. D. 4/21/1930
DC-2789 Davis, William Davis, Mary 2/1/1905
SC-6301 Dawdy, Pearl Dawdy, Charles 7/31/1928
DC-0185 Dawson, E. W. Dawson, Velasku 12/5/1928
DC-0249 Dawson, Maud Loie Dawson Fred 1/24/1929
DC-5432 Day, George W. Day, Nellie 7/12/1912
DC-5519 Day, Nellie Day, George W. 12/11/1912
SC-3426 Day, Ruth Day, George 8/25/1917
DC-7418 Day, Stella Day, B. E. 1/19/1921
DC-1989 Day, Thomas J. Day, Nellie M. 12/20/1902
SC-1487 Day, Thomas J. Day, Willie E. May 17, 1912
DC-1162 Day, V. E. Day, Minnie 8/4/1931
DC-5477 Day, Willie E. Day, Thomas J. 10/4/1912
DC-0877 De Rieux, Bess De Rieux, Lewis 6/27/1930
DC-8170 Deahl, Marie Deahl, Roy M. 1/2/1923
SC-4298 Dean, Alice Dean, Raymond 6/14/1921
SC-4281 Dean, Alice Dean, Raymond May 18, 1921
DC-0657 Dean, Corda Lee Dean, Raymond 11/13/1929
DC-4614 Dearmin, E. W. Dearmin, Margaret 1/8/1909
DC-0823 DeArmon, Laura E. DeArmon, Columbus November 08, 1897
DC-4603 Dechamine, Mary A. Dechamine, Forrest P. 1/4/1909
SC-0065 Decker, Thelma Decker, Edgar 7/14/1931
DC-1132 Decker, Thelma Decker, Edgar May 04, 1931
DC-4580 Deets, Minnie Deets, Joseph 12/21/1908
DC-8414 DeGraff, R. S. DeGraff, Maud 7/18/1923
DC-1538 DeHaven, Elizabeth Esella DeHaven, James D. 3/19/1901
DC-9537 Delap, Isaac C. Delap, Helen 7/24/1925
DC-7110 Dell, S. Dell, Martha 4/17/1920
DC-0494 DeLong, J. E. DeLong, Davis 7/15/1929
DC-0492 Delworth, G. D. Delworth, W. M. 7/13/1929
DC-4409 Demming, Minnie Demming, Harry S. 8/5/1908
DC-3738 Demoney, Rosa Nelson Demoney, B. A. 2/26/1907
SC-4273 Dempsey, J. W. Dempsey, Lillian 5/7/1921
DC-9694 Dengler, Gertrude Ellen Dengler, Edward Henry 9/22/1925
DC-10301 Denney, Flora Lane Denney, Arthur Claud 10/6/1926
DC-0777 Denney, J. M. Denney, Ollie M. 3/8/1930
DC-7555 Dennis, Flynn Dennis, Agatha 6/11/1921
DC-0525 Denum, Agnes Denum, D. D. 8/3/1929
DC-0623 Denum, Agnes Denum, D. D. 10/12/1929
DC-0483 Deputy, Lillian Deputy, J. L. 7/5/1929
DC-3519 Derrick, Norah Derrick, William 9/11/1906
SC-6588 Desselle, L. C. Desselle, Charlotte 11/24/1930
DC-2948 Dessert, Ed Dessert, Mary 6/30/1905
DC-7097 Detrick, R. E. Detrick, Hazel 4/6/1920
DC-6664 Deugler, Gertrude Deugler, Edward 10/26/1918
DC-6739 Devault, Sereptha Devault, Hiram C. 4/5/1919
DC-0630 Devers, Estelle Devers, Lester 10/17/1929
SC-4124 Devers, Veda Devers, John 10/13/1920
DC-11804 Dewbre, Frances Dewbre, Stanley 4/30/1928
SC-4477 Dewbre, Frances J. Dewbre, Stanley 12/17/1921
SC-1512 Dexter, Edyth Dexter, Charles L. 6/19/1912
DC-3771 Dexter, Malissa Dexter, George S. 3/22/1907
DC-1240 Dickerson, Charles D. Dickerson, Dove M. 10/19/1999
DC-0345 Dickerson, Hazel Dickerson, L. A. 4/6/1929
DC-0663 Dickerson, J. P. Dickerson, Julia 11/18/1929
DC-1074 Dickerson, J. R. Dickerson, Betty 1/17/1931
DC-0165 Dickerson, Marion Dickerson, Alice 11/17/1928
DC-5160 Dickerson, Robert Dickerson, Sarah 5/13/1911
DC-8726 Dickerson, Robert M. Dickerson, Lela M. 5/20/1924
SC-1710 Dillard, Lora Dillard, Edward L. 12/6/1912
DC-11124 Dillion, N. B. Dillion, Domicile 8/26/1927
