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An Indian Executed - John Watka Expiated his Crime for Killing a Rival

Chelsea (I.T.), Nov. 1 - Today John Watka the Creek Indian who shot Jonas Deer, another member of his own tribe, was legally executed for the crime.

The men were rivals for the hand of the same girl and fought at a dance at which she was present to decide who should gain her. Watka killed Deer, and afterwards married the Indian maiden.

Several days prior to the time fixed for his death preparations for his wife's future welfare were completed, and the pang of parting over, Watka set out alone to the public execution grounds. In due time he arrived - the crowd was waiting. The prisoner assumed his position on bended knees, with arms tied behind and blindfold over his eyes. The rifle was placed in the hands of a keen marksman, a sharp crack and the white spot marked for the heart was discolored with the spurting blood caused by the deadly bullet.

Late this summer Watka went to Kansas City with a baseball nine of his fellow reds and played a game at one of the parks. He had ample opportunity to escape, but returned to the Territory of his own accord that his sentence might be carried out. (The Record-Union, November 2, 1897)

A Claremore Tragedy – Two Killed and one Wounded in a Row Over a Board Bill

On Wednesday last Katie Sangster (familiarly known as Kate Paris) formerly of this city was shot and killed in a hotel of which she was manager, in Claremore, by her son-in-law, George Golden, in an altercation over a board bill. Golden then ran out into the streets and engaged in a running fight with the police in which about 15 shots were exchanged. Golden was killed and city marshal, John Leach, who formerly lived near here was slightly wounded. (The Statesman, Saturday, April 20, 1907, page 5)

Kills Wife, Gets Killed – Henry Moser, Claremore Police Officer, Shoots Wife Through Heart – Sheriff Shoots Mosley – Domestic Troubles Cause of Tragedy – Three Children are Left Orphans

Claremore, Okla., June 14 – Henry Mosley, night watchman of the police force at Claremore, Saturday night at 7:30 killed his wife and was himself killed a half hour later by a posse of officers whom he resisted on the highway in attempting to escape. Mrs. Mosley was shot twice, the first ball entering her heart and killing her instantly. The second entered the stomach.

Mosley, goaded by family troubles that has led some time ago to a separation, came home early this evening and finding his wife away, went to town and brought her home. The shooting occurred in the front yard.

Sheriff Stephens and two deputies overtook Mosley a half mile north of town. Mosley turned upon them and opened fire which the possee returned Mosely was killed instantly by one of the posse.

Mosley was 40 years old and had been here for 20 years. There are three children in the family the eldest 16 years old. (The Sapulpa Light, Monday, June 14, 1909, front page)

Quarrel Ends in a Shot and Blows

W. H. Evans, a tie hacker, is in the Rogers county jail, charged with assault with intent to kill upon the person of Martin Marshall, another tie hacker. He is alleged to have shot Marshall in the head with the stock of the gun. The trouble followed an altercation Saturday morning east of town where the two were engaged hacking ties for the Spavinaw railroad. Evans came in and gave up. Marshall also came to town and had his wounds dressed. It is not thought he is dangerously wounded. (The Claremore Progress, Thursday, December 7, 1922, front page)

Ivan Fox is Shot in the Leg

Charged with disturbing the peace near Foyil and of resisting an officer, Ivan Fox, a young man about 18 years of age, was brought to Claremore Monday and placed in the county jail. Fox was shot twice through the right groin by Claude Steele, deputy sheriff in making the arrest. He was given medical attention here and Tuesday made bond and was released. In company with companions, it is alleged that Fox, who is said to have been intoxicated, was disturbing the peace. (The Claremore Progress, Thursday, December 28, 1922, front page)

Whiskey is Found at Livery Barn

Chief of Police Lot J. Langley and Sheriff John W. Green raided the Jim Moore livery barn Tuesday night about 7:30 and captured several bottles of whiskey. Others, it is state, had been poured out. John Alsup, Jim Moore and Herman Hensley were arrested in connection with the raid. The barn, known as the White Front is located on Catalayah avenue. (The Claremore Progress, Thursday, December 28, 1922, front page)


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