SC-3328 Dimmers, W. A. Dimmers, Maud 4/23/1917
SC-6652 Dinwiddie, Harry Dinwiddie, Orpha 1/26/1931
DC-11430 Dixon, C. F. Dixon, Hazel E. 12/29/1927
SC-3680 Dixon, Maud Dixon, J. D. 8/2/1918
SC-2507 Dixon, W. R. Dixon, Gertie 3/26/1915
SC-0073 Dixson, Annie L. Dixson, Dane 8/27/1931
DC-1217 Dixson, Hattie Dixson, Floyd 11/17/1931
SC-4968 Doak, Lizzie Doak, R. F. 7/20/1923
DC-8249 Doakes, Charley Doakes, Laura 2/28/1923
DC-0717 Dobbs, Allie Dobbs, W. T. 1/6/1930
SC-3543 Dobbs, Mary E. Dobbs, William T. 1/15/1918
DC-6979 Dobbs, William T. Dobbs, Mary E. 12/12/1919
SC-3686 Dobson, Elizabeth Dobson, William 8/9/1918
DC-11089 Dodd, Homer Dodd, Belle 8/12/1927
SC-4491 Dodderer, Marie Dodderer, Roy 1/11/1922
DC-9593 Dodson, Alice Dodson, J. C. 8/5/1925
DC-10783 Dodson, Allie Dodson, James E. 5/3/1927
DC-11069 Dodson, Allie Dodson, James E. 8/5/1927
DC-11454 Dodson, Buena Dell Dodson, Tom 1/7/1928
DC-11700 Dodson, Laura Mae Dodson, M. 3/17/1928
DC-8330 Dodson, Lucile Dodson, James E. 5/14/1923
DC-8169 Dodson, Mary Dodson, James Elbert 1/2/1923
SC-2873 Dodson, S. A. Dodson, Stella 1/21/1916
SC-0170 Dohogne, Philomena Dohogne, Adolph 8/3/1909
SC-3196 Dollar, Levi Dollar, Lizzie 10/30/1916
DC-7470 Dollens, Josie Dollens, John A. 3/18/1921
SC-4186 Dollins, Josie Dollins, John A. 1/12/1920
DC-10643 Donahoo, Rebecca J. Donahoo, John G. 3/22/1927
SC-6100 Donahue, Ada Donahue, H. R. 7/31/1927
SC-2129 Donahue, John C. W. Donahue, Lillian M. 3/12/1914
DC-10652 Donaldson, Bettie Donaldson, Raymond E 3/24/1927
DC-3305 Done, B. C. Done, Maude S. 3/7/1906
DC-7669 Donohoo, Edna Donohoo, Wallie 9/21/1921
SC-4208 Doolins, Jessie Doolins. John A. 2/9/1920
DC-7286 Doolins, Josie Doolins, John 9/11/1920
DC-5491 Doss, Ada Doss, Joe H. 11/6/1912
SC-2363 Doss, Ada L. Doss, Joe H. 12/17/1914
DC-7401 Doss, Amy Doss, Hugh F. 12/24/1920
DC-9504 Doss, Della Doss, Ben 7/9/1925
SC-3170 Doss, Joe H. Doss, Ada Lee 10/7/1916
DC-1024 Doss, Mabel Doss, Wallace 11/14/1930
SC-3480 Dossey, Tom O. Dossey, Libbie 10/29/1917
DC-8539 Dostal, Emma Dostal, Joe 11/17/1923
DC-11325 Dotson, Bertha Dotson, C. D. 11/12/1927
DC-1093 Dougherty, Effie Dougherty, Bowen E. T. 2/27/1931
DC-0983 Dougherty, Mary Dougherty, Sam 10/8/1930
DC-11112 Doughty, J. L. Doughty, Ruby 8/19/1927
SC-1840 Douglas, Etta Douglas, E. B. 3/11/1913
SC-2759 Douglas, H. T. Douglas, Mary Frances 10/4/1915
DC-6325 Douglas, Mary Frances Douglas, H. T. 1/14/1916
DC-10607 Douglas, Nellie Douglas, Walter 3/1/1927
SC-0894 Douglas, O. B. Douglas, Maud M. 3/1/1911
SC-2680 Douglas, W. A. Douglas, Nellie 7/28/1915
DC-4128 Douglas, Walter A. Douglas, Rosa 1/23/1908
DC-1210 Douglass, Anita D. Douglass, J. E. 10/17/1931
DC-2139 Douglass, Lula Douglass, Will 6/25/1903
SC-1855 Douthitt, Rachel Douthitt, George F. 3/31/1913
SC-2167 Douthitt, Virgie Douthitt, Harry 4/20/1914
DC-3956 Dove, Bessie M. Dove, Thomas 9/9/1907
DC-2596 Dowd, Anna Dowd, Sherman 8/26/1904
DC-7182 Dowd, Bertha L. Dowd, Roy E. 6/7/1920
DC-11660 Dowd, Mamie Dowd, J. S. 3/5/1928
SC-2709 Dowdy, Milton Dowdy, Ethel 8/19/1915
DC-9002 Dowell, Esther Dowell, H. F. 12/12/1924
DC-10941 Dowell, Esther Dowell, H. F. 6/27/1927
DC-1100 Dowell, J. B. Dowell, Delia 3/6/1931
DC-11542 Dowell, John W. Dowell, Matilda 1/30/1928
SC-4019 Dowell, Josie Dowell, George 3/9/1920
DC-10465 Dowell, Minnie Dowell, George 1/7/1927
DC-0962 Downing, Ellen Downing, William April 16, 1898
DC-8316 Downing, Emma P. Downing, Burton A. 5/2/1923
DC-0945 Downing, Sarah Downing, Claude 9/3/1930
DC-0748 Downing, T. C. Downing, W. D. August 14, 1897
DC-10654 Downs, Mack Downs, Grace Stevens 3/25/1927
DC-6662 Downs, Stella Downs, G. C. 10/22/1918
SC-3529 Dragoo, W. E. D. Dragoo, Mary L. 12/31/1917
DC-0073 Drake, Josephine Drake, Lee 9/10/1928
DC-11347 Drake, Josephine Drake, Ramsey W. 11/26/1927
SC-2967 Drake, Mary F. Drake, Ramsey 3/31/1916
DC-9372 Draper, Charles Draper, Ava 5/11/1925
DC-3682 Draper, Liela Draper, John 1/24/1907
DC-0634 Duber, Thelma Duber, Frank 10/17/1929
DC-2451 DuCray, Oliver DuCray, Grace 2/23/1904
DC-11177 Dudley, Birdie M. Dudley, Emery H. 9/15/1927
DC-1956 Dudley, Emma Dudley, Frank 10/13/1902
SC-1459 Dudley, W. R. Dudley, Leona Bell 4/22/1912
SC-0041 Duff, John Curtis Duff, Hazel Pearl May 21, 1931
DC-6910 DuFoit, Edith DuFoit, Andrew 9/25/1919
DC-1160 Duggan, J. W. Duggan, Lillian 8/1/1931
DC-1004 Dugger, Kate Dugger, W. E. 10/18/1930
SC-6557 Dugger, Kate Dugger, W. E. 9/24/1930
DC-0910 Dugger, Violet Dugger, Thomas L. 7/30/1930
DC-0628 Dugger, W. E. Dugger, Linnie W. 10/16/1929
DC-3495 Duggins, Lou C. Duggins, W. L. 8/28/1906
DC-0789 Duke, Edna Duke, D. A. 3/22/1930
DC-0070 Dulaney, Ola Dulaney, Earnest 9/5/1928
DC-11559 Dunagan, Ross Dunagan, Neva 2/6/1928
SC-2997 Dunavan, Josie Dunavan, Hugh May 03, 1916
DC-3646 Dunbar, J. M. Dunbar, Julia Roberts 12/27/1906
DC-1360 Duncan, C. C. Duncan, Levi G. 8/29/1900
DC-6575 Duncan, Dickson Duncan, Lillie 12/24/1917
DC-4148 Duncan, Ella Duncan, John 2/8/1908
DC-9510 Duncan, Hesentine Duncan, L. C. 7/14/1925
DC-0370 Duncan, James A. Duncan, Annie January 23, 1896
DC-9657 Duncan, L. C. Duncan, Hesentine 9/2/1925
DC-0906 Duncan, Lovette Duncan, Charles E. 7/25/1930
DC-6049 Duncan, Ruth Duncan, Dickson 6/10/1914
DC-0973 Duncan, Wilhelmina Duncan, Charles R. 9/29/1930
SC-2696 Dungan, Fury Jane Dungan, Tom Turner 8/7/1915
DC-3965 Dunham, Alpha Dunham, Frank M. 9/16/1907
DC-2860 Dunham, Ida Dunham, George 3/29/1905
DC-11190 Dunlap, Edna Dunlap, Henry R. 9/20/1927
DC-10960 Dunn, Ernest Dunn, Beatrice 7/2/1927
DC-7956 Dunn, Ethel Dunn, Edd 6/20/1922
DC-11042 Dunn, Hattie Dunn, Henry 7/29/1927
DC-0322 Dunn, Leslie H. Dubb, Opal 3/21/1929
DC-10969 Dunn, Mae Dunn, Allen 7/5/1927
SC-6082 Durrett, Laura Durrett, Z. M. 10/5/1927
SC-0063 Dushane, Myrtle Dushane, Chas 7/11/1931
DC-11674 Dutherage, Albert Dutherage, Mary 3/8/1928
DC-11803 Dwiggins, Marie Dwiggins, Clarence 4/30/1928
DC-6900 Dye, Amarita Dye, John 9/18/1919
DC-0385 Dyer, Hazel Householder Dyer, Robert Curtis May 01, 1929

DC-0716   Eadings, Grace Eadings, George W. 1/6/1930
DC-9918 Eagle, Ida E. Eagle, G. L. 2/24/1926
DC-0049 Eakin, Verda Eakin, Charles 8/23/1928
DC-0431 Earl, Louise Earl, A. E. 6/6/1929
DC-0263 Earley, Katy L. Earley, John W. 2/12/1929
DC-9944 Earls, Mae Earls, Hansford 3/15/1926
SC-2971 Earls, Mattie Earls, Charles 4/4/1916
DC-0086 Earls, Velma Earls, Elvin 9/17/1928
SC-3589 Easley, Donna Easley, Edward 2/17/1917
DC-1272 Easley, Emma Easley, Columbus 1/4/1900
DC-8417 Eastridge, E. E. Eastridge, Susie Maud 7/21/1923
SC-5317 Eastridge, Luta Eastridge, E. E. 8/27/1924
DC-9111 Eastridge, Luta Eastridge, Earl E. 1/31/1925
DC-7575 Eastwood, Emma Eastwood, S. T. 7/1/1921
DC-0313 Eatherly, Edith Eatherly, Bill 3/15/1928
DC-0516 Eaton, Cassie Eaton, J. C. December 28, 1896
DC-10404 Eby, Edson R. Eby, Connie C. 12/6/1926
SC-5403 Echerd, Grace Echerd, L. H. 1/14/1925
DC-0934 Echols, L. Echols, Stella 8/27/1930
DC-0583 Eddings, Grace Eddings, George W. 9/17/1929
DC-8144 Eddy, Leslie Eddy, Esther 12/11/1922
SC-3594 Eden, Myrtle Eden, F. A. 4/4/1918
DC-0148 Edgman, Nora Edgman, Claud 11/5/1928
DC-0651 Edgman, Nora Bell Edgman, Claude V. 11/6/1929
DC-0822 Edmonds, Joyce Edmonds, Carroll 8/21/1930
DC-1894 Edmonds, William N. Edmonds, Telitha H. 8/15/1902
DC-8119 Edmondson, Arlie E. Edmondson, Mary S. 11/15/1922
SC-0133 Edmundson, Grace L. Edmundson, Perry 12/15/1931
DC-9577 Edney, Ola Edney, H. C. 7/30/1925
DC-10625 Edwards, Ardene L. Edwards, Clarence E. 3/14/1927
DC-2396 Edwards, Belle Z. Colelin Edwards, William 1/16/1904
DC-7738 Edwards, Bennie Edwards, William 12/9/1921
DC-11448 Edwards, Bruce Edwards, Ninnie 1/4/1928
DC-0801 Edwards, F. M. Edwards, Susan October 19, 1897
DC-3641 Edwards, Frankie E. Edwards, Charles S. 12/21/1906
DC-2891 Edwards, Fredonia Edwards, John 4/20/1905
DC-8576 Edwards, Gussie Edwards, Mitchel 12/29/1923
DC-3139 Edwards, Laura Edwards, Thomas H. 1/9/1906
DC-7453 Edwards, Laura Edwards, Benjamin F. 2/25/1921
DC-0019 Edwards, Lector Edwards, Tom 7/20/1929
DC-11554 Edwards, Lector Edwards, T. A. 2/3/1928
DC-0306 Edwards, Lonnie Edwards, Marie 3/13/1929
DC-7678 Edwards, M. L. Edwards, E. M. 10/6/1921
DC-0230 Edwards, Mabel Edwards, Robert 1/10/1929
DC-0458 Edwards, Millie Edwards, Ambrose 6/19/1929
DC-0098 Edwards, Millie Edwards, Ambrose 9/24/1928
DC-0011 Edwards, Minnie Edwards, Earl 7/13/1928
DC-7218 Edwards, Orpra Edwards, Rush 7/8/1920
SC-0083 Egdin, Sam Egdin, Mary 9/12/1931
DC-3423 Eikenbery, O. A. Eikenbery, Rosa 6/12/1906
DC-2259 Eisenhauer, Annie May Eisenhauer, John 9/15/1903
DC-5044 Elam, Ermine Elam, John M. 11/16/1910
SC-0848 Elam, Ermine M. Elam, John M. 1/20/1911
SC-0204 Elder, Leona Elder, Ralph W. 9/4/1909
DC-11321 Eldin, Onia Eldin, Chester 11/10/1927
DC-8771 Eldridge, E. M. Eldridge, Lue 7/11/1924
DC-1427 Elkins, Emma Elkins, J. A. 10/27/1900
SC-4779 Elkins, Mrs. Bessie Elkins, Harry D. 12/29/1922
DC-1299 Elliott, Daisy Elliott, Isaac 2/14/1900
SC-4005 Elliott, Dessie Elliott, K. P. 1/29/1920
DC-11162 Elliott, Jennie Madge Elliott, Bernard 9/9/1927
DC-1420 Elliott, Minerva K. Elliott, Charles T. 10/23/1900
DC-10752 Ellis, Agnes Ellis, Bill 4/22/1927
DC-0992 Ellis, Katie Ellis, L. W. 10/11/1930
DC-2934 Ellis, Lizzie Ellis, Spencer 6/16/1905
DC-3836 Ellis, Mary E. Ellis, Lon 5/29/1907
SC-0127 Ellis, Sallie Ellis, J. Art 12/7/1931
DC-5522 Ellison, Eula Ellison, H. A. 12/18/1912
SC-0136 Ellison, Mabel Ellison, C. F. 12/21/1931
DC-0493 Elsworth, Sarah E. Elsworth, Charles L. August 25, 1896
DC-1515 Elwood, Rosa E. Elwood, James M. 2/25/1901
SC-0016 Emerick, Bernice Emerick, Earl 3/6/1931
DC-11754 Emerick, G. M. Emerick, J. L. 4/7/1928
DC-1033 Emerick, Pearl E. Emerick, J. L. 11/19/1930
DC-2208 Emerson, Andrew Emerson, Susan 8/8/1903
DC-0614 Emerson, Bessie Emerson, Arlie 10/5/1929
DC-0539 Emerson, Mary Emerson, Frank 8/12/1929
DC-9259 Eng, Lillie Eng, Pui 4/9/1925
DC-1976 Engilman, Joseph Engilman, Louisa 11/15/1902
DC-6113 England, Sarah England, William 9/29/1914
DC-7163 Engle, Elmore Engle, Bertie E. 5/29/1920
DC-0172 Engle, Ethel Engle, L. R. 11/24/1928
DC-0054 Enloe, Vernice Enloe, L. W. 8/27/1928
DC-2546 Enlow, Minnie Enlow, Omer 7/12/1904
DC-0171 Enochs, Emily A. Enochs, Robert A. 11/24/1928
DC-0048 Enochs, Lola Enochs, Hubert C. 8/22/1928
SC-3944 Enochs, Mattie Enochs, Elza 9/9/1919
DC-6987 Enochs, Mattie Enochs, Elza 12/22/1919
DC-9245 Enochs, Mattie Enochs, Eliza 4/4/1925
DC-0440 Enochs, Robert A. Enochs, Emily 6/13/1929
DC-4487 Enos, Ida M. Enos, Andrew M. 9/29/1908
SC-2565 Enos, Paris Enos, F. R. 5/12/1915
DC-0773 Ensmings, John A. Ensming, Mar G. September 22, 1897
DC-2866 Epperley, Edith Grace Epperley, Samuel 3/31/1905
DC-5002 Epperson, Darthula Epperson, Thomas 6/22/1910
DC-0796 Epperson, Emma Epperson, H. H. 3/29/1930
DC-11062 Epperson, Emma Epperson, H. H. 8/4/1927
DC-10206 Epperson, Gladys Epperson, Eugene 8/12/1926
SC-2664 Epperson, Lewey Epperson, Lettie 7/17/1915
SC-1663 Epphinger, Frank Epphinger, Hester 11/2/1912
DC-8855 Epple, William F. Epple, Frances L. 9/6/1924
SC-1148 Erdman, Minnie Erdman, Fred 9/12/1911
SC-0802 Erp, Mrs. Laura E. Erp, J. L . 12/12/1910
DC-6956 Eskridge, Ethel Eskridge, Harry 11/15/1919
DC-0039 Eskridge, John Eskridge, Sarah Jane May 26, 1892
SC-3932 Eslick, Charles W. Eslick, Edith 8/4/1919
DC-2904 Eslick, Laura L. Eslick, Ernest P. 5/4/1905
SC-1592 Eslick, Laura Lowen Eslick, Earnest Preston 9/9/1912
SC-0982 Eslick, Leota Eslick, J. T. 5/5/1911
DC-8069 Esterling, Ruby Esterling, B. F. 10/2/1922
DC-2049 Estes, Minnie J. Estes, Charles B. 3/2/1902
DC-0805 Estes, Myrtle May Estes, Cecil E. 4/7/1920
DC-0807 Estes, Myrtle May Estes, C. E. 4/8/1930
DC-0915 Estill, Kathrine S. Estill, Wallace 8/9/1930
DC-2318 Euchley, Ellen Euchley, Charley 11/6/1903
DC-0117 Eulow, Ruby Eulow, A. J. 10/10/1928
DC-0639 Evans, Anna Evans, James 10/23/1929
SC-3058 Evans, Callie Evans, E. E. 6/23/1916
DC-10760 Evans, Florence Evan, James 4/25/1927
DC-9061 Evans, James Evans, Frances Louisa 1/6/1925
DC-9098 Evans, Josie Evans, J. D. 1/23/1925
DC-0161 Evans, Mary Evans, W. S. 11/15/1928
SC-2796 Evans, Maud Evans, LaFayette 11/9/1915
DC-2773 Evans, Stella Evans, Frank B. 1/23/1904
DC-3078 Evers, Nettie I. Evers, Edward H. 11/3/1905
DC-3322 Eves, Nettie I. Eves, Edward H. 3/23/1906
DC-0438 Ewing, Nora Ewing, Dallas 6/12/1929
DC-3903 Ewing, William I. Ewing, Mabel C. 7/30/1907
SC-1962 Eye, Malinda A. Eye, Harvey 8/11/1913
DC-8659 Eylor, Minnie Eylor, Lee 3/14/1924

DC-0475 Fagan, Emma   Fagan, W. S. June 28, 1929 
DC-0471 Fagan, W. S. Fagan, Emma 6/25/1929
DC-3923 Fagin, Fannie Fagin, J. H. 8/19/1907
DC-12000 Faifer, Mary Lou Faifer, W. R. 7/6/1928
DC-0911 Fain, Della Fain, Eddie 7/30/1930
SC-3444 Faith, Claire Faith, James 9/19/1917
DC-0410 Faour, Auda Viola Faour, Jess 5/18/1929
DC-0946 Farabee, Lorene Farabee, James F. 9/3/1930
DC-3152 Farmer, Allie G. Farmer, Benjamin F. 1/15/1906
DC-10121 Farmer, Archie M. Farmer, Winnie R. 6/9/1926
DC-3636 Farmer, B. F. Farmer, Allie G. 12/18/1906
DC-11082 Farmer, Earnest E. Farmer, Elizabeth M. 8/11/1927
DC-11906 Farmer, Hazel V. Farmer, Art D. 6/5/1928
DC-4225 Farmer, Mavis A. Farmer, John J. 3/17/1908
SC-0503 Farmer, W. I. Farmer, Nancy J. 4/15/1910
DC-3645 Farmer, William S. Farmer, Nancy J. 12/27/1906
DC-5983 Farral, James T. Farral, Sarah E. 3/19/1914
SC-2505 Farrington, C. Farrington, Marie 3/25/1917
DC-8553 Farrington, J. A. Farrington, Lucille 12/6/1923
SC-3031 Farris, Hattie Farris, William 6/3/1916
DC-0375 Farris, Ona Farris, Walter 4/26/1929
DC-10312 Farris, Ova Farris, Walter 10/12/1926
DC-8478 Farrow, Helen E. Farrow, Albert C. 9/8/1923
DC-10317 Farrow, Helen E. Farrow, Albert C. 10/16/1926
DC-0072 Faught, Mabel Faught, Lonnie 9/7/1928
DC-9658 Faust, Florence Faust, Bert 9/3/1925
SC-0590 Faust, Mary Faust, Bert M. 6/22/1910
SC-2318 Fay, Izzie Fay, Ed 10/26/1914
DC-0119 Fehrle, Inez Fehrle, Fred A. 10/11/1928
DC-0394 Feigley, Mary Edna Feigley, Daniel A. 5/9/1929
DC-4664 Feinen, Wm. J. Feinen, Mary 2/27/1909
SC-0142 Feitz, Frances Feitz, Robert 12/13/1931
DC-9787 Felker, Mabel Williams Felker, R. O. 11/30/1925
DC-4380 Felsenthal, Carrie R. Felsenthal, Herbert S. 7/17/1908
DC-10337 Felton, J. D. Felton, Onie 10/28/1926
SC-3963 Fennel, Arra Bell Fennel, Alex 10/25/1919
DC-1195 Fennell, Leona Fennell, Claudie 9/8/1931
DC-9178 Fennell, Selma Fennell, Wayne W. 2/28/1925
SC-2038 Ferdon, Lena L. Ferdon, Arthur I. 10/31/1913
DC-5943 Ferdon, Lena L. Ferdon, Arthur I. 2/3/1914
DC-1165 Fergason, Mattie Fergason, W. H. April 22, 1898
DC-10561 Ferguson, Anna Ferguson, W. T. 2/16/1927
DC-0793 Ferguson, Etta Ferguson, J. F. October 05, 1897
SC-3729 Ferrell, Amanda Ferrell, Hallie 9/27/1918
DC-0224 Fessinger, J. G. Fessinger, Susan March 21, 1895
DC-1386 Fessinger, J. G. Fessinger, Sue 10/8/1900
DC-7581 Field, Mary Field, V. F. 7/5/1921
DC-0938 Fields, Belle Fields, Henry 8/30/1930
DC-0113 Fields, Fred A. Fields, Julia C. 10/8/1908
SC-3608 Fields, J. B. Fields, Mrs. Grace 4/19/1918
DC-9083 Fields, Pearl Fields, W. J. 1/15/1925
SC-3103 Fields, Thomas Fields, Leora 8/10/1916
DC-0636 Fierfelder, Anna A. Fierfelder, Charles 10/21/1929
DC-10595 Filer, Nellie Hart, Charley 2/26/1927
DC-7811 Files, Irene Files, Frank 2/23/1922
SC-1270 Fimple, Zella Femple, George 11/20/1911
SC-3704 Finch, Carrie E. Finch, Phillip W. 8/27/1918
DC-7187 Finicum, Dora Finicum, Fred 6/9/1920
DC-2889 Finney, Florence Finney, Clark 4/20/1905
DC-3570 Fischer, Elizabeth Fischer, Joseph 11/1/1906
DC-8107 Fisher, Anna T. Fisher, Haylor H. 10/31/1922
SC-4542 Fisher, George Fisher, Jewell 3/9/1922
DC-7776 Fisher, J. E. Fisher, Artie 1/21/1922
DC-6674 Fisher, Louise Fisher, R. D. 12/13/1918
DC-0653 Fisher, Mary Fisher, Lee 11/12/1929
SC-6411 Fisher, Opal Fisher, Lee 4/23/1929
SC-3248 Fisher, Ora Fisher, Hugh D. 1/16/1917
DC-4334 Fite, Harriett E. Fite, John M. 6/11/1908
DC-4742 Fite, Harriett E. Fite, John M. 5/5/1909
DC-7226 Fite, Nellie Fite, J. T. 7/17/1920
DC-7230 Fite, Violette Akin Fite, Cordell 7/20/1920
SC-0086 Fitzgerald, Clara Fitzgerald, James C. 9/15/1931
DC-10483 Fitzgerald, Effie Fitzgerald, James E. 1/15/1927
SC-4197 Fitzgerald, Myrtle M. Fitzgerald, T. J. 1/19/1921
SC-4149 Fitzke, Estella M. Fitzke, Richard 11/26/1920
DC-7496 Fitzke, Estella M. Fitzke, Richard E. 4/20/1921
DC-0306 Fitzpatrick, Josephine Fitzpatrick, Chas. C. September 11, 1895
SC-3071 Fix, Jesse Fix, Frankie 7/7/1916
DC-5533 Fix, Jesse Fix, Molley 1/2/1913
DC-1958 Fix, Mrs. Cornelure Fix, William 10/16/1902
DC-3967 Fix, Susan E. Fix, Jesse 9/20/1907
DC-0499 Flanagan, B. T. Flanagan, Maurine 7/19/1929
SC-0468 Flanders, Nellie Frances Flanders, William 3/21/1910
DC-7808 Flasher, Mattie Ella Flasher, I. B. 2/18/1922
DC-1222 Fleetwood, Edna L. Fleetwood, Leroy 11/28/1931
DC-6632 Fleming, Lillie Fleming, James 6/22/1918
DC-2592 Fletcher, Addie H. Fletcher, Willie 8/23/1904
DC-0291 Fletcher, James Fletcher, Jewell Stayton 3/1/1929
DC-0302 Fletcher, John M. M. Fletcher, Magnolia July 24, 1895
DC-11075 Fletcher, N. A. Fletcher, Fedora 8/6/1927
SC-0965 Flick, Sarah F. Flick, William B. 4/24/1911
DC-9954 Flowers, Blanch E. Flowers, B. F. 3/18/1926
SC-1399 Flowers, Lula May Flowers, John J. 2/24/1912
DC-0409 Flowers, Mattie Lee Flowers, W. A. 5/17/1929
DC-10290 Floyd, Harry Floyd, Mary 9/28/1926
DC-2478 Floyd, Lilly May Floyd, B. P. 3/26/1904
DC-4229 Floyd, Mary F. Floyd, Allen J. 3/19/1908
DC-0540 Flury, August Flury, Celence November 02, 1896
DC-10435 Flynn, Delia Flynn, John T. 12/27/1926
DC-8272 Fogleson, Norman L. Fogleson, Maudie M. 3/24/1923
SC-1987 Foley, May Foley, Henry 9/8/1913
DC-3633 Folker, Rebecca C. Folker, Forest J. 12/18/1906
DC-8394 Folwell, Sarona Folwell, T. J. 6/27/1923
SC-0942 Foote, Jesse M. Foote, Alburturs H. 4/7/1911
DC-3231 Forbes, Cordia Forbes, Willie 1/23/1906
DC-0935 Ford, Aza Lee Ford, A. F. (Jack) 8/27/1930
DC-9792 Ford, Ella Ford, W. A. 12/3/1925
SC-3137 Ford, Goldie Ford, Fred 9/8/1916
SC-2669 Ford, Lelia Ford, John R. 7/2/1915
SC-1347 Ford, Lillian Ford, R. F. 1/6/1912
DC-9869 Ford, Loraine Ford, T. D. 11/23/1925
DC-11680 Ford, Loraine Ford, T. D. 3/12/1928
SC-6101 Ford, Ora Ford, M. R. 10/24/1927
DC-1039 Ford, William U. Ford, Lucinda E. November 02, 1898
DC-6843 Fore, James H. Fore, Florence E. 7/29/1919
SC-3139 Foreman, Franke Foreman, Jennie 9/9/1916
DC-2331 Foreman, Georgie Foreman, Sam 11/16/1903
SC-4020 Foreman, J. A. Foreman, M. C. 3/11/1920
DC-7085 Foreman, J. A. Foreman, M. C. 3/22/1920
DC-6607 Foreman, Lucinda Foreman, Eli 4/1/1918
DC-1214 Forsyth, Henry S. Forsyth, Lillie J. August 05, 1899
DC-0400 Fortner, Deliah Fortner, James 5/15/1929
DC-10521 Foster, A. V. Foster, Mabel 1/29/1927
DC-8230 Foster, Cuma Foster, Charles C. 2/12/1923
DC-3619 Foster, George E. Foster, Cordia A. L. 12/7/1906
DC-8200 Fowler, Irene Fowler, Bruner 1/20/1923
DC-9364 Fowler, Miles A. Fowler, May 5/6/1925
DC-0594 Fox, Della Fox, Vernie R. 9/27/1929
DC-11666 Fox, Della Fox, Jack 3/6/1928
DC-10067 Fox, Edward E. Fox, Bernie 4/21/1926
DC-1208 Fox, Georgia E. Fox, Merritt J. 10/13/1931
DC-4472 Fox, Harry Fox, Jessie 9/15/1908
DC-3882 Fox, Harry E. Fox, Jessie 7/13/1907
SC-0555 Fox, P. M. Fox, Lizzie 5/11/1910
DC-0364 Fox, Rosa Fox, Roy 4/22/1929
DC-0932 Fox, Vernie Ray Fox, Della Lillian 8/26/1930
DC-0422 Francis, Bessie Francis, H. H. 5/27/1929
DC-9810 Francis, Naoma Francis, Nelson 12/18/1925
DC-1127 Frankfather, Thomas L. Frankfather, Cecelia 4/22/1931
DC-0219 Franklin, Bertha D. Franklin, W. H. 1/2/1929
SC-0439 Franklin, C. C. Franklin, Clara 2/26/1910
DC-0658 Franklin, Lizzie Franklin, B. L. 11/13/1929
SC-3596 Franklin, Minnie Franklin, Harding 4/8/1918
DC-3847 Frazier, E. Claude Frazier, Maggie E. 6/5/1907
DC-6855 Frazier, Laura M. Frazier, Clarence E. 8/9/1919
DC-10070 Frazier, Roy Frazier, Mabel 4/23/1926
DC-0733 Fredregill, Agnes Fredregill, Charlie 1/28/1930
DC-10261 Fredregill, Byard W. Fredregill, Opal 9/13/1926
DC-7534 Free, Mattie C. Free, W. H. 5/28/1921
SC-0696 Freeman, Minnie Freeman, John 10/3/1910
SC-6028 Freeman, Virginia Freeman, John 8/8/1927
DC-0959 Freeman, Zna Freeman, D. A. April 12, 1898
DC-0214 French, J. H. French, Ida D. March 07, 1895
DC-1762 Friels, Olive A. Friels, George W. 3/1/1902
DC-1144 Friend, Louise C. Friend, James March 21, 1899
DC-0820 Fronterhouse, Virgil Fronterhouse, Vernice 4/21/1930
SC-0060 Frost, Mrs. Thelma Frost, C. W. 6/26/1931
DC-7644 Fry, Cleo Fry, Lonnie 8/22/1921
DC-6714 Fry, Marion F. Fry, Icolone 3/8/1919
DC-11864 Fulkerson, Horace W. Fulkerson, Nora C. 5/19/1928
DC-0389 Fulkerson, Josiah M. Fulkerson, Nannie February 28, 1896
DC-9123 Fulks, Bertha Fulks, L. A. 2/5/1925
DC-9084 Fuller, A. J. Fuller, P. C. 1/15/1925
DC-11439 Fuller, Alla Fuller, Marion 1/4/1928
DC-4596 Fuller, Barbara A. Fuller, W. J. 12/29/1908
DC-6866 Fuller, John Fuller, Jennie 8/19/1919
DC-3227 Fuller, Margaret M. Fuller, John T. 1/20/1906
DC-0029 Furgerson, Myrtle Furgerson, C. C. 8/2/1908
SC-0014 Furnas, Aleece Furnas, Lee L. 2/20/1931
DC-10120 Furnas, Lee Furnas, Anna Mae 6/7/1926
SC-0424 Furtick, W. C. Furtick, Alice 2/15/1910

